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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 24, Black-Robed Guards

At this moment, combat continued throughout the Moon Lake Castle. It was extremely chaotic.

Within the secret room in the fourth floor, Linley’s group was with Regina.

Regina, seeing that Linley wasn’t going to pursue those two person and instead asked her questions, couldn’t help but feel helpless and frustrated. “You guys…you wasted a rare opportunity!” As Regina saw it, as soon as Linley’s team heard the words ‘Deathgod Golem’, they should have immediately chased after him.

Who would have imagined that Linley’s team wouldn’t move at all?

That moment of hesitation meant that the two had definitely run far away by now.

“Miss Regina, you said a ‘Deathgod Golem’? What exactly is that?” Linley asked.

Regina stared at the three in astonishment and puzzlement. After a long while, she responded, “Linley, do you truly not know, or are you just pretending? I’m beginning to think that you are intentionally making a fool out of me.” Deathgod Golems were very famous in the Infernal Realm.

Anyone who had been here for a fairly long period of time would generally know about it.

“We told you to speak, so speak!” Bebe pursed his lips.

Regina glanced at Linley’s team, then muttered quietly, “I really don’t know if you guys truly don’t know or are just pretending. Fine, I’ll tell. Deathgod Golems are a type of unique human-shaped weapon. You can consider it a human-shaped divine artifact.”

“Deathgod Golems are the same as divine artifacts. They are constructed from metal, and they have divine power; only, their divine power is provided by a ‘divine jewel’.” Regina continued to explain. “Deathgod Golems are incapable of soul attacks, but because they are weapons, they aren’t afraid of soul attacks either. In addition, their entire bodies are extremely hard. They are generally very hard to deal with.”

Linley, Delia, and Bebe exchanged glances.

“So that’s a Deathgod Golem!” Bebe let out a sigh. Linley and Delia both laughed.

They finally understood that the metallic creature which had battled Bebe was a Deathgod Golem.

Deathgod Golems truly were very hard to deal with. Generally speaking, even Highgods who encountered Deathgod Golems would find them to be a headache. There was only one way to deal with a Deathgod Golem; kill the person controlling it! After its master was killed, the Deathgod Golem would naturally become a masterless item.”

“If not for Bebe, the Deathgod Golem really would have been hard to deal with. No wonder the Deathgod Golem wasn’t damaged much despite taking those huge hits.” Linley sighed to himself, then looked at Bebe. “Only, when the Deathgod Golem ran into Bebe, there was nothing it could do either.”

Bebe was an absolute freak.

However, there were only two Godeater Rats in the entire universe.

“Based on my observations, that Deathgod Golem should have been a high level one.” Regina sighed. “A high-level Deathgod Golem is far more valuable than a Highgod artifact. Even a Highgod spark is far inferior to it.”

“How expensive is it?” Bebe’s eyes were gleaming.

Regina glanced at Bebe, then at Linley and Delia. Unhappily, she sighed, “A single Deathgod Golem is far more complicated to assemble than a divine artifact, and the price is ridiculously high as well. Generally speaking, you would need a hundred million inkstones.”

“A hundred million?”

Linley, Delia, and Bebe felt a surge of joy.

It seemed that their greatest treasure was not that Highgod spark; it was that Deathgod Golem.

“That’s why I wanted you to kill those two people! If the four of us joined forces, we definitely would have succeeded. That was a Deathgod Golem!” Regina still felt extremely upset. “Those two bastards got it. I really am unhappy.”

Linley’s team only laughed.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a massive earthquake emanated from the direction of the tunnel.

Linley frowned. “That earthquake should have come from fairly deep in the tunnel. It probably came from the fifth floor.”

“Come, let’s take a look.” Bebe was extremely excited.

Regina was also excited. “Let’s go take a look.” Without hesitating, they headed straight into the darkness of the tunnel. The tunnel clearly was very narrow, and at most two people could squeeze in side by side. It was much narrower than the normal walkways of the castle.

Linley’s group of four immediately passed over a hundred meters.

“Right here!” Linley’s team came to a halt.

“Bang!” The terrifying earthquake came from high up the walls of the tunnel, and there were quite a few cracks on the walls as well. Clearly, the tunnel walls here were not protected by the magical formation.

Bebe was kneeling there, peering through the cracks.

“Boss, hurry over.” Bebe sent with his divine sense, and Linley’s team immediately drew near.

What was on the other side of the cracks?

The tiny seams were enough for Linley to see the situation on the other side of the hidden passageway.

“It’s that baldy, Crompton?” Linley was greatly shocked.

In a wide, dark hall, there were three figures that were fighting as fast as lightning.

“Boom!” Crompton was hit by a vicious kick and sent smashing into the wall, then slumped to the ground.

“Ugh!” Crompton stared viciously at the distant black-robed guard. “This black-robed guard really isn’t easy to deal with.”

“Crompton, you idiot, just stand far away and use your ‘Gravitational Field’ to slow him down. Remember, don’t affect me!” The Fiend who was battling the black-robed guard shouted angrily through divine sense.

Crompton knew that he was weak. “I got it.”

After acknowledging, Crompton immediately stood up on the ground. The black-robed figure that was battling the Fiend suddenly trembled. The black-robed figure felt that a strange power was affecting him, as though making his body ten thousand times heavier in an instant.

“This is Geomagnetism!” The black-robed figure instantly understood.

The Profound Mysteries of the ‘Gravitational Field’ was also known as the Profound Mysteries of Geomagnetism. It was also one of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth.

“Bang!” The black-robed guard’s body suddenly shuddered, transforming into a blurry illusion. Sometimes the Fiend’s sword would pierce through the blurry body, but be unable to harm the black-robed guard at all. That black warblade in the black-robed guard’s hands, on the other hand, fluttered about with no fixed rhythm.

The Fiend instantly transformed into lightning, then instantly reformed, his attacks terrifyingly powerful.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

The blows of these two experts created massive earthquake-like vibrations with each exchange.

The Fiend and the black-robed guard were going all out against each other.

“How can this black-robed guard be so tough? Killing a black-robed guard isn’t a four star mission at all. This should be a five star mission.” Crompton cursed softly, while at the same time, he worked hard to control the geomagnetic force to affect the black-robed guard.

This black-robed guard was indeed very strong.

In reality, Crompton’s side had been fighting him three against one! Three Fiends against one black-robed guard.

The three Fiends were the three Fiends that had been in charge of supervising Linley’s squad.

Only, this black-robed guard had two Highgod clones. One of his clones as well as one of the Fiends on Crompton’s side had fallen, leaving the black-robed guard with only one body, while the Fiends only had Crompton and ‘Opole’ [Ao’pu’er], the Highgod who was currently battling.

The fact was that Crompton’s power was very weak.

“Bang!” Opole’s sword flashed like lightning, stabbing into the blurry shadow.

“Aaaah!” A miserable, agonized cry.


The shadow suddenly broke apart, with the broken part of the darkness reforming into a solid object; a large chunk of a leg. And then the shadow begin to shudder before reforming into a complete figure. The black-robed guard was currently furious; he was cursing to himself, “Fiends? All you can do is gang up on others!”

Opole was laughing coldly as he transformed into a bolt of lightning, once more entering battle against the black-robed guard.

“Big Brother, come over, quickly!!!” The black-robed guard suddenly let out an explosive roar.

Following the roar, the faces of both Crompton and Opole, who was in mid-combat, both changed.

“Have to end this battle fast!” Opole didn’t want to go all out, but he no longer had a chance. Bellowing with rage, his body began to distort as he transformed into a ray of bluish-black lightning which mercilessly struck towards the black-robed guard.

“Die.” Opole’s bellow could be heard echoing in the room.

The black-robed guard’s face changed dramatically, but at the same time, he viciously swung out with his saber, which transformed into an illusory black shadow as it swept out towards that bolt of lightning.


A terrifying energy ripple that caused even the cracks on the walls to expand.

The two of them hunched over, then fell to the floor. Opole was already dead, while the black-robed guard, despite having exhausted all of his spiritual energy, hadn’t died yet.

“You want to kill me, but your soul defense was far weaker than mine?” The black-robed man chuckled.

“Whoosh!” A human figure suddenly appeared in front of the black-robed guard.

The black-robed guard’s face changed. Lifting his head up, he saw the savage-faced Crompton, who was wielding a long saber. “Die!” Crompton, ignoring all else, chopped down towards the black-robed guard with his saber. The long saber pierced through the air, seemingly instantly arriving in front of the black-robed guard’s eyes.


Bound by the ‘Gravitational Field’ and heavily wounded, the black-robed guard howled angrily. Ignoring all else, he brandished his blade again, once more using his soul attack.


The sabers collided, and their souls attacked each other!

In terms of profoundness of soul attacks, the black-robed guard was indeed more formidable than Crompton, but his spiritual energy had been almost exhausted by now. Crompton, however, hadn’t had his power affected much. A head-on collision like this meant that they were essentially on par.

“Bang!” The black-robed guard borrowed the force of the collision to fly back and retreat.


In the instant when Crompton had struck out with his long saber, with a flip of his wrist, he had suddenly shot out a dagger from his hand as well.

“Slash!” The dagger buried itself into the black-robed guard’s body.

The black-robed guard fell from mid-air, landing at the corner of the wall. His eyes were filled with resentment, absolute resentment!

“You aren’t willing to accept this?” Crompton snickered.

Crompton knew that he was weak, which is why he had spent money to buy expensive soul poisons, which he had stained his dagger with. This flying dagger was Crompton’s greatest weapon, and it also contained the ‘Strength’ profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth.

As the black-robed guard was already heavily injured, upon being hit, he immediately died.

“Opole, you always showed off in front of me! You always ordered me around and looked down on me!” Crompton’s face was savage, and he stared coldly at the two Fiend corpses in front of him. Right now, he was extremely wild. “But today, I, Crompton, am the survivor, right? Haha…and I acquired this black moon ring as well. I’ll immediately become a Four Star Fiend.”

With a wave of his hand, Crompton collected the two Fiend corpses, and then looked towards the black-robed guard’s corpse.


The ground was empty.

The corpse was missing!

“How…how is this possible?” Crompton stared, his eyes turning round.

Two Fiends had died, while he, Crompton, had risked his life as well before finally killing that black-robed guard. But now the body of that black-robed guard was missing?

“Hurry up and go!”

Linley and the other three flew at high speed out of the secret corridor, back to the fourth floor.

“Haha, Crompton is going to feel ‘awesome’ about that, haha.” Bebe was extremely delighted.

The black-robed guard’s corpse was next to the wall, just a meter or so away from the cracks in the wall. Linley’s team naturally immediately moved closer to the cracks in the wall, then immediately stored the corpse into an interspatial ring.

Generally speaking, anything at close range could be stored into an interspatial ring.

Crompton’s gaze immediately fell onto the wall and the cracks in it that had been caused by the battle.

“Aaaah, inside!” Crompton instantly understood.

“Bastard!” Crompton immediately bellowed. He charged straight towards the wall, using a full strength vicious attack with the Profound Mysteries of ‘Strength’. The already-cracked walls, with a ‘boom’, shattered apart, revealing a giant hole. Behind the hole was the secret tunnel.

“Moon ring, my moon ring!” Crompton’s heart was filled with resentment.

With a moon ring, he would have completed the mission, which meant that he not only would get an enormous reward, he would also become a Four Star Fiend.

“Where’d they run off to?” Crompton stood in the middle of the hole, staring into the two ends of the secret tunnel, not able to make up his mind for the moment. But right at this moment…

“Swish!” “Swish!”

Two figures suddenly appeared in the room. It was two black-robed guards.

“You killed Fifth Bro?” The two black-robed guards stared at Crompton.

Crompton turned his head and was instantly terrified. A single one of these guards was already very difficult to deal with; now two of them came?”

“Flee!” Crompton no longer cared about anything else, choosing to charge straight up. And this direction was the same direction which Linley’s group had fled towards.

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