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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 44, Only One Person

Within the Forest of Darkness, upon that empty terrain where the battle had just occurred, Linley was currently reaping the spoils of war. His face couldn’t help but reveal a grin. “So many treasures. Killing Deities and taking their wealth really is a rather attractive proposition. All I did was kill Ojwin, but I received so many treasures. Most likely, in the Infernal Realm, there are many people who are willing to engage in this sort of business which involves no sunken costs.”

Soon, the treasures were all collected.

“Two Highgod artifacts, one Highgod spark, and four God sparks as well as five interspatial rings.” Linley couldn’t help but feel excited.

Four God sparks!

Adding those to the two God sparks he had already acquired meant Linley would have six God sparks now.

“These two Highgod artifacts…” Linley weighed the two divine artifacts with his eyes. One was the Spear of Cortez, while the other was a black dagger.

When Beirut had killed Adkins, he had only taken the two divine sparks as he left.

Adkins had two Highgod artifacts, one of which was destroyed. The other was this black dagger, which was sent flying far away. Linley naturally collected it.

Linley put the Highgod artifact and the divine spark into his interspatial ring. Only five rings remained in his hand.

“I wonder what these interspatial rings of the four Gods contain. Once I return to Dragonblood Castle, I’ll take a closer look. Also, Adkins’ interspatial ring. Aside from divine sparks, perhaps there are some other treasures within.” Linley secretly thought to himself.

“Fortunately, I sensed the energy wave and immediately returned. Otherwise, a wonderful opportunity would have slipped away.” Linley secretly celebrated.

This time, not only had he gained revenge for little Kass, he had also acquired quite a few divine sparks and divine artifacts. Linley wouldn’t disdain having more treasures such as things; the more the better.

“I was right at the Forest of Darkness, so of course I was able to hurry over. Any Deities outside the Forest of Darkness who wanted to fly over would probably still take nearly an hour to get here.” Linley was certain that nobody would be able to make it in time. After all, the battle just now had only taken a little bit of time.

Linley glanced at the area. “However, it’s still best to leave immediately!”


Linley immediately took to the air, wanting to fly towards the south.

“Linley, don’t be in an urge to leave.” A sound rang out in Linley’s mind, while at the same time, a black shadow appeared in front of Linley. Black hair, black whiskers. It was Lord Beirut, who had killed Adkins so easily just now!

“Lord Beirut.” Linley felt relaxed.

Beirut looked at Linley, a hint of amusement in his eyes. “Linley, you have gotten quite a nice haul of things today.”

“I was lucky. I sensed that powerful energy wave, so I hurried back to see what was happening. Only, my flying speed wasn’t fast enough. By the time I made it here, that Adkins had already died. All I could do was watch as the four of them fought and killed each other.” Linley said honestly.

Beirut nodded. As far as Beirut was concerned, he didn’t care at all about these items which Linley had acquired.

“Linley, there’s something I must tell you.” Beirut went straight to the point.

“Oh?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

Beirut laughed calmly, “In the past, didn’t I inform all of the Deities of the Yulan continent via mental message that the Necropolis of the Gods will open a thousand years from now?”

“Yes.” Linley was somewhat puzzled. “Lord Beirut, have you changed your plans?” Linley could sense that Beirut’s words had a hidden meaning within them. He couldn’t help but make this guess. If Beirut had this intention, that would be normal.

Currently, in the Yulan continent, aside from Beirut himself, now that Sadista and Adkins were dead, the only Highgod remaining was ‘Bluefire’ Leylin.

“No.” Beirut shook his head. “A thousand years from now, I will still open the Necropolis of the Gods. However, I have already discussed this with Bluefire. Half a month from now, I will permit Bluefire to enter the Necropolis of the Gods by himself.”

“Just him alone?” Linley was very surprised.

Beirut nodded.

“Lord Beirut, there are other Deities present in the Yulan continent.” Linley said hurriedly. Linley felt that for Beirut to act in such a way seemed to be rather unfair to the other Deities. After all, everyone else was present at the Yulan continent as well. They should at least be given a chance.

Beirut shook his head. “No need. The greatest treasure of the Necropolis of the Gods can only be acquired by the most powerful of Highgods. Your ordinary Demigods and Gods will at most be able to acquire a divine spark within.”

Linley’s heart was stirred. “This ‘greatest treasure’ is most likely a Sovereign artifact.”

Beirut continued, “Thus, Linley, help me inform Tarosse and the others about this affair. Whether they stay or leave is up to them.” Beirut had a bit of a relationship to Tarosse, after all.

Tarosse had, after all, served as the manager of the lower eleven floors of the Necropolis of the Gods.

“I will definitely convey your words.” Linley said.

And then, Linley and Beirut separated. Linley flew at high speed back to Dragonblood Castle.

Upon returning to Dragonblood Castle, Linley first bound the five interspatial rings with blood, giving the contents of the ring a good inspection. While inspecting the rings, he found some excellent items within. Ojwin’s interspatial ring had a fire-style Demigod spark, Gatenby’s had a earth-style Demigod spark, and there were several divine artifacts as well.

Now, Linley had a total of six God sparks and two Demigod sparks. He had multiple Demigod artifacts and God artifacts, as well as two Highgod artifacts.

As soon as he had returned, Linley had begun to sort through and put these things on display, frightening the nearby Delia. Afterwards, Linley described what had happened in detail. Only then did Delia let out a sigh of relief.

Within the room where Linley and Delia stayed. Linley was drinking a cup of cool fruit wine.

“That Ojwin finally died.” Delia let out a long breath.

“He’s dead. When Cena hears the news, he should feel a bit better.” In his heart, Linley had always felt that it was still the fault of Olivier, Desri, and himself that so many experts had descended from the Gebados Planar Prison and caused trouble.

Delia could sense the pressure Linley felt from these words. Changing the topic, she said, “Linley, in the past, the Yulan continent didn’t have many Deities, and divine sparks were rare. I didn’t imagine that you would be able to obtain so many divine sparks.”

“So many divine sparks?” Linley knew well that every single divine spark had been obtained through slaughter. If it wasn’t others trying to kill him, it was him killing others.

“Divine sparks aren’t so easily acquired.” Linley sighed.

Hearing this, Delia understood what Linley was thinking.

“I suddenly understand a little.” Delia’s eyes had a light flash through them. “In the past, there were very few Deities in the Yulan continent. You could count them on one hand. Naturally, divine sparks would be hard to acquire. However, these days, Deities are everywhere. Only the powerful can obtain divine sparks. The weak will be killed. It is much like how the rich will accumulate more wealth, while the poor will be robbed of even what little they have.”

For someone as mighty as Beirut or Bluefire, if they wanted divine sparks, they could acquire them easily. Even most Highgods would easily be killed by them.

As for Linley, he had originally belonged to the group who would be ‘robbed’.

Only, he had that damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The damaged Sovereign artifact had caused Linley’s status to change. It gave him a stable footing to at least avoid being robbed. Occasionally, he could plunder others!

“Right, Linley. Right now, since you have two Demigod sparks of earth and fire, as well as God sparks, doesn’t that mean you can let two people become full Gods?” Delia suddenly asked.

Linley had a thought. “Fire element?”

When Anras had died, Linley had acquired a fire God spark. Ojwin, in his interspatial ring, had a fire element Demigod spark.

“Wharton!” Linley suddenly sent his divine sense to Wharton. “Wharton, come to my courtyard.”

Wharton liked training in the Elemental Laws of Fire. Unfortunately, Wharton’s talent was very average. Given his training speed, he would most likely have to train for thousands of years or even longer before reaching the Deity level.

“Big bro.” Wharton pushed open the door to the courtyard, laughing as he walked in. “Big bro, you called?”

Linley laughed as he looked at his little brother. “Wharton, how are you doing in terms of analyzing the Elemental Laws of Fire?”

As Linley mentioned this, Wharton’s face turned sour. He said with resignation, “Big bro, you know what my training speed is like. Right now, I have only made a little bit of progress. Given this sort of speed, who knows how long it will be before I reach the Prime Saint level, much less breaking through the Prime Saint bottleneck and reaching the Deity level.”

Linley laughed.

“Wharton, take a look at this.” With a flip of his hand, Linley placed the two fire divine sparks on the stone table.

Wharton, seeing the black sparks emanating a red light, stared with round eyes. He then looked at Linley in astonishment, stuttering, “Big bro, you, what are you…?”

“These are two fire-style divine sparks. One is a Demigod spark, while the other is a God spark. First fuse with that spark, and afterwards, go fuse with the God spark. After completely fusing with the two, you will be a full God.” Linley said with assurance and confidence.

Wharton was somewhat numb. He had just been chatting casually with his wife just now, but all of a sudden, Linley had called him over and was now telling him…‘I have two sparks. Fuse with them and you will be a God.’

“G-, God-level Deity?” Wharton felt his mind enter a state of disorder. All he could think of were those three words ‘God-level Deity’.

Linley and Delia looked at each other and laughed.

“Whoah!” Wharton let out a long breath. His brain finally started to function again. He looked at Linley. “Big bro, you really make me speechless. All these years, I’ve been dreaming about becoming a Deity one day. But I wouldn’t have expected that in the blink of an eye, you are suddenly about to make me become a God. This…this is really! Big bro, you can’t make others feel so bad about themselves like this. I am about to be scared silly.”

“You little punk.”

Linley laughed while berating him, “Remember, first fuse with the Demigod spark.”

“I’m going to start fusing now!” Wharton couldn’t repress his excitement. He immediately bound the Demigod spark and took it into his body, then stored the God spark into his interspatial ring. Wharton intentionally sighed, “Alas, big bro, you still aren’t THAT awesome. If you were able to acquire a fire-style Highgod spark for me to fuse…then in the future, I’d be a Highgod, right?”

Looking at the chortling Wharton, Linley understood that Wharton was in an extremely good mood.

“You want a Highgod spark? Hurry up and go have people prepare a banquet for tonight. Tonight, I have something important to declare.”

Wharton immediately replied loudly, “No problem at all!”

In Dragonblood Castle, the Deities only occasionally gathered together to eat. Tonight, Linley actively invited Tarosse, Dylin, and the others. Linley still remembered Beirut’s instructions to him.

That night, at the banquet, everyone was laughing calmly while eating and drinking.

“Everyone.” Linley suddenly raised his voice. Instantly, the entire hall became quiet.

Tarosse, Dylin, the War God, and the High Priest all looked puzzledly at Linley.

“There’s something I must tell everyone. Lord Beirut, in the coming days, will take Lord Bluefire into the Necropolis of the Gods.” Linley said.

“He is going to open the Necropolis of the Gods early?” Tarosse said in surprise and excitement.

Linley shook his head. “Not exactly, because this time, he will only let Lord Bluefire enter by himself.”

Tarosse and Dylin were both stunned. They were both remaining at the Yulan continent primarily because they wanted to have a chance to see what the greatest treasure of the Necropolis of the Gods was. They just wanted to watch and be amused, in truth.

“We won’t be allowed in? We won’t even know if Lord Bluefire will obtain the treasure or not.” Tarosse shook his head and sighed, then glanced sideways at Dylin. “Dylin, what do you think? I feel rather bored now. That Adkins is also dead, and only Lord Bluefire will be allowed into the Necropolis of the Gods. As I see it, the Yulan continent is now rather boring. I’m planning to leave the Yulan Plane in the next few days and go to the Infernal Realm. What about you?”


Dylin hesitated for a moment, then said, “Then, I’ll go with you to the Infernal Realm.”

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