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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 7, Hidden Expert

In the vast Starmist Sea, ten large metallic lifeform vessels were completely surrounding a small metallic lifeform vessel. Thousands of people flew out from within the metallic vessels, all of the bandits staring at Linley’s pitiful little group. Clearly, they didn’t feel any concern about the group of twenty-plus in front of them.

“Finished. We’re all finished!” Aches’ entire body was shaking slightly, and his face was ashen.

The other God-level Fiends, upon seeing the countless experts surrounding them, all felt their hearts turn into blocks of ice. They felt so cold! The God-level Fiends all felt despair in their hearts. Thousands of bandit Gods were surrounding them. They didn’t have any chance at all.

“Boss, this will be troublesome.” Bebe’s face was solemn.

Linley nodded slightly. Not just troublesome. When engaging in group attacks, the more people there were, the more terrifying the attacks would be. The other side had thousands of Gods, after all.

“There are even people beneath us.” Linley glanced downwards and saw that beneath the surface of the sea, there were hundreds of bandits. These bandits seemed to be worried that Linley’s group would flee down into the depths.

“We’re finished.” Some people were already in despair.

The big-bearded Bates had a solemn look on his face. He said in a low voice, “Thousands of Gods, and also Highgods. There are too many of them. Each person will have to rely on their own abilities. I wish everyone the same thing I wished you during the Fogwave Storm – Good luck!”

“Everyone, good luck.” The bald man, Boff, said in a low voice as well. Although he was a Highgod, in a situation like this, he wouldn’t be able to help the others.

Within the metallic lifeform was utter, deathly silence.


Everyone all turned their heads to look. The speaker was Aches.

Their employer, Aches, said in a solemn voice, “This time, I invited you all to come, but I didn’t expect that this would result in everyone being trapped within a calamity of certain death. I am sorry!” Aches bowed very slightly.

“Motherf*cker, even if we die, let’s kill a few of them!” Someone began to bellow.

“Right, if they want to kill me, it won’t be so easy. I even survived the goddamn Fogsea Storm. I won’t die so easily!”

The insides of the entire metallic lifeform began to bellow with shouts.

But Linley’s group of four was silent.

“Rather strange.” Linley looked towards the outside. On the Fog Sea, those countless Gods were clustered all around them. “So many Gods are gathered, but none of them are attacking? What is causing them to hesitate?”

“Boss, we…?” Bebe looked at Linley.

“At a time like this, there’s no need to pretend any longer.” Linley said with resignation through his divine sense. By now, if they kept hiding their power, they’d probably be killed.


A powerful bolt of lightning snaked its way out from the bottom of the sea, bellowing as it struck towards Linley’s metallic lifeform. With a colossal ‘boom’ sound, the entire metallic lifeform transformed into smithereens, while Linley and the others all immediately began to hover above the sea.

Linley and the other twenty plus people were like a flock of sheep trapped by a pack of wolves. They floated in the air pathetically.

“Haha…” The thousands of bandits all immediately began to laugh loudly. At present, the second leader of Knifeblade Island, ‘Dimon’, led thirty-six Highgods towards the front of the group, and these ordinary God bandits all immediately respectfully withdrew.

Dimon waved his hand gently, and all of the thousands of Gods immediately fell silent.

Linley and the others immediately looked towards Dimon.

“This person should be the leader of these bandits.” Linley stared at Dimon, calculating mentally. “Behind him there are thirty-six Highgods. This bandit leader most likely has the power of a Five Star Fiend or even a Six Star Fiend.”

Linley began to grow careful.

At present, he didn’t have enough confidence in his ability to battle with a Six Star Fiend.

“Rumble…” The ocean water rolled out in waves.

Dimon and the other Highgods were up ahead, stepping on the waves, their eyes faintly red.

“Haha, I didn’t expect there to be two Highgods here.” Dimon began to laugh wildly, his eyes locked onto that bald youth, Boff, while occasionally glancing at Delia. “Do you know who I am? I’ll tell you. I’m the second leader of Knifeblade Island!”

Dimon had an evil smile on his face, but his red eyes carried a strange look in them.

The group of bandits all knew that once their second leader, Dimon, smiled in this manner, it meant he had gone insane and had just turned into a monster!

“Milord of Knifeblade Island.” Aches hurriedly called out loudly in supplication. “We are only ordinary travelers. I hope you can spare us, milord. We are willing to offer you our wealth.”


Dimon, hearing this, couldn’t help but think of the death of Acketts’ and how his interspatial ring had been taken away. That was the fortune of Knifeblade Island. Dimon was still unable to accept this matter. Dimon stared with bulging eyes at Aches. “Wealth. How much wealth can you possibly have? Do you think I care about your money? Ever since I fled from Knifeblade Island, I encountered three groups of people on the way over and killed them all.”

Immediately, Dimon pointed at Linley’s group. “And you, will be the fourth group!”

Linley and the others, hearing this, frowned.

“These people fled from Knifeblade Island?” Linley began to understand.

“That bald man and that b*tch. Those two are Highgods. The four of you, go deal with them.” Dimon turned to glance backwards as he spoke calmly. Immediately, four Highgods flew out, and Dimon immediately then shouted, “Brothers of the second mountain, this time, it’s your turn. Kill them all!”

Immediately, a group of Gods that had been waiting this entire time immediately came charging out. Last three time, it hadn’t been their turn to attack, and so they had already become quite impatient.



All of them were so excited that their eyes were red. Seven or eight hundred Gods, under the command of the four Highgods, charged forward all together. The other bandits all watched from afar. Sending out eight hundred plus people to kill this small group of around twenty was already more than enough.

The eight hundred people charged forward, walking on the waves, with thousands watching around them. This sort of mental pressure was enough to cause Linley and the others to feel unable to breath.

“Everyone, protect yourselves.” The bald youth, Boff, said in a low voice.

Knifeblade Island’s side had four Highgods, two of which were virtually flying shoulder by shoulder, simultaneously emitting two draconic roars. Two white icy dragons emerged from the surface of the sea, charging straight towards Boff as the two Highgods continued to advance.

The other two Highgods stared at Delia, attacking her at the same time.

Linley’s gaze grew cold, and Bloodviolet appeared in his hand.

“Linley, let me give it a try.” Delia’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind. Linley turned and saw that Delia was wielding the Spear of Cortez. Her waist swiveled slightly, and then shot backwards the other direction, and the spear in her hand shot out…

“Swish!” With a green flash of light, it arrived in front of a Highgod.

That person struggled to dodge, but unfortunately, the Spear of Cortez, infused with the ‘Dimensional Attack’ profound mysteries, was simply too fast. The Highgod was only able to make his head avoid the attack, but with a ‘crunch’ sound, the Spear of Cortez pierced straight through the Highgod’s right chest.

The other Highgod wanted to use this opportunity to attack Delia, but suddenly, in front of him a Deathgod Golem appeared!

“Hmph!” The Deathgod Golem’s right leg lashed out viciously, smashing straight out towards the skull of that Highgod.

“Clang!” The Highgod immediately used his divine artifact to dodge, but he was still sent knocked flying backwards from the collision.

The Highgod flipped in the air and stabilized himself, but his face changed dramatically and he stared at the Deathgod Golem in astonishment. “A Deathgod Golem!”

Actually, the attack of these four Highgods was nothing much. The truly terrifying scene was that of those eight hundred Gods, especially in close range. The seven hundred Gods actually began to brandish the divine artifacts in their hands, and countless dazzling rays of light shot out, piercing towards each of the twenty-plus figures.

Linley immediately Dragonformed, forcibly taking on several blows aimed at Delia. A few God-level attacks wouldn’t do anything to Linley at all.”

Bebe helped the nearby Olivier as well.

Despite that, however, the eight hundred Gods still killed six of the Fiends. Bellowing, the bandits charged forward into close combat. The dense group of bandits swarmed forward, and everyone engaged in a wild battle, with Linley, Bebe, and Olivier all using their most powerful attacks.

Linley and Bebe went without saying. As for Olivier, he had reached the God level in both the Laws of Light and the Laws of Darkness. As someone who had a mutant soul who had fused light-type and darkness-type divine power, each of his sword blows reached a new threshold in speed and also contained a strange, pure power.

He slaughtered a person with each sword.

“Huh?” From afar, Dimon’s face suddenly changed as he stared unblinkingly at Olivier.

“A Soul Mutate!” Dimon could immediately tell.

Olivier’s fusion of light-type and darkness-type power had yet to reach Learmonth’s level. Learmoth was capable of reaching the level of having the two types of divine power fuse to the point where occasionally the Destruction-type aura shone and occasionally the fire-type aura emanated.

But Olivier could not.

“Haha…we suffered such a great loss at Knifeblade Island, but I didn’t imagine I would encounter this Soul Mutate.” Dimon felt a surge of fire build up in his heart. “If, if I offer him…”

Dimon began to grow excited.

But the battle scene was causing Dimon to frown ago. Not only did Linley, Bebe, and Olivier slaughter at high speed, there was another person who was terrifying. Strange ‘swish’ ‘swish’ ‘swish’ sounds could be heard as one God after another fell nonstop.

A black shadow flashed without stopping. Those seven hundred bandits were reducing in number at an astonishing rate as they all fell down lifelessly.

Miserable screams continued unabated, but nobody could resist.

Linley brandished Bloodviolet, effortlessly killing an oncoming God while at the same time glancing at astonishment towards the shadow which flew about at high speed. “I didn’t expect that he was actually hiding his power. Nobody realized this!”

“Brothers of the second mountain, return!” Dimon’s face was filled with anger, and he immediately roared.

Immediately, the lucky survivors retreated, but in this blink of an eye, their numbers had been reduced to four hundred, with the vast majority having been killed by this person who had hidden his power.

“Oho, how boring. They actually fled.” The figure reformed atop the waves. It was the big-bearded ‘Bates’.

At present, Bates’ aura was mysterious and mighty. He was a Highgod!

“He was hiding and suppressing his aura!” Linley said to himself silently. Generally speaking, when investigating someone’s power, one did so by sensing someone’s aura, and from it judged if someone was strong or weak. If one wasn’t able to sense it at all, it meant that the target was a level more powerful. By this, Linley was capable of judging who was a God and who was a Highgod.

He couldn’t sense a Highgod’s aura.

But sometimes, a powerful Highgod was capable of intentionally releasing just a weak aura to intentionally cause others to be unable to correctly judge his power.

“Haha…” Dimon was so angry, he started to laugh. “I didn’t expect that in your group, there was a third Highgod, and seemingly the most powerful of the group at that.” Dimon was currently in a terrible mood, and so had engaged in slaughter the entire way over.

Upon encountering this Bates, a tough bone to chew, Dimon was naturally angry.

“The most powerful of the group?” Bates looked at his surroundings. The bald ‘Boff’ was currently heavily injured, while Delia had been able to hold her own by relying on the Deathgod Golem.

The big-bearded Bates laughed while looking at Dimon. “Hey, leader of Knifeblade Island? I trust you understand that if you want to deal with us, even if you succeed, you will probably lose a majority of your men. You won’t get anything good in exchange for the loss. I can’t be bothered to kill those weak little Gods either. How about we go our way and you go yours?”

Immediately, the luckily surviving God-level Fiends all grew excited.

“Bates, uh, Lord Bates!” Aches had some ability and was still alive. He was currently looking at Bates in excitement. “Lord Bates, I truly must thank you this time. I, I, when I reach the Bloodridge Continent, I’ll definitely increase your remuneration.” At present, Aches was so excited, he didn’t know what to say.

As Aches saw it, as long as Dimon wasn’t an idiot, he wouldn’t waste the lives of his subordinates.

“Remuneration?” Bates laughed. “Fine, fine, but, it has to be double that of Boff’s!”

“Definitely double.” Aches said hurriedly.

Bates then glanced at Dimon. “Hey, are you done with your considerations yet? Why are you standing there like a fool?”

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