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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 6, A Legend

“Muba, please continue.” Linley was listening carefully.

Muba said with a smile, “The master of Bluefire City is Lord ‘Bluefire’, one of the five great Kings! Lord Bluefire is a very mysterious person. His power is unquestionably massive, and he virtually never shows himself. In fact, no one can even be certain if he is still within Bluefire City. In the city of Bluefire, the person whose status and power is only lower than Lord Bluefire is Lord Adkins, a mighty Highgod!”


Linley’s heart trembled. He couldn’t help but sigh secretly. “Olivier, you wanted to get revenge for your little brother, but it’s just become very difficult.”

The experts who destroyed War God mountain were led by this Adkins.

Olivier, kill Adkins? How?

“Linley, there are differences amongst Highgods as well. There is a major difference in power between someone who became a Highgod through fusing a divine spark and who knows the laws but not how to use them, and someone who became a Highgod through personal efforts. In the Gebados Planar Prison, the weakest of any particular level will be destroyed.”

Muba said, “Lord Adkins has been famous for ten billion years. Even in the Gebados Planar Prison, he is an exceedingly powerful Highgod.”

“I understand. We do not dare to go irritate that Adkins.” Linley said self-mockingly.

Knowing how powerful the enemy was, Linley now knew how he should act towards them.

“What else? The Yulan continent can’t possibly just have those few experts.” Linley asked.

Muba nodded. “The Rohault Empire, after having suffered that calamity, lost a hundred million people, and most of the remaining citizens left. There’s virtually no one left in the Empire now. Naturally, it doesn’t count. At present, the Rhine, Yulan, and Baruch Empires have all been taken over by full Gods, while the O’Brien Empire is occupied by Lord Adkins.”

“All Gods?” Linley felt sourness in his heart.

Olivier really had released quite a few experts with that sword blow of his. There were even multiple Gods amongst them.

“I know the God who is in control of the Yulan Empire. His name is Oerph [Ao’er’pu]. As for the person who is in control of the Rhine Empire, I’m not too sure. As for the Holy Union and the Dark Alliance, I’m not too familiar with that area, so I’m not sure either.” Muba said.

Linley nodded slightly.

Regardless of what was going on in the two alliances west of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, all of the four Empires east of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts had been taken over.

“Muba.” Linley suddenly had a surprising thought.

“What?” Muba, seeing the look on Linley’s face, couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Linley hurriedly asked, “You said that the master of Bluefire City is ‘Bluefire’, one of the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison. When the interdimensional gate opened this time, do you think this Lord Bluefire also managed to flee into the Yulan Plane?”

Muba was stunned.

“This…I don’t know.” Muba sighed in praise. “If Lord Bluefire arrived in the Yulan Plane, then that would be absolutely incredible. Most likely even the likes of Lord Beirut, an Emissary of a Sovereign, wouldn’t necessarily be able to overcome Lord Bluefire.”

Knowing the history of the Gebados Planar Prison, Linley secretly nodded as well.

“The Five Kings…”

Linley felt a hint of amazement in his heart.


This Gebados Planar Prison was formed when the universe itself was formed. The number of experts who had been imprisoned within was a staggeringly high figure. For someone to be able to reach the peak of power amongst those countless experts and become one of the five Kings of the entire Planar Prison…someone like this would definitely be one of the most powerful types of Highgods.

“But Lord Bluefire rarely even shows himself within Bluefire City. It’s possible that he wasn’t even in Bluefire City at the time.” Muba said.

“Muba, I’m very confused about something.” Linley frowned.

“Please, speak.” Muba’s attitude was very friendly.

Linley nodded slightly. “I’ve always been wondering. I can understand why Demigods and Gods are remaining in the Yulan continent. After all, they want to acquire divine sparks in the Necropolis of the Gods. But…that Lord Adkins is a Highgod. Why is he remaining in the Yulan Plane as well? He’s already a Highgod. Could it be that the Necropolis of the Gods actually has a Sovereign spark?” Linley said jokingly.

Linley knew very well that the number of Sovereigns was fixed. Earth, fire, water, wind, lightning, light, darkness. The seven elemental styles, each of which only had seven Sovereigns. In the countless planes, the number of Deities who had arisen over the course of endless years was truly an astronomical figure.

Just look at the Gebados Planar Prison. And that was just one plane.

Countless planes added together?

Especially the Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes…the number was astonishing, far more than one could even imagine.

But Sovereigns?

The earth-style only had seven of them! Only when one of them fell would another Highgod be able to obtain a Sovereign spark and take on the position of Sovereign. But how could someone as powerful as a Sovereign die easily? What’s more, the Necropolis of the Gods was nothing more than a game for Sovereigns.

Would a Sovereign place a Sovereign’s spark inside?

Even if a Sovereign wanted to, the Sovereign would have to acquire a Sovereign’s spark first.


Muba shook his head. “Linley, you don’t know this, but the Necropolis of the Gods has Sovereign artifacts within it.”

“Sovereign artifacts?” Linley was somewhat surprised. “Even a Sovereign has to wholeheartedly nurture a divine artifact for countless years before being able to produce a Sovereign artifact. Can it be that the Sovereign who created the Necropolis of the Gods is willing to place a Sovereign artifact within?”

“Not just Sovereign artifacts…”

Muba said mysteriously. “According to legend, on the eighteen floor of the Necropolis of the Gods, there are Sovereign sparks!”

“What a joke. What an utter joke.” Linley laughed loudly.

“Not necessarily.” Muba said solemnly. “Linley, you don’t know this, but most of the people imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison are experts from throughout the history of the Yulan Plane. But ten thousand years ago and five thousand years ago, most of those newly imprisoned were outsider experts. What caused so many experts from other planes to come here?”

“The Necropolis of the Gods?” Linley asked.

Muba laughed and said, “More importantly, it wasn’t just ordinary Deities who descended to the Yulan Plane. There were Highgods as well! Extremely powerful Highgods, such as that legendary figure of the Infernal Realm, the Bloodviolet Fiend. And that time, the Bloodviolet Fiend wasn’t the only Highgod to descend.”

Linley’s heart shuddered.

He thought of his own Bloodviolet sword.

“Tell me, why did those extremely powerful Highgods come? Just for ordinary divine artifacts and divine sparks? Think about it. It’s impossible.” Muba laughed. “That’s why I’m sure that the Necropolis of the Gods definitely has Sovereign artifacts within it. As to whether or not it has Sovereign sparks, I’m not sure. However, in the Gebados Planar Prison, there are constantly rumors of Sovereign sparks being in the Necropolis of the Gods.”

Linley sighed unceasingly.

No wonder that Adkins was remaining in the Yulan Plane.

Linley and Muba chatted for a long time, then after they had lunch together, Muba left. As for Linley, he naturally once more returned to his training. Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, yet another month had passed. It was only a few days before the War God and the High Priest were going to return.

The Baruch Empire. Within a magnificent manor.

An elegant, white-robed, middle-aged man was seated within a pavilion, drinking wine while enjoying the scenery of the garden. It was the God who had destroyed the imperial palace; Ojwin.

“Father.” A golden-haired youth walked over.

“Hrm?” Ojwin glanced at the youth. In the past, when he had been imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison, he was just a Prime Saint, while his son had just reached the Saint level.

During the countless years of imprisonment within the Gebados Planar Prison, Ojwin had worked hard to protect his son. After bitter years of training, he had reached the God level, while his son had become a Demigod.

Finally, the two of them, father and son, had escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison.

“Father, although the Baruch Empire’s various provinces were easily pacified, the citizens of the Empire all have faith towards that ‘Linley’. It is rather vexing.” The gold-haired youth frowned. “Changing one’s faith isn’t an easy thing.”

Kill those citizens? That was an idiot’s action.

Ojwin’s homeland was the Yulan Plane as well. He wouldn’t act that rashly.

“That, is easy.” Ojwin had a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

“Oh?” The gold-haired man looked curiously at his father.

“They worship Linley, right? I’ve heard that Dragonblood Castle is the most sacred location in the entire Baruch Empire. Then…tomorrow, let’s head out and directly raze the Dragonblood Castle to the ground, while at the same time we can kill that Linley. When the time comes, we’ll hang Linley’s corpse up on the city walls of the imperial capital.”

“At the same time, we’ll make up a slightly altered story.”

Ojwin looked at his son. “This sort of affair is easily managed. All we need to do is make him look bad, then kill him, while afterwards creating some miracles of our own. Soon, the commoners will change their faith.”

Within Dragonblood Castle.

“Big sis, in the next few days, Lord Dylin and the others will return. By then, the situation will be much better.” Rebecca and her sister, Leena, were walking in the rear garden, their heads raised. “I really hope the War God and the High Priest could arrive right now.”

Leena laughed. “Don’t be in such a rush. It’ll be soon.”

“Aren’t you in a rush as well?” Rebecca suddenly stared wide. “Hey, someone’s flying over! Could it be the War God and the others? Hey…why are they coming from the north?”

Leena raised her head as well.

The northern horizon had multiple people flying towards their direction. But soon, they could tell that it wasn’t multiple people; it was a large group of people! There were at least fifty or sixty experts present.

“Not good.” Leena’s face instantly changed.

There was only a single side from the north that could send out so many human experts!

“Quick, quickly inform Lord Linley.”

Leena and Rebecca immediately ran towards the location where Linley was training.

Before they arrived however, Linley himself noticed the many human figures in the air. His face couldn’t help but change, and he immediately sent out his divine sense. “Wharton, quick. Take Arnold and the others and all enter the pocket dimension immediately.”

Although the ‘door’ to the pocket dimension would attack others, as long as Saints guarded others with their protective aura, they would still be able to block the attacks for a short time. In addition…Linley’s main body was in the pocket dimension as well.

“Understood, bro.” Wharton, seeing the northern skies filled with people, also knew that the situation was dire.

“Quick, Nina, don’t worry about anything else.” Wharton picked up Arnold and immediately rushed towards the pocket dimension.

They didn’t have any time to flee. They had to immediately flee into the pocket dimension. Even if the others destroyed Dragonblood Castle the way War God Mountain and the imperial palace had been destroyed, at least Wharton, Delia, and the others wouldn’t be harmed.

Linley’s original body immediately called out to Olivier and Desri, awakening them. “Quick, Ojwin’s men have come!” Olivier and Desri were greatly shocked. They immediately rushed out of the pocket dimension, hurrying to the ground level.

“Linley, come out!!!”

A thick, deep voice shook the entire Dragonblood Castle.

“He really has come for me.” Linley raised his head, staring at the large group of people who had come to a halt in mid-air. There were nearly sixty of them, with the leader being a middle-aged man dressed in an utterly immaculate long blue robe. His golden hair shone under the light, appearing quite dazzling.

Linley, Olivier, and Desri glanced at each other, then flew into mid-air together.

“Haha, you really have courage.” The leading middle-aged man laughed, and then he swept his gaze towards Linley’s group. “Which of you is Linley?”

“Ojwin, you don’t know me, but you’ve come looking for me?” Linley said with a calm laugh as he looked at him.

“Oh, you know my name. Not bad.” The middle-aged man looked at him and nodded slightly. “I’ve heard quite a bit about you. You are indeed quite a talent. I didn’t want to kill you, but your citizens all worship you. The best way to change a population’s faith is to destroy the god they worship.”

“You should know what my purpose in coming is by now, right?” Ojwin smiled as he looked at Linley, speaking with great courtesy.

Before killing someone, he was grinning merrily and saying to that person, ‘I’m going to kill you!’

This really was quite a detestable habit.

“Of course, the other two, I don’t have to kill. I just have to kill you, Linley.” Ojwin looked at Desri and Olivier. “The two of you can leave.”

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