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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 26, Homeland

“Rumble…” The dust flew away from Bebe’s body as well. The dirt and dust were controlled by an invisible force, which then compressed them into a stone.

Bebe pressed down on the brim of his straw hat, excitedly looking at Linley. “Boss, just then, you talked about the Profound Mysteries of Music, and also something about a Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves, and how fusing them would result in the Profound Truths of Sound? What are these things?” Bebe was very confused.

Linley smiled slightly.

Although he had only trained for two years, Linley’s spiritual visualization and hypothesizing abilities were hundreds of times faster than before he became a Deity. During this period of time, he had both of his souls simultaneously attuning and cross-referencing. The two years of training he had undergone could definitely compare to two hundred years of training in his pre-Deity time.

With regards to the Profound Mysteries of Music and Sound Waves, Linley already reached a certain level of skill.

But of course, he was still very far away from true mastery.

“Bebe, when sound is created, it is actually just a form of sound wave.” Linley explained. “Since sound is actually a form of a wave, it naturally has its own vibrations. Every single second, it vibrates many times in a defined range, allowing our ears to hear it.”

This was something which Linley had came to understand regarding sound while back in Dragonblood Castle.

Bebe nodded.

“But the sounds that we cannot hear will create a curious effect.” Linley immediately controlled the wind elemental essence, then began to agitate it. The different elemental essence particles collided against each other, forming sound waves. Instantly, sounds began to ring out.

The beautiful sounds were like the murmurs of a lover, causing a person to unconsciously sink into them.

Bebe was faintly beginning to be affected as well.

“This is the Profound Mysteries of Music!” Linley laughed. “I just controlled elemental essences to utilize it. If I were to use divine power, the strength would be much greater. Even Deities would be affected somewhat by it. For example, my ‘Hymn of the Wind’ emits a sound that is capable of bewitching an enemy’s soul, causing them to temporarily lose their guard, allowing me to kill them.”

Bebe nodded repeatedly. “Wow, so powerful. Then what about the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves?”

“I just said that sound waves, being waves, are vibrational in nature. If they vibrate a certain number of times within a certain range each second, we will be able to hear it. But…once the vibrations exceed that range, it is different.” Linley sighed. “In the past, I didn’t understand this. But upon seeing those sound waves that were formed by this gorge, I understood.”

“Oh?” Bebe was somewhat surprised.

“Watch.” Linley’s powerful spiritual energy once more took control over the local wind elemental essence.

The unique sound waves once more appeared, this time transmitting directly towards the nearby mountain walls. Suddenly…the mountain walls of the gorge seemed to begin to vibrate like a living creature. With a rumbling sound, shattered bits of rocks began to fall down from the wall.

“Hey?” Bebe was very surprised.

Linley strengthened his spiritual energy, and instantly the vibrations of the wind elemental essences grew stronger as well.

“Dang!” “Dang!” The entire gorge began to shake as a knocking sound could be heard. And then, with a ‘boom’ sound, countless boulders at each side of the gorge exploded, transforming into countless pieces of pebbles.

“Wow.” Bebe’s eyes were wide.

Originally, because of this gorge’s unique structure, the wild wind would blow in and create those wind waves.

But now, with Linley’s display of force, the structure of the gorge changed dramatically. It could no longer create those sound waves. Instantly, the howling wind could once more be heard, and countless bits of rocks flew about everywhere, the air instantly being filled with dust. Only a long time later did the air return to its normal calm.

Only, this gorge was now filled with the howl of the wind.

“The Mountain Range of Death will never be the Mountain Range of Death again.” Linley let out an emotional breath.

“Boss, this sort of attack is so powerful.” Bebe exhaled in amazement.

Linley laughed calmly, “It’s fairly ordinary. I’ve only gained a little bit of skill in the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves. Right now, based on what I have learned, the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves can only be used for material attacks, while the Profound Mysteries of Music can only be used to affect the soul. However, if the enemy doesn’t understand it, then even a Deity-level expert will probably suffer a bit of a disadvantage.”

Sound waves, music. These were two different aspects of sound.

One attacked the body, the other affected the soul.

“I’m not certain about its true power either. After all, I’ve only gained a bit of skill.” Linley still had a smile on his face.

This was why he loved to train.

Linley felt as though each insight was a new understanding for him with regards to the universe. Gaining insights and meditation represented that one day, without moving at all, he would be able to cause the heavens to shatter. Only, who knew how long it would be before that day came.

“Bebe, what profound mysteries did you gain insight into upon becoming a Deity?” Linley asked curiously.

Bebe pursed his lips. With resignation, he said, “Nothing as powerful as yours, Boss. It is only usable for preserving my life. It is very similar to that of that ‘King of Killers’, Cesar. If I were to fight with someone, I’d still have to rely on using my natural ability.”

Linley somewhat understood.


“Rumble!” The world shook slightly. This faint vibration transmitted throughout the Yulan Plane, and the eyes of countless Deities turned towards the west. Bebe and Linley naturally stared towards the north.

“Someone else became a Deity?” Bebe said in surprise.

The descent of the natural Laws was proof of someone becoming a Deity through their own efforts. After all, fusing with a spark wouldn’t cause the natural Laws to descend.

“This isn’t the first time either. It seems a few years ago, someone in the west became a Deity on their own as well.” Linley stared below in confusion, stretching out with his divine power. “It should be in the area of the Holy Union. What’s going on? In the past few years, two people became Deities on their own?”

To become a Deity through one’s own efforts was very difficult.

Precisely because it was difficult, it was very precious. A few years ago, a person had become a Deity on his own, causing Linley and the others to sigh in surprise. But now, yet another had become a Deity independently. This clearly was a bit too much of a coincidence.

“Boss, let’s go over and take a look.” Bebe said hurriedly.

“The Holy Union?” Linley started slightly, as though thinking of something. “Might as well. Time to go back and take a look. I haven’t gone back to my homeland in a long time.”

Linley and Bebe flew together in a straight line towards the west.

The descent of the natural Laws upon this person becoming a Deity naturally attracted the attention of Sadista, who when spreading out his divine sense discovered Linley as well. “Hey, this Linley actually woke up. Oh, he is flying somewhere?”

Linley and Bebe were flying very fast. A while later, after Sadista once again searched for and found Linley and Bebe, they had already reached their target destination.”

“They actually went to the Holy Union. Anras!” Sadista immediately sent his divine sense out to Anras, still awaiting his chance in the great plains of the far east.

Anras was seated meditatively in a quiet mountain gorge, his body covered with dust. At first glance, one would take him for a human-shaped statue.

To him, waiting for two years was nothing at all. Hearing Sadista’s divine sense calling to him, Anras immediately opened his eyes, and the dust on his body instantly vanished into nothingness. Sadista’s order came. “Anras, Linley and the Godeater Rat went to the Holy Union. Head there for now.”

“Yes, Lord Sadista.” Anras said respectfully.

And then, “Boom!” The entire gorge suddenly erupted into flames which rose to the sky. Anras’ entire body was surrounded by flames, and like a god of fire, he quickly slashed through the sky, flying directly west and quickly disappearing into the western horizons.

Wushan Township. Linley’s homeland.

“Wushan Township…” Linley stood in the center of Wushan Township, staring at the surrounding area. He couldn’t help but let out a breath.

The Mt. Wushan next to Wushan Township hadn’t changed much compared to his youth, but the township had changed too much. The large Wushan Township had become utterly desolate. This was no longer a place where people lived. It was a lair for magical beasts. For example, Linley’s former ancestral home was now a den for Windwolves.

“Those little friends and those aunties and uncles of the past…” Linley’s mind drifted back to the festive, rowdy scenes of Wushan Township. Early every morning, the children and youths would line up in the empty field near Wushan Township and begin training, while the grownups would start their work.

But now…

None of this would happen again. The vast majority of people had died.

“Wushan Township has become nothing more than history.” Linley sighed. After having experienced the Apocalypse Day, the former Kingdom of Fenlai’s entire demesnes had become a playground for magical beasts.

With a frown, Linley immediately controlled his divine spark within his body to emit a powerful divine presence.

Although Linley was using his original body, his divine spark was still in his spiritual ocean. Linley was completely capable of utilizing the divine spark within his divine clone. The powerful divine presence swept through the entire Wushan Township like a tidal wave.

Instantly, the hundred or so magical beasts living around Wushan Township all knelt down, shivering.

“All of you, f*ck off.” Linley’s divine sense rang out in the minds of each of these magical beasts.

Not a single magical beast resisted. Letting out low whines and growls, the hundreds of magical beasts quickly left this extremely dangerous ‘Wushan Township’, fleeing at high speed.

“Bebe, let’s go pay a visit to my ancestral home.” Linley said.

“It is my home too,” Bebe said.

In the past, Bebe had been born there, and had met with Linley in that ancestral home. Afterwards, the two of them, man and magical beast, had become lifelong companions. Linley and Bebe quietly stepped into that dust-covered, decayed ancestral residence.

Hess City.

Doehring Cowart had died here, all those years ago. This city was not, however, conquered by magical beasts. To the contrary, Hess City was now more developed and busy than it had been in the past.

Within a fairly graceful restaurant in Hess City, Linley and Bebe had found a quiet little corner. They sat down facing each other, ordering some wine and food.

“The flavor’s not bad.” Bebe praised.

Linley laughed and nodded. “That’s why they have so many customers here.” There were quite a few people in this restaurant.

“Huh?” Linley suddenly turned his head, staring at the door with some surprise. A beautiful young lady with long violet hair walked in. The beautiful young lady’s face had a few faint freckles on it, but they only made her look all the more adorable.

“Belita [Bei’li’ta]!”

“Belita, you came back. Your father is drinking with us, but he stared at the door several times now.”

As the young lady entered the restaurant, many calls of welcome rang out. Clearly, this beautiful young lady had quite a few friends.”

“Who is this girl?” There was another pair of men seated behind Linley. One of them, a youngster, asked curiously. The man facing him laughed, “This is the daughter of the restaurant owner. To be more precise, this restaurant was constructed in accordance with Miss Belita’s personal designs.”

“Oh?” The youngster was quite surprised.

“Belita’s clan was originally a noble clan. Only, it afterwards decayed. Belita’s father is that big-nosed boss over there. He feels rather strongly about face. Even though his clan’s fallen, he still wants to live in a beautiful mansion. He even arranges for servants to clean up every part of the estate. Belita’s clan mansion is very large. To maintain such a large residence costs an enormous amount of money. Belita’s father spent lots of money but didn’t make any. Naturally, he quickly ran out of money. In the end, it was Belita who actively redeveloped the front part of the residence into this restaurant. Look, that’s the rear part. If you enter from the rear, that’s Belita’s home. Belita’s home is extremely large, and Belita is in charge of the entire place.”

“In addition, Belita is a powerful magus. Supposedly, she is already of the fifth rank.”

Hearing this explanation, Linley also glanced at the violet-haired beautiful girl with some surprise.

“Boss, this Belita is really quite impressive.”

Linley also felt that the design and decoration of the restaurant was not bad. Both the interior and the exterior were excellent, which was why Linley and Bebe had chosen this restaurant. He hadn’t expected that it was all designed by a young lady. And, from the looks of it, although this young lady was young, she managed her entire clan.

“Father, I’m not feeling very well. I’ll go back and get some rest.” Belita said to her father, who was drinking wine.

“If you aren’t feeling well, then quickly go get some rest.” The big-nosed middle-aged man said hurriedly.

Belita, after speaking, walked into a rear door, entering her family’s residence.

“Hrm?” At this moment, Linley suddenly frowned slightly.

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