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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 35, Amethyst Beasts

The brown-haired woman, ‘Garlan’, and the silver-haired man, ‘Jarrod’, flew away side by side at high speed.

“That Delia is truly an idiot.” Jarrod cursed softly. “A venerable Highgod Fiend who spends her time with a group of Gods and is unwilling to leave them. She is absolutely looking for death.”

“Enough talk. That Delia wants to die. What can we do about it?”

Garlan shook her head. “What’s more, it’s hard to say if even we ourselves will be able to endure this crisis. Let’s hurry up and go far away from those monsters.”

Jarrod seemed to have just remembered the monsters as well. He couldn’t help but shudder, then hurriedly said, “Right, let’s hurry up and leave.” The two increased their speed still further.

Linley’s group of people was currently in a state of chaos.

“Just now, those two Highgods said that the Amethyst Mountains are very dangerous. Are we going to actually keep going forward? As I see it, let’s not run about wildly. Let’s halt here.”

“Just because we don’t run about, does that necessarily mean we’ll be safe here? Didn’t you see those two Highgods run away? If it was safe here, why wouldn’t the two Highgods stay here?”

Linley was currently frowning as he stared into the white fog. “Amethyst beasts? Those two said ‘beware the amethyst beasts’. Even Highgods are so frightened of them that they flee. Then we…” Linley turned to look at Delia, Bebe, and Olivier.

“Let’s separate from this group of people.” Olivier said. “If we stay with them, we’ll have a great deal of trouble.”

Linley turned to look at those people.

“Mr. Linley, are you, are you going to abandon us?” Immediately, someone spoke out.

“Lord Delia, we are all under your command. No matter what, don’t abandon us.”

“Lord Delia…”

These Gods and Demigods were afraid that Delia would leave. If she did, who then would protect them? With a Highgod Fiend by their side, they would feel safer.

“Shut your mouths.” Bebe snarled at them. “Quiet down.”

In the Infernal Realm, when a lethal crisis had descended, who would be so bored as to waste time protecting others?

“Why are you shouting towards us? You are just a God. On what basis are you causing such a ruckus?” Many people looked at Bebe unhappily.

Bebe was instantly enraged.

“Quiet!” A low growl rang out.

Everyone turned to look at the speaker. It was Linley! Linley was currently frowning as though trying to hear something. These Gods and Demigods slowly began to hear a low, growling sound, but the sound was very weak.

But moments later, the growling sound grew stronger. Clearly, some monsters were drawing near at high speed!

“Beast growls?” Many people began to feel astonished.

Linley immediately sent out with his divine sense, “Delia, Bebe, Olivier, let’s flee!” As Linley spoke, he immediately began to flee, and Delia, Bebe, and Olivier didn’t hesitate, immediately following Linley and flying at high speed.

“Follow Lord Delia!” Immediately, people began to call out while chasing after them.

The hundred-plus people nervously began to gallop forward at high speed from behind.

However, Linley’s group of four were extremely fast. Despite the astonishing gravity, Linley and Bebe’s tough bodies were able to resist the gravitational pull while still running at high speed. Delia was a wind-style Highgod, also very fast. The slowest was Olivier, but he was a light-style God, adept at speed!

The hundred-plus others were slowly falling behind them.


“Roaaaaaaaaar!” “Roaaaaaaar!”

The angry roars reverberated in the skies, while at the same time drawing near at high speed. The speed was so fast that it was actually far faster than the likes of Linley and the others.

“Such astonishing speed.” Linley felt greatly shocked. The monster, when running, actually was causing the earth to tremble. Those powerful earth vibrations caused his heart to grow panicky. “Roaaaaar!” “Roaaaaar!” The bestial roars grew closer and closer, as though coming from directly behind them.

“Aaaah! What sort of a monster is that?!”

“Kill the monster, kill it!”

“Aaargh, die!”


“Lord Delia, save us, aaaaah!”

Bellows and fierce screams rang out from behind them.

Linley, Delia, Bebe, and Olivier couldn’t help but turn to look. As they did, they were shocked.

Its body looked like that of a ferocious lion. It was four meters tall and more than ten meters long. This ferocious beast’s entire body was made out of metal and stone, and its entire body glistened with a violet light. The divine weapons of those Gods, when landing on its body, weren’t able to harm it at all!

The strange thing was…

On its head, there were three sharp horns that were positioned in the shape of a triangle, while on its back, there were over a hundred sharp spikes that covered its entire back!

“108 spikes!” Linley could immediately tell. “And its entire body emanates an amethyst aura. Its entire body glistens with a violet light, and in coloration and aura, it seems very similar to amethysts. Can it be…that its entire body is made out of amethysts?”

While fleeing, Linley was guessing to himself.

The amethyst beast chased after them; two of them, in fact. These two amethyst beasts opened their vicious maws, as though wanting to ‘crunch’ and bite these Deities in half, then swallow the upper half of their bodies into their bellies.

“Roaaaaaar!” The amethyst beast’s blood-red eyes swept across the area, and it swept out its fierce claws casually.

“Bang!” A divine artifact was smashed aside, and then a Deity’s body was smashed as well. The Deity’s head wanted to fly away, but under the powerful gravity, it was extremely hard to fly. The amethyst beast opened its maw to devour the head, directly swallowing the Deity’s head into its stomach.

In the blink of an eye, nearly twenty people had died.


“The monster isn’t afraid of soul attacks, and it isn’t afraid of material attacks either!”

The short battle had caused the hundred-plus men to no longer have the courage to fight back. They had delivered full-force blows to the bodies of those amethyst beasts, but hadn’t been able to injure them at all. These amethyst beasts didn’t respond at all to soul attacks either! At the same time, the amethyst beasts were easily slaughtering them.


They only had this choice left.

The lucky survivors frantically fled in every direction. No matter how powerful the amethyst beasts were, there were only two of them. With so many people fleeing in every direction, how many of them could the amethyst beasts kill?

“Bang!” “Bang!”

The two amethyst beasts suddenly spat out quite a few divine sparks from their mouths. Clearly, these divine sparks belonged to those people they had killed and devoured.

“It seems the two amethyst beasts are unable to digest divine sparks. Thus, they had to spit them out.” Linley guessed to himself.

The crimson eyes of the two amethyst beasts stared around the area, and violet steam came out from their nostrils. Their gaze then fixed upon the distant, fleeing Linley and the other three. “Roaaaaaaar! Chase!” A low, indistinct voice rang out, and the two amethyst beasts immediately charged towards Linley’s group.

They flew like the wind, they moved like the thunder!

Despite the powerful gravity of the Amethyst Mountains, the two amethyst beasts still moved as fast as lightning, drawing closer and closer to Linley’s group with astonishing speed.

Linley, who had been paying attention to the amethyst beasts at all times, couldn’t help but feel startled. “Those two beasts. There’s so many people here, so why are they focused on us?” Through his earlier observations of the battles between the amethyst beasts and the Gods and Demigods, Linley had become certain that these beasts were not easy to deal with!

Material attacks and soul attacks were all ineffective.

“But it’s hard to say if it’s just that those material attacks and soul attacks weren’t strong enough.” Linley understood this principle. “However, even the combined attacks of those Gods hadn’t been able to wound the two beasts. Even if I were to attack, I probably still wouldn’t be able to deal enough damage.”

“Boss, those two beasts are drawing near.” Bebe said frantically.

“Don’t worry about me.” Olivier said frantically through a mental message. He was the slowest of the four, dragging them down.

“Shut your mouth!” Bebe growled, then suddenly reached out and clutched Olivier. And then, Bebe’s speed rapidly increased.

Linley and Delia increased their speed as well.

Linley still remained nervous. “Those two beasts are still slowly drawing near us.” The two beasts, emanating violet steam from their nostrils, continued to gallop forward at high speed, constantly reducing the distance between them and Linley’s group. Fifty meters. Forty meters. Thirty meters…

“Less than ten meters now.” Linley seemed to be able to sense the hot steam coming from the nostrils of the beasts.


Suddenly, one of the two amethyst beasts rapidly increased its movement speed, instantly jumping forward and moving like a bolt of violet light, instantly arriving in front of Linley’s group. Two amethyst beasts, one behind them, one in front of them. Linley’s group was caught.

Linley’s group was forced to come to a halt, and Bebe placed Olivier down as well.

“The situation seems grim.” Delia frowned.

“Boss, let’s split them up. One for each of us.” Bebe actually licked his lips as he spoke.

“Fine.” Linley nodded.

But the two amethyst beasts were actually both staring at Delia. One of them let out a growling, stuttering sound. “High…Highgod…eat!” And then, one of the amethyst beasts transformed into a ray of light, pouncing directly towards Delia.

Delia wielded the Spear of Cortez in her hands. Bowing suddenly, her entire body seemed to arc like that of a longbow, and then with a massive thrust, the longspear shot forwards.


The longspear thrust out, moving at maximum speed, causing even space to crack around it.

Elemental Laws of the Wind – Dimensional Attack.

“Crunch!” The Spear of Cortez actually stabbed into the amethyst beast’s body, and the amethyst beast fell down from the skies. The Spear of Cortez immediately returned to Delia’s hands, leaving behind a hole in the body of the amethyst beast.

“Crackle…” The hole quickly healed, as though it had never been wounded.

“Roaaaaar!” The amethyst beast immediately began to roar angrily, while the other amethyst beast did the same.

Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance. At virtually the same instant, they leapt off from the ground. Their two powerful bodies exploded forth with astonishing strength, shooting out like arrows towards each of the amethyst beasts. Linley’s right fist, carrying boundless power, smashed towards the amethyst beasts.

The amethyst beast roared angrily, swiping out with its fierce claws.

“Bang!” Linliey’s draconic scale covered right fist and the sharp claws collided violently.

Linley and the amethyst beast were like two colliding meteors. Both of them were actually sent flying back by that astonishingly powerful counter-force from the collision. The amethyst beast was knocked to the ground, and its scarlet eyes were filled with astonishment. As for Linley, the very instant he landed on the ground, he leapt up and shot out like a gust of wind.

“Haha…” Linley’s dark golden eyes were filled with a hint of excitement.

Ever since he had absorbed that drop of Sovereign’s Might, Linley hadn’t encountered a foe whose body was comparable to his.

Linley’s entire body was filled with tens of thousands of tons of power. His draconic claws were like blades. Covered by dimly glowing blue light, his palm slashed down, transforming into countless illusions and creating clear ripples in space. The amethyst beast bellowed, immediately using the horns on its head to charge towards Linley!

Linley’s eyes exploded forth with power, and he howled with rage…

“BANG!” His palm collided with one of the spikes, which was forcibly shattered as Linley’s palm continued to chop down towards the amethyst beast’s skull.

Profound Truths of Velocity – Bewildering Shadow!

Linley was knocked flying backwards by the force of the collision, while with a ‘boom’, the amethyst beast was knocked down to its knees by the power of the blow.

“What a tough horn.” Linley looked at his right hand. The draconic scales covering his right hand actually showed a hint of blood beneath them.

This amethyst beast had been completely enraged. “You…you will…die!” Its low, gravelly voice echoed out from its bestial throat, while at the same time, the broken horn on the amethyst beast was slowly regrowing. However, clearly, the damage to the broken horn wasn’t as easily repaired as the damage to the other parts of its body.

“It seems I underestimated you.”

With a flip of his hands, Linley wielded the adamantine heavy sword in one hand and Bloodviolet in the other.

“Come!” Linley launched off the ground, charging forward once again.

Olivier was currently watching this go on, stunned. Linley and the amethyst beast were battling each other as though they were two meteors smashing into each other time and time again. As for Bebe, his battle with the other amethyst beast was also as wild and as exciting to watch.


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