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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 13, Unbindable

Within the vast, boundless Starmist Sea, within that gravitational sphere that extended two hundred meters around Linley in every direction, Ganmontin’s thousand or so doppelgangers all blew apart. “Bangbangbang…” It was as though the world itself was about to collapse, as wild energy waves lashed out in every direction!

Ganmontin was very nearly at the Seven Star Fiend level of power. With such an enormous number of doppelgangers simultaneously exploding within this globe, ordinary Gods at least would definitely not be able to withstand it.

“Not good.” Olivier’s face changed.

That Bates immediately emanated a black energy aura, instantly covering Olivier, Bebe, and Delia behind it.

“Bang!” The powerful explosion came crashing over, causing the black aura over their bodies to flicker and shake.

“Bates, I’m fine.” Bebe said disdainfully.

At the same time, Bebe and the others stared at the center of the explosion, where Linley’s blurry figure could be seen. Linley was currently turning to stare at them, clearly worried about the shockwaves from the explosions striking them.

“This is the moment!” Ganmontin’s original body immediately seized the opportunity, frantically resisting the gravitational pull and striving to fly away at high speed. He wanted to flee out from the Gravitational Space, and after flying outside of it, given his speed, he would easily be able to throw off Linley.

“Quick, quick!” Ganmontin frantically increased his speed, while that gravity clutched at him like countless ropes that were tightly entangling him.

“Who the hell is this Linley? His gravity control is actually at such a level, and the scaled armor on his body is so powerful.” Ganmontin was furious. Linley’s Gravitational Space and powerful body defense just so happened to perfectly counter him.

But although he was furious, Ganmontin still seized the moment when Linley was distracted to flee.

“Boss, we’re fine, but don’t let that Ganmontin escape!” Bebe hurriedly used his divine sense to speak to Linley frantically.

“Right, Ganmontin! I can’t let him escape!” Linley was startled awake. He immediately turned to look at Ganmontin, who currently had already reached the borders of the Gravitational Space. Before Linley had a chance to react, Ganmontin leapt out from the borders of that gravitational sphere.

As soon as he left that Gravitational Space, he was like a bird who had been given the skies.

Ganmontin was incomparably excited and rejoiced. “Haha, I finally escaped!”

Linley stared at Ganmontin. His lips cracked into a smile, while at the same time, he gently chanted, “Grow!”

The two hundred meter sphere of Gravitational Space suddenly expanded once more, increasing to a sphere of gravity that was four hundred meters!

It must be understood that previously, when creating his Blackstone Prison, Linley was already capable of easily reaching three hundred meters. The two hundred meter diameter was far from being Linley’s limit.

“I finally escaped that damn place. That Linley is actually such a monster. I’d best go back for now.” Just as Ganmontin was rejoicing, very suddenly…that terrifying gravitational force once more covered his entire body, with those invisible forces once more entangling him tightly.

Sensing this force, Ganmontin’s face instantly turned white, without a hint of blood.

“What?” Ganmontin was stupefied.

He was very fast, but under that gravitational pull, he wasn’t even at a tenth of his normal speed. How could he possibly escape Linley’s pursuit? Last time, he had used the exploding doppelgangers to distract Linley, but this time, Linley wouldn’t be distracted again.

“Can it be that I am going to die today?” Ganmontin turned to look, but all he saw was Linley’s dark golden eyes. Those two dark golden eyes were currently drawing nearer to him. Within the Gravitational Space, Linley’s speed was far greater than his!

Although this took time to describe, in reality, less than a second had passed since Linley had expanded his Gravitational Space.

“You won’t be able to flee!” Linley’s voice rang out in Ganmontin’s mind, echoing.

“Whoosh!” Linley’s right fist struck out like an aquatic dragon leaving the seas, seeming to carry a force that was mighty enough to shatter the earth itself. It howled as it tore through the air, and wherever his fist passed, even the space of the Infernal Realm itself began to shudder, creating spatial cracks.

Linley’s powerful muscles and body had bestowed upon him incomparably vast strength. If he were to use a long-distance attack based on the Laws, this massive physical strength wouldn’t be able to be used, but once he entered close combat, Linley’s mighty body, having been transformed by the ‘golden drop of blood’ and ‘Sovereign’s Might’, was capable of releasing astonishing might.

This was his most powerful punch, one which fused the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and connected it with his mighty physical strength!

Ganmontin felt his vision blur as a draconic scale-covered fist suddenly swung at him. Ganmontin immediately launched a backhand blow with his sword. The sword seemed to move slowly but was actually extremely fast. Before the fist arrived, the green serpentine sword was already there to block.


Linley’s fist collided viciously against the serpentine divine artifact sword.

“Rumble…” The serpentine sword actually was smashed so hard that it bent. That fist, carrying boundless force, was knocked slightly off-target by Ganmontin’s sword, but it still smashed hard against Ganmontin’s shoulder. With a ‘crunch!’ sound, Ganmontin’s shoulder-blade shattered and he was knocked flying backwards by the blow.

“What terrifying brute strength!” Ganmontin’s face changed dramatically. “If he were to land a blow on my head, I would die without question. It was that close!”

Even a divine artifact sword had been bent. This force was simply monstrously powerful. However, after having been lucky enough to dodge that, Ganmontin let out a sigh of relief, but then his face changed greatly, because a flashing, azure-golden streak of light was already moving towards him like a blurred whip.

No, it wasn’t a blurred whip!

It was Linley’s draconic tail, which had reached an extreme level of speed!

As it turned out, when Linley had smashed out with his right fist, he had also sent his steel-like draconic tail slashing through the air towards Ganmontin’s head.

Ganmontin was so terrified that the look on his face completely changed. The longsword in his hand slashed out in a blur, while at the same time, a pleasant flute sound rang out. This strange flute sound caused Linley to unconsciously pause. “Crackle…” Where the sword shadow passed by, space split apart.

“Clang!” The serpentine longsword smashed hard against the draconic tail, and sparks flew everywhere. Three draconic scales on the serpentine tail were shattered, while the strike of the draconic tail couldn’t help but miss its mark.

Alas, the power of this blow from the draconic tail was simply too great. Even though it was slightly off-target, it was only just a bit lower.

“WHAP!” The draconic tail smashed viciously against Ganmontin’s chest like a chopping blade, and as it passed through his neck, it actually separated Ganmontin’s head from the rest of his body. Ganmontin’s head immediately flew away, his eyes filled with astonishment.

With a return whipping blow from that azure-golden draconic tail, yet another strike was landed on the headless body.

“Bang!” The headless body immediately blew apart.

“You won’t be able to flee!” Linley chased after Ganmontin’s head.

With Linley at the center, a terrifying gravitational force pulled out. Every living creature within that gravitational sphere was drawn towards Linley. Ganmontin’s head was affected by the gravity as well. “Crackle…” Starting from Ganmontin’s head, a neck, shoulder, and chest were quickly growing out…

The power of a head by itself to fight back was simply too weak!

Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to resist the gravity, and thus he drew near Linley.

“You won’t have enough time!” Linley’s right leg just gently kicked out, carrying a massive force capable of shattering a mountain range as it chopped down towards the head like a chopping knife. Linley’s right leg seemed to carry a hint of a blade shadow as it gently slashed past the only half-grown upper body.

“No!” A furious, unwilling scream.

“You cannot kill me. If you kill me, the Lord Commander will definitely kill you!” As Linley’s leg-blade chopped down towards Ganmontin’s head, Ganmontin sent his final divine sense message.

Unfortunately, Linley didn’t hesitate at all.

“Slash!” The head was chopped down by Linley’s leg, and it blew apart from the blow.

Ganmontin was dead!

With a flip of his hand, Linley retrieved that green divine artifact longsword and interspatial ring, taking them into his hand. At this time, Delia, Bebe, and the others excitedly flew over as well. Linley naturally caused everyone to be overjoyed by his being able to kill Ganmontin.

“Haha, Boss, that Ganmontin was so boastful, but in the end, he still died.” Bebe laughed loudly. “Boss, let me take a look and see how much wealth his interspatial ring had within.”

“You are still thinking about such things?” Linley smirked as he laughed.

The amount of wealth Bebe had was comparable to the total wealth of some of the ancient clans of the Infernal Realm. This Ganmontin, although powerful, wasn’t a Seven Star Fiend. Most likely, he only had a few trillion. Compared to Bebe’s fortune, it was like a hair on the body of nine oxen.

“I like counting money.” Bebe felt itchy in his heart.

“Linley, just give the interspatial ring to Bebe.” The nearby Delia laughed. “If you don’t give it to him, he won’t give up.” Linley laughed, then tossed the interspatial ring to Bebe.

Bebe chortled, then immediately began to investigate the contents of the interspatial ring.

The big-bearded Bates just looked at Linley. He knew that Linley was powerful, but even Ganmontin had died in such a manner. This caused him to be surprised. He couldn’t help but sigh, “Mr. Linley, even Ganmontin was in such dire straits in front of you. This truly is admirable.”

Linley just shook his head and laughed, looking at the green serpentine longsword. In his heart, he said to himself, “Ganmontin really was unlucky to have encountered me.”

It wasn’t that Ganmontin wasn’t strong enough, nor was it that Linley was too strong.

It was…

Linley was a perfect counter to Ganmontin!

Ganmontin specialized in speed and in material attacks.

In terms of speed, Linley’s unique Gravitational Space would cause any expert, no matter how fast, to feel as though he were moving through mud once trapped within. Any expert’s speed would be much slower.

As for material attacks, to his misfortune, Linley’s powerful body was so strong, only an exceedingly few number of races of the Infernal Realm could compare to him. Ganmontin’s most powerful sword attack was only able to break apart two or three draconic scales, unable to influence Linley at all.

“If I were to encounter a Six Star Fiend who specializes in soul attacks, I would be in bad shape.” Linley said to himself.

Ultimate experts who were skilled in soul attacks were generally capable of reaching the level of making their soul attacks ‘conscious’. For example, the Volcano Titan, Phusro! Even the ‘Godslayer Arrows’ for sale in the Redbud Castle contained a mind of its own.

These were all from experts who were quite skilled in matters of the soul.

Linley was worried most about this type of expert. Those who specialized in material attacks, however, were perfectly countered by Linley.

“Ah, Boss? There’s no way to bind this interspatial ring by blood.”

“Eh?” Linley turned and saw that Bebe was looking sourly at the interspatial ring in his hand. The nearby Delia was frowning as well. “This interspatial ring has an owner. Can it be…that Ganmontin has another surviving divine clone?”

In the Infernal Realm, some experts would separate their divine clones into different areas.

But of course, this was only the minority. After all, there were strong divine clones and weak ones. Weak divine clones had to be put in a safe location. But where in the Infernal Realm was truly safe? The weak didn’t have the money to buy dwellings within cities, while those experts who roamed all over the place didn’t want to let their clones be separated.

In the depths of the sea, within that nameless gorge and the estate within. Ganmontin, dressed in a deep green robe, was shaking, his green glowing eyes staring in front of himself.

“My divine wind clone, destroyed!” Ganmontin ground his teeth, his entire body trembling. “Linley, of the Four Divine Beasts clan? I don’t give a damn who you are. I, Ganmontin, will definitely, definitely make you regret it!” Ganmontin now only had his divine water cloner remaining.

In terms of power, Ganmontin’s strongest clone was his divine wind clone.

Even his divine wind clone had proved incapable of killing Linley; how, then, would he kill him?

“My only choice is to go beg the Lord Commander!” Ganmontin’s eyes flashed with the light of hatred, then he transformed into a ray of green light and immediately flew out of the hall.

In the waters above the Starmist Sea, Linley’s group was staring at that green serpentine longsword and that interspatial ring. Bebe muttered, “That fellow actually hid a divine clone. In the past, very few of the many Gods that I’ve met have done such a thing! So troublesome. We can’t even bind his interspatial ring.”

“If we can’t bind it with blood, then we should destroy it.” Linley laughed calmly. “If we leave it untouched, Ganmontin would know where we are located.”

Right at this moment…

“Linley, those seven are coming.” Delia said.

Linley turned to look. Indeed, Aches, Tam, Boff, and the rest of the seven Gods were flying over. Aches, in particular, had an apologetic smile on his face. The seven of them had watched this battle just now. Only now did they realize that the ‘hidden expert’ was Linley.

“They actually have face to come back? Hmph.” Bebe let out a low snort.

“Lord Linley.” The first to fly over was Aches, and he immediately called out in a very friendly voice.

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