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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 7, A Bloody Battle

At a distance of several kilometers, the forces of the Black Dragon Tribe and the forces of the two combined enemy armies began to rain down attacks upon each other.

A distance of several kilometers, given the speed of soul attacks, was instantly crossed. Linley and the other ordinary members of the Black Dragon Tribe could clearly see that in mid-air, a large number of semi-translucent illusions pierced through the sky, attacking the opponents.

“Boom!” A portion of the soul attacks collided in mid-air, but the majority of the soul attacks passed through to attack the opponents.

The warriors of the two sides wanted to dodge and avoid these soul attacks. However, the soul attacks covered the entire sky, and so quite a few unlucky God-level warriors were still struck by those soul attacks. Upon being struck…even if they didn’t die, their souls would still be affected.

“Boom!” “Boom!”

Corpses of the warriors of the two sides began to fall down from the skies.

“Semih [Sen’mi]!”

“Third Brother!”

Those God-level warriors all began to feel grief and rage.

“This battle fought by armies that are completely composed of Gods…” Linley and the other members of the tribe were behind the army. Watching this scene, he felt extremely stunned. “In an instant, dozens of Gods perished. This sort of organized battle is truly terrifying!”

The nearby Bebe said quietly, “Uh, if an army of hundreds of thousands of Deities joined forces in an attack, even a Highgod would be finished.”

Delia’s face changed as well.

How could they possibly see a battle like this in the Yulan continent? But in the Infernal Realm, this was nothing more than a battle between tribes.

Linley couldn’t help but think back to what he had experienced in the Necropolis of the Gods.

That time, at the eleventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, he had encountered a million Abyssal Blade Demons. At that time, those millions of Abyssal Blade Demons had dove down while brandishing their blades en masse, resulting in nearly a million energy blows raining down upon them. Linley’s group had nearly been done for.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, several rays of soul attacks shot out towards Linley’s group.

“Quick, dodge!” Linley immediately shouted through his divine sense.

Not just them. Many of the other members of the Black Dragon Tribe dodged as well.

Many soul attacks, after being deflected by the God-level warriors of one side, actually flew towards Linley’s group. These were God-level soul attacks, while the majority of those below the army were Demigods. Generally speaking, if they got hit they would most likely die.

“Let’s not stay behind the army.” Bebe’s face was sour. “It’s too easy to get hit by the remnant attacks.”

Linley took a close glance at the unfolding battle between the tribes. “The battle is growing more and more vicious!”

“Physical attacks!” Stirton howled angrily. He was utterly enraged that two tribes were joining forces against him. Under Stirton’s command, the Black Dragon Army’s warriors all began to unleash their physical attacks.

The battle was being raised to a new level!

“Whoosh!” Rays of blue sword energy pierced through the sky. Wherever the sword energy passed, space itself began to ripple.

The Infernal Realm was far more stable than the material planes. In the Yulan Plane, Linley could easily cut open the walls of reality, but this was the Infernal Realm. It would be impressive if Linley was able to create even spatial ripples.

“Grooowl.” An enormous elemental beast appeared out of nowhere. One enormous beast after another appeared in mid-air, biting and tearing at each other.

“Boom!” A thick blast of lightning slashed through the air, attacking the enemies.


The warriors of the two sides wildly attacked each other in mid-air. When a God was struck by several material attacks at once, he would be disintegrated! In but a single exchange of blows, dozens of God sparks fell down from mid-air.

“The situation looks bad!” Linley frowned. “The Black Dragon Army numbers less than two thousand, while the opponent’s forces have three thousand.”

If they kept on fighting head on like this, the Black Dragon Tribe would be at a great disadvantage.

“Haha, Stirton, today, you will definitely die!” The skinny, gold-robed man’s shrill voice rang out, while the other, tiger-headed warrior also bellowed, “Brothers, kill them! Kill them all! Spare no one!”

Stirton’s face was savage.

“All members of the Black Dragon Tribe, annihilate the enemies!” Stirton roared furiously.


The nearly twenty thousand members of the Black Dragon Tribe that had been located behind the army all simultaneously drew their weapons and released their most powerful attacks. The entire sky was filled with illusory sword shadows, massive elemental beasts, and all sorts of shadows…

Over ten thousand attacks instantly filled the skies, attacking the opponents.

“Kill them!” The members of the Black Dragon Tribe no longer held back.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe couldn’t help but feel astonished.

“Linley, quick, help attack.” An explosive shout sounded out from nearby, causing Linley to be startled.

Turning, Linley saw that Krate, normally so friendly and so fragile looking, now had a savage look on his face. Looking like an enraged lion, he shouted towards Linley’s group, “We’re at the final stages now. If the army is finished, we are also finished. Those people will exterminate us. Kill them all, kill them!”

Bebe was the first to react. He immediately howled loudly, “Kill!” At the same time, that black dagger appeared in his hands and created rays of black light which shot towards the opponents. This black dagger was the dagger which Beirut had given him.

Everyone had gone mad. They were struggling for survival!

“Kill!” Linley and Delia withdrew their weapons as well.

Not caring about picking out a specific enemy, they swung their weapons towards the direction of their enemies. Linley was wielding his adamantine heavy sword. Dozens of enormous earthen swords appeared and swung outwards. Although superficially, these enormous earthen swords looked like physical elemental attacks, in reality, they had been infused with the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

“Charge over there and kill those Black Dragon tribesmen!” The enemy leader, that tiger-headed warrior, bellowed out.

“Charge over and kill them!” Stirton howled as well.

Previously, everyone had been exchanging long range blows. By now, however, everyone had lost friends or family, and their eyes had become red with bloodlust. The two sides instantly traversed the distance between them, engaging in a slaughter in mid-air. Hundreds of full Gods directly charged towards the group of Demigods.

There was a large difference between Demigods and Gods, especially now when hundreds of Gods were charging over.

“What is Stirton doing!” Linley was extremely unhappy. “The Black Dragon Tribe’s warriors clearly are inferior to the opponents in strength, and yet he still ignores everything else in favor of battle. By now, he should strike out by himself and destroy the enemy commanders. This is the only option!”

When your forces were inferior to your opponent’s forces, the fastest way to achieve victory was to kill the leaders of your opponents.

However, Linley wasn’t Stirton.

Linley had no way of knowing what Stirton was thinking.

Next to Linley, Krate suddenly stared at a large, tall figure who was falling from mid-air. His eyes instantly turned red, and he let out a fierce cry: “Big brother!” His big brother had taken care of him when they were in the material planes, and had continued to do so up to this very day. But today, his big brother had died!

“Kill!” Krate lost himself in rage. His eyes completely red, he wanted to charge towards the enemies.

“Krate!” Linley shouted explosively at him through divine sense, and this sound caused him to wake up slightly.

“Quick, retreat, go back. If you die here, there’s no point to it at all.” Linley said frantically. At this point, the armies were engaged in wide-scale warfare. Linley wasn’t able to do anything right now. All he could do was try to protect their lives as best as possible.

In addition, Linley’s group was located towards the rear. The enemies Gods had yet to reach their position yet.

“Haha…” A loud laugh rang out from nearby.

Only a few dozen meters away from Linley, six Demigods of the Black Dragon Tribe suddenly exploded, and their six Demigod sparks were seized by three hands. It was three enemy God warriors, who had instantly killed those six Demigods. Clearly, they had now noticed Linley’s group.

“There’s Gods here who were too cowardly to join the army?” One of them, a savage-faced, bald man shouted wildly. “Brothers, kill them all.”

“Kill them all!”

The enemy side had three God-level warriors. Like starving wolves, they charged towards Linley’s group. The eyes of those God-level warriors were flashing with red light, a bloodthirsty look in them.

“Delia, protect yourself!” Linley shouted with his divine sense.

“You are looking for death!” Bebe shouted explosively. He was the first to charge the attackers.

“Hmph!” The sinister bald man charged towards Linley; clearly, he had noticed that Linley was just a Demigod. “Die, punk!” The spear in the bald man’s hands, covered with yellow dots, pierced straight towards Linley. With a flip of his hand, Linley thrust out with his adamantine heavy sword.

The yellow mottled spear clashed with the adamantine heavy sword. During that instant, Linley’s adamantine heavy sword suddenly swayed strangely, not blocking the attack of that spear, allowing it to pierce towards himself…

“Huh?” The bald man stared, astonished.


In Linley’s left hand, Bloodviolet suddenly appeared, and it blocked the tip of that mottled yellow spear.

“Hmph!” The bald man sneered, “Punk, you have no idea at all that my ultimate attack is a soul attack!” An illusory spear shadow pierced straight into Linley’s body, charging towards Linley’s consciousness. However, as the bald man executed his ultimate attack…

Linley’s adamantine heavy sword landed on the bald man’s body as well.

“So what if you are skilled at soul attacks? A Demigod is far too weak to do anything.” The bald man wasn’t worried. But suddenly, his face changed dramatically as Linley’s Voidwave Sword easily pierced through his soul defense.

The bald man couldn’t help but stare in Linley at astonishment. “Ah, you…” But instantly, his eyes turned dim.

“The power of my Voidwave Sword is already three times that of twenty or so years ago!” Linley’s gaze was cold and remorseless.

When he had been at Mount Copper Gong, Linley had just begun to fuse the Throbbing Pulse of the World with the ‘Essence of the Earth’, resulting in its power increasing by several times. Now that twenty years had passed, the Essence of the Earth had already become more than halfway fused with the Throbbing Pulse of the World. At this level of being more than halfway fused, the ‘Voidwave Sword’ was now at a level of power that was three times that of the past.

How could this bald man possibly block it?

And as for the bald man’s attack?

Anyone who specialized in soul attacks would be in for a world of trouble upon meeting Linley!

“Delia, she…” Linley hurriedly turned to look. He saw eight Delias in mid-air, while the God who wanted to pursue and kill Delia was moving very slowly. Bebe suddenly charged right in front of him…

“Die!” Bebe looked like a delicate, fragile youth, but right now, he was completely merciless.


The black dagger pierced through that God’s head!

“Aaaah!” Even up till now, that God stared at Delia, unwilling to accept this outcome. He had never imagined that Delia, a God, had actually gained insights into the most bizarre profound mystery of the Elemental Laws of the Wind; the ‘Spatial Wind’!

The three Gods had died!

At this time, Linley collected the divine artifact, divine spark, and interspatial ring of the bald man.

“Whew.” The eight ‘Delias’ transformed back into one, then flew over, laughing towards Linley. “Linley, what do you think of my teamwork with Bebe?”

Bebe said in surprised joy as well, “Boss, that technique of Delia’s just now was very powerful. Those two Gods were both affected by it, and their speed lowered dramatically, as though their hands and feet were tied. I seized the opportunity to kill both of them. It was simply too easy.”

Linley stared at Delia in astonishment.

“Linley, didn’t I tell you in the past? That year when we wed, I absorbed that Demigod-level wind-style divine spark which had profound mysteries that were similar to the ‘Void Extermination’ spell, right? This is known as the Profound Mysteries of the ‘Spatial Wind’.” Delia explained.

Linley nodded.

“I’ve discovered that those three profound mysteries contained within that Nieff’s divine spark aren’t as useful as that single profound mystery.” Delia sighed.

Linley let out a relieved breath as well.

The Elemental Laws of Wind did indeed have to do with space and dimensions.

“This Profound Mysteries of the ‘Spatial Wind’ should be a very powerful type of profound mystery. Most likely, Lord Beirut had spent quite some effort in selecting this divine spark for her.” Linley felt gratitude in his heart. Turning to look, he saw that the battle around them was extremely bloody, and many people in the tribe had died.

Linley suddenly had a surge of emotion…

This sort of battle between tribes was a microcosm of the Infernal Realm as a whole. Even life in a tribe was so dangerous; what about the entire Infernal Realm them?

“We have to survive here in the Infernal Realm!” Linley looked at Delia and Bebe as he murmured to himself.

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