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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 7, Willingly Surrender

This Ojwin really was diabolical. With but a simple phrase, he caused a hint of a crack to appear within Linley’s three-man alliance. Ojwin grinned merrily as he looked at Olivier and Desri, waiting for their response.

Staring at the distant Ojwin, Linley was actually worrying more about his family.

“This Ojwin is a full God. His power is far beyond that of myself, Desri, and Olivier. In addition, Ojwin has a group of subordinates. Those four experts behind him should all be Deities. It most likely will be very hard for me to flee.”

The situation had reached an extremely grave point.

His life, compared to the lives of his family and friends…if he could protect his family and friends, Linley wouldn’t mind dying.

“If Ojwin destroys Dragonblood Castle then immediately leaves, that’s fine. But if he were to find that pocket dimension, then…” Linley was afraid of Delia, Wharton, and the others being killed as well. Linley was also certain of one thing.

Once Ojwin saw Delia and the others, he would definitely act.

Because Ojwin would definitely realize that Delia, Barker, and Zassler all had divine sparks in their bodies.

“What to do?” Linley was somewhat panicked.

“Hey? Just now, when I arrived, I noticed quite a few people in Dragonblood Castle, as well as a good number of Saints. Where did they all disappear to?” Ojwin mumbled to himself in a ‘puzzled’ manner, staring at Linley.

Linley’s heart shook.

When Wharton and Delia had hidden themselves, Ojwin probably had been using his divine sense to inspect the entire Dragonblood Castle.

“My divine sense only noticed them entering an underground area, and then their auras vanished.” Ojwin had a hint of laughter at the corner of his lips. He stared at Linley as he slowly spoke. “Could it be that there is some sort of unique magic formation underground Dragonblood Castle that can hide auras? After dealing with you, I’ll definitely go take a look for myself.”

Linley’s forehead immediately became covered in sweat.

The nearby Desri was also somewhat nervous now.

The Desri in the outside world was just his divine light clone. Desri’s original body was still within that pocket dimension. After all, his original body didn’t have a divine spark. It wouldn’t be very effective to use his original body to attack.

“Linley, what should we do?” Desri used his divine sense to speak to Linley.

Linley was frantic as well.

Linley wouldn’t care too much if this divine wind clone was destroyed. But if…that pocket dimension was to be discovered by Ojwin, then, none of the people within would be able to survive.

“Bebe!” No longer thinking about anything else, Linley directly spoke with his soul to the distant Bebe, within the Forest of Darkness.

“Boss!” Bebe immediately replied. “You finally thought of me! I’ve missed you so much, Boss! When are you coming over?”

Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

Bebe was within the castle, sprawling lazily on the floor, enjoying the sunshine. But upon hearing Linley’s soul-communication, he immediately jumped up in excitement.

“Bebe, I need to ask you for something. There’s a full God known as ‘Ojwin’ who has already arrived at Dragonblood Castle, prepared for battle. I don’t know what the result will be. But Bebe, no matter what, you have to ask Lord Beirut to protect the group of people who are currently hiding in the pocket dimension.”

At this point, Linley could only entrust his hopes to Bebe.

“What? Boss, flee!” Bebe instantly grew nervous. A God…Bebe knew the difference between a Demigod and a God.

Linley’s heart felt sour.


Aside from the question of whether or not fleeing would be successful, right now, he simply couldn’t flee. Once he tried to flee, the battle would immediately begin, and naturally it would end very quickly. At that time, Ojwin would definitely find that ‘door’ to the pocket dimension, which would be disastrous.

“Bebe, my original body is within the pocket dimension. Don’t worry. Even if my divine clone is destroyed, I won’t die.” This was how Linley explained it.

But once his divine clone was destroyed, then…Linley would forever lose the ability to train the Elemental Laws of the Wind. This price couldn’t be described as a small one. But compared to the lives of his family, Linley couldn’t be bothered by it.

“Boss, don’t worry, I, I’ll come immediately.” Bebe was frantic.

“Bebe, remember, go find Lord Beirut.” Linley instructed.

The Forest of Darkness. The metallic castle.

“Grandpa Beirut, he isn’t here. He went to the Necropolis of the Gods. What to do. What to do. But Boss is in such a bad situation. The enemy is a God, while I, I, I’m not even at the Deity level yet.” Bebe was frantic, not knowing what to do.

“Boss, Boss, if you die…” Bebe’s eyes were beginning to turn red.

“Shkreeeeeeeeee!” Frantic to the point of insanity, Bebe raised his head and let out an ear-piercing, desolate screech.

“Bebe, what is it?” Soon, from within the metallic castle, three Violet-Gold Rat Kings flew out. It was Harry and his brothers.

Bebe said frantically, “A God has arrived at Dragonblood Castle to do battle, but Grandpa Beirut went to the Necropolis of the Gods. What should I do? What should I do now? If I waste any more time, then most likely…” Bebe’s eyes had tears in them.

The three Violet-Gold Rat Kings looked at each other, a hint of concern in their eyes as well.

Although this took time to describe, in truth, Linley and Bebe’s soul-communication took but an instant. The communication between a magical beast companion and his master, in particular, didn’t require Linley to use his divine sense at all…that Ojwin naturally couldn’t discover it. Ojwin was still staring at Desri and Olivier.

“Desri, Olivier, you two leave for now.” Linley mentally communicated to them.

Leave now?

Olivier and Desri did not choose to leave.

“Linley, let those people in the pocket dimension scatter in every direction.” Desri said mentally.

“Won’t work. Didn’t you see that behind Ojwin, there are Demigods as well as fifty-plus Prime Saints? Once Wharton and the others flee, they will definitely be doomed.” Linley knew very well that against the three of them, the full God, Ojwin, would be more than enough.

“Oh, how loyal of you.” Ojwin smirked as he stared at the three people who stood side-by-side in midair together.

“However, the price of loyalty is death.”

At this point in time, there was a difference of a hundred meters between the two sides. To Deities, at a very short distance, if one side was to suddenly attack, the other side probably wouldn’t even have a chance to react. A hundred meters…given the reaction time and speed of Deities, that was still enough to react and counter-attack.


Within a thousand meters, space was suddenly frozen. Or, more precisely speaking, through a God’s divine spark, the ‘light elemental essences’ within a thousand meters were all placed under complete control, and began to constrict Linley’s side. The higher level a divine spark was, the more powerful the control was.


A full God level Godrealm!

Linley and the others immediately used their own Godrealm to resist. Although they could just barely manage to control the elements of their own style, they still had the feeling as though they had sunken into a pit of mud.

“Not good.” Linley could tell that given the situation, with their speed having dropped drastically, while the opponent was a full God who definitely had a much more powerful understanding of the Laws and attacks…the result of this battle was predetermined, even before it had begun.

“Mr. Ojwin.” Linley suddenly boomed out.

“What is it?” Ojwin looked at Linley.

Linley ground his teeth, then said solemnly, “If I surrender willingly to you and return with you to the imperial capital, would you be willing to spare the people of Dragonblood City, as well as Desri and Olivier? I trust that my voluntary surrender would be much more effective to you than placing my corpse in the imperial capital.”

“When the commoners see my corpse, most likely many of them will think you intentionally found someone who looked just like me to fool them. They won’t believe that I died.”

“But if I personally go, it’ll be different.” Linley looked at Ojwin. “Your goal is their faith energy, right?”

Ojwin’s eyes lit up. Laughing, he said, “An excellent method!”

“Linley…” Desri and Olivier stared at Linley in astonishment.

Surrender willingly?

Linley’s heart was trembling. So what if he surrendered willingly? So what if his divine clone was destroyed? At worst, he would never again be able to train in the Elemental Laws of the Wind. But he only had one Delia. One little brother, Wharton. One Taylor, Sasha…

Linley didn’t want for them to die.

They were what Linley truly had to protect in this world.

Linley stared at Ojwin, waiting for Ojwin’s reply. Ojwin’s smile became even more brilliant, while at the same time, Linley’s side could sense the restrictive power of the Godrealm grow much weaker. Linley’s mind instantly calmed down.

The weakening of the Godrealm was a clear sign of how Ojwin felt.

“An excellent proposal. But, I don’t want to let you live.” Ojwin said with a calm laugh.

Linley’s face instantly changed. “Ojwin, you…”

“Whoosh!” The four Deities behind Ojwin instantly flew out, surrounding Linley, Desri, and Olivier.

“From you, I can sense a hint of a threat.” Ojwin laughed self-mockingly. “You’ve trained for less than a hundred years, but were able to kill a peak Demigod, Beaumont. To have a ‘genius’ like you for an enemy…it’s better to strangle this threat in the cradle.”

Ojwin had been training in the Gebados Planar Prison for countless years. How could he not know what was important and what wasn’t?

Since he was going to be enemies with Linley, he was going to kill Linley immediately.

“Milord, against these, there’s no need for you to personally act. We are more than enough.” A black-robed middle-aged man said respectfully.

“Make it fast.” Ojwin said with a calm laugh. “Two of you, go deal with Linley.” Ojwin had a total of four Demigods under his control. Two against Linley, while the other two would go deal with Desri and Olivier.

After all, according to Ojwin’s information, Linley’s strength far surpassed that of Olivier.

Even though he felt completely confident, Olivier still kept his divine sense spread out.

He was prepared to act at any moment’s notice to deal with any sudden changes in the situation.

But Linley’s primary attention was focused on Ojwin. He was worried that Ojwin would suddenly attack. Seeing how the four Demigods quickly divided themselves up, Linley felt a hint of resentment in his heart. “Desri, Olivier, whether we live or die is up to Heaven’s will now!!!”

“Kill.” Olivier’s eyes were filled with a fierce look as well.

Desri silently raised that slender sword of his.

“I hope Lord Beirut will be able to make it in time.” Linley murmured to himself silently.

At this moment, the only thing he could do was hope.

But how could Linley know that actually, since these two days were the days of the Necropolis of the Gods’ re-opening, Beirut had headed off to the Necropolis of the Gods. It was hard to say if he would make it back in time.

“The two of us against him?” The two black-robed men glanced at each other, laughing.

The four Demigods on Ojwin’s side had all had abundant experience in the Gebados Planar Prison. They definitely weren’t like those weak, early Demigods. Two of them joining forces against Linley; how could Linley hold them off?”


Warblades suddenly appeared in the hands of the two black-robed. They transformed into two black blurs, like two leaves gently descending as they streaked and charged towards Linley Wielding Bloodviolet, Linley’s body moved, transforming into a gust of wind.

Countless flashes of devilish violet light filled the skies, like countless violet vipers snapping in every direction.

Rippling Wind – Dimensional Decapitator!

The sound of countless collisions could be heard, and space itself was destroyed.

“Boom.” Linley’s body retreated at high speed. He spat out a mouthful of bright red blood, which splattered into the air.

Not far from Linley, Olivier had also been sent flying by a sword.

“Ah!!!” Desri emitted a desolate, miserable cry.

From the corner of his eyes, Linley discovered, to his astonishment, that half of Desri’s body had been chopped off by an illusion-like saber. Desri only had his upper half of his body remaining, and a single hand. Even his right hand, which had been wielding his divine artifact, went tumbling down along with the rest of his body.

In but the first engagement, Linley’s side had been badly injured.

“Hurry up.” The person who was in control of the scene, Ojwin, actually frowned in dissatisfaction.

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