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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 8, Downfall

The four Demigods under Ojwin’s leadership included Ojwin’s son. Having undergone so many training experiences in the Gebados Planar Prison for so long, each of them had power on par with Beaumont. How could Linley’s three-man alliance block the attacks of all four of them?

“The two of them are working together, while my ‘Hymn of the Wind’ is only capable of attacking one person at a time. The other person could take the opportunity to attack me.”

Linley understood this.

If he went all out, he might be able to kill one, but…

If he did so, the end result would instantly become disastrous.

“The most important thing right now is time. The later that Ojwin discovers the existence of the pocket dimension, the better. I hope Lord Beirut will make it in time. For now, what I need to do is delay as much as I can.” Linley immediately raised his speed to the utmost.


Linley, who relied upon the Profound Truths of Velocity to become a Deity, was far superior to the other two in terms of speed.

Linley was like the formless wind, constantly changing locations, dodging past the attacks of those two Deities time and time again. Those two black-robed men were both growing a bit impatient. They were skilled in attacking, but in terms of speed, they were far inferior to Linley.

“He’s rather fast.” Ojwin said with a calm laugh.

Linley instantly felt the restrictive power of the space around him grow in strength. Ojwin was clearly using his full-power Godrealm to bind Linley. Although Linley was skilled in speed, right now…he was restricted by the Godrealm. All he could do was rely on his own Godrealm, but even so, his speed was a hint lower than those two black-robed men.

“Haha, I want to see how you can keep dodging!!!” The sound rang out in Linley’s mind. It came from one of those two black-robed men. Just then, they had naturally been enraged by Linley taking advantage of his greater speed. Right now, Linley was being restricted by the Godrealm, but they were not.

Their speed was now faster than Linley’s.

Two blurs pincer-attacked Linley.

“Lord Beirut, why haven’t you arrived yet!!!” Linley’s heart was filled with grief and fury, but then Linley noticed something which astonished him.

The heavily wounded divine body of Desri was rapidly healing, but the power of that silver-robed man with the long blade was far superior to his, able to take even Desri’s spiritual attack head on. In terms of speed, he was actually slightly superior to Desri.


A miserable scream. Desri had just been hit by three successive blades.

The first blade chop had split Desri in half. The second blade, Desri had managed to take without dying. But this third blade…

“Clang!” That cold, dark long blade chopped directly through Desri’s brain, smashing against Desri’s divine spark, which was flickering with white light. The power of that long blade landing against the divine spark was so great that the divine spark shuddered…and Desri’s soul was shattered.

His soul was shattered, his spirit dispersed!


Both Linley and Olivier felt a surge of grief in their hearts.

Although Desri’s original body was still within the pocket dimension, the death of his divine clone meant…that Desri would never again be able to train in the Elemental Laws of Light. At the same time, Desri’s five thousand years of hard work had just been destroyed.

If he wanted to become a Deity on his own again, he would have to begin training in a different Elemental Law.

“Will this scene be my end as well?” Linley felt grief in his heart. Desri’s miserable scream continued to reverberate in his ears.


From Linley’s lips exploded forth an uncompromising, fierce, enraged howl. The devilish Bloodviolet filled the world with a humming sword song, and within Linley’s eyes, a hint of wildness appeared. At this moment, he didn’t care about anything else. Even if he was to die, he would kill one or two of them as well.

The Hymn of the Wind was unleashed!

“DIE!!!” Olivier also emitted a similar howl from the depths of his heart.

In that moment, both Linley and Olivier had gone mad.

In the same moment, within the pocket dimension.

There were many people present, including the five Barker brothers and their family, Delia, Wharton, Hillman, and dozens of others. Linley’s original body and Desri’s original body were present as well.

The face of Desri original body turned utterly pale, and his eyes became filled with utter sorrow.

“Haha…” Desri let out a low laugh.

Five thousand years of painstaking training. But in this instant, it was now guaranteed that he would never again be able to become a Deity through the Elemental Laws of Light.

“Everyone, quickly.” The sky-blue robed Linley shouted towards everyone. “Quick, everyone, split up. Everyone go flee in a different direction. That Ojwin can’t be using his divine sense to pay attention to the underground at every single instant.” Linley was out of choices.

Beirut hadn’t arrived.

Linley couldn’t place all of his hopes on Beirut’s shoulders.

“Desri, as long as your original body remains, at least you’ll be able to train in other Elemental Laws. Quick, let’s go.” Linley charged to the doorway of the pocket dimension and used his divine power to block the attacking energy flows at the dimensional gateway.

The dozens of people who had squeezed into the pocket dimension all felt nervous.

“Linley.” Delia said hurriedly.

“Leave, quickly. Don’t hesitate.” Linley directly grabbed Gates’ son, pulling him out of the pocket dimension. Everyone, knowing how grave the situation had become, quickly fled from the pocket dimension, and then began to tunnel through the ground in every which way.

Bloodviolet shuddered, emitting that humming sword sound, as gentle and soft as a flute’s song. The flute song, under Linley’s control, directly emanated towards the two black-robed men, as well as that golden-haired youth who was battling Olivier.

Both the golden haired youth and the two black-robed men, in this moment, felt as though the entire world had gone silent, aside from that soft, gentle flute song. It was so pleasing to the ear.


A blood-red illusionary sword shot out from Bloodviolet, shooting directly into the mind of one of those two black-robed me. The black robed man’s spiritual energy was in a state of relaxation, and only when the illusory blood-red sword shot into his spiritual energy did he suddenly come to his sense.

However, it was too late.

The blood-red sword image pierced directly into his divine spark, the stabbing blow shattering his soul and dispersing his spirit.

Profound Truths of the Wind – Hymn of the Wind!

Although slow to describe, the Hymn of the Wind technique was executed in but an instant. But to Ojwin, that instant was an instant of disaster.

“NO!!!!” Ojwin’s eyes suddenly turned around.

Linley had exploded forth with his full power, while Olivier had done the same! Linley had utilized his ‘Hymn of the Wind’, while Olivier, despite badly injuring himself, had once again released that black and white sword-flash that had shattered the Great Botha Levee. For the gold-haired youth, the worst part of it was…

Just before Olivier’s attack, he had been affected by Bloodviolet’s humming sword song.


The mystic icesword’s full-strength blow chopped down onto the golden-haired youth’s warblade. The power of this attack of Olivier’s was simply too incredible. It actually caused the warblade to smash back down upon the golden-haired youth, while at the same time, that black and white sword-flash also chopped down, descending towards the golden-haired youth’s head.

“Aaaah!” A fierce, miserable cry rang out.

His head was split in half, and that divine spark was chopped directly onto by the black and white sword-flash. The soul within the divine spark trembled, then shattered.

“No, Kingsley [Jin’si’li], no!” The black-robed man’s death, Ojwin didn’t care about. But this golden-haired youngster, Kingsley, was Ojwin’s one and only son. Generally, when training his son, Ojwin would let his son engage in some true life and death battles. Only through this sort of training was his son truly be able to grow and develop.

In this battle, his son was only dealing with someone who had just reached the Deity-level. Ojwin didn’t know how powerful Olivier was. He was only worried about Linley, but hadn’t paid Olivier any mind.

Ojwin hadn’t paid him any mind, but who would have thought…

Ojwin’s most dearly beloved, only son, whom he had loved as much as life itself for countless years. He had died, just like that!

“Die!!!!” No matter how calm and unflappable he normally was, at this moment, even Ojwin had gone utterly mad. The fierce-faced Ojwin’s body surged with divine power. The strength of his Godrealm suddenly raised to the maximum, like countless surging waves, surrounding everyone present.

At the same time, Ojwin transformed into a ray of white light, charging straight towards Olivier, a greatsword appearing in his hands.

The already badly-injured Olivier wasn’t able to resist at all.

Olivier instantly split apart into his two divine bodies, the divine light clone and the divine darkness clone, but both divine clones were heavily wounded. Olivier didn’t have the chance to escape at all.

“Aaaaaaargh!” Ojwin howled savagely, his greatsword chopping down with a power that contained untold profundities!

A devilish violet light flashed…


Linley’s badly injured body was smashed flying back, but then he was once again frozen in mid-air by the restriction of the Godrealm.

Just then, he had killed a black-robed man, but had his arm chopped off by the other, furious black-robed man. Realizing what danger Olivier was in, Linley had hurried over frantically, helping Olivier to receive that blow. A massive wound had appeared in his chest, however, and fresh blood splattered everywhere. Linley immediately summoned the divine power in his body to heal himself.

“Thank you.” Olivier’s two divine clones both looked at Linley.

“Why thank me? All I did was delay our deaths by a moment.” Linley and Olivier’s eyes were filled with the same bitter laugh and grief.

They couldn’t resist any longer!

In the face of that enraged, maddened Ojwin, both Linley and Olivier had somewhat given in to despair.

That sword blow just now had included a spiritual attack element. Linley, relying upon his damaged Sovereign artifact as well as his spiritual Pulseguard Defense, had just barely managed to withstand that blow. But despite that…Linley’s spiritual energy had just become all but used up.

He wouldn’t even be able to use the Hymn of the Wind a single extra time.

“I will destroy and shatter your souls!” Ojwin, filled with the utmost of grief, roared in fury as he swept out with that greatsword in his hands.


A furious, earth-shaking roar suddenly rang out, and an invisible ripple shot out like a bullet towards Ojwin. Ojwin, greatly shocked, could sense the power of this sudden attack. “Where did this attack come from?!” At the same time, Ojwin hurriedly wielded his sword to counter-attack.

“BOOM!” Ojwin’s body was knocked backwards, and he continued to retreat.

In mid-air, there was an enormous rainbow-colored, lion-like creature hovering there. In the middle of the lion’s forehead, there was a third eye. The enormous lion transformed, reforming into a devilish young man who wore a long, golden robe.

It was Dylin!

“Dylin!” Linley and Olivier’s eyes were filled with a look of surprise and joy.

Ojwin, having suffered that spiritual energy attack, had his Godrealm disrupted. The two Olivier’s fused with each other once more, and Linley and Olivier both flew straight towards Dylin at high speed.

“Don’t think of escaping.” Ojwin’s gaze was completely focused on Olivier right now. His eyes were filled with boundless killing intent, while at the same time, he charged towards Olivier, ignoring everything else. Dylin’s face turned slightly colder, and that third eye of his opened…

An invisible ripple once more surged forth.

Ojwin let out a low growl, allowing the invisible ripple to strike against his body. He only paused for a moment, before his speed picked up once again.

Dylin had broken through and reached the God level, but…Dylin was only an early stage God. Compared to Ojwin, there was still some difference between the two in power. If it weren’t for him relying on his innate gifts, Dylin’s earlier attack would have found it quite difficult to force Ojwin to retreat.

“Huh?” Ojwin turned to look towards another side in astonishment.

Dozens of rays of black light had shot out towards Ojwin from that far away in that direction. This time, Ojwin didn’t dare to take it head on, immediately trying to dodge at high speed. However, those dozens of rays of black light curved after him, and so Ojwin had to use his greatsword to block every single one of those rays of black light.

A human figured appeared next to Dylin.

It was a devilish youngster with long green hair.

“Dylin, you ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’, you really live up to the title of being a ‘divine beast’. In your true form, your speed truly is astonishing. Even I couldn’t catch up to you.” The green haired youngster laughed.

“Tarosse, enough chitchat. This fellow’s power is rather high. We’ll rely on your power now.” Dylin said with a cold face. “Don’t end up being beaten and losing face.”

“How could I?” Tarosse looked at Ojwin.

Ojwin was staring coldly at the two of them. “Gentlemen, I just want to kill that kid with black and white hair. As for Linley, I can spare him. Gentlemen…don’t interfere.” Ojwin had sensed the threat which these two experts posed.

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