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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 12, A Great Battle

“It’s Linley!” From afar, the onlookers, including Aches and the other Gods, were all shocked. They hadn’t expected that the hidden expert was Linley!

“It was actually him!” Wilburn stared at the distant, Dragonformed Linley.

For now, let us ignore the shock of Aches and the rest of the seven. Ganmontin, hearing Linley’s words, couldn’t help but feel a surge of rage. Glancing sideways at Linley, he began to laugh from rage. “Oh, Linley, what? You don’t even care about my Commander at all? What audacity!”

‘Dimon’, the second leader of Knifeblade Island, could tell that the situation was turning bad. He immediately retreated. “I can’t suffer the backlash from a battle between these two.”

“It isn’t audacity.” Linley looked at Ganmontin. “Ganmontin, I definitely will not permit you to take Olivier away. Although I don’t wish to fight you, if you truly insist on forcing him to leave, then I will be forced to.”


Ganmontin felt yet another surge of rage. He had already given Linley a great deal of face by saying so much.

“Haha…” Ganmontin continued to laugh as his rage built up. “If that’s the case, then I shall…” As he spoke, Ganmontin suddenly lifted up the green serpentine longsword in his hand and filled it with wind-style divine power. The entire sword began to tremble and emit a clear ringing sound of windchimes.

The sword-hymn reverberated within a hundred meters.

Beneath Linley’s feet, rays of earth-type divine power radiated out as well, merging into the surface of the sea below. With the ‘black stone’ in his sea of consciousness as the core, 108 rays of earth-type divine power began to move in accordance with a pattern. The area within three hundred meters began to tremble as countless amounts of earth-type divine power coalesced.

Ganmontin, suffering this astonishing gravitational pull, found to his astonishment that his body was beginning to sink down.

At the same time, a large amount of earth elemental essence and divine power took shape. In the blink of an eye, an enormous Blackstone Prison appeared, floating on the surface of the water. Although Dimon had retreated into the distance early on, Ganmontin and Linley were both now already trapped within that Blackstone Prison.

Linley’s ultimate attack, formed from three fused profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth and with the ‘black stone’ at the nucleus: Blackstone Prison!

“The scope is larger than last time.” Dimon sucked in a cold breath. “It seems last time, this Linley really was hiding his true power.” But how could he know that in reality, during this period of time, Linley just so happened to break through a bottleneck and completely perfect his fusion of those three profound mysteries?

Within the Blackstone Prison was utter darkness. The only light came from the faint earthen yellow glow coming off those pitch-black walls. As a Highgod expert, even though it was pitch-black, Ganmontin could still see clearly.

“What a terrifying gravity!” Ganmontin’s face changed greatly. And then, Ganmontin gnashed his teeth, summoning the divine power in his body. With regards to flying speed, as an expert in the Elemental Laws of the Wind, Ganmontin was quite proficient. The better one’s flying ability was, the better one was able to resist powerful gravity.

“Hmph!” Ganmontin’s body finally, barely left the surface of the ground. He hovered into the air.

“Not bad. In my Blackstone Prison, you are actually barely able to fly.” A sound of praise rang out. A figure, with a ‘whoosh’, appeared within Ganmontin’s line of vision. It was the Dragonformed Linley. Linley had already been prepared for Ganmontin being able to just barely resist the gravity.

Ganmontin was an expert in flying, and his power was that of a Six Star Fiend or a Seven Star Fiend. Him being capable of this was in line with Linley’s expectations.

Ganmontin immediately landed.

“I truly am in admiration of you, to reach such a level in your training of the Laws of the Earth.” Ganmontin laughed as he spoke, but at the same time, his right fist suddenly struck out with the green serpentine longsword in his hand. His target – the floor of the Blackstone Prison beneath his feet!

Linley’s face changed, and he launched himself forward, immediately charging towards Ganmontin, an adamantine heavy sword suddenly appearing in his hand.

“Slash!” An astonishing crack in space appeared, and the floor of the Blackstone Prison was cut open as well.

Ganmontin’s body immediately sank down as he fled through the giant crack beneath him.

“I didn’t imagine that he actually escaped.” Linley willed the large Blackstone Prison to vanish.

“Rumble…” The waves of the Starmist Sea rolled on and roared.

Ganmontin hovered there in mid-air as him and Linley stared at each other.

“I need to modify and improve the Blackstone Prison.” After that last experience, Linley now had an idea as to a flaw of the original Blackstone Prison. The Blackstone Prison had a circumference of roughly three hundred meters and had many corridors and rooms and what not. If Ganmontin were to chop open a wall next to him, even if he broke through, he would find yet another wall.

However, Ganmontin had directly struck down at the floor beneath his feet.

The Blackstone Prison was only so large. It was a single-story edifice. By chopping down into the ground, Ganmontin had managed to escape.

“In the future, not only must the scope of the Blackstone Prison be large, it also needs to have nine levels, with the opponent trapped in the fifth floor. That way, even if he breaks through the floor, he will still have four more levels to go!” Linley said to himself.

Olivier, Bebe, Delia, Bates, Dimon, and the distant onlookers all held their breaths as they watched. None of them knew if Ganmontin was stronger, or if Linley was stronger.

“How difficult to deal with!” Ganmontin’s eyes narrowed.

With a ‘whoosh’ sound, within a thousand meters, over a thousand ‘Ganmontins’ appeared, each one of them having a smile on his face. “Haha, Linley, with so many Doppelgangers, can you possibly find my true body?” As he spoke, the thousand ‘Ganmontins’ began to fly through the air with a whooshing sound.

Linley didn’t move at all.

His earth-style divine power, however, radiated out to three hundred meters, naturally including the nearby Delia, Bebe, and Olivier. The power of this gravitational pull didn’t have much of a difference compared with the Blackstone Prison, only, it didn’t have any prison ‘walls’ to block movement.

Gravitational Space!

Of the thousand plus ‘Ganmontins’, whenever some of them flew into the Gravitational Space, they would immediately begin to sink down, unable to resist the powerful pull of gravity.

“Ganmontin, just give up. There’s no way you’ll be able to take Olivier away!” Linley said clearly. “Your Doppelgangers aren’t able to resist the power of my Gravitational Space. Only your true body is just barely able to do so.”


Those Doppelgangers all sank into the sea, with only the true Ganmontin just barely able to stay aloft.

“Linley, I have never seen a gravitational pull so powerful as yours in this Gravitational Space.” Ganmontin said, and then he immediately flew backwards, outside of the range of Linley’s Gravitational Space. Linley didn’t try to block him either, instead just watching.

Linley actually hoped that this Ganmontin would leave.

“Whoosh!” Ganmontin suddenly flew into the sky, into the thin fog above the sea. Immediately, lightning began to strike towards Ganmontin.

“Eh?” Linley frowned. “Why did he fly into the fog?”

Bebe raised his head as well. “Does this Ganmontin have some mental problems? He wants to let the lightning strike him?” The power of the lightning within the ‘fog’ of the Starmist Sea increased as one flew higher. Ganmontin had already flown to a height which was roughly his maximum.

That sort of lightning was only capable of inflicting some mild wounds.

“Swoosh!” Ganmontin flew in a straight line.

It must be understood that the farther one was from the gravitational pull area, the weaker the gravity would be. Ganmontin had flown so high that the Gravitational Space set up at the surface of the sea, at the height he was in, didn’t pose much of an effect at all.

Ganmontin flew directly towards the air above Linley’s head.

And then…he dropped down in a straight line!

Gravity pulled downwards, and so Ganmontin’s downwards speed reached a new height!

“You want to play like this?” Linley laughed calmly.

In the area around them, the constantly fluctuating rays of divine power suddenly returned to Linley’s body, swirling around it. At the same time, with Linley at the center, a roughly hundred-meter, enormous sphere took shape, forming a unique, sphere-shaped repulsive force region.

Ganmontin had been full of confidence, but as soon as he entered the repulsive sphere…

“Huh?” Ganmontin immediately sensed a surge of powerful repulsive force impacting his entire body. He had been dropping at high speed, but now, his speed virtually slowed down to nothing. Sensing this sort of repulsive strength, Ganmontin was so shocked the look on his face changed. “How could a Gravitational Space be like this?”

Ganmontin had never heard of a Gravitational Space actually possessing repulsive power!

Although shocked, Ganmontin still frantically resisted that repulsive power and forced himself to descend, while at the same time brandishing out the green serpentine longsword in his hand. The longsword was covered by a layer of indistinct green illusions and also rang out with that sound of wind chimes. The sword shadow which seemed slow but was actually fast slashed through the sky, and wherever it passed, space itself split apart. A ray of flashing green light from his illusory sword instantly pierced through the heavens and appeared in front of Linley’s eyes.

Blood Drop Sword!

Ganmontin’s face was savage as he unleashed his most powerful sword attack.

His body was suffering the effects of the repulsive force, but his sword energy attack wasn’t impacted much.

“So fast.” Linley hurriedly worked hard to dodge.

But one’s body movement speed was indeed inferior to the speed of that sword light. “Clang!” The sword light viciously struck Linley’s draconic scale-clad left shoulder. With a clear ringing sound, Linley’s draconic scales on his left shoulder actually shattered, with three scales breaking open and hints of blood oozing out.

“What?” Ganmontin stared, slack-jawed.

His most powerful material attack had actually only caused the opponent to bleed slightly.

Linley glanced at his arm, his gaze turning cold. He immediately wielded the adamantine heavy sword, moving towards Ganmontin at high speed like a bolt of lightning.

Ganmontin, astonished and frightened by that scene, immediately flew back and retreated. Given the repulsive force, his fleeing speed was quite fast!

“Gravitational force!” Linley willed it, and immediately, that hundred meter sphere shaped space’s repulsive force suddenly transformed into attractive force. In addition, the range changed from a hundred meters to two hundred meters. Ganmontin was trapped within this indistinct sphere shaped region.

The powerful gravity drew Ganmontin closer and closer to Linley.

“What level of combatant is this Linley? My most powerful attack actually only broke a few draconic scales!” Ganmontin frantically tried to throw off the power of the gravity and escape, but the gravity was too strong…although he was able to just barely resist it, his flying speed was slow.

More importantly…

Linley’s speed was unaffected, and he immediately caught up!

“Die.” Linley’s adamantine heavy sword in his hand clapped down in a light, breezy manner, while at the same time, an illusory, earthen yellow sword shadow flew out from the adamantine heavy sword, striking directly into Ganmontin’s body.

Laws of the Earth – Voidwave Sword!

Ganmontin was shocked, but under this astonishing gravity, his speed was too slow. “How can this gravity be so monstrously strong? Even Asuras shouldn’t be capable of this. Can it be that he is a hidden Asura-level combatant?” Everyone had their own specialty, and there were some people who specialized in gravity.

But gravity so powerful that Ganmontin, a Six Star Fiend, was only barely able to resist it was truly too extravagant.

“Haaargh!” Ganmontin launched a backhand sword blow, and that indistinct faint green sword shadow shot out as well.

The light green sword shadow and the light earthen yellow sword shadow collided!

After a momentary stalemate, the light yellow sword shadow collapsed, and the remaining amount of the light green sword shadow immediately charged towards Linley. Linley was too close to Ganmontin, and wasn’t able to dodge at all. The light green sword shadow immediately shot into Linley’s body.

“Huh?” Linley’s body shuddered slightly.

“Haha…his soul attack is actually weaker than mine!” Ganmontin was overjoyed.

Linley’s Gravitational Space and his terrifying defense had scared Ganmontin out of his wits. Unexpectedly, his attack which he had only wanted to use to block Linley’s had actually easily broken through Linley’s soul attack.

“Haha, go die.” Ganmontin actually release two more sword blows downwards. Generally speaking, if a person’s soul attack was strong, his soul defense would also be strong. Seeing how weak Linley’s soul attack was, he knew that Linley’s soul defense couldn’t be too powerful either. Although Ganmontin’s accomplishments in soul attacks was inferior to that of his accomplishments in physical attacks…

His soul attacks still outstripped Linley’s!

The two light green sword shadows shot towards Linley at high speed. Linley didn’t have time to dodge at all.

And Linley didn’t dodge. “Haha…” Linley laughed loudly, flying at high speed towards Ganmontin, ignoring those two light green sword shadows which flew into his body. He immediately rushed straight in front of Ganmontin. “Bang!” He viciously lashed Ganmontin with a kick to his chest.

“Crunch!” Ganmontin was knocked flying, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood.

But after flying not too far away, due to the great power of the gravitational sphere, he was once more drawn closer to Linley. Ganmontin’s face changed greatly. “This Linley, he suffered two hits of my soul attack, but he didn’t feel anything?” Ganmontin wasn’t too specialized in soul attacks, and he also was being drawn closer once more due to the gravitational sphere.

“Here comes another one.” Linley immediately drew closer to Ganmontin once more.

“Aaaah!” Ganmontin howled loudly, and suddenly, over a thousand Ganmontins appeared around him.

“EXPLODE!” Ganmontin howled furiously.

“BOOOOOM!” The thousand ‘Ganmontins’ all blew apart!

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