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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 27, The Lord of Mount Copper Gong

“Boss, it looks like a figure with some background has arrived.” Bebe laughed as he looked at Linley.

Linley nodded slightly as well. “A very ordinary youth who actually has two experts of the ninth rank as escorts. An ordinary clan isn’t capable of this.”

“Belita!” A somewhat angered voice rang out from the doorway of the restaurant, and a youth with golden curly hair entered the restaurant. The youth with curly golden hair was followed by two grim middle-aged men. The gold-haired youth stared at the violet-haired beauty. “Belita, you are going to act as though nothing happened?”

“Ah, young master Hubert [Ha’bo’te].” The big-nosed middle-aged man stood up, immediately speaking warmly. “Please sit and discuss matters slowly with Belita.”

“Hmph.” The gold-haired youth stared coldly at the middle-aged man. “F*ck off.”

The big-nosed man let out an awkward smile, no longer daring to speak.

Belita frowned. Turning, she looked at the gold-haired youth and she said seriously, “Hubert, I admit that my actions didn’t give you face. However, I don’t like you. It is as simple as that. I hope, young master Hubert, that in the future, you will spend your efforts on other women.”

Hubert was silent for a moment, and then hatred flashed in his eyes. “Fine. Fine. Belita…”

“I, Hubert, have never been so courteous to anyone before, but to you, I’ve given gifts time and time again, thinking of any and all ways to make you like me. But it seems as though everything is useless.” Hubert’s face turned cold. “Hmph. Then, Belita, don’t blame me for what I am going to do.”

Belita was capable of sustaining her family at such a young age. Naturally, she could guess what Hubert was about to do.

“Hubert, given your conditions, you can get any woman you want. Why waste your time on myself, a girl from a fallen noble clan?” Belita spoke in a very delicate manner.

“There is nothing that I like which I cannot get!”

As he spoke, Hubert’s jaw quivered, and his eyes were filled with absolute indifference. “Uncles, take her back.” Hubert’s words caused Belita’s face to instantly turn ashen, without a hint of color. She knew exactly how monstrously powerful Hubert’s family was.

Precisely so, she had never dared to offend Hubert to much. Only, on this issue, she had to maintain her bottom line.

“Yes, young master.” The two grim middle-aged men behind Hubert bowed, responding to the order.

“Wait, wait.” The big-nosed man hurriedly walked in front of Belita, repeatedly begging, “Young master Hubert, please spare my daughter. I’ll do anything you want. Even if you want me to give you this ancestral estate, I’d be willing to do so. I beg of you, spare my daughter.”

Belita stared at her father in shock.

Was this her father, who dearly loved face and spent all his time drinking and making trouble? Belita, in her heart, had always somewhat looked down on her father, but at this moment…she discovered that her father wasn’t what she had thought him to be.

“Hmph, who wants your sh*tty house?” Hubert said disdainfully. “Take Belita back. If that fellow blocks, kill him.”

“Yes.” The two grim men let out cold laughs as they walked over.

The big-nosed man hurriedly moved to block in front of his daughter, as though wanting to protect her.

“Father, step away.” Belita hurriedly pushed at her father, but at this moment, her alcoholic of a father seemed to have tremendous strength, standing unmoving right in front of her.

“F*ck off.” One of the callous middle-aged men let a remorseless kick towards the big-nosed man.

Nobody in the restaurant dared to make a sound. Those drinkers all knew the power which Hubert held within Hess City. No one dared to stop him!

All of them looked towards Belita and her father, their eyes filled with sympathy.

As they saw it, Belita and her father’s fate had already been set.

But the strange thing was, halfway through his kick, that callous man’s leg suddenly went limp, and then he slid to the floor like a heap of mud. His nose, eyes, mouth, and ears all had blood flowing out of them.


Everyone was stunned. Even that arrogantly shouting Hubert was stupefied. The expert of the ninth rank next to him immediately went down to one knee, supporting his comrade. “Big brother, big brother, what happened?” This expert of the ninth rank couldn’t believe it.

His big brother, who had reached the ninth rank, suddenly died.

“Who was it? Come out!” That expert of the ninth rank shouted coldly, his eyes filled with a hint of rage.

Nobody dared to make a sound. This expert of the ninth rank let out a cold sneer. “Whoever killed my big brother, you’d best show yourself. Otherwise…everyone in this restaurant will die. It can be considered to be caused by you.” This expert swept his gaze at the surrounding people.

The entire restaurant full of guests all felt a cold aura sweep through them.

“Take your young master and f*ck off.” A sound rang out.

The expert of the ninth rank immediately turned to look, focusing his gaze on the speaker. Even Belita and her father turned to look. They saw a young man with long hair, who was sitting faced to a handsome youth wearing a straw hat.

Hubert took two steps forward, shouting icily, “Who are you? How dare you interfere in my affairs?”

Ever since he was born, nobody had ever dared to violate his commands. Whatever he wanted to do, he had done, especially within Hess City. Even the words of the king of the kingdom weren’t as effective as Hubert’s. Having been a little tyrant since youth, Hubert had never feared anyone.

“So annoying!” Bebe unhappily splashed the wine in his cup over, drenching Hubert’s face with it. “F*ck off.”

Hubert was stunned. He wiped the wine off his face, his eyes instantly turning red.


Hubert had never suffered any sort of mistreatment since he was young. When Belita refused him, she had done so in a very graceful, indirect manner. But Hubert still felt that he had lost face, causing him to be extremely angry! But what Bebe had just done was the greatest insult he had ever suffered from birth until now!

“Kill, kill him for me!!!” Hubert’s voice screeched out, pointing at Bebe as he bellowed.

Bebe raised his head, grinning at him.

“Swish!” Bebe suddenly disappeared. With a clear ‘WHAP’ palm slap sound, Hubert was sent flying upwards, before smashing down on a nearby chair. Hubert’s head was at a strange angle on the floor, staining it with blood.

Instantly, the face of that expert of the ninth rank changed, and with a flash, he hurried over.

“WHAP!” Yet another palm slap.

The expert of the ninth rank was sent flying as well. He spat out a mouthful of blood from the blow, but he didn’t die.

“You, you are dead meat.” The expert of the ninth rank forced himself to rise to his feet. Seeing the odd angle at which Hubert’s head was at, he saw clearly that Hubert was dead.

“Dead meat?” Bebe’s handsome, slender face revealed a wicked grin. He intentionally combed his hair a few times, put on his straw hat again, then beamed at the expert. “We’ll wait right now. I want to see how you are going to let us die!”

Linley just watched from the side, not trying to stop him.

The expert stared hatefully at Linley and Bebe, then raised his head and let out an angry howl. The howl was extremely ear-piercing, instantly spreading out from the restaurant.

“Hurry, leave.” Belita ran over, hurriedly urging Linley and Bebe. “That Hubert’s father is an extremely powerful expert. Nobody dares to offend him. Quick, leave.” Belita didn’t want the two people in front of her to be harmed due to her.

Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance.

Actually, the reason Bebe didn’t kill that expert of the ninth rank was to draw out that expert behind him. Only by doing so would they guarantee that this girl wouldn’t suffer any following calamities.

“BOOM!” A terrifying sonic boom sounded out from afar.

Instantly, a figure appeared within the restaurant. The expert of the ninth rank fell to one knee. “Lord Reger [Lei’ge], your subordinate was useless. The young master was already killed by those two men.” While speaking, the expert’s body was trembling.

The person who had come was powerfully built, had a bearded face, and fierce eyes.

But when the powerful man saw Hubert, lying on the floor with his head at a crooked angle, he was stunned for a long moment. Then, he looked at the expert of the ninth rank. “The young master is dead. Why aren’t you dead?” The expert of the ninth rank instantly realized what was about to happen, but before he had a chance to react…

A blade light flashed, and the expert’s head went flying.

“Aaaah! Many of the people in the restaurant were so terrified that their eyes went round. Belita and her father stood together, not daring to make a sound. Belita looked towards Linley and Bebe, her eyes filled with worry.

“It was you who killed my son!” Reger stared at Linley and Bebe.

“Yep.” Bebe looked disdainfully at Reger out of the corner of his eyes, his delicate face covered with disdain.

Linley still sat there, not paying any attention to Reger. Linley’s divine sense had informed him long ago that this ‘Lord Reger’ was actually just a Saint. From the blade blow just now, at most he was a Prime Saint. He posed no threat to Bebe at all.

“Reger, what’s wrong?” The wind arose, and another figure appeared outside the doorway. It was a middle-aged man with long silver hair.

“We’ll go see Teacher in a bit. First, I’m going to kill these two bastards.” Reger’s eyes were completely bloodshot, and he ground his teeth.

“See Teacher?” Linley frowned slightly.

The silver-haired man looked with surprise at Hubert, who lay dead on the ground. He knew very well what position Hubert had in Reger’s heart. Reger and him had both escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison. The two of them were both Prime Saints.

Prime Saints, in the Gebados Planar Prison, were nothing more than the bottom tier.

Even experts needed women.

In the Gebados Planar Prison, Prime Saints, being of the bottom tier, couldn’t get women at all. Once they escaped from the Gebados Planar Prison, they naturally would have to enjoy women. As for Reger, he naturally ended up with a son.

Reger had been imprisoned within the Gebados Planar Prison ten thousand years ago. Back then, he had children of his own. But after so many years had passed, who could tell if Reger’s lineage had carried down or not?

When an old man had a son, he naturally would spoil him greatly.

Reger was over ten thousand years old. He only had a single son. Naturally, he could be considered an ‘old man who had a son’.

The amount of pampering he gave was indescribable. He even assigned two experts of the ninth rank to be bodyguards for his son. Anything his son wanted, Reger would scheme to acquire for him! His son was a priceless treasure in his heart. But now, his son was dead.

Reger, as well, sensed the threat emanating from Bebe. He began to store up power.

But Bebe was very carefree, waiting for Reger to attack. Suddenly, Reger let out an enraged howl, and a utterly white light erupted, followed by a saber-light arriving in front of Bebe. Everyone in the restaurant was so terrified that their faces turned ashen.

They were all beginning to worry for this delicate youngster.

“That’s all you got?” The saber came to a halt.

Bebe had caught it between two fingers, preventing the saber from moving forward another inch.

“Formidable.” Linley’s eyes lit up. Divine bodies were strong, but relying on two fingers to trap the saber of a Prime Saint was something which even Linley couldn’t do in a manner as casual as Bebe had just done. “Bebe was always powerful. Now that he is a Deity, he seems to still be very powerful.” Linley sighed internally in praise.

Everyone in the restaurant was stupefied.

Two fingers having trapped his weapon. Reger was stunned as well. He finally knew that the person he was facing was most likely a Deity-level expert.

Although he was furious, Reger hurriedly released the warblade in his hand. He finally came to his senses. His son was dead, but he could have more. Although he had raised his son for many years and felt pain over the loss, compared to his own life, he naturally viewed his own life as more important.

Reger hurriedly said respectfully, “Since it was you two lords who disciplined my son, then forget about it. My teacher is the Lord of Mount Copper Gong. Milords, I hope that for the sake of my teacher, you can spare me.”

Belita and everyone else felt that these developments had been simply too bizarre.


A black light flashed, and a hole suddenly appeared in Reger’s head. Reger’s eyes widened as though he couldn’t believe it, and then he collapsed.

Bebe buffed his nails. “Lord of Mount Copper Gong? Never heard of’m!”

Linley frowned. He stared at the silver-haired man who was in a state of shock and fear. “You. Get over here!”

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