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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 3, The World Changed

O’Brien Empire. War God Mountain.

Fain was still at the Prime Saint level, unable to break through to the Deity level. Fain didn’t know the details of what had recently happened at the Great Botha Levee either, but when those many experts had charged out, Fain could sense their aura, even from as far away as War God Mountain.

“What a terrifying aura.” Fain stared towards the south in shock. “The south. What just happened there?”

“Ugh.” Fain secretly cursed.

The Yulan continent was becoming more and more chaotic. Even Fain was beginning to feel tired from trying to maintain this enormous Empire alone.

“Master, come back soon…”

The War God wouldn’t be back from the Necropolis of the Gods for another three months.

A long while later.

“Whoosh!” A human figure flashed over from far away.

“Eldest apprentice brother.” It was Castro. Castro landed in front of Fain, saying respectfully, “Eldest apprentice brother, I have news. Linley, Olivier, and a middle-aged man were fighting with a bald man at the Great Botha Levee.”

The O’Brien Empire’s intelligence gatherers recognized Linley and Olivier, but they didn’t recognize Desri. This intelligence report had quickly made its way out.

“Three against one?” Fain was shocked.

Fain knew that Linley had become a Deity. “No wonder there was such an astonishingly powerful aura not long from the south.”

“But according to the report, the Great Botha Levee was damaged, and then a large number of people appeared out of nowhere. These human figures appeared densely in the air, and then suddenly disappeared…and the Great Botha Levee reformed.” Castro said. He felt this was bizarre as well.

But that was indeed how the report had described it.

“A large number of people who had instantly disappeared?” Fain understood. The flying speeds of certain experts were so fast as to be invisible to ordinary people. “Judging from the sound of it, it seems as though many Saints appeared in the area of the Great Botha Levee!” Fain didn’t even dare to imagine that many of the people in that group were Deities.

After all, reaching the Deity level was simply too hard.

“The situation is getting more and more complicated.” Fain was irritated. “However, I won’t get involved in any of these affairs. I’ll wait for Master to return.”

In the air above the O’Brien Empire’s imperial capital, a dense mass of people suddenly appeared.

There were nearly a thousand people flying in mid air!

“Those…those are…” Many of the citizens of the imperial capital raised their heads, staring in disbelief. Based on what they knew, aside from wind-style magi, people capable of flight were generally all Saints. But now, such a huge number of people had appeared in mid-air.

“They can’t all be Saints. How can there be so many?”

Many of the citizens of the imperial capital shook their head in disbelief. They believed it had to be wind-style magi.

In mid-air, flying amongst the group of experts, the leader was a handsome young man, dressed in a dazzling long robe that shone with golden light. Behind him, there was a row of three experts, while behind those three, there was a large number of experts arranged into a specific order. Behind them, at the very back, there were hundreds of experts. Those were the weakest of the group; Prime Saints.

“This is the largest Empire of the current Yulan continent?” The handsome young man laughed wickedly. “And they worship someone called O’Brien?”

“Yes, Lord Adkins [A’de’jin’si]!” A silver-haired old man behind him said respectfully. “This O’Brien should have trained for just five thousand years, according to our estimates. His power should be that of a Demigod.” The tone of the silver-haired old man’s voice was filled with disdain for O’Brien.

“Then, it should be War God Mountain up ahead of us.” The handsome young man looked at the nearby War God Mountain, which had many people at the base of it staring up at them. The handsome youth shook his head. “A Demigod dares to style himself as ‘War God’. He really is quite boastful. I don’t like the look of this War God Mountain either.”

“O mighty Lord Adkins, permit your subordinate to destroy this unsightly little mountain.” Behind the handsome young man appeared a youngster with short silver hair. The silver haired youngster, seeing that his Lord didn’t instruct him otherwise, suddenly swept out with his arm…

Instantly, countless amounts of elemental essence began to gather, and above the massive War God Mountain, a rumbling sound could be heard.

“What’s that?” Many of the honorary and personal disciples of the War God’s College felt the awesome transformation of the surrounding elemental essences.

“Hrmph.” The silver-haired youngster laughed coldly, then waved his hand. “Boom!”

In the air above War God Mountain, an astonishing, endless amount of wind blades appeared, formingly directly into the forbidden-level magic spell, ‘Annihilating Tempest’. But, more precisely speaking…compared to the ‘Annihilating Tempest’ spell, every single wind blade’s power was a hundred or a thousand times more powerful. Every single wind blade faintly flashed with golden light, and the countless wind blades chopped downwards.

“Flee, quickly!!!” A fierce shout rang out from within War God Mountain.

But these wind blades were simply too fast. Even Saints didn’t have the chance to dodge beyond the wind blades before being scraped by these countless, all-encompassing wind blades.

“Rumble…” The enormous War God Mountain, its boulders, trees, vegetation, and the mountain itself…under the attack of those countless wind blades which flashed with gold light, was directly chopped into pieces of rubble. Even the likes of Saints such as Castro and Blumer…

They were only able to hold on for one or two seconds.

“Aaaaah!” A fierce, agonized scream. The Saints were chopped into mincemeat.

Only a few seconds had passed.

War God Mountain, chopped apart by those countless wind blades, had completely vanished. In the place where War God Mountain had once stood was an immeasurably, terrifyingly deep crater.

“Mm, not bad.” The handsome young man’s face had a satisfied smile on it.

The silver-haired youngster’s eyes instantly had a look of joy flash past them. He respectfully bowed, then retreated back into line.

“Huh?” The handsome young man suddenly frowned. With his power, he could clearly see that within that deep crater, Fain had arduously survived the baptism of those wind blades. He had managed to protect his head, and the rest of his body was currently repairing at high speed.

At the same time, the terrified Fain was currently flying east beneath the ground at high speed.

A dissatisfied look flashed past the silver haired youth’s eyes. With a flash, he started to fly downwards, but the handsome young man glanced at him coldly. “Return.” The silver-haired youngster’s body seemed to have suddenly been controlled, as it just hovered there in mid-air. He was no longer able to fly downwards.

“I, Adkins, am in a good mood today. Since that little fellow was able to survive, then I will grant him his life today.” The handsome young man laughed.

“Yes, yes.” The silver-haired youth flew back in terror.

“Little fellow, in the future, when you meet that O’Brien fellow, tell him that I, Adkins, have taken over his O’Brien Empire. Also let him know that he had best not call himself the ‘War God’ in the future. I feel quite uncomfortable when I hear that title.” The handsome young man’s voice directly echoed into the mind of Fain, who was still fleeing underground.

Deep underground, Fain’s body had already regenerated to his waist.

“It’s over. It’s all over.” Fain’s mind was in a state of chaos.

When he thought back to that scene just then, Fain’s heart trembled. Those countless wind blades had resulted in even a Prime Saint like him being only able to survive it by using his divine artifact to protect his head. The only reason he was able to protect his head and just his head was because this was a wide-scale area attack.

If the opponent had paid even the slightest bit of extra attention to Fain, Fain would have died.

If Fain hadn’t had a Pearl of Life, he also would have died.

“How terrifying.” Fain couldn’t breathe. “Adkins? And he wants me to carry a message to Master?”

Fain’s suddenly had the feeling…

That the experts who had suddenly appeared were far more powerful than his master, the War God O’Brien.

“All I can do is go find Linley.” Fain felt bitterness in his heart. The enormous War God Mountain and its honorary and personal disciples had all been destroyed. Aside from him, Fain, only two personal disciples of the War God Mountain were still alive.

Those two were currently within the Holy Alliance, and were responsible for conducting the war.

“Even Blumer died. If Olivier were to find out…alas…” Fain felt a massive headache.

In the air above War God Mountain.

“Tell me the details of Beirut. Since when did this ‘Beirut’ take over the Yulan Plane?” The handsome young man frowned as he spoke unhappily.

The silver-haired old man behind him immediately said respectfully, “Lord Adkins, in the past, your subordinate, myself, was in the Yulan continent. At that time, I learned of Beirut. This Beirut himself is a divine beast. When he reached adulthood, he naturally become a Demigod. However, Beirut himself naturally possessed terrifying power, and ordinary Demigods weren’t his match at all. Afterwards, I was imprisoned into the Gebados Planar Prison. As for what happened to Beirut afterwards, I’m not certain.”

“Oh. Your era? It seems that this Beirut has only lived for a few hundred thousand years, then.” The handsome young man was rather disdainful.

“Lord Adkins, this Beirut is a Highgod.” The silver-haired old man said hurriedly. “Although I’m not clear on the details of what happened afterwards, in our Planar Prison, I heard some news. During the Apocalypse War of ten thousand years ago, he was even able to kill Highgods.”


The handsome young man sneered coldly. “Kill Highgods? The question is, what sort of Highgod did he kill! A Highgod who became one through refining a divine spark and one who became a Highgod through one’s own insights; are they comparable? What’s more…in the Gebados Planar Prison, there are quite a few Highgods as well. Why, then, does the Gebados Planar Prison have five Kings? Despite the passage of so many years, no one has ever been able to budge their positions. Those Highgods who only know the Laws but have no idea as to how the Laws should be used effectively to attack…any one of the five Kings could easily kill ten such Highgods by themselves!”

“Although I’m not one of the Kings, it wouldn’t be too hard for me to kill several ordinary Highgods at once.” The handsome young man was very confident.

The silver haired old man understood his Lord’s intentions. Clearly, this Adkins wanted to annihilate Beirut.

“Lord Adkins. Don’t be too careless. Supposedly, this Beirut is an Emissary of a Sovereign! He is the one who is in control of the Necropolis of the Gods!” The silver haired old man hurriedly persuaded.

“A Sovereign’s Emissary?” Adkins’ handsome eyebrows twitched.

“Right. It is very likely that he possesses a Sovereign artifact which the Sovereign gifted to him.” The silver-haired old man intentionally made up some lies. No one had any clue as to whether or not Beirut had a Sovereign artifact. However, the silver-haired old man didn’t wish his Lord, who had just escaped, to immediately fight an expert of the same level in a life-and-death battle.

It would be good if he won, but if he lost?

“Hmph. Fine. For now, I won’t go deal with that Beirut.” Adkins immediately turned and stared at the continent, as though thinking back to countless years in the past and his activities in the Yulan continent.

“A pity. In the past, the Qingya continent was thousands of times greater than this continent. Even after the Qingya continent shattered into five continents due to a great war, it was still far larger than this one. But now, the other four continents have all been destroyed, with the only one remaining behind this one, known as ‘Yulan’.”

Dragonblood Castle. Today was an especially bustling day.

Fain had tunneled underground all the way from the O’Brien Empire. Only after leaving its borders did he exit to the surface, and then he flew at high speed before finally arriving at Dragonblood Castle.

“Linley!” Fain flew straight into the main hall of Dragonblood Castle.

“Father. Lord Fain is here.” At the doorway, Taylor immediately shouted out, and instantly, a large group of people walked out from the main hall. In the very front was Linley, Delia, Desri, and Olivier. Behind them were many Saints.

“Fain, why are you in such bad shape? What happened?” Linley immediately asked.

Although Fain had already changed into a fresh set of clothes as he arrived, his face was still covered with dirt and dust, and his mind was currently in a state of panic. It was quite impressive that he even remembered to change his clothes. How could he possibly remember to look after his appearance?

“It’s finished. War God Mountain. Finished. The O’Brien Empire…no longer belongs to Master either.” Fain shook his head and said bitterly.

Fain had been at the top of the mountain and had witnessed the enemy’s strength. He could tell that the enemy’s forces numbered nearly a thousand experts.

“Your War God Mountain was destroyed?” At this moment, a voice rang out from behind Linley. It was Dixie, along with several Grand Magus Saints.

“Why are you…” Fain was somewhat surprised.

Dixie, after having trained for dozens of years, had reached the Grand Magus Saint level as well. Dixie’s face was filled with a bitter smile. “We were slightly better off than you. However, the enemy destroyed the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire as well, with but a single blow. Two of my fellow apprentices who were stationed in the imperial palace immediately died. The rest of us immediately fled here. Our Yulan Empire is about to go to a new master as well!”

“Fain. Why are you here by yourself? Where’s my little brother?” Olivier suddenly asked.


Fain was stunned. He didn’t know what to say.

“Not good!” Linley’s face changed, and he stared towards the north. “I’m worried that the same thing will happen in the imperial capital of our Baruch Empire!”

“Big bro, then Cena…” Wharton immediately grew nervous as well.

“Wait here. I’ll make a trip.” Linley didn’t have time to waste; he immediately raised his speed to the limit and instantly disappeared into the boundless northern horizon.

Even the O’Brien Empire and the Yulan Empire had fallen to such a state. Linley couldn’t help but fear that his own Baruch Empire had suffered the same sort of attack.

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