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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 32, Violet Light Rising to the Heavens

Surprised, Linley turned to look as well. “It really is Olivier!” But currently, Olivier was surrounded by a group of people. Sweeping them with his gaze, Linley felt quite calm. “These eleven are all Gods. Nothing to fear. However, why are they all staring at Olivier? Can it be that Olivier has received some sort of treasure?”

While thinking this, Linley began to fly towards Olivier, and Delia and Bebe were naturally by his side.

“Haha, Olivier, what’s going on?” Bebe chortled. “Need us to help out?”

Olivier saw Linley’s group of three fly over, and he immediately recognized them. “Linley, his wife, and that Bebe.” Olivier couldn’t help but laugh bitterly to himself. As he saw it, Linley in the past had only been a Demigod. After dozens of years had passed, Linley would at most be a God.

“The three of you came at such a time!” Olivier sighed to himself.

At such an urgent moment, Olivier hadn’t carefully inspected the strength of Linley’s group. After all, in Olivier’s mind, Linley’s group of three consisted of just three Gods. But there were eleven Gods surrounding them!

“The three of you!” Suddenly, a God came to stand and block in front of Linley’s group. “This affair is between us and Olivier. The three of you had best leave.”



A figured flashed by, and a blurred leg shot out like lightning, smashing viciously against the chest of that God. The ribs splintered and caved downwards, while that God was knocked flying deep into the Fog Sea like a sand bag. It must be understood, that was the Fog Sea!

One couldn’t enter the Fog Sea beyond the ‘danger area’. That kick sent him flying dozens of meters, but at the critical moment, that God immediately let out a furious roar and forced himself to come to a halt.

“You…!” The God pointed angrily at the straw-hat wearing Bebe.

“Me what, me?” Bebe stared at him, then barked back. “Me and my Boss were flying over, minding our own business, when you suddenly blocked our way. Who else was I supposed to kick besides you? Punk, I showed mercy just now. Otherwise, I would’ve kicked you to death with one kick!”

The eleven Gods couldn’t help but feel enraged, and yet at the same time, they felt shock as well.

Bebe’s kick had simply been too fast! Although it was at a close distance, the man hadn’t been able to block at all. Actually…Bebe himself was naturally talented at the Shadowshape Doppelganger technique, and he was also a divine beast Godeater Rat, with an extremely powerful body and who was naturally fast.

“Aren’t the three of you going a bit too far?” The leader, their ‘captain’, said.

Linley and Delia didn’t speak, but Bebe glanced sideways at him. “Too far? Can what I did be considered going ‘too far’? I was actually extremely courteous just now. If I really wanted to go too far, do you think any of you eleven would still be alive?” Bebe swept his gaze across the eleven, as though looking at eleven prey animals.

“Captain, that woman, that woman is a Highgod Fiend!” A divine sense suddenly rang out in the captain’s mind.

“Highgod Fiend?” The captain was greatly shocked.

Because it was clear from the manner in which Linley’s group had flown over that Linley was the leader, many of them hadn’t paid attention to that seemingly fragile woman. But when they carefully inspected her, they discovered…that they couldn’t sense any aura from Delia at all.

A Highgod! And a Highgod Fiend!

Not just the captain; the others discovered this as well.

“Hey, how come you all went mute?” Bebe, as a divine beast ‘Godeater Rat’, was naturally filled with savagery and battlelust. He was hoping for a good fight, and he stared viciously at the eleven. “Didn’t you guys say I was going too far? C’mon, I’ll show you what going too far really means!”

“No need!” The captain immediately called out, while at the same time, the look on his face turned humble.

“Huh?” Bebe glanced at him.

The captain forced out a smile. “Since the three of you know Olivier, we won’t disturb Olivier in the midst of his reunion with you.” And then, the captain looked at the others. The eleven Gods, as though by tacit agreement, immediately flew away at high speed.

In the twinkling of an eye, only Linley’s group and Olivier remained.

“They fled really fast!” Bebe pursed his lips as he spoke.

Olivier was greatly shocked. “They fled?” That pile of amethysts, to Gods, was very enticing, as Olivier well knew. Three mere Gods definitely couldn’t make eleven Gods flee. Olivier swept Bebe, Linley, and then Delia with his gaze.

Olivier was greatly shocked. “This Delia, she has actually become a High, Highgod?”

“Olivier, long time no see.” A warm, gentle voice rang out. Linley, Delia, and Bebe flew towards Olivier.

“Olivier, it seems as though you’re in pretty sorry shape.” Bebe teased.

Olivier recovered from his astonishment. His face filled with gratitude, he said, “Linley, I truly do need to thank you this time. If it hadn’t been for you, I really would have been in trouble this time!” Olivier knew very well that if it hadn’t been for Linley’s group, the other eleven definitely would have attacked.

At this point, he had only reached the God level in his divine light clone. In terms of power, there were some amongst the eleven who were more powerful than him.

“Can it be that you received a priceless treasure, causing them to feel greedy and so join forces against you?” Linley asked.

Thinking of this, Olivier let out a low sigh. “Just now, suddenly, a pile of amethysts flew out from the Fog Sea. This is an enormous fortune. However, blessings and disasters come together. I acquired this pile of amethysts, arousing their murderous intent.”

Linley nodded in understanding.

Linley suddenly thought of a person. “Olivier, you know Bachelor, right?”

“Bachelor? You met him?” Olivier was overjoyed. “How is Bachelor doing? He should be doing better than me. During our last mission, we were separated.”

Seeing the look on Olivier’s face, Linley understood that Bachelor and Olivier definitely were on very good terms.

“He is dead.” Linley said directly.

“Dead?” Olivier was startled.

Linley let out a low sigh. “Roughly twenty years ago, the two of us accepted the same escort mission. We got to know each other during the mission. However…while escorting, we suffered an ambush from an expert, and Bachelor was struck by an attack and killed.”

Linley still clearly remembered the scene of how Bachelor had been smashed to death by a boulder. Now, thinking back to it, it all seemed a matter of course. That Volcano Titan was Phusro, an ultimate expert with the power of an ‘Asura’. Using some boulders to kill Gods was simplicity itself.

Olivier was silent for a moment, then let out a low sigh. “Yet another one dead!”

Linley, Delia, and Bebe’s hearts trembled. Although this phrase, ‘yet another one dead’ was a simple one, this phrase contained within it many stories, which they could easily imagine.

“The Infernal Realm is a place of survival of the fittest. Battles and slaughters are normal in the Infernal Realm.” Linley said. “From the smallest tribes and bandit groups to the most powerful Six Star Fiends, Seven Star Fiends, and even Asura-level experts, struggles continue unabated.”

“Right. Survival of the strongest.” Olivier nodded.

“Linley, the three of you seem to have done much better than me in the Infernal Realm.” Olivier laughed. He had also noticed the Fiend medallions on their chests, and knew that Delia was a Highgod Fiend. “However, what are you doing here?”

Olivier didn’t believe that Linley’s group was here to harvest amethysts.

“We helped someone on the way over, so we brought him here. At the same time, we wanted to do some sightseeing in the Amethyst Mountains. I’ve heard that the Fog Sea is extremely beautiful and is one of the great marvelous sights of the Infernal Realm.” Linley laughed.

“You came here for sightseeing?” Olivier didn’t know what he should say.

When even staying alive was a problem for a person, one would force himself to come up with ways to grow stronger. Only when one was in no danger would one think about sightseeing.

Just based on the fact that Linley had come from sightseeing, Olivier was certain that Linley’s life was a rather leisurely one these days.

“Right. The scenery here really is excellent.” Olivier could only agree.

“Huh, what’s going on?” Linley turned his head, puzzled. From afar, violent energy ripples were spreading out. Delia, Bebe, and Olivier all looked over. Even angry roars could be heard coming from there, as well as bellows.

“Kill that white-robed punk. He has a pile of amethysts!” That roar rang out from afar.

Instantly, many people nearby were drawn forward.

“Everyone, quick, kill that white-robed punk!”

“Ah, it was seized by the red-robed guy!”

From afar, angry roars continued unabated. In an instant, over a thousand people flooded over, causing utter chaos.

Even Linley’s group of four was shocked.

“A pile of amethysts?” Olivier’s expression was rather priceless. He himself had acquired a pile, after all.

“Come, let’s take a look.” Bebe said eagerly.

Linley nodded. Most of the people here harvesting amethysts were Gods or Demigods. His power was enough to not fear the likes of them.

By the time Linley’s group of four drew near, the violent battle sounds had died down, as a pursuit had begun instead! A group of people were chasing after a green-robed man who wielded a long black spear, who was frantically fleeing at high speed.

Linley’s group swept this many people flying about in front of them.

“It seems that pile of amethysts was taken by the green-robed man.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

“It really is quite insane.” Bebe muttered. “It’s just a pile of amethysts. Is it worth getting so worked up?”

Olivier said, “That pile of amethysts…each amethyst is very small, and so a small pile represents more than ten thousand amethysts. That’s worth seventy or eighty million inkstones. To Gods, this is indeed a huge fortune.”

Bebe was utterly disdainful.

With a networth of over two hundred billion, how could he care about an amount like that?

“But of course, that bit of money isn’t much in the eyes of a Highgod Fiend.” Olivier continued.

“Ah! A pile of amethysts! Him, kill him!” In another direction, yet more angry shouts could be heard, and instantly, from afar, a wild series of battles could be heard to start.

“Bang!” From yet another direction, exploding sounds rang out.

Linley frowned. “Wait. Something’s wrong here.”

Linley could clearly sense that right now, there were many different areas which were emanating with the sounds of violent energy ripples. Clearly, battles were going on everywhere. Generally speaking, one, two, or even dozens of amethysts couldn’t cause these Gods to battle like this. Only if a large pile of amethysts appeared would this happen!

Acquiring amethysts was a matter of luck.

But now, battles were occurring in many areas.

“What is going on?” Delia was puzzled and frowned. “Can it be that there are many areas with piles of amethysts flying out?”

Delia’s guess was correct!

Right at this moment, the entire Amethyst Mountains seemed to suddenly become generous. In multiple areas, large numbers of amethysts flew out, sometimes by the piles. Each pile had at least a thousand amethysts, while the largest had more than a million amethysts flying out in a clump.

Utter chaos!

So many amethysts caused the Gods to go insane.

The Amethyst Mountains covered a circumference of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Around the Amethyst Mountains, there were eighteen ancient castles scattered in different locations, each of which was the base for one of the eighteen clans. But right now, there were people hovering in the air above all eighteen castles.

“Milord, so many amethysts have charged out. The Amethyst Mountains seem to have gone wild.” In the air above a castle, a black-robed man and a violet-robed man were hovering in the air, staring at the Fog Sea. The black-robed man spoke respectfully.

The violet-robed man stared at the Fog Sea, a look of delight appearing on his face. “Haha…violet light rising to the heavens! It truly is violet light rising to the heavens! After so many years, the ‘Fog Wave’ of the Amethyst Mountains has finally once more descended, haha…” The violet-robed man was overjoyed.

Right now, looking at the Fog Sea from outside…

Deep within the Fog Sea, an eye-piercingly brilliant violet glow had risen into the skies, piercing straight through the foggy clouds. It was incomparably dazzling.


The ‘Fog Sea’ covering the entire Amethyst Mountains suddenly exploded wildly, crashing outwards in every direction like bellowing waves. In but the blink of an eye, the wild waves violently expanded by nearly ten kilometers, expanding all the way outwards until they nearly reached those eighteen castles.

As for those people who had originally been at the borders of the Fog Sea harvesting amethysts, they weren’t able to react at all before being ‘devoured’ by the Fog Sea.

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