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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 36, The Storm Caves

These amethyst beasts had easily slaughtered those Gods and Demigods. This was enough for Olivier to understand how powerful they were. When they had been wrapped into the fog, Bebe had been struck by a pile of amethysts, and from this, Olivier had already gotten a sense of how powerful Bebe’s body was.

Bebe was a divine beast, and he had a connection to Beirut. Olivier could understand why he was so powerful.

But Linley?

“Linley is also…his body is actually able to go head on against that amethyst beast.” Olivier watched this scene, completely dumbfounded. He had originally believed that as he himself had spent a few short decades of hard work to reach the God stage, he should be considered fairly impressive and perhaps had even surpassed Linley.

But in reality…

The difference between him and Linley was very great!

“This monster doesn’t fear soul attacks!” Linley’s furious roars rang out. He was thrown far away, but he then immediately flipped up and climbed to his feet. In disbelief, Linley said, “My full strength attack, ‘Voidwave Sword’…this beast had no reaction to it at all!”

“Boss, just use physical attacks!” Bebe called out.

“Fine.” Linley stored away his adamantine heavy sword and once more leapt forward, pouncing towards the amethyst beast like a giant eagle charging downwards. Linley’s Bloodviolet once more executed the ‘Bewildering Shadow’ attack, chopping down with no mercy whatsoever towards the amethyst beast.

The amethyst beast, afraid of that attack, dodged.

“Bang!” Bloodviolet struck against the amethyst beast’s flank, chopping down at least half a meter.

However, as soon as Linley withdrew the sword, the wound immediately regenerated.

“Boss, this freak isn’t afraid of soul attacks, and even when I use physical attacks, it will recover from it, no matter how heavy the injury was.” Bebe was helpless as well. Linley couldn’t help but glance at the horn he had shattered, but the amethyst beast’s shattered horn was now already completely regrown.

Linley couldn’t help but to laugh bitterly.

“Even the most powerful of Highgods, when receiving my ‘Voidwave Sword’, would at least have a response to it, even if he didn’t fear it. But this amethyst beast didn’t react to it at all, while its body is so hard, it can compare to a Highgod artifact. And it can rapidly regenerate!”

Linley was utterly speechless. This sort of freak was completely invincible!

“No wonder even those two Highgods chose to flee instead.” Linley thought to himself, while at the same time, once more clashed viciously against the amethyst beast.

With a sword chop, Linley shattered one of the spikes of the amethyst beast, while he himself was sent flying away by the amethyst beast’s claws. In mid-air, his body twisted, and he landed on the ground on his feet.

The amethyst beast roared in agony. Clearly, the broken spike caused him great pain.

“Roaaaar!” The beast currently battling Bebe came to a halt, raising his head and emitting a roar.

The amethyst beast currently battling Linley also came to a halt. After staring at Linley for quite some time, it seemed to have finally realized that Linley hadn’t been wounded at all. In the end, it finally gave up, emitting the same low angry growl.

The two amethyst beasts glanced at each other, then the amethyst beast who had been battling Linley looked at Linley. In a low, gravelly voice, it said, “Body, not bad!”

The amethyst beast battling Bebe also glanced at Bebe.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

The two amethyst beasts transformed into two rays of violet light, running far away at high speed.

“Linley, are you alright?” Delia walked over, and Linley smiled and said, “Of course I’m alright. However, I must say, those two amethyst beasts really were formidable. They are utterly without flaw. But of course…they don’t know soul attacks.”

“Linley, what happened with those two amethyst beasts? Why did they leave?” Delia asked, puzzled.

The nearby Olivier spoke out. “Perhaps, the two amethyst beasts realized that fighting with you had no benefit for them at all, and instead they continuously were injured. Thus, they gave up and left.” Olivier reasoned.

Wasn’t that the case?

Linley and Bebe hadn’t been injured at all, and even if they were slightly nicked, they could use their divine power to heal it. Naturally, the two amethyst beasts had no interest in continuing in this sort of battle.

“Boss, I knocked a few rocks loose from its body. They seem to be amethysts.” Bebe grabbed up a few violet jewels from the floor. While Bebe had battled the amethyst beast, he had been using his black dagger to chop down on it. This was a godspark dagger. Naturally, it was able to chop a few jewels apart.

Hearing this, Linley immediately looked towards those two broken spikes on the ground.

He absorbed them directly into his Coiling Dragon ring, and indeed, those two violet jewels were immediately refined, and a large amount of soul essence was withdrawn, leaving behind only some detritus.

“Indeed, these amethyst beasts are completely made out of amethysts.” Linley felt stunned. Amethysts were filled with soul essence. These creatures completely made out of ‘amethysts’…how much soul essence did they contain?

“Boss, what are the results of your investigation? Are they amethysts?” Bebe asked. He held that violet jewel, not completely certain of its identity.

“It is indeed an amethyst.” Linley nodded.

Bebe, Delia, and Olivier, although expecting this answer, were nonetheless surprised.

Delia frowned. “Where did this freak come from? It doesn’t fear soul attacks, and its entire body is so tough. What’s more, it immediately heals from any wounds.” It had to be said that this sort of monster could be described as unbeatable. Or perhaps, more accurately, as extremely hard to kill.

“But I noticed that the creature’s intelligence seems to be very low.” Bebe said.

“It is indeed low. When we were fighting, all it knew how to do was to use its fierce claws and its fangs to launch basic attacks. It didn’t know any profound mysteries at all.” Linley had noticed this as well. “However, they are capable of speech!”

Everyone nodded slightly. The amethyst beast had afterwards said the words, ‘body, not bad’. Everyone remembered this.

“Let’s go. Let’s take a look and see if there’s a way for us to leave these Amethyst Mountains.” Linley recommended.

Immediately, they all headed out once more. However, the area around them was covered in white fog, and Linley’s group didn’t know what places were dangerous. Still, by walking on the ground, at least Linley’s group knew the general direction they were moving in. They continued moving forward in a straight line.

As Linley’s group of four was moving forward, Jenkin was following three other Gods, carefully traversing these Amethyst Mountains. His luck had been excellent. He had safely arrived within the Amethyst Mountains, and up till now, he hadn’t encountered any amethyst beasts.

“I wonder how Linley and the other two are doing.” Jenkin said to himself quietly.

“Whoooosh.” A powerful wind sound could be heard from up ahead.

“Let’s go. Let’s go take a look together.” One of the Gods immediately called out. All four of the Gods, Jenkin included, drew closer to the origin of the sound. Moments later, Jenkin’s group saw the source of that violent wind sound.

“This is…”

Jenkin and the other three stared, slackjawed.

A hundred meters away, on the ground, there was a straight crevice that was dozens of meters long. Deep within the crevice, there was a cave that was roughly ten meters long. A howling wind was emanating from within this cave, and countless flashes of violet light were also spurting out from within the cave.

The speed at which the violet light moved was simply astonishing.

“So the amethysts flew out from here.” Jenkin said in amazement. However, he didn’t realize…the Amethyst Mountains had more than one location like this one.

The countless amethysts were blasting in every direction. Because they all moved in different directions, when they flew into the Fog Sea, they naturally covered the entire area. However, because their directions were different, some actually flew in slanting lines that were virtually parallel to the walls of the crevice, which was sunken in.

Thus, many of the amethysts smashed directly into the walls. Many of them embedded themselves deep into the crevice walls, but many others just lay there at the bottom of the crevice.

The cave was at the center of the crevice. There were countless amethysts lying everywhere else.

“How…how many amethysts is this?”

The four Gods stared, slackjawed. Amethysts usually weren’t very large, and so a small pile of just a few dozen centimeters could contain over ten thousand. However, this area that was littered with trenches definitely had to calculate the number of amethysts in the ‘hundreds of millions’. Every single amethyst was already very valuable. How much would so many amethysts be worth?

The four Gods were all stunned when they calculated the wealth.

“We…we’re rich!” A God suddenly regained his senses.

“Haha, we’re rich!” Jenkin was excited as well.

One of the four Gods hurried straight towards one of the straight trenches below. The other three, reacting slightly slower, also immediately ran downwards. The four didn’t want to kill the others . After all, the amount of amethysts was simply too great…so great that their greed was completely satisfied!

But as they drew near the trench, the four came to a halt.


Large numbers of amethysts were slamming against the walls of the crevice, knocking loose the amethysts already embedded in the walls of the crevice, which fell back into the crevice. These amethysts were shooting out at a speed that was simply astonishing. If the four of them were to fly down, they would most likely be shot full of holes by those amethysts.

“What to do?” The four Gods all hesitated.

When they had fallen downwards, they had witnessed that shooting power of the amethysts. It must be understood that by then, the amethysts had already flown for a period of time, and their shooting power was actually lower than at first. But these amethysts that were shooting out from the cave were at the peak of their power and speed.

If they jumped into the crevice, they would definitely die!

“Use divine artifacts.” One God advised. With a flip of his hand, he retrieved a whip. Lashing the whip out, the whip instantly elongated, coiling down like a python towards the cave.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

A large number of amethysts smashed into the whip, and the divine artifact was actually cracked apart by the force of the collisions.

The God’s face couldn’t help but turn white. The divine artifact had been destroyed!

It must be understood that the amethysts were even capable of breaking through Linley’s ‘Pulseguard Defense’, and that was when they had already travelled a long distance. For the amethysts that were shooting out from the cave, even Highgod artifacts would be shot through! How could a God artifact possibly withstand them?

Jenkin and the other three were stunned.

“Motherf*cker, so many amethysts are in front of us, but we can’t take them.” One of the Gods cursed.

Actually, there were amethysts scattered everywhere throughout the Amethyst Mountains. Only, the amount that was scattered about was fairly small; the amount that the four had picked up was only around a hundred amethysts. Within the crevice, however, there were thick layers of them.

A random grab would pick up an enormous amount of them.

“Forget it. Life is more important.” Jenkin shook his head helplessly.

The other three sighed helplessly as well.

As the four of them were about to give up, suddenly…

The ‘cave’ which had been constantly blasting our amethysts suddenly stopped, and the sound of the wind came to a halt as well. In the entire crevice, not a single amethyst was blasting out, leaving behind only a floor full of amethysts.

“This….this…” Jenkin and the other three were stunned.

“Ah! Down, go down!” The four Gods excitedly hopped into the crevice.”

“With these amethysts, I, I…” Jenkin’s mind was in a tumult. At the same time, he wildly began to collect large amounts of them into his interspatial ring.

“Hey, Jenkin?” A voice rang out.

Jenkin turned. It was Linley’s group of four.

Linley’s group had been attracted by the sound of the wind as well, but as they drew near, the sound of the wind had abruptly halted. As Linley drew near, they had discovered the crevice full of amethysts as well, as well as Jenkin and the other three, who were wildly collecting amethysts.

“So many amethysts?” Linley was shocked.

Bebe, Delia, and Olivier were stunned as well.

“Goddamn, compared to these amethysts, a fortune of two hundred billion is nothing!” Bebe’s eyes were shining.

But just as Bebe was about to jump down into the crevice…


The cave, which had already stopped shooting amethysts out, suddenly gave birth to a powerful gravitation attraction force. The strength of this gravitational force actually caused space to tremble, creating a spatial vortex. The spatial vortex within the cave instantly absorbed all of the amethysts within the crevice, along with Jenkin and the other three Gods as well.

“Lord Linley…” Jenkin, in that instant when he was being sucked into the cave, stared straight at Linley, his eyes filled with a hint of despair and resignation. However, he wasn’t able to resist at all.

The strange thing was, this astonishing gravitational force really was like a whirlpool. It only affected the entire crevice, but outside of it, it didn’t have any influence at all.

“Crackle…” The cave continued to swirl and absorb…

Within the crevice, the only things that were remaining were those amethysts that had been deeply lodged into the sides of the walls. As for amethysts which had been knocked loose, not a single one remained.

Seeing this scene, Linley couldn’t speak for a long, long moment.

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