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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 26, You Can’t Kill Me

The battle at Moon Lake Castle had already reached the final stages. The master of the castle had already transformed into his original form, an enormous black dragon that was hundreds of meters long, and with ferocious sharp spikes growing from the back. Despite having transformed back into his original form, the master of the castle wasn’t confident in battling these Fiends!

Within the secret room on the side of the wide main hall.

Linley’s group of four was secretly watching through the crack in the door. Actually, it wasn’t that the Fiends didn’t realize Linley was there; only, they could sense that Linley and co’s auras were all of the God-level, and so the Fiends couldn’t be bothered to pay them any heed.

“That Loysius says the black dragon is the master of the castle?” Linley appeared quite puzzled.

The nearby Delia explained, “Linley, just then, when you suddenly began to meditate and gain insights, we didn’t dare disturb you. At that time, the master of the castle was pursued and attacked here in the main hall. Seeing that there were six other Fiends here, the master of the castle lost his confidence as well.”

Linley nodded slightly.

“Huh?” Linley suddenly had a thought.

“Moon Lake Castle is already in such dire straits. Even if those gold-robed guards are still alive, most likely all of them have fled the castle.” Linley understood that regardless of whether or not any of the gold-robed guards had survived, most likely they wouldn’t encounter any more gold-robed guards.

After all, those hundreds of gold-robed guards weren’t idiots either. Even the master of the castle had fallen to such dire straits. Even if they were alive, why wouldn’t they flee?

“Bebe, take a look.” Linley tossed an interspatial ring to Bebe. “See if there are any moon rings inside.”

“Right.” Bebe hurriedly bound it with blood.

Meanwhile, Linley took a look inside the other interspatial ring.

At first, when Linley’s group had been ambushed by those other four Fiend trial participants, those four people had failed in their ambush and two of them instead had been killed by Linley’s group. Naturally, they acquired the two interspatial rings from those two.

“We only have two moon rings right now. We need one more.” Linley was somewhat worried.

Delia looked at Linley and Bebe.

“Boss, although this interspatial ring has some inkstones and azurites, it doesn’t have a moon ring.” Bebe said helplessly.

Delia and Bebe both looked at Linley, wanting to see whether or not the interspatial ring Linley was holding had a moon ring within it.

“There it is! It really has a moon ring inside!” Linley’s investigation resulted in a look of delight appearing on his face. The previous owner of this interspatial ring was the leader of the group, ‘Fettes’. It made sense that after they acquired a moon ring, he would have stored it into his own interspatial ring.

“Haha, we have a full set of moon rings now.” Bebe was extremely excited.

But Regina just stared at Linley. “Linley, just one ring?”

“Just one ring.” Linley smiled apologetically. He understood that Regina deeply desired a moon ring as well. However, the three of them only had three moon rings; they didn’t have any extras to give Regina. They wanted to help but were unable to.

Regina was very disappointed, but she still squeezed out a smile. “It’s fine. When we go out later, I’ll see if there’s any other chances.”

Suddenly, an explosive shout rang out from the main hall…

“Don’t go too far! I can gift you with enormous wealth, and I can even give you this entire castle. In fact…I can even come up with a way to let you all become Six Star Fiends. The point of completing this mission is to become Six Star Fiends, right?” The enormous dragon bellowed.

The hundreds of meters long black dragon coiled about in the air of the main hall, while Loysius and the other Fiend just stood there in mid-air. The difference in size between the two sides was enormous.

However, right now, the enormous black dragon was begging the other side.

“Hmph, let us become Six Star Fiends? The only way of becoming a higher level Fiend is to complete a mission. There’s no other ways at all.” Loysius stared at the light blue scimitar in his hands, then said slowly, “Stop struggling. Prepare to die!”

“Big Brother, let me do it.” The other, blue-haired warrior said hurriedly. “Let me avenge our second sister.”


Loysius glanced sideways at the enormous black dragon. “Although he has utilized two spirit attacks and his spiritual energy is most likely almost used up, we can’t take any risk. I’ll do it!” Loysius had already begun to gather his power. He was completely confident.

“I am Wyrnessin [U’er’ni’sen]!” The enormous black dragon bellowed. “You can’t kill me! You can’t kill me!!!”


Loysius snickered. “Who’s Wyrnessin? If you are going to brag before dying, pick a more frightening name. For example, you could say that you are the Bloodviolet Fiend. Or even that you are an almighty Sovereign…haha, who gives a damn who you are? Die!”

As he spoke, Loysius chopped out with that scimitar.

It moved very gently. Space didn’t move at all, and there wasn’t even any wind. It was as though this scimitar didn’t even exist.

The enormous black dragon bellowed.

“You can’t kill me!” It was extremely enraged. As the scimitar chopped down gently, the enormous black dragon went mad. Risking its own life, it once more executed its divine ability. The enormous black dragon emitted that low, growling roar…

“Whooooosh.” Space trembled.


Loysius’ scimitar chopped down, and a blue shadow slashed through the air, landing on the enormous black draconic head. The strange thing was…the scales and flesh of the enormous black dragon split neatly in half as the scimitar cut straight through the head and struck onto a divine spark.

“You will regret this!!!”

The enormous black dragon’s dying roar echoed in the main hall.


The enormous black draconic corpse slammed into the ground. Loysius’ face was ashen as he withdrew his scimitar. Glancing sideways at the massive corpse, he snickered, “Hmph, his divine ability really is formidable. But you said I’ll regret it? In the entire Nightblaze Prefecture, there’s only a few people that I’m afraid of, and I know all of them. How will you, a dead man, make me regret it?”

“Big Brother!” The blue-haired, muscular man looked towards Loysius in concern. “Are you alright?”

His second sister had suffered that divine ability of the master of the castle and had thus perished. Loysius had previously battled with the master of the castle on the fifth level and had taken on the innate ability once before. Now, he had been hit with it again.

“I’m fine.” Loysius glanced at his brother and squeeze out a smile. “Third Bro, let’s head back. Sadly, Second Sis died.”

The muscular blue-haired was in great pain as well.

“When we came, Second Sis said that after completing this mission, we will all be Six Star Fiends, at which point, we should find a location where we could build a castle that would belong to we three siblings, and we would quietly train there. But now, we won’t have the chance.” The blue-haired man said softly.

Loysius let out a low sigh as well. “Let’s go.”

They didn’t spare a single glance at the other six Fiends, flying away.

The other six Fiends had been trembling in shock as they watched the battle. When experts went all out like this, the battle would be over after one or two clashes.

“The power of this Loysius truly is frightening. That scimitar…not even a Highgod-level divine beast could take it.” A Fiend sighed.

Perhaps in ordinary material planes, divine beasts were extremely rare.

But in the Infernal Realm, the place where countless experts gathered, there were still quite a few divine beasts. The reason why divine beasts were powerful was because of their ‘divine ability’. No matter which type of divine beast they were, upon reaching the age of maturity, they would be Demigods. Seemingly, there wasn’t any difference.

However, there were huge differences between different types of divine beasts.

The difference lay in their ‘divine ability’.

Some divine beasts had natural abilities that allowed them to launch certain types of spiritual attacks, while others had special material attacks…for example, the Heaven Devouring Beast and the Ba-Serpent both had a type of ‘Devour’ ability. But if the opponent was able to resist the strength of the ‘Devour’ ability, they would be fine.

But Bebe was different. His ‘Godeater’ ability, the natural ability to devour divine sparks, was definitely an extremely, freakishly powerful type of ability.

The more freakishly powerful a divine ability was, the rarer that type of divine beast would be in number!

“Loysius trains in the Laws of Life. The four Edicts are all very hard to deal with. Loysius truly is frightening.” The six Fiends all sighed and said a few words, and then they left the main hall. However, before leaving, one of the Fiends collected the enormous corpse.

“The corpse of a Highgod-level divine beast is worth money as well. Can’t let it go to waste.” The Fiend laughed as he collected the enormous corpse and put it into his interspatial ring.

After the six Fiends left.

Linley’s group of four finally exited the room.

“Paaagh!” Bebe was somewhat unhappy. “I wanted to collect that body. I didn’t expect that Fiend took it away.”

Certain body parts of divine beasts were extremely good components for making certain culinary delicacies. The corpse of a Highgod-level divine beast was very rare as well. The parts of such an enormous corpse could be sold off for hundreds of thousands of inkstones, or nearly a million. This was a small fortune.”

“You were thinking about that?” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Let’s go. Back to the metallic lifeform.”

Their rewards on this trip had been quite massive. The most valuable asset they had acquired was actually that Deathgod Golem, as well as the corpse of the black-robed guard. The black-robed guard himself had a divine spark in his corpse, and the interspatial ring he had contained massive wealth as well.

“Can you…make a trip with me into the castle to take a look?” Regina forced the words out.

Linley’s team couldn’t help but be startled.

“I, I just want to take a look and see if there are any gold-robed guards left.” Regina felt rather embarrassed as well. After all, this was as good as asking Linley’s team to head back into danger. Although…logically speaking, Linley’s team, alongside Regina, shouldn’t have any problems in dealing with a gold-robed guard.

But who knew how many gold-robed guards they would run into, if they did run into any?

Delia and Bebe looked at Linley, waiting for Linley’s decision. Linley paused for a moment, then looked at Regina and said, “Regina, we can’t possibly run all over the castle with you. How about this. We’re still going to leave the castle, but we can take a bit more of a roundabout route to see if we can run into any gold-robed guards. If we do, we’ll help out, but if we don’t, then there’s nothing for it.”

“Thank you.” Regina said hurriedly.

She knew that her request was a bit excessive. For Linley to be willing to agree to do this much was already very good of him.

Linley, Delia, Bebe, and Regina all headed out towards the upper layers of Moon Lake Castle. They returned to the third, second, and first floors, then left Moon Lake Castle through the windows. Regina truly hoped they would encounter some gold-robed guards.

However, currently Moon Lake Castle truly didn’t have a single gold-robed guard left.

In the air above the clear and crystalline reflections of Moon Lake, the poisonous red fog had long since dissipated and disappeared. Right now, there were five Fiend trial participants seated cross-legged in the air above Moon Lake.

“Someone is coming out.”

The five saw Linley’s team fly out and immediately went forward to greet them.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Linley frowned and said calmly. Linley had already been ambushed within Moon Lake Castle. Naturally, he wouldn’t be overconfident.

One of the five spoke. “I want to know, do the four of you have any spare moon rings? We can buy them off of you.”

“I still want one for myself.” Regina snorted.

The five, upon hearing this, were somewhat disappointed. They could tell that Linley’s team simply didn’t have enough moon rings.

“The five of you, no need to wait here outside. There shouldn’t be anyone else else left in the castle.” Linley said. When they came out, they had searched everywhere in the fourth through first floors, giving all of the major locations a glance. If someone was there, they would have discovered them long ago.

Linley’s team was already one of the last ones to come out.

After speaking, Linley’s group of four flew directly towards the metallic lifeform. Soon, Linley’s group reached the metallic lifeform, hovering there in mid-air. Through the translucent metal of the creature, they were able to dimly make out the sparse number of human figures within.

“So few people.” Linley sighed to himself, then entered the metallic creature.

Within the corridor inside the metallic creature, the silver-haired elder saw Linley’s group and laughed, “Congratulations for surviving and returning.”

“You made it back alive? Congratulations.”

As soon as Linley had entered the rear cabins of the metallic creature, he swept the area with his gaze. This rear cabin of the metallic creature had many seats, more than enough to seat a thousand. However, there were far, far too many empty seats, with filled seats so rare. “A thousand came. Not even a hundred are left alive!”

Glancing at the nearby Delia and Bebe, Linley felt a surge of rejoicing in his heart as well. At least his wife and his brother had survived. “That silver-haired elder was right. This is indeed worth celebrating.”

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