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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 10, Ganmontin

By the time Linley’s group once again entered the metallic lifeform and headed further into the Starmist Sea, the second leader of Knifeblade Island, ‘Dimon’, travelled by himself deep into the bottom of the Starmist Sea, arriving within a nameless gorge.

“Hmph. If it weren’t for the fact that my elder brother died while I myself am not aware of where the Lord Commander lives, how could you have ended up getting a share of the glory!”

Staring at the gorge, Dimon felt hatred in his heart.

And then, Dimon transformed into a shadow, easily passing through the nameless gorge. Within the gorge, there were some strange plant creatures at the bottom which were colorful to behold. Sometimes, a few oceanic magical beasts would even pop up at the bottom of the sea, but Dimon paid them no mind at all.

Moments later…

Dimon arrived at the gates to an underwater estate, located deep within the seabed gorge. There were two guards at each side of the gate.

“Halt!” One of the guards immediately barked.

Dimon laughed calmly. “What, you don’t even recognize me?” As he spoke, Dimon moved somewhat closer. The two guards only now began to laugh, one of them saying, “So it is second leader Lord Dimon of the Knifeblade Island.” Although that was how they spoke, clearly, they didn’t hold Dimon in much regard.

Although their strength wasn’t that great, their master was incredible.

“Go make a report to your master. I want to meet him. This is an important matter!” Dimon said seriously.

The two guards exchanged glances.

“It seems there really is an important matter. You can go make the report.”

The other guard said, “You can just wait here. I’ll go report this to our master.” As he spoke, he entered the estate. After a long while, the guard came out. “Lord Dimon, my master invites you. Please come with me!”

Dimon snorted inwardly. “Just because you are somewhat stronger than me!”

This estate was extremely large, and it was very luxuriously decorated. Moments later, Dimon arrived within the main hall. The entire main hall was surrounded by sculptures and all sorts of paintings, which seemed to be telling an ancient story. Dimon, in his heart, knew: “Hmph, these are all about the boastful affairs of himself, Ganmontin. So what if he’s gone to Purgatory. Such arrogance!”

Although he said this in his heart, Dimon was still rather envious.

“Dimon, where’s your elder brother, Acketts?” A calm voice came out from the front.

At the throne in the front of the main hall, a green-haired man whose forehead was covered with fish scales was seated, dressed in a green cloak with golden trimmings. The green-haired man’s eyes glowed with green light, and his lips had a violet tint. He himself gave off an extremely devilish aura.

“He died!” Dimon said sorrowfully.

“Acketts died?” The green-haired man immediately stood up in shock, then hurriedly asked, “How is that possible? Your elder brother was a Six Star Fiend who trained in the Elemental Laws of Water. His defense was the highest amongst our group. Who was capable of breaking his defense?”

“It was a black-haired man known as Lomio Bornesen!” Just mentioning this name caused Dimon to feel terror.

That day, the black-haired man’s body had transformed into countless bolts of flashing lightning in the sky and caused something akin to a Fogsea Storm. And then, with but one blade blow, he had killed Dimon’s elder brother.

“Lomio Bornesen?” The green-haired man on the throne frowned. “How come I’ve never heard of this person? What does he train in?”

“He trains in the Laws of Lightning.” Dimon said, “This person came to our Knifeblade Island, then transformed into countless bolts of lightning and caused something identical to a Fogsea Storm, creating an enormous lightning vortex above our Knifeblade Island. It was too terrifying!”

“There’s actually such an expert.”

The green-haired man frowned. “It seems I must go report this to the Lord Commander!”

And then, the green-haired man looked at Dimon. “Dimon, can it be that you’ve simply come to tell me about this?” The green-haired man had decided immediately in his heart that no matter what, he couldn’t make an enemy out of this Lomio Bornesen. Someone capable of killing Acketts in one blow was too terrifying.

“Lord Ganmontin!” Dimon’s face had a hint of a smile appear on it. “I’ve come to bring you some good news.”

“Speak.” Ganmontin said.

“Although I’ve never met the Lord Commander, I’ve heard my elder brother say that the Lord Commander had always been collecting some divine beasts with extremely powerful innate abilities, or talents who have mutated souls.” Dimon grinned as he spoke.

“Yes, there is such a thing.” Ganmontin said calmly.

“This time, although our Knifeblade Island was attacked, while I was fleeing, in the Starmist Sea, I actually encountered a talented Soul Mutate!” Dimon said hurriedly. “He’s definitely a Soul Mutate genius. I personally saw him use a combination of darkness-type divine power and light-type divine power!”


Shocked, Ganmontin immediately stood up.

Soul Mutates were extremely rare. In addition, geniuses like them were extremely terrifying in the future!

For example, an expert who was a Soul Mutate, upon reaching the Highgod level, just based on the fact that he had fused two different types of divine power, would have the strength of his attack increased tenfold! When a person used fused divine power, even if he used the same type of profound mystery, the power would be ten times that an ordinary person’s!

And in addition…only Soul Mutates were capable of fusing the profound mysteries of two different types of Elemental Laws!

For example, Learmonth had later merged the profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of Fire as well as the Way of Destruction.

When profound mysteries belong to different types of Laws were fused, the power would be even greater by far than when two profound mysteries of the same type of Law was fused!

For example, if Linley’s ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ was capable of being fused with the ‘Dimensional Attack’ profound mystery of the Elemental Laws of the Wind, then the power…would be comparable to fusing three profound mysteries of the same type of Law!

If he also fused two types of divine power when using the attack, the power would increase tenfold yet again.

A Soul Mutate only had to fuse two different types of profound mysteries together, and his power would immediately become comparable to that of a Seven Star Fiend.

However, ordinary Highgods would have to fuse four profound mysteries to reach the Seven Star Fiend level!

“Where is he?” Ganmontin said hurriedly.

Dimon said helplessly, “I didn’t have the ability to bring him here.”

Ganmontin’s face immediately changed, and he sneered, “So even you, a Five Star Fiend, were unable to bring him back. It seems this Soul Mutate has already reached the Highgod level. I expect he has already fused profound mysteries as well…what, do you want me to go die?”

Ganmontin knew very well his own limits, as a Six Star Fiend.

Although he was specialized in attacks, against a Soul Mutate, especially a Soul Mutate at the height of his power, he had no confidence.

Soul Mutates were monstrously powerful.

Two different types of divine power, when fused, would make the power of even an ordinary profound mystery increase tenfold! If they were able to fuse three different types of profound power, the strength would increase a hundredfold! If they were able to fuse four…the power would continue to compound.

However, the more types of divine power one trained in, the lower the chances one would have of having a soul mutation. For example, a person capable of using three types of divine power, even if he underwent a soul mutation, would have nearly a 100% chance of dying during the process. In the entire history of the Infernal Realm, there had only been an extremely infinitesimally small number of Soul Mutates.

Virtually all of the successful ones fused two types of divine power to become Soul Mutates. For example, when Olivier’s soul had mutated, he had been in a coma for months.

In the countless years the Infernal Realm had existed, only a single person had fused three types of divine power!

As for having four different types of divine power and yet still fusing them, despite the passage of countless years, not a single such person had appeared in the countless planes of the universe.

Normally speaking, when people were discussing Soul Mutates, they referred to people who fused two different types of divine power.

For example, Linley had earth, wind, and fire-type divine power. Even if he were to undergo a soul mutation, his chance of death would be almost 100%! After all, in the countless years the Infernal Realm had existed, this sort of genius had only appeared once.

“Dimon, it’s not too likely that one is going to be able to control that sort of mighty Soul Mutate.” Ganmontin laughed coldly.

“No. That Soul Mutate is only a God.” Dimon said hurriedly.

“Only a God?” Ganmontin was overjoyed.

The weaker the target was, the easier to control.

“Huh?” Ganmontin suddenly frowned. “Just a God. How is it that were unable to bring him back?”

Dimon explained, “Lord Ganmontin, the Soul Mutate is only a God, but…he is currently within a squad which has two experts.”

“Experts. How is their strength?” Ganmontin asked hurriedly.

“One of them trains in the Elemental Laws of Darkness. By my calculations, he should have the power of a Five Star Fiend, perhaps closing on that of a Six Star Fiend! As I saw it, he specializes in speed, assassination, and hiding his aura.” Dimon said disdainfully.

Ganmontin laughed calmly. He wouldn’t even care about an ordinary Six Star Fiend.

“And the other?” Ganmontin pursued.

Dimon looked rather awkward. “Actually, I didn’t discover that other person either. However, he should be hidden in their group. In terms of power…I can’t say.”

“Eh?” Dimon frowned. “Explain in detail what the situation was like.”

Dimon immediately explained in detail. After hearing Dimon’s explanation, Ganmontin nodded slightly. “The attack of hundreds of Gods actually managed to cause the black stone castle to tremble. It seems its defense isn’t that powerful, and it also covers a fairly small area…based on my calculations, at most this person is a Six Star Fiend!”

Ganmontin had already calculated this out.

The opponent wasn’t too much of a threat.

“I can break through that black stone castle with one sword blow.” Ganmontin laughed calmly.

Dimon advised, “Milord, how about we first go inform the Lord Commander…that way, there won’t be any chance of failure.”

“A mere Six Star Fiend? How can the Lord Commander personally get involved for this?” Ganmontin laughed coldly. “This sort of affair, I alone can handle easily.” Ganmontin was very confident. He trained in the Elemental Laws of the Wind, and he specialized in two things; attacking and fleeing!

Even against a Seven Star Fiend, he was confident in his ability to flee.

For a battle like this, it was better to first prepare for defeat than to prepare for victory. Only then would one not have to worry about any problems.

“Do you know where that squad is?” Ganmontin looked at him.

Dimon smiled. “Milord, don’t worry. I’ve made the arrangements long ago. In addition, it’s only been less than half a month. Even if something happens, finding them will be easy. After all…this is our turf.”

“Excellent.” Ganmontin nodded in satisfaction. “Don’t worry. Once I collect that Soul Mutate and offer him to the Commander, I will definitely report your contributions to the Lord Commander as well.”

“Thank you, milord.” Dimon said hurriedly.

But in his heart, Dimon was still furious. If he had known how to go find the Commander, would he have come to report all of this to Ganmontin? If he had enough power to seize Olivier, he wouldn’t need to let Ganmontin take the credit either.

The sea waves rolled on. Linley and Bebe were seated together at the end of the ship.

“Boss, why have you always been staring at the sea lately?” Bebe asked, puzzled.

Linley chuckled, first setting up his Godrealm to block out sound, and then explained, “Bebe, recently, I feel as though there are some problems with my ‘Blackstone Prison’. I know that the answer lies within this vast sea…the waters of the sea flow on casually and contain unfathomable transformations. My Blackstone Prison is too rigid. Although it is able to distort and reform, that expends divine power. Also, it isn’t able to easily deflect outside power.”

Bebe just listened. He couldn’t help but stare at Linley.

“Why are you staring at me?” Linley laughed as he looked at Bebe.

“Boss, didn’t you say that you’ve already fused three types of profound mysteries?” Bebe said hurriedly.

During the past few days when Linley had been staring at the sea, he had gained a sudden insight and had managed to completely and perfectly fuse the ‘Essence of the Earth’, ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’, and the ‘Gravitational Space’, these three great profound mysteries. The power of his ‘Blackstone Prison’ had once more increased. By now, even against a Six Star Fiend, Linley had confidence in winning.

“So what if I have?”

Linley sighed. “The Blackstone Prison is still insufficiently perfected. Actually, if I were able to infuse the Profound Mysteries of ‘Vitality’ of the Laws of the Earth with the other three, it would perfectly balance and strengthen the power of my Blackstone Prison. By that time, the Blackstone Prison would regrow and regenerate without end. Even a Seven Star Fiend would find it hard to break it.”

“Only, fusing four types of profound mysteries is too hard. In addition, ‘Vitality’ should be a fairly unique type of profound mystery in the Laws of the Earth.”

The vast earth was deep and gave birth to countless lifeforms, and thus it possessed profound vitality.

Linley knew a few special details regarding the Profound Truths of Vitality, only…Linley had yet to be able to gain a basic understanding of it.

“Boss, don’t be too greedy.” Bebe pursed his lips and said. “You’ve fused three types of profound mysteries.”

Linley laughed. Actually, this didn’t have anything to do with greed. Linley simply pursued perfection and wanted to continuously improve himself.

“Huh?” Right at this moment, Linley was suddenly shocked. “Below!”

“Bang!” The metallic creature, which had been advancing at high speed, once more exploded, and everyone within it now hovered in mid-air, their faces covered with puzzlement. In particular, the big-bearded Bates. He roared angrily, “Motherf*cker! This metallic lifeform was mine!”

Linley carefully stared at the surface of the sea.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Two figures broke through the surface of the sea, leaping into mid-air. One of them was a grim looking green-haired man who was dressed in a green cloak with gold trimmings, and who had fish scales over his forehead. The person by his side was a familiar figure to Linley’s group. It was the second leader of Knifeblade Island. Dimon.

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