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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 5, Sound

O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

That handsome young man, Adkins, who had been seated in a resting room, chatting and laughing, suddenly stopped smiling. He stared coldly towards the north, letting out an icy snort. “This Beirut really does have the power of a Highgod. However, he’s a bit too ferocious.”

“Lord Adkins.” That silver-haired old man behind him said respectfully, “This Beirut acts ferociously, but he has the ability to back it up.”

“He just relies on the Sovereign behind him to back him up.” Adkins’ slender eyebrows narrowed. His eyes were as sharp as dagger.

But Adkins knew very well that although Highgods had completely mastered their Law, in front of a Sovereign…a single thought from the Sovereign could kill the Highgod. Sovereigns were far above them, inviolable presences that could only be gazed upon in awe.

“If…if I could…” Adkins’ had a desire in his heart.

In the Gebados Planar Prison, he too had heard of what the Necropolis of the Gods contained. Even someone as him, who had the exalted position of Highgod, was filled with desire towards the treasure hidden on the eighteenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. But Adkins knew…

The Necropolis of the Gods was a game designed by a Sovereign.

If he wanted to enter the Necropolis of the Gods, he had to obey the rules which the Sovereign had set. To disobey the rules…was to disobey the will of the Sovereign. To disobey the will of the Sovereign…the results of that didn’t need to be questioned.

“Barnas [Ba’na’si], have you finished the investigation?” Adkins asked coldly.

The silver-haired old man behind him said respectfully, “Lord Adkins, your subordinate has already completed the investigation. Those Deities O’Brien and Catherine went to the Necropolis of the Gods nine years ago. In two more months, the ten years will be up, and they should return.”


Adkins revealed a rare hint of a smile on his face. “I will endure for two more months.”

“No one is permitted to compete against me!” Adkins murmured to himself, then he grabbed that cup of wine and gulped it all down!

Dragonblood Castle.

Linley had already informed Desri and Olivier of the existence of the pocket dimension training room. At this point in time, Linley hoped that Desri and Olivier would also be able to rapidly improve. Olivier, Desri, and Linley’s original body were all there training.

As for Delia, she was in her normal room.

After all, it didn’t make much of a difference if she was fusing a divine spark in the pocket dimension or in an ordinary place. Linley’s original body was in the pocket dimension, whole-heartedly focusing on training the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’. As for the divine wind clone, it was in Dragonblood Castle, quietly meditating on the Profound Truths of Velocity as well as Bloodviolet.

In the western gardens of Dragonblood Castle, there were a few dwarf trees. It was a very quiet place.

Dressed in a light green robe, Linley was completely absorbed in meditating on the Profound Truths of the Wind and Bloodviolet.

“According to what Muba said, divine artifacts are divided into three levels. The high level divine artifacts can be described as Highgod artifacts. Above those are Sovereign artifacts. My Bloodviolet…should be a Highgod artifact.” Linley was using his spiritual energy to nurture Bloodviolet. He was able to sense Bloodviolet’s spirit.

By now, Linley had seen many divine artifacts.

But none of those divine artifacts could come close to being comparable with Bloodviolet.

“A Deity’s power is partially based on his understanding of the Laws and their applications. The other part is how well he utilizes his divine artifacts. Although I am a Demigod, if I am able to bring forth all of the power of Bloodviolet…” Linley thought back to the attack he had developed, the ‘Hymn of the Wind’.

The Hymn of the Wind combined a spiritual attack, Bloodviolet’s special properties, and the Profound Truths of Wind.

There was no need to spend much time describing its power; for him to be able to kill Beaumont with a single sword was something which Linley felt very satisfied about.

“This Hymn of the Wind, it seems…” Linley was frowning.

In Linley’s mind, he was constantly visualizing the usage of the Hymn of the Wind. His spiritual energy and Bloodviolet, mated together along with the Profound Truths of Velocity…

Although Linley was capable of utilizing the Hymn of the Wind, in truth, he didn’t fully understand the principles behind it.

“Originally, Delia had said that Bloodviolet’s sound alone was causing her soul to shake and her entire body to feel weak. Even that Beaumont…when I utilized ‘Hymn of the Wind’, Beaumont was unable to control his spiritual energy to block it.

Linley had discovered…the power of sound!


Linley remembered that Snowy Panda-Cat he had met in the Necropolis of the Gods. That Snowy Panda-Cat had been wielding a flute while threatening him.

“Sound can influence, mystify, and attack the soul!” Linley came to this conclusion. “As for my Elemental Laws of the Wind, they seem to contain the Profound Mysteries of Sound.”

Linley didn’t actually understand the Profound Mysteries of Sound.

When he had originally developed the ‘Hymn of the Wind’, it was because Bloodviolet contained this sort of aspect to it already. Linley just utilized the Profound Truths of the Wind to slightly activate the sword song of Bloodviolet, resulting in that special effect. But now, Linley wanted to focus on researching this Profound Mysteries of Sound.


Linley’s divine power filled Bloodviolet, and Bloodviolet began to tremble, emitting that humming sword song.

“Where’s Lord Linley? Inside?” Gates walked into the west garden of Dragonblood Castle.

The serving maid said with a laugh, “Lord Gates, Lord Linley said that he needs to focus on his training. No matter who it is, without his permission, nobody is to be permitted to enter the west garden. Right now, the only person in the west garden is Lord Linley himself.”

“No person is permitted to enter?” Gates was somewhat surprised.

So what if someone went in while he was training?

However, how could they know that Linley was currently researching the Profound Mysteries of Sound, of the Elemental Laws of the Wind? The sound attacks he created wouldn’t harm himself, of course, but if someone else entered, it would easily harm them. As for Linley, he wasn’t slowly researching this Profound Mysteries of Sound in a prescribed order.

He was only starting off from what he knew of Bloodviolet as his base to heighten the power of Bloodviolet.

If one wanted to advance in a short period of time, one had to focus on the weapon.

“Everyone is meditating and training. The atmosphere of Dragonblood Castle has changed.” Gates turned and left. During this period of time, Linley, Desri, and Olivier, the three Deities, were all training nonstop, hoping to raise their power yet again.

As for Barker, Zassler, Delia, and Haeru, they were all fusing their divine sparks.

But who would have imagined that Linley continued training in the west garden without stopping. Over the course of an entire month, Linley didn’t leave the west garden a single time. As for the other people of Dragonblood Castle, they didn’t dare to disobey Linley’s orders. They had to wait.

Wharton, Gates, Ankh, Boone, and the others were walking side by side as they left the training grounds.

“That simple, single sword attack of Olivier’s released a group of experts. This really is a huge headache.” Gates said.

Wharton nodded as well.

Olivier’s single sword blow had utterly turned the Yulan continent on its head.

“When the War God and the High Priest come back, they will most likely be stupefied.” Gates smirked.

“You know, that’s so true. Both their Empires are gone.” Hazer laughed as well.

“When they are back, they’ll need to have a conference with my big brother on how to deal with this disaster.” Wharton said with some anticipation.

The more people they had, the easier to accomplish some things. Although the War God and the High Priest were also Demigods, they had reached that level a long time ago. In addition, Dylin was himself a divine beast. If their group of Demigods joined forces, they could still manage to find some stable footing.

“All we can do is wait. In another month, the War God and the others will be back.” Wharton said.

“I hope the War God and the others were able to make breakthroughs in the Necropolis of the Gods.” Ankh said seriously. “If they didn’t break through, even if the War God and the others return, it’ll be hard to say if they will be able to defeat that Ojwin.”

The group suddenly paused in their chatting.

In front of them was a middle-aged man, dressed in simple long robes. A hint of a smile was on this man’s face.

“Who are you?” Ankh shouted the question.

“Muba?” Wharton frowned. Last time, when Muba had come, Wharton had seen him.

“He’s that Deity, Muba?” Ankh and the others were a bit surprised as well. That day, when Muba had arrived, Ankh and the others hadn’t seen them. Afterwards, when they had heard of Muba, all they knew was that Muba was a Deity-level expert.”

“Wharton.” Muba’s face still had that faint smile on it. “I’m here to see Linley.”

“My big bro is currently training. Only…” Wharton shook his head. “My big bro gave the order that without his permission, nobody is permitted to go in and disturb him. You came at an unfortunate time.”

“Oh?” Muba immediately spread out his divine sense.

Instantly, he located Linley in the west garden. When their divine senses touched, Linley discovered Muba as well. “Oh, it’s Muba. If there’s something to discuss, come over.”

Muba’s body flashed towards the west garden.

“This Muba.” Wharton was rather angry. “My big bro forbade anyone from going in to disturb him, but he’s still going in.” Wharton immediately ran towards the west garden. Wharton didn’t know that Linley had spoken to Muba through their divine senses. Soon, Wharton arrived at the gate to the west garden.

The maid stationed outside the west garden’s gate was currently running away from it.

“Why are you running around?” Wharton barked at them.

“Lord Wharton.” The maid curtsied. “Lord Linley ordered me to go prepare some fine wine and delicacies for his guest.”

Within the west garden of Dragonblood Castle.

“Mr. Linley, I am in admiration. In such a short period of time, the three of you, joining forces, actually managed to kill Beaumont.” Muba sighed in praise. “That Beaumont was an extremely powerful Demigod. He was very strong in both spiritual and regular attacks.”

Linley laughed as he glanced at Muba.

“Mr. Muba, I’m not sure why you have made this trip. Please tell me.” Linley said directly.

Muba smiled. “I’ve come to help you, Linley.”

“Help me?” Linley couldn’t help but look at Muba in surprise.

In truth, he and Muba didn’t have a deep relationship between them. Last time, Muba had told him some information about divine artifacts. As a result, Linley focused on attuning with Bloodviolet and meditating on combining Bloodviolet, his spiritual energy, and the Profound Truths of the Wind, eventually developing the Hymn of the Wind.

One could say that without Muba’s information, he wouldn’t have been able to develop the Hymn of the Wind.

“My situation right now really is quite terrible. Can it be that you, Mr. Muba, have come to help my side fight my enemies?” Linley asked.

“I don’t have that sort of ability.” Muba laughed. “I’ve come to give you some information on those Deities that have appeared in that Yulan continent, Linley.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel wild joy in his heart.

Linley still had no idea how powerful that Ojwin who destroyed his imperial palace was, which was why he hadn’t dared to take any action.

“Then let me thank you in advance, Mr. Muba. Mr. Muba, please tell me the detailed information. I will be endlessly grateful.” Linley said seriously.

Muba laughed. “Mr. Linley, no need to be so grateful. I’m doing this to make friends with you, Mr. Linley. As long as you consider myself your friend, Linley, then everything I’ve done will have been worth it.” Muba’s smile was very sincere.

Linley didn’t spend any time thinking about what Muba’s aims were. At least he was willing to help out.

“Mr. Muba, you are my friend, of course. Muba, please speak, especially regarding that Ojwin.” Linley said.

Muba nodded as he spoke. “Before that, Linley, let me first tell you that there is a city within the Gebados Planar Prison known as ‘Bluefire City’. Within Bluefire City, Ojwin is a rather famous expert, and his power in Bluefire City is fairly high as well. He has reached the God level.” Hearing Muba’s words, Linley couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

A full God!

For now at least, he couldn’t act against Ojwin.

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