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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 31, Escort Mission

Seeing the words on the cover, Linley couldn’t help but feel startled.

A Brief Summary of the Profound Mysteries of the Seven Elemental Laws?

Linley’s greatest problem right now was that he didn’t know anything at all about many of the profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws. Although it was said that others weren’t capable of teaching him regarding the profound mysteries, and that he had to gain insights on his own, if he at least had some general guidance, his training path wouldn’t advance in a wrong direction.

“Bebe, let me look at that.” Linley said hurriedly and eagerly.

“I knew Boss would want this.” Bebe laughed, then tossed over the book.

Delia had fused with a divine spark, and so she didn’t need to gain insights into any profound mysteries. Naturally, she didn’t need to read this book either. As for Bebe…given his lazy nature, he didn’t have the mental energy or discipline. As soon as Bebe saw the book, though, he understood that his Boss would definitely love it.

Holding the book, Linley immediately began to flip through and read the ‘Compilation on the Elemental Laws of the Earth’.

The Laws of the Earth had in total six profound mysteries. These were the ‘Essence of the Earth’, ‘Strength’, ‘Worldwalking’, ‘Vitality’, ‘Gravitational Space’, and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’. This book had some basic introductions regarding each of the six profound mysteries, as well as the powers they held.

It even contained some information about simple ways of using them.

“The Throbbing Pulse of the World should be used like this?” Linley read on, shaking his head. “The person who wrote this book clearly only knew just a tiny bit regarding the Throbbing Pulse of the World.”

As someone who had trained in the Throbbing Pulse of the World, Linley naturally could tell that the person who wrote this book either knew just very little, or was just trying to cover up how little he knew.

The so-called ‘usage methods’ were extremely simple and very weak ways of using the Laws.

Linley completely ignored this sort of information regarding how to apply the Laws. Linley cared more about the descriptions of the other profound mysteries of the Laws.

“So that’s the case!” Linley, seeing the description of the ‘Strength’ profound mystery, sighed in agreement. “Originally, I thought that the Laws of the Earth included a ‘Massive’ type profound mystery, but it seems that’s just one aspect of the ‘Strength’ profound mystery.”

The Profound Mysteries of Strength was the highest level physical attack type profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth, and it was very complicated.

While reading the book, Linley didn’t notice the passing of time.

“So that was the Worldwalking ability.” Linley sighed in praise. “Back in the past, the O’Brien Empire’s ‘Monolithic Sword Saint’, Haydson, had already just touched upon the edges of the profound mysteries of Worldwalking.”

In the past, with a single step, Haydson had been able to travel dozens of meters. Linley had been shocked greatly at the time.

Actually, this was the simplest usage of Worldwalking; it couldn’t even be described as having reached a ‘basic’ level of mastery.

Worldwalking allowed a person to completely fuse himself into the boundless earth elemental essence of the world. It wasn’t that Haydson had teleported; rather, he had merged himself into the earth elemental essence, and then moved through it to another location before reappearing.

Back then, Haydson had been too weak, and the amount of time he could remain merged with the earth elemental essence of the world was very short.

For a true expert, when the Worldwalking ability was used, one could completely disappear and remain merged with the earth elemental essence of the world for a long time.

After finishing reading regarding the six types of profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, Linley began to flip through the ‘Compilation on the Elemental Laws of the Wind.’

The Elemental Laws of the Wind had the most types of profound mysteries, nine in total. They were the ‘Essence of the Wind’, ‘Doppleganger’, ‘Sound Waves’, ‘Music’, ‘Windwalking’, ‘Spatial Wind’, ‘Dimensional’, ‘Fast’, and ‘Slow’; nine profound mysteries.

Although there were nine, when different experts used them, they would produce effects of different power.

In addition, all profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws were fusable. Any two of them could fuse. Any three of them could fuse…and different fusions would create different types of marvelous, powerful attacks.

“So that’s what the Spatial Wind is all about.” Linley’s eyes shone as he read.

“Dimensional. This is the most powerful physical attack type profound mystery of the Laws of the Wind.” Seeing the description of the ‘Dimensional’ profound mysteries, he couldn’t help but feel stunned.

A long time later…

“Huh?” Linley glanced at his surroundings, puzzled. “How come its dark now?”

“Boss. It’s night.” Bebe and Delia both began to laugh. “You’ve been reading for half a day.”

Linley raised his head, and saw that in the sky, there was indeed a sliver of a knife-thin Violet Moon.

“Haha…” Linley couldn’t help but begin to laugh as well. “This book really is good. Although reading it hasn’t helped me gain any insights at all into the Elemental Laws, at least its given me a general idea.” Linley understood that in the end, insights depended on one’s self.

“I can’t read it, I can’t keep reading it.” Linley said with a sigh. “I haven’t even completed mastering the profound mysteries of the Laws that I have currently gained insights into. I can’t be hasty.”

Actually, the profound mysteries of the Laws weren’t so simple.

Reading this was one thing, but if one truly wanted to attempt to gain insights in accordance with it, perhaps one would even be able to make any headway at all. For example, it might say that the ‘Worldwalker’ ability required one to become completely merged into the earth elemental essences of the world…but how would you do that? There was no way to use words to describe such a thing. This was a form of insight that one might have into the Laws!

The next morning, Linley’s team headed to Redbud Castle.

“Before heading to the Indigo Prefecture, we at least have to gain some basic information regarding the geography of the Infernal Realm. Only then will we be able to work out a pathway.” Linley currently only knew that the Infernal Realm had five enormous, virtually endless continents, as well as the Starmist Sea and the Chaotic Sea.

To get to the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent…

Linley only knew that they had to first leave the Redbud Continent, then pass through the vast Starmist Sea before finally reaching the shores of the Bloodridge Continent.

Within the main hall on the first floor of Redbud Castle, Linley’s group hadn’t noticed any book selling counters last time. They first went to ask some of the customer service representatives, from whom they learned that actually…Redbud Castle had items for sale in more places than just the counters.

There were some standalone rooms as well.

The books were placed in a standalone room at the sides of the main hall. Linley’s team went into the room. There were very few people who were here looking at books.

“So many books!” Bebe sighed in amazement as he looked at the books.

“Search carefully. Let’s find information regarding the geography of the entire Infernal Realm.” Linley said.

The three began to carefully search. There were quite a few books that described the geography of the Infernal Realm. Some focused on describing the Nightblaze Prefecture, while others described the massive Redbud Continent. But as for describing the entire Infernal Realm, Linley found only a single book, which was just a simple atlas-type book.

What Linley needed wasn’t just a map; it was something which would describe the threats and the risky areas of the Infernal Realm.

After all, the three of them weren’t all that powerful yet. If they were to fall into a dangerous area, it would be disastrous. It was best to learn of these things beforehand.

“Linley, Bebe, come over and take a look.” Delia called.

Linley and Bebe immediately walked over. Currently, Delia was holding a dark red book that was five or six centimeters thick. On the cover of the book were four words: “Infernal Realm, General Summary”. Bebe pursed his lips. “A thin book like that? This book that I have which only describes the Nightblaze Prefecture is as thick.”

How vast was the Infernal Realm?

To describe it in detail, even ten books wouldn’t be enough, much less one.

“A book of this thickness isn’t bad. Most likely, it won’t just be a simple map collection.” Linley laughed as he accepted the book.

Flipping through it, it was indeed much the same as Linley had imagined.

“This is pretty much it. Although the book doesn’t have many descriptions, at least it has a general introduction to general geography and environment of the five continents, two seas, and 108 prefectures of the Infernal Realm. It even describes each of the ten or so cities in each prefecture, as well as some dangerous areas and information about them.”

The Infernal Realm was simply too vast.

If it took two or three pages to discuss a prefecture, then the 108 prefectures combined would require nearly three hundred pages.

In addition, the pages of this book were quite long. It was an unusual book; even if it was burned or drenched, it wouldn’t be damaged. After all, this wasn’t that sort of frail material which existed in the material realm. However, every single page was only slightly thicker than the pages in the material realms.

And so, a fairly simple introduction to the Infernal Realm required a book that was five or six centimeters thick.

If it was the type which went into great detail, it would require several hundred books of the same thickness.

“How much is this” Linley glanced at the nearby, violet-robed attendant.

The attendant walked over and glanced at it, then laughed and said, “A hundred inkstones.”

Linley immediately handed over a hundred inkstones. To Linley’s team, currently in possession of over a hundred million inkstones, this was nothing. Only, Linley’s team also understood…that their networth actually wasn’t that much.

After all, a single Deathgod Golem was worth a hundred million.

Some higher level metallic lifeforms were also worth more than a hundred million, and it was normal for some of the nicer houses within the city to cost billions.

A hundred million?

Well, at least for an ordinary life, it was enough.

“Hey, why haven’t I found any books regarding descriptions of the profound mysteries of the Laws?” Linley asked the attendant.

“Those books are a bit more expensive. They are held within the second hall. Each of them cost several thousand inkstones, and the better ones cost more than ten thousand.” The attendant said. “And these types of basic, elementary books that only have common knowledge within are fairly cheap.”

They left Redbud Castle. Linley’s team selected a nearby restaurant. This time, Linley’s team selected dishes worth roughly a thousand inkstones; this could be considered a slight extravagance.

While they were in the restaurant, Linley continued to flip through the geography book.

“Linley, have you made up your mind regarding our path?” Delia asked.

Linley closed the book, then nodded slightly. “Bloodridge Continent. This is the easternmost continent of the entire Infernal Realm. Right now, we are in the Redbud Continent, which is in the north. To reach the Bloodridge Continent, we must first head to a port city in the Rainbow Prefecture. Of the ten cities of the Rainbow Prefecture, Bluemaple City is nearest to the Starmist Seas. We should head to Bluemaple City first!”

“According to what the books describe, there are quite a few groups that will go from Bluemaple City to the Bloodridge Continent.” Linley said. “Only, the distance from our Royalwing City of the Nightblaze Prefecture to the Bluemaple City of the Rainbow Prefecture is roughly four billion kilometers!”

It was common for prefectures to have a circumference of a billion kilometers.

For the distance from Royalwing City of the Nightblaze Prefecture to the ports of Bluemaple City of the Rainbow Prefecture was within his expectations.

“Four billion kilometers.” Bebe stared. “That’s way too far. It will take forever to get to Bluemaple City, and it will probably be very dangerous.”

Linley laughed. “What are you worried about? We don’t have to go alone. After eating, let’s head to the Fiend Castle. We’ll take on an escort mission from Royalwing City to Bluemaple City. Wouldn’t we then easily reach Bluemaple City?”

Generally speaking, escort missions would have quite a few Fiends.

If Linley’s team joined one, their journey would naturally be much safer. Even if they encountered any dangers, with an entire group of Fiends present, the situation would be much easier to deal with.

“Take on a mission? I haven’t ever taken on a formal mission before.” Bebe was somewhat excited.

“Sirs, the ‘Goldscale Silkthin Fish’ you ordered is ready.” A waiter carried over a platter that was gleaming with a golden light. This beautiful, gaudy delicacy was placed upon the table.

Linley laughed, “Bebe, stop thinking about the mission. First eat, then talk. You ordered this fish, and it cost three hundred inkstones. Let’s taste it. How is it?”

After eating, Linley’s group headed to the Fiend Castle. The receptionist at the main hall of the first floor, their old friend Yuna, knew why they had come. Laughing, she pointed at Linley. “Mission acceptances are on the next floor up. One Star Fiends to Three Star Fiends take missions at the second floor, while Four Star Fiends to Six Star Fiends take on missions on the third floor.”

The second floor of the Fiend Castle. The location for One Star Fiends to accept missions. A row of rooms. Linley’s group walked into one of them.

“Speak. What sort of mission do you want?” A youth who was seated in the meditative stance on the ground said calmly.

“Escort mission, from Royalwing City to Bluemaple City of the Rainbow Prefecture.” Linley said. “Ideally, a two star mission.” Linley’s group all consisted of One Star Fiends. They could at most take on two star missions. Upon completing a two star mission, they would naturally become Two Star Fiends.

The youth nodded slightly. After closing his eyes for a moment, he then waved his hand. A scroll appeared in his hands, which he flipped open and began to read. “Escort missions from Royalwing City to Bluemaple City of the Rainbow Prefecture. There’s ten in total, three of which are two star. Take a look.”

As he spoke, he handed the scroll to Linley.

After taking a quick look, Linley came to a decision. “The two star mission that begins in twenty days.” The reason why Linley selected this one was because there were many people who had already signed up to participate in this escort mission, including the recruiting of a hundred Two Star Fiends!

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