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Book 14, Fiend – Chapter 22, Deathgod Golem

Sixty-plus people had fled.

Only three Fiends were overseeing them. How many could they catch?

One of them, a gold-haired Fiend, sent with his divine sense, “Right now, let’s forget about trying to use those Fiend trial participants to block for us. Come, let’s go find the black-robed guards!” These two Fiends immediately began to move forward quickly. Crompton, while in his heart unwilling to let the matter rest, still followed them.

“Linley, you better hope that I don’t meet you in the future. Next time definitely won’t be like this time.”

Crompton regretted not having killed Linley earlier.

Actually, it wasn’t that Crompton had been merciful; it was that he simply couldn’t kill Linley!

At that time, the thousand Fiend trial participants had all been divided into groups of ten. If Crompton were to try and kill Linley, the other Fiends probably wouldn’t have agreed. After all, if at a time like that, he was to suddenly kill Linley for no reason, most likely that would cause the rest of the thousand Fiend trial participants to flee and scatter.

Within the Moon Lake Castle, the scene was one of utter chaos.

Chaos, chaos, everywhere!

The members of the ten squads were wildly fleeing, and hundreds of them were dispersing throughout the third floor. Some of the gold-robed guards who had been hidden in some of the rooms discovered, to their shock, people charging within!

Although they were hidden quite well, with hundreds of people running around chaotically, naturally some would bump into each other.

The battle suddenly began!

“Bang!” “Bang!” Energy explosions, angry roars, and the sounds of battle constantly emanated from every part of the castle.

Within a hidden room.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were here.

“It sure is noisy outside.” Bebe’s face was covered in smiles, and he turned to look at Linley. “Boss, if we hide here and all of the gold-robed guards get killed, doesn’t that mean we won’t be able to get moon rings?”

Linley said with a frown, “There’s quite a few of those gold-robed guards, and the strength of this castle is most likely more powerful than our side had predicted.”

Linley still remembered that arrow just now!”

His ‘Pulseguard Armor’ was developed through the fusion of two profound mysteries, and was more than ten times stronger in defense than an ordinary God’s! Despite such defensive strength, it was still pierced through. Linley was certain that the person who shot out that arrow was very likely a Highgod!

“In the castle, the most powerful ‘black-robed guards’ won’t start ambushing people right away. It was definitely done by the gold-robed guards.” Linley understood this logic. Petty actions like ambushes would definitely be done by those of lower status.

Linley couldn’t help but sigh, “Delia, Bebe, beware the gold-robed guards. The gold-robed guards aren’t all Gods as we thought!” Linley then immediately conveyed his thoughts to Delia and Bebe.

They had to be careful!

If they were overconfident in dealing with those gold-robed guards, they would most likely be finished.

“Killing God-level gold-robed guards and Highgod-level gold-robed guards will result in getting the same thing; a moon ring.” Bebe pursed his lips as he spoke. “I hope our luck is good.”

Although Linley’s group was conversing, they were using their Godrealm to prevent sound from leaving their room to the outside.

“Boom!” The walls suddenly shook massively.

“There’s a battle outside!” Linley, Delia, and Bebe all immediately stood up. Moving as fast as lightning, they moved to the side of the wall. If someone charged in through the door, Linley’s group would be able to immediately attack them!

“Bang!” Yet another collision!

Although the wooden door was sturdy, it was smashed open, and a human figure fell down powerlessly from outside, smashing against the ground.

Linley’s team didn’t move.

“That’s a corpse!” Linley’s team was instantly able to tell. The corpse’s head had already been utterly smashed apart, and a divine spark was rolling on the ground.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe all held their breaths.


A human figure suddenly charged in!

“Kill!” Linley’s team moved.

Delia immediately executed her Profound Mysteries of Dimensional Space, and that figure was instantly slowed down, his speed dropping. Meanwhile, the adamantine heavy sword in Linley’s hand mercilessly smashed straight down on the figure. His most powerful attack…

Voidwave Sword!

“F*ck off and die!” Bebe laughed loudly as he gave the head a kick.

“Bang!” The figure smashed into the nearby wall, then landed heavily to the floor. A layer of magical patterns on the wall flashed slightly, but the wall itself wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

The entire castle was supported by a magical formation. However, not all walls had it. Generally speaking, only the primary supporting walls or the prisons, while the other walls and doors didn’t have any protection.

“Huh?” Linley’s team’s faces changed. “Not dead?”

The figure actually stood up.

Only, his head had become distorted by Bebe’s tough kick. The flesh on his face had exploded, revealing the metallic skull within. The metallic skull’s eyes were made of two rubies, and it stared bizarrely at Linley’s team, emitting a mechanical chuckle. “Three Gods? Not bad!”

Divine power began to flow on the surface of the metallic skull, and it immediately healed.

“That isn’t human, and it doesn’t have a soul!” Linley was greatly shocked. His Voidwave Sword hadn’t found a spirit to attack.

Linley had the feeling as though this ‘person’ in front of him was wearing the skin of a human, but on the inside was some sort of metallic monster that had no soul at all.

“What is it?” Linley, Delia, and Bebe were all puzzled.

Even if it was a metallic lifeform, it should have a soul. Any and all types of lifeforms had the soul as their base. But the creature in front of them had no soul at all! It definitely wasn’t living. But this creature not only was conscious, it was even capable of speech!

“Some sort of strange clone?” This was Linley’s guess.

“Boss, that freak’s body is very hard. I delivered a full strength kick just now, but I didn’t cause his head to explode! How bizarre.” Bebe didn’t understand it either. He knew exactly how powerful his own strength was. In terms of pure strength, not even Linley was a match for him.

This was one of the abilities which Godeater Rats had after they digested divine sparks.

“Since you have encountered me, hmph, all three of you will die.” This freak with the glowing red eyes stared at Linley’s team, then suddenly moved.


Bebe charged to the front, fighting with the freak head on.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

Bebe and that freak’s method of battle was very bizarre. It was as though they were two barbarians, using their fists and feet to viciously attack the opponent. Over the course of this wild battle, the freak’s entire outer layer of skin exploded out and blood flowed, revealing the metallic internal body.

This metallic body was extremely hard.

“How…how is that possible?” The freak was astonished.

“Motherf*cker, I want to see whose body is tougher, mine or yours!” Bebe shouted angrily. Bebe was extremely confident in his body’s defensive power. In his heart, he said to himself, “After digesting so many divine sparks, if I still can’t compete against a freak like this, I really would have lost all face for us Godeater Rats.”

“Boss, this definitely isn’t the real body. The real body should be outside!” Bebe said through divine sense.

“Swish!” Linley immediately flew out.

Indeed, in the corridor outside, there was a gold-robed guard who had a look of shock on his face. He wasn’t shocked at Linley coming out; he was shocked by Bebe. “There…there’s actually someone whose body is this tough. He dares to fight against a Deathgod Golem head on!” He couldn’t believe it!

A Deathgod Golem!

In truth, this was a human-shaped weapon! Precisely speaking, it was a type of divine artifact. A special divine artifact!

The twenty Deathgod Golems in the possession of Moon Lake Castle were all high level ones, human-shaped divine artifacts of the Highgod level!

The energy source for these Deathgod Golems was the divine jewel within its body.

The person controlling a Deathgod Golem had to first bind it with blood, which would allow him to then control the Deathgod Golem to attack others. Although the Deathgod Golem’s body was incomparably tough, it did have a flaw; it was incapable of spiritual attacks, because it had no spirit!

“I don’t care who you are!” The gold-robed guard let out a cold laugh.

A warblade suddenly appeared in the hands of the Deathgod Golem that was battling Bebe. That warblade was stained with poison, the same poison used in Godslayer Arrows. Generally speaking, once this sort of poison entered a person’s body, it would immediately begin attacking the opponent’s soul.

Thus, it could only be used once. The second time, the warblade would no longer have any poison on it.

The gold-robed guardsman didn’t want to waste it, but right now, he had no choice but to use it!

“Using a blade?” Bebe stared. “Hmph, then I won’t waste any more time with you either.” A dagger appeared in Bebe’s hand as well. This was the black dagger which Beirut had given him.

For now, let us move away from the battle between Bebe and the Deathgod Golem.

On the outside, Linley and the gold-robed guard were beginning to battle.

When the gold-robed guard fought with Linley, he instantly split into two, now having two divine clones outside.

“Divine clones?” Linley couldn’t help but feel surprised.

But despite that, Linley still mercilessly chopped over with his adamantine heavy sword.

“Clang!” Weapons collided.

The Voidwave Sword’s attack passed out from the adamantine heavy sword, shooting straight towards one of the divine clones of the gold-robed guard. The other divine clone wanted to use this chance to stab towards Linley, but at this time, its speed suddenly slowed.

“Bonds of wind?” The gold-robed guard instantly understood.

Not far away, behind Linley, Delia was wielding the Spear of Cortez and sent it thrusting forward with a powerful stab. A ray of light flew out, and in virtually an instant, it pierced through the gold-robed guard’s chest, passing straight through it.

The gold-robed guard’s divine clone couldn’t help but shudder.

“Not good!” The gold-robed guard’s face changed as he looked towards Linley in shock. Just now, the divine clone of his which had been hit by the Voidwave Sword had already died. He was completely capable of sensing how terrifying Linley’s Voidwave Sword was. “Such an astonishing soul attack is definitely the product of fused profound mysteries!”

Fused profound mysteries!

And a soul attack.

“Flee!” The gold-robed guard instantly came to this decision as he began to scurry towards the outside.

“You want to run?” Linley’s speed instantly began to raise.

“Ah!” The gold-robed man discovered, to his agony, that his current speed was only half his normal speed. This was because his entire body was being pressured. “That detestable woman!” He knew that the pressure his body was under was the doing of Delia. He also understood…

There was no way for him to defeat Linley.

“Aaaah!” Faced with Linley’s attack, the gold-robed guard counter-attacked in grief and fury.


When faced with death, he naturally brought out his most powerful attack. But under the assault of the Voidwave Sword, the gold-robed guard slumped over. With a flip of the hand, Linley stored the two corpses of this gold-robed guard into his interspatial ring.

“Delia, thanks!” Linley walked over.

“What a pity that I don’t know how to use soul attacks,” Delia laughed.

Since they had decided to take part in the Fiend trials, naturally they had to increase their power as much as they could. Thus, although they had sold off one of their Highgod artifacts, Linley had given the other one, the Spear of Cortez, to Delia, having her fuse it and learn how to use it.

The ‘Fast’ profound mystery matched well with the spear, while Delia also applied the ‘Dimensional Space’ technique. When Delia’s spear thrust forth, it definitely possessed great power.

“Why did it stop?!” From inside the room, Bebe’s unhappy voice could be heard.

Linley and Delia exchanged a glance, both laughing.

The Deathgod Golem was slumped in a corner, completely unmoving. Bebe saw Linley and Delia walk in, and he hurriedly said, “Boss, that metallic monster isn’t moving any more. Did you kill the main body?” Bebe was able to guess that perhaps this was caused by the death of the original body.

“Right.” Linley nodded.

“What is this?” Delia looked puzzledly at the Deathgod Golem. Linley’s group had never seen a Deathgod Golem before.

Deathgod Golems were an extremely valuable sort of human-shaped weapon. It was much more valuable than an ordinary Highgod artifact. A single Deathgod Golem’s price was far beyond even a Highgod spark. Thus the entire Moon Lake Castle only had twenty of them.

“First, collect this thing.” Linley said. “After we leave, I’ll investigate and see what this metallic thing is.”

Linley didn’t understand that actually, all they had to do to use the Deathgod Golem was to bind it with blood.

With a flip of his hands, Bebe stored the metallic creature into his interspatial ring.

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