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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 21, I Want Him Dead!

“You played me for a fool!” Sequeira stared at his wife, his eyes like death. “The child in your belly is someone else’s.” Sequeira doted dearly on his wife. When he had gone to the Free Castle, it was for buying clothes for her, but who would have imagined that his wife actually had another man!

And the child in her belly was that man’s!

The Bloodrune Titan clan was an extremely mighty clan within the Infernal Realm, and the power they controlled was astonishing as well. In Miluo Island, although on the surface, the five clans were in charge of things, in reality, the other four clans were simply subordinate clans to the Bagshaw clan!

The Bagshaw clan was the Bloodrune Titan clan. This was a secret which very few people knew.

At least, Cecily didn’t know it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have run over so excitedly to tell her husband that she was with child.

“No…no!” Cecily hurriedly shook her head.

“This woman doesn’t even admit it.” The nearby clan elder, Bakwill, said furiously, “Son, this is a shame to our clan. If this woman refuses to admit it, then destroy her entire familial branch within the Gaylord clan!”

Cecily’s body trembled.

The Gaylord clan, one of the five clans, was extremely large, with very many family branches. Destroying one of the branches, to the true masters of the Miluo Island, the ‘Bagshaw clan’, would need nothing more than a single word.

“Speak!” Sequeira stared coldly at his own wife as well.

Sequeira cared deeply about his face, and he was always very proud of the fact that he was a member of the Bloodrune Titan clan. He himself was the son of the clan leader, and was definitely in the principal line of descent, of an extremely exalted status. He was very haughty. Now that his wife had another man’s child in her belly, of course he was already going mad!

His face was so ugly, it was turning purple!

“Hurry, speak!” Sequeira landed a kick on Cecily’s body, who was struck viciously by that kick and sent smashing into a decorative boulder. “Otherwise, you and your lineage in your clan lineage will all die!” Sequeira said in a frenzy.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk.” Cecily said hurriedly. She was about to go mad.

Actually, she herself wasn’t sure who the child in her womb belonged to, because previously, she had been dealing with two men at the same time. One was Sequeira, while the other was Cesar. She had slept with both men, and so she herself wasn’t sure whose child it was.

Originally, as Cecily viewed it, since even she couldn’t be sure, she might as well say that it was Sequeira’s. There was no way for him to tell anyhow.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know that the Bagshaw clan was the Bloodrune Titan clan!

“Even I don’t know for sure who the child belongs to.” Cecily, seeing the rage on Sequeira’s face, hurriedly added, “But I’m certain that it is either yours or Cesar’s!”


Sequeira was stunned, and then he raised his head to the skies, laughing wildly. “Hahahaha….” His laughter carried boundless insanity within it, and his body faintly began to glow with a bloody light. He, Sequeira, a favored son of the heavens, had never suffered such a humiliation before.

Could there be anything more insulting than his woman having another man’s child in her womb?

“Cesar…I want him dead!!!” Sequeira snarled viciously, his eyes glowing with a faint, bloody light, as though he were a man-eating wolf.

At Tarosse’s residence. Over the past few days, Linley had lived here very comfortable, each day watching Lomio’s ten battles at the arena. He also often chatted with his old friends. As for Aches, Bates, and the others, they had left Miluo Island long ago.

“Lomio really is powerful.” Pushing the courtyard gates open, Linley and the others walked in while chatting amongst themselves. “That saber blow of his is all but undefeatable. It just chops the opponents in half.”

“He is proficient in both material attacks and soul attacks.” Tarosse sighed in praise as well.

Olivier agreed, “In particular, his speed is also astonishing. Lomio is simply too powerful. Each time, he wins with such ease. Up till now, nobody has been able to exchange a few blows with him. All of them were defeated with the first blow.”

Thinking back to the sight in the arena, Linley felt amazed as well.

In the Arena, Lomio was simply too arrogant. He held everyone in condescension, but he had the strength to do so!

“Linley, you’re back.” Dylin laughed as he came down from upstairs, and Linley’s group went to welcome him. “Dylin, where’s Cesar?”

“Cesar?” Dylin frowned, lowering his voice. “He’s sleeping.”


Deities didn’t need to sleep at all, and Cesar normally wouldn’t sleep. However, ever since his relationship with Cecily had been destroyed, Cesar had become depressed and would often just lounge around lazily and sleep.

Tarosse shook his head and sighed. “Don’t disturb him. Just let him rest.”

Just as Linley’s group of people were gathered together and chatting, young master Sequeira of the Bagshaw clan, a sinister look on his face, was leading three black armored experts out of his ancestral estate. These three black armored experts were true elites of the Bagshaw clan.

“This Cesar actually dares to live amongst the island guards!” Sequeira became all the more enraged.

Cesar had slept with his woman, and was now living on his clan’s grounds!

“Let’s go!” Sequeira immediately flew into the heavens, moving at high speed straight for the island guards residences. Those three black armored warriors quietly followed.

Moments later, Sequeira arrived at the island guards region. The patrolling guards immediately came to welcome him. Seeing the four of them, these guards couldn’t help but be very shocked, especially upon noticing those three black armored warriors. Those silent black armored warriors were like three glaciers.

Although they were silent, they gave others a feeling of being unable to breathe.

“Go. Hurry and summon a thousand-man regiment!” With a wave of his hand, Sequeira revealed his blood-colored Miluo Insignia.

“Blood-colored Miluo Insignia!” The patrolling guards were shocked, and then immediately said while bowing respectfully, “Yes, milord.” Although they were puzzled as to why a thousand-man regiment was being summoned, anyone with a blood-colored Miluo Insignia could easily summon and order about a thousand-man regiment.

Soon, a thousand-man regiment was summoned.

“Young master Sequeira.” The commander of the thousand-man regiment immediately recognized Sequeira. “What are you…?”

“No questions. Follow me!” Sequeira ordered coldly.

The thousand-man commander was startled. He realized that today, Sequeira’s expression seemed rather different. In the past, Sequeira would always be smiling and laughing, but today, Sequeira’s face was simply too ugly to behold, and the aura his body was radiating was one of danger!


Sequeira was the first to fly into the air, with the three black armored guards following. After them was the massive, dense cluster of a thousand island guards.

“Number 306!” Sequeira still remembered the address which his wife had given him, for where Cesar was living. Generally speaking, the addresses for the island guards had very large numbers, but 306 was an extremely small number. Generally speaking, only some rather special people could live there.

For example, Highgods who had won a hundred battles.

Tarosse’s residence. Linley’s group was seated together.

“Tarosse, you truly aren’t willing to leave with us?” Linley asked yet again. “Cesar has agreed to leave with us.”

In the end, Miluo Island wasn’t the ‘root’ for Tarosse and the others.

However, the Indigo Prefecture was where the Four Divine Beasts clan was located. Linley wanted to gather there with those people as well. Cesar was willing to leave, but O’Brien had to stay with Tarosse. Tarosse had given him a God-level spark, in exchange for his service.

“No need. We don’t want to leave this place.” Tarosse laughed, then shook his head.

Dylin shook his head as well. “We’ve lived here a long time, and we’ve grown to consider this place our home in the Infernal Realm. We don’t want to leave.”

Linley could only laugh helplessly.

“A few days after Lomio’s battles conclude, we’ll leave.” Linley said. “Such a pity. I wanted to be together with the rest of you, but there’s nothing for us. I have to go to the Indigo Prefecture.” Linley wouldn’t try and force them either.

If they weren’t willing, then forget it.

“Sorry, Linley.” Dylin apologized.

“It’s fine.” Linley shook his head.

Suddenly, Linley was startled. Raising his head, he saw a large number of island guards in mid-air.

“Why are there so many island guards? What major event is happening?” Tarosse was surprised as well.

But Linley noticed that the leader of this large group of guards was that arrogant young man with short red hair. Sequeira!

“What’s he doing here?” Linley was startled.

Right at this moment, that large group of people descended. Sequeira led the three black armored warriors into the courtyard, while over a hundred of the other island guards also landed there, with the rest hovering in the air.



Delia, Bebe, and Olivier all rose to their feet. They saw Sequeira as well.

“Are they here for us?” Delia asked through divine sense.

Linley stared at Sequeira, completely not understanding. Given what he had expected, Sequeira shouldn’t be causing such a ruckus over that small matter. But Sequeira had clearly brought a large number of experts to surround them.

“Who are you?” Tarosse stood up.

“Tarosse.” The thousand-man commander laughed calmly. “This is young master Sequeira of the Bagshaw clan! He has business.”

“Bagshaw clan!”

Tarosse and Dylin couldn’t help but be stunned.

Sequeira just glanced at Linley. “You are here as well.” And then, Sequeira paid no further attention to Linley. He shouted angrily, “Where is Cesar? Have him roll out!” His angry shout shook the entire courtyard.

“Cesar? He’s here for Cesar?” Linley began to frown. Sequeira wasn’t here for Linley, but was here for Cesar, but for what? Could it be that it had something to do with that woman named Cecily?

“Young master Sequeira, what are you looking for Cesar for?” Tarosse asked.

“No questions. Just have him roll out!” Sequeira stared around at the building, and then Sequeira let out a cold sneer, directly releasing his divine sense and almost immediately locating Cesar. He couldn’t help but look towards the second floor of the little building.

“Who is looking for me?” A lazy voice rang out, and Cesar walked out, flying directly down from the second floor.

“You are Cesar!” Sequeira stared at him.

“You are… Sequeira!” Cesar’s eyes immediately grew fierce, and became filled with rage.

Seeing the look in his face, Sequeira began to laugh wildly. This loud laughter caused Linley and the others nearby to have a bad feeling. The suppressed rage which Sequeira had held in his heart was now bellowing forth, and Sequeira’s eyes were faintly red.

Deities lived for too long.

It was very normal for a female Deity to have had multiple relationships with different men.

Sequeira wouldn’t care too much.

As long as his wife wasn’t with any other men while they were together, that was enough. But what enraged him was…the child in the womb of his wife belonged to another man! Given Sequeira’s temper, how could he possibly swallow this insult?

“Sequeira, why have you come looking for me?” Cesar said coldly.

“Why?” Sequeira raised his head to the skies and laughed loudly, his body beginning to brim with a bloody light, and then he stared at Cesar. “Today, I’m going to kill you!”

The faces of Linley’s group immediately changed.

Sequeira stared at the surrounding people, then said loudly, “Today, my Bagshaw clan is going to execute this Cesar. All of you others, leave. If you don’t leave…then you are becoming enemies of our Bagshaw clan!”

The faces of O’Brien, Linley, and the others turned ashen.

Cesar seemed very tranquil. He turned to look at Linley and Tarosse, then shook his head. “Don’t worry about me. Actually, recently, I myself have felt that my continued existence has no purpose. There’s no need to offend them for my sake.”

“How can this be acceptable?” O’Brien stepped forward, staring at Cesar. “Cesar, we came here from the Yulan continent together. Over so many years, have any of us ever abandoned each other? At worst, we’ll die together. What is there to fear!”

“O’Brien, resisting blindly is just death.” Tarosse let out a low sigh, then walked off to one side. “I won’t interfere in this matter.”

Linley was startled.

“O’Brien, don’t resist. Resisting means throwing your life away. There’s no point.” Dylin shook his head as well. He actually walked to one side as well. As for Dylin’s two children, those two Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, they stared with shock on their faces.

“Father.” The two Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions stared at Dylin.

“Come over.” Dylin snapped at them.

The two siblings exchanged glances, but they had no choice but to follow their father.

“You…you…” O’Brien didn’t dare believe it. When they had come to the Infernal Realm, they had adventured together and treated each other’s lives like their own. Everyone believed…that none of them would ever abandon each other. However, how did things end up like this today?”

“Excellent!” Sequeira said coldly, and then looked towards Linley. “As for you, sir?”

“Me?” Linley, Delia, Bebe, and Olivier all looked at each other.

In their smiles, they knew what each other were thinking.

Linley laughed. Taking three steps forward, he walked to the side of Cesar and O’Brien. In a calm voice, he said, “I, too, am from the Yulan continent. None of us will abandon one of our own!”

“I, too, am from the Yulan continent!”

Delia, Bebe, and Olivier walked forward as well, with Linley as their leader.

Linley’s face grew solemn, and his gaze flashed through this group of Highgods.

He understood…

“This time, we really are going to go all out. I cannot show any mercy or forbearance!” Linley’s heart was beginning to fill with a killing intent. At a critical time like this, if necessary, he would sacrifice a drop of Sovereign’s Might and launch a slaughter that would turn the world upside down.

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