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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 39, Drawing Legs on a Snake

Nieff’s twelve bodies were originally using their legs to attack, and hadn’t used any divine artifacts, because Nieff didn’t want to reveal his true body to Linley. However, as Linley smashed down towards his true body with his adamantine heavy sword, Nieff’s true body retrieved that spotted black spear with a flip of his hand.

“Slash!” Space distorted.


The adamantine heavy sword and the spotted black spear collided, and a surge of gray-colored, illusory, sword-shaped power ignored Nieff’s defense and entered Nieff’s body. This was the vastly improved ‘Voidwave Sword’ which Linley had developed after fusing the ‘Essence of the Earth’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.

“Die!” At the same time Nieff controlled his spiritual energy to block the Voidwave Sword, he wildly used his other bodies to attack Linley.

Even if he were to die, he would kill Linley!

In addition, Nieff didn’t care too much about this attack of Linley’s. As Nieff saw it…how powerful could Linley’s spiritual attack possibly be? Most likely he just controlled and shaped a surge of spiritual energy to form this attack. However, Nieff was wrong!

Countless dense pulses of spiritual energy, thrumming in accordance with the Throbbing Pulse of the World, formed into a whole.


The Voidwave Sword’s countless pulses of spiritual energy smashed directly against his spiritual defense, breaking through it as though it were nothing but rotten wood. It directly entered Nieff’s sea of consciousness, violently smashing upon that divine spark which was emitting a green light. Nieff only sensed a sudden, massive vibration from his soul, and then Nieff lost all consciousness.

Right at this moment…

Countless rays of white light suddenly appeared from everywhere, and Nieff’s twelve bodies were completely bound by the rays of light, completely unable to move at all. Naturally, he was also no longer able to attack Linley at all.

“Haha, Linley.” Gentle laughter rang out. A handsome youth appeared before Linley and Bebe.

“Lord Adkins.” Linley was somewhat surprised. Why had this Adkins suddenly appeared? However, Linley still said gratefully, “Thank you for your assistance, Lord Adkins.”

Adkins felt a hint of delight in his heart.

Ever since that day when he had spread out his divine sense to sweep through the Rohault Empire and accidentally stumbled upon Danny speaking with a subordinate and discussing the plot for Nieff to kill Linley, Adkins had been prepared. He had even intentionally hidden himself within the gorge by Nieff’s side.

The reason he did this was primarily to intentionally have the chance to save Linley, so as to make Linley and Bebe feel grateful towards him!

Making friends with Bebe was a very important task, in Adkins’ mind. Since Lord Bluefire had arrived at the Yulan continent, if he, Adkins, still wanted to obtain any of the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods, his only chance was to ally with Beirut.

“I was just passing by, but I discovered…” Adkins was all smiles, but halfway through his words, Lord Adkins’ voice suddenly came to a halt.

He had discovered that eleven of the twelve bodies of this God, ‘Nieff’, had already crumbled and dissipated, transforming into wind elemental essence and dispersing. As for Nieff’s true body, he lay there limply, not resisting his binding at all. The muscles on Adkins’ face began to twitch.

He now clearly discovered that Nieff’s soul in his original body had already dissipated. Only a divine spark was left.

Adkins chuckled awkwardly towards Linley. “Linley, I really didn’t expect that you had already killed this Nieff. Whether or not I acted really didn’t make any difference.” Linley’s Voidwave Sword had killed Nieff with one blow. Nieff’s soul had dissipated, and so his other bodies had naturally dispersed as well.

His original body wouldn’t attack either, of course. Linley hadn’t been in any danger at all!

But Adkins’ original plan had been to save him at the most critical moment, so as to make Linley feel all the more grateful towards him. But now he discovered that doing so was like drawing legs onto a painting of a snake, a completely pointless, superfluous action! Even if he hadn’t acted, Linley wouldn’t have had any problems.

“I still have to thank you, Lord Adkins.” Linley said with a smile. As he spoke, Linley turned to look at Bebe. This time, the person who had truly saved him was Bebe. If Bebe hadn’t utilized his innate divine ability and determined which of the twelve bodies was the true one, then Linley wouldn’t have been able to hit the true body at all, given his original plan of randomly attacking one. If he hadn’t been able to hit the true body…then in the face of the wild attack from this God, Linley’s body probably would have been explosively destroyed.

“Boss.” Bebe’s face revealed a smile as well.

Linley and Bebe didn’t need to say anything to each other. A single glance was enough for them to understand what the other was thinking. This sort of dangerous event was something which Linley and Bebe had already experienced many times.

“You killed this person. Everything goes to you.” Adkins directly used his power to control Nieff’s divine God spark, his interdimensional ring, and his divine artifact, sending them floating towards Linley. Linley wasn’t overly polite either; he immediately absorbed it all into his own interspatial ring.

Adkins had a very sour feeling in his heart.

Ever since he had learned that Nieff was planning to kill Linley, he had made preparations for this day for a long time! Just now, he had intentionally waited for the most dangerous moment before making his move!

Who would have imagined that he had done all that for nothing?

“Lord Adkins, I’d like to ask, just now, what sort of profound mystery did that man use? Why did he have so many clones? And there was no way to separate them by aura either.” Linley asked.

Adkins had the intention of improving his relationship with Linley and Bebe, so naturally, he replied with great friendliness, “Oh, this person used a ‘doppelganger technique’ belonging to the Elemental Laws of the Wind. His divine power was rather low, and his soul wasn’t very strong either. His application of this doppelganger technique wasn’t very impressive; the Highgods that I know are capable of instantly creating a thousand doppelgangers!”

“A thousand doppelgangers?” Linley was utterly stunned.

“That’s an extreme, of course. Generally speaking, experts are capable of creating a few dozen. He had only eleven. That really is rather low.” Adkins said disdainfully. “As I see it, he most likely fused with a divine spark to become a Deity. His understanding of the Laws of the Wind is quite low as well. The power of his clones wasn’t strong either; they are only capable of physical attacks. They are useful against some low level people, but against experts of the same level, they are useless.”

Adkins suddenly chuckled. “Although, it is still a good method for fleeing.”

Linley’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

The doppelgangers and the main body were identical. Others truly wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. After all, there weren’t many people like Bebe, capable of discerning which body had a divine spark within it. Even Bebe had paid a heavy price for doing so.

“Linley, I recognize this God.” Adkins said voluntarily.

“Who is he? Why does he want to kill me?” Linley hurriedly asked. Bebe listened carefully as well. Over the past few years, Linley had repeated assassination attempts on his life.

Adkins said, “Do you remember last time, that Highgod which Lord Bluefire killed? That Highgod was named Sadista. This person is Sadista’s subordinate.” Adkins had learned the name ‘Sadista’ through using his divine sense to scan Sadista’s manor, where he heard Danny and others chat with each other.

“That Highgod? Sadista?” Linley frowned.

Linley had heard ‘Bluefire’ Leylin also tell him that the people who wanted to assassinate him came from the Infernal Realm.

“Well, Linley, I still have matters to attend to. I’ll leave now.” Adkins said with a smile. “If in the future, when you have any free time, I would welcome you to visit my place at your leisure.” Adkins’ attitude was extremely friendly. He then transformed into a ray of light, disappearing into the horizon.

Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance.

“That Adkins’ attitude is a bit too good, isn’t it.” Bebe rubbed his eyes. “I have a weird feeling about it.”

Linley looked towards the O’Brien Empire’s direction.

Ojwin and Linley were enemies, but Ojwin’s ‘leader’, Adkins, treated Linley in such a friendly manner.

“Who cares why he is acting strangely. At least I can be certain that this Adkins has the intention of building a good relationship with us. Let’s go. Time to go back.” Linley, thinking about the God spark he had just acquired, thought to himself, “It seems I have a gift to give Delia now!” Nieff had died and left behind a wind-style divine God spark, which was perfectly suited for giving to Delia.

After all, Delia had become a Deity through fusing with a divine spark. In the future, she would also have to continue relying upon fusing divine sparks. Just by relying on her own power, Delia would find it very hard to break through.

The battle between Nieff and Linley, especially the collapse of Nieff’s eleven doppelgangers, caused a large explosive wave of wind elemental essence to spread out, actually causing a tremor in the elemental essence of the world. This naturally attracted the attention of quite a few experts of the Yulan continent, and at this moment, quite a few divine senses were covering this area.

Within the Rohault Empire.

“Nieff died…”

Danny let out a long sigh. His divine sense had already located Linley and Bebe’s figures. “Nieff failed as well.” And then, Danny’s face changed.

“Last time, Anras attacked. This time, Nieff attacked. Is it possible that Linley knows that Nieff belonged to our side? If he goes to ask those Gods of his residence to gain revenge upon us, or asks for Lord Beirut to act, then…” Danny’s heart grew nervous.

“There’s no point to staying here at the Yulan Plane any longer anyhow.”

Danny was certain about this. First of all, it was impossible for them to acquire the treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods. Secondly, it was also impossible to kill Linley.

“Best to immediately head back to the Infernal Realm.”

“Everyone, assemble at the front courtyard!” Danny immediately sent out this message. Only a few moments later, dozens of figures flew out of the Rohault Empire, heading towards the Arctic Icecap of the far north. They headed out in the morning. After flying for several hours, at roughly noontime, they arrived at the Arctic Icecap.

Their speed was indeed quite fast.

The Arctic Icecap. The peak of that iceberg. The wind howled.

Hodan came out from within that icy residence of his.

“Hrm? Danny?” Hodan saw Danny, then shook his head and sighed. “You are heading back?”

Danny nodded slightly. In a bitter voice, he said, “Our mission this time in the Yulan continent was a failure.”

“Did Nieff succeed in killing Linley?” Hodan asked. Three years ago, Danny had already sent someone to tell Hodan of this affair.

“Failed. Nieff died as well.” Danny shook his head helplessly as he spoke. “If this Linley goes to the Indigo Prefecture, he will definitely pose a great threat to our Reinales Clan. But even if I go back and explain this to the clan, I’m afraid it won’t be viewed with much importance by the clan.”

Danny’s position in the clan was fairly low. Anyone who fused with divine sparks to become a Deity, aside from Highgods, would all have fairly low status.

“I’m not able to get involved with the matters of the clan.” Hodan sighed. “Otherwise, a boring job like this wouldn’t have fallen to me. Alright, I’ll send you back now.”

The group of Deities led by Danny stood in that same six-sided star-shaped magic formation. Hodan activated the magic formation, and rays of light shot towards the heavens. The space within the magic formation began to distort like an illusion. In but a short while, the dozens of figures disappeared, no longer visible.

Danny and the rest of the group had immediately fled the Yulan Plane and returned to the Infernal Realm. As for Dragonblood Castle in the Yulan continent, it was filled with laughter and joy. Not just Tarosse and Dylin were there; the War God, the High Priest, and everyone else all participated in this banquet.

This was Linley’s first return in six years, after all.

In particular, after hearing about what Linley had experienced over the past few years, Tarosse, Dylin, and the others were all greatly surprised. In particular the story of how Leylin had killed that Highgod, Sadista, with but a single blow caused all of the experts present to stare slack-jawed.

“Did you just say that ‘Leylin’, the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, was Lord Bluefire? One of the five Kings, Lord Bluefire?” Dylin said in astonishment.

Dylin had stayed in Gebados for a time. He knew how terrifying ‘Bluefire’ was.

Bebe, chewing on food as he spoke, said, “Even Adkins, upon seeing Mr. Leylin at Mount Copper Gong, immediately fell down to one knee and called out to him as ‘Lord of the City’.”

“Adkins?” Wharton, seated next to Linley, frowned.

Wharton hated Adkins deeply, because his grandson through Cena, little ‘Kass’, had been killed by Ojwin, while Ojwin was now Adkins’ subordinate.

“Speaking of Adkins, I just thought of something.” Linley looked at the nearby Olivier. “Olivier, that Adkins has already guaranteed to me that Ojwin will never ever make trouble for you again.”

Olivier’s eyes instantly lit up.

All these years, he had remained inside Dragonblood Castle, not daring to go outside, precisely because he was afraid of being attacked by Ojwin.

“Linley, thank you.” Olivier felt some gratitude in his heart.

“If you are going to thank someone, you should thank Mr. Leylin.” Linley said. Olivier then immediately said, “Linley, since Ojwin won’t pursue and attack me any further, then…tomorrow, I will prepare to head towards the Arctic Icecap. I really can’t take it any longer.”

“Tomorrow? Why are you going to the Arctic Icecap?”

Olivier smiled, his eyes holding a hint of anticipation. “Tomorrow, I am preparing to head to the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm!”

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