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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 6, Red-Eyed With Greed

“That powerful?”

In his heart, Linley was astonished and trembling at the might of these Seven Star Fiends. “Based on what he is saying, the power of these Seven Star Fiends should be amongst the most powerful of Highgods. I wonder if Bluefire has the power of a Seven Star Fiend or not.” Linley wondered to himself.

“Uh oh, I came to discuss something else. How’d we get sidetracked onto Fiends?” Buffett said hurriedly. “Linley, the reason I came here today was because I want to ask the three of you something.”

“Oh, Mr. Buffett, please ask away.” Linley said.

“Ask the three of us?” Bebe rubbed his jaw, staring at Buffett.

Smiling, Buffett said, “Precisely speaking, it’s the two of you.” And he pointed at Bebe and Delia.

“Oh?” Delia was somewhat puzzled as well.

“What is it, old man? Speak, hurry.” Bebe urged.

Buffett said, “In our Black Dragon Tribe, the vast majority of those at the rank of God will become a member of our guardian army. The two of you have already become Gods. I wonder if you’d be interested in joining the Black Dragon Tribe’s army? If you join the army, every ten thousand years, the chief will gift you with your salary. This is a much better life than rearing those Gerrard Black Dragons. If you rear those dragons, you always have to be by their side. It is quite tiring.”

“This…?” Bebe hesitated, looking towards Linley.

Delia laughed and spoke. “Mr. Buffett, we just arrived at the Black Dragon Tribe. There’s many things we aren’t familiar with yet, so we aren’t in a rush to join the tribe’s army either.”

“You won’t be able to make money as fast through doing other things as through the army.” Buffett said hurriedly. “I urge you to reconsider.”

“Mr. Buffett, let’s discuss this again in the future.” Linley said.

He had planned long ago that when the chance arose, they would go to the Bloodridge Continent. How could they always stay here at the Black Dragon Tribe? Receive a salary every ten thousand years? To other Deities, ten thousand years truly wasn’t a long period of time, but to Linley, there was no way he could wait that long.

“I just came to let you know.” Buffett didn’t mind.

“Mr. Buffett.” Linley hurriedly asked, “I would like to ask you, how often do people of the tribe go to Royalwing City?” Comparatively speaking, Royalwing City had to have more powerful forces present. He might be able to find a way to travel to the Bloodridge Continent there.

“Go to Royalwing City?” Buffett was startled. “Oh, our tribe doesn’t go there on any set schedules. We have to ride metallic creatures to get there. It can range from a short wait of a few years, or perhaps thousands of a years between trips.”

Linley’s heart couldn’t help but lurch.

Thousands of years? He had to wait that long?

Buffett suddenly laughed and said, “Oh, I just remembered, in half a year, it seems the tribe will make a trip to Royalwing City.”

“However, the members of the tribe have to pay five inkstones each if they want to ride on that metallic creature.” Buffett warned Linley and the other two. He could tell that Linley’s group truly wanted to head to that Royalwing City.

Actually, every single person who had just arrived in the Infernal Realm would be very interested in visiting the large cities in the Infernal Realm.

“Thank you, Mr. Buffett.” Linley felt a surge of joy in his heart. Just half a year.

After Buffett left, Linley’s group began to drink and celebrate happily in their living room. In the Infernal Realm, wine was quite a luxury. Of course, Royalwing City had some extremely excellent wine, but the price was astoundingly high. The price of some fine wine could compare to that of a God spark.

“Each of us have to pay five inkstones to ride on that metallic creature!” Bebe cursed softly. “How black-hearted.”

“Three of us. That means fifteen inkstones.” Delia looked at Linley. “It seems we need to sell off some divine artifacts.”

Linley was currently in possession of Highgod artifacts, God artifacts, and Demigod artifacts. Even more astonishingly, he had a Highgod spark. That Highgod spark alone would be enough to allow Linley become a rich man in the Infernal Realm. However…Linley’s group knew that they couldn’t reveal how much wealth they had.

In the Black Dragon Tribe, if others learned that they had Highgod sparks, most likely they wouldn’t live to see the next day!

“How about this. I still have four Demigod artifacts on me. I’ll go to the chief’s castle first and sell off those four Demigod artifacts.” Linley made his decision. “Although I’ll suffer a bit of a loss, there’s no other option.”

Here in the tribe, a Demigod artifact would only sell for five inkstones. But if he went to Royalwing City, he would be able to sell it for seven inkstones, while the shops of Royalwing City, in turn, would sell it for ten inkstones. Demigod artifacts were cheap, not worth much at all.

Since he made up his mind, he did it right away.

After drinking, Linley’s group headed directly for that black castle atop the tall mountain peak. On the walls of this black castle, there were over ten Gods standing guard. They stared down at Linley’s group but didn’t say anything.

The entire Black Dragon Tribe only had twenty thousand people. Everyone knew each other.

“Linley, you came?” Someone came out from the side door to the castle. It was Buffett.

“Mr. Buffett, we came to sell a few Demigod artifacts.” Linley said. Buffett nodded in understanding. “Oh, then come with me.” As he spoke, Buffett let them forward into the castle through a side door.

Within the castle, there was actually another small castle.

“The inner castle is the place where his lordship lives. The outer castle is where the warriors of the tribe live.” Buffett explained. “In the future, if you want to sell something, just head in directly from the side door and go to that shop. Generally speaking, members of the tribe can come into the outer city whenever they want. The guards won’t stop you.”

Within the black castle, the warriors of the tribe could be seen everywhere.

“Indeed, all of them are Highgods.” Bebe sighed in praise.

Linley swept those people with his gaze as well. He knew that these people were all warriors of the Black Dragon Tribe. If other tribes were to invade, they would have to rely on these warriors to counterattack and defend.

“Go on in.” Buffett pointed towards the shop in front of them.

Linley and the other two entered the tribe’s shop. Within the shop, there was just a single black-haired middle-aged man seated cross-legged on the floor. When Linley’s group entered, the black-haired man opened his eyes, sweeping them with an icy gaze. He said calmly, “What is it?”

Linley was startled. Was this the attitude a shopkeeper had towards his customers?

“They came to sell artifacts.” Buffett walked in from outside as well.

“Oh. Take out the artifacts.” The black-haired middle-aged man said.

With a flip of his hand, Linley removed four Demigod artifacts. These four Demigod artifacts were useless to him anyhow. The black-haired middle-aged man glanced at them, then said calmly, “Four Demigod artifacts, all weapons, nothing special. Five inkstones each, twenty inkstones total!”

With a flip of his hand, the black-haired man retrieved two long inkstone that were ten centimeters long. “Take the inkstones, leave the artifacts.”

“Huh?” Linley was somewhat surprised. There were actually long inkstones? However, in terms of size, it did indeed appear that a long inkstone was equivalent to ten inkstones. Although he was surprised, Linley still placed the four divine artifacts down while accepting the two long inkstones which the man tossed over.

After exchanging for the twenty inkstones, Linley’s group continued living quietly within the Black Dragon Tribe. Usually, they spent their time training quietly, peacefully awaiting the trip in half a year to Royalwing City.

The mountain ranges of the Black Dragon Tribe had a circumference of a thousand kilometers. Thousands of black dragons could be seen flying about at all times, heading in and out of the mountains. All of the members of the Black Dragon Tribe lived quietly here. However, over a thousand kilometers away from the mountains…

A savage black tiger that was the size of a mountain, along with a similarly sized vicious golden wolf, was moving together towards the Black Dragon Tribe. Those two astonishingly vast creatures also flew at a shockingly fast speed, creating terrifying sonic booms as they flew.


A thousand kilometers was quickly travelled.

Halfway up their mountain, in Linley’s residence, Linley was seated in the meditative position, quietly training in the Throbbing Pulse of the World and the Essence of the Earth, working on fusing these profound mysteries. By now, both his original body as well as his divine earth clone were focusing on the Laws of the Earth, hoping to be able to reach the level of completely fusing these two profound elemental mysteries more quickly.

“Enemies attacking!”

“Enemies attacking!”

An ear-piercing voice echoed throughout the Black Dragon Tribe. Even Linley, in the middle of his training, was frightened into wakefulness.

“What’s going on?” Delia came out from her room, while Bebe flew in from outside, clearly very excited. “Wow, Boss, outside, two enormous aberrations came. Afterwards, I realized that behind those two monsters were a large number of Deities, at least thousands of people.”

“Enemies attacking?” Linley frowned. “They should be enemies of the tribe.”

Linley began to feel a bit worried. He didn’t know anything about the attackers. What he feared was…the enemies defeating the Black Dragon Tribe, then engaging in a massacre. That would make things dangerous. This wasn’t impossible; after all, divine sparks were a form of wealth.

Perhaps the enemy would truly massacre the entire Black Dragon Tribe!

“Let’s go out and take a look!” Linley immediately said. “If the situation looks bad, we will immediately leave.” Linley knew the limits of his own ability.

Linley and the other two immediately flew out. After flying out of their residence, they discovered that the skies above the mountains were filled with people. Virtually all of the members of the Black Dragon Tribe had flown out. Right now, the Black Dragon Army had also appeared, facing off with the enemy forces.

Linley and the other two flew over, joining the masses.

“Linley, you came.” Linley’s neighbor, Krate, greeted them when he saw them flying over.

“This is the army of our Black Dragon Tribe. They seem very formidable.” Linley let out a breath of praise. Up ahead of them, there were over a thousand warriors dressed in the same black battle outfit who were standing together. The murderous aura which a thousand Gods emitted simultaneously was enough to cause Linley’s heart to shudder.

Krate said proudly, “Indeed. Look over there, that gold-haired person. That’s my big brother!”

“Raschell [Le’qie’er], I didn’t expect that even you would join forces with that vicious wolf. I, Stirton, seem to recollect that I treated you quite well!” In the center of the Black Dragon Army, a powerful figure at least two meters tall roared out loudly. “Can it be that you don’t know what sort of person this vicious wolf is? If today, you abandon your course, I am willing to gift you a million inkstones, what do you say?”

Linley raised an eyebrow. “Chief Stirton?”

Linley immediately looked over. Stirton was exceedingly powerfully built, and he wore a black robe on his body. He stood in mid-air as though he were a mountain, utterly unshakable.

“Haha, what a joke! Klotman’s [Ke’lao’te’man] character is better than yours, at least. In addition, a million inkstones? If you were willing to give me half of your Gerrard Black Dragons, that wouldn’t be bad.” In the opposing army, there was a person at least three meters tall whose face was covered with whiskers and a face that looked like a tiger’s. The tiger-headed man didn’t give the chief of the Black Dragon Tribe, Stirton, any face at all.

The other person, a skinny man dressed in a long golden robe, laughed evilly. “Stirton, you’ve taken sole possession of those thousands of Gerrard Black Dragons for so long. Don’t you feel you are a bit too black-hearted? If you are willing to divide those thousands of Gerrard Black Dragons into three parts, allowing the three of us to split them equally, then today, the people that I brought will immediately leave, along with Raschell. What do you say?”

“Hmph!” A cold snort rang out. Stirton swept them with a cold gaze. “I acquired these Gerrard Dragons in the past when I risked my life for them. Why should I give them to you?”

Linley, in the midst of the other members of the Black Dragon Tribe, felt his heart grow cold. “It seems the enemy is composed of an alliance of two other tribes. This will be troublesome.”

“Haha…” The tiger-headed warrior, Raschell, laughed loudly. “Klotman, let’s not waste any more words with this Stirton. Let’s just kill him. We’ll split those Gerrard Black Dragons evenly.”

The skinny, golden-robed man laughed coldly as well. “Big brother Raschell, well spoken.”

“Motherf*cker!” Stirton’s face became ferocious. He immediately sent out his divine sense. “First regiment, launch a group spiritual attack!”

Nearly eight hundred members of the Black Dragon Army suddenly, simultaneously brandished the weapons in their hands. Countless illusory images shot out from their weapons in a dense barrage.

“Kill!” The two leaders of the enemy forces shouted as well, and one thousand of the three thousand members of the enemy forces also launched spiritual attacks in a very practiced manner.

Large amounts of illusory images instantly clashed throughout the air in between the two armies, either dissipating after clashing into each other, or continuing to shoot towards the enemy forces.

“Good heavens! If tens of thousands of people used a combination soul attack at the same time, most likely even a Highgod would be doomed.” Linley stared, slackjawed.

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