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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 25, The Profound Mysteries of Death?

Linley laughed and said, “Your child is currently about three or so kilometers south of us.”

“Three or so kilometers south?” The plainsman’s face changed dramatically. “Is that place Twin Horn Peak?”

“Twin Horn Peak?” Linley was a bit puzzled, but his divine sense did indeed discover that in a place located very close to the child, there was a mountain peak which was very strange. The top of the mountain peak was split apart, perhaps by the wind over the years, and had a lonely aura to it. These two mountain peaks did indeed seem like the two horns of a mountain goat.

Bebe said, “Yes, not too far from the child, there is indeed a mountain peak that seems like two goat horns.”

The plainsman immediately kowtowed, pressing his head against the ground. “Milords, please save my child. That Twin Horn Peak is the dangerous area of the Mountain Range of Death.” This father clearly was too worried about his son. He kowtowed until the skin on his forehead split open, staining the rocky earth with his blood.

The divine power around Linley’s body reached out, causing the plainsman to no longer be able to kowtow.

“We will save your child.” Linley rested his hand on the plainsman’s shoulder, and a surge of life energy from the Pearl of Life transmitted to the plainsman, instantly healing that minor wound on his forehead.

The plainsman realized that the wound on his forehead was cured, and become all the more certain was that these two people in front of him were incredible experts. They might even be those legendary Saints. The plainsman looked towards Linley and Bebe, his eyes filled with hope.

“Wait a moment.” Linley said, and then he and Bebe simultaneously moved, disappearing from the plainsman’s vision.

The plainsman held his arms around his chest, his eyes filled with tears. “My child will definitely be rescued. Definitely.”

Mountain Range of Death. Twin Horn Peak.

“The wind here at Twin Horn Peak is so strong and so weird.” Bebe let out a breath.

Linley nodded slightly. Although it wasn’t strange for mountain wind to be so strong, the mountain wind here was extraordinarily great. The wild wind howled, filling Twin Horn Peak, but after entering the area, it no longer produced any sound. It was as though Twin Horn Peak was capable of devouring the wind.

Fortunately, the child was still a good distance away from Twin Horn Peak.

“His father is going frantic with worry searching for him, but the child is just taking a nap here.” Bebe and Linley stood next to the child wearing a red coat. This plainsman child’s face was ruddy, and he wore a felt hat, his little face streaked with tears.

It seemed as though after getting lost, the child had been terrified and had gone searching for his father.

But in the mountainous terrain, it was hard to tell directions. Even grown men who weren’t familiar with this place would easily get lost, much less a child.

“Hey.” Bebe gently tweaked the child on his nose.

“Um, umm…” The sleeping child wrinkled his nose. Because his breathing was interrupted, he woke up. At this time, Bebe naturally let go. Upon seeing Linley and Bebe, the child’s eyes were instantly filled with a look of delight.

“Big brothers, help me find Father, I can’t find him.” The child instantly began to cry.

“You little rascal. In the future, will you still run around wildly?” Bebe snickered.

“I was just chasing after a wild hare. I remembered the road. Only, afterwards, for some reason, I couldn’t find Father any more, no matter how I tried. I searched everywhere, but then it got dark. I searched for so long, and the night was really dark, and my tummy was really hungry, so I fell asleep.” The child stared at Bebe with his big round black eyes while sobbing.

“Come, your big brother here will take you to look for father.” Bebe took the child into his arms.

Linley and Bebe flew into the air. Although there was a distance of three kilometers by air from here to the child’s father, if they were to actually walk, given the winding mountain paths, they would at least walk ten kilometers before reaching the child’s father.

“I wonder how much suffering this child endured just now.” Linley sighed in his heart.

“Wow…” The child’s eyes turned round.

The child was in Bebe’s arms and flying in mid-air. Clearly, this little fellow had never flown in mid-air before. Right now, he was uncontrollably excited and forgot about how pitiable he had been just now. “I’m flying. Wow. Big brother, you are so awesome.”

Bebe grinned so widely, his eyes turned into merry little slits.

“Father, I see Father.” The child immediately pointed down at a below figure. Clearly, the plainsman below had seen Linley, Bebe, and his child as well. That plainsman immediately waved at them with gratitude.

Linley and Bebe landed down.

“Go to your father.” Bebe released the child to the ground.

“Father.” The child immediately ran over.

The plainsman instantly began to cry from relief and joy. Hugging his son, he said, “Child, you scared your father to death. I told you not to run around, but you still ran around wildly.” As he spoke, the plainsman continued to cry. For the sake of his child, he had been searching from yesterday until today, spending an entire night and half a day.

“I won’t run around again.” The child immediately said.

“Quick, go over there and thank those two lords.” The plainsman had heard that Saints were capable of flight. Those two in front of him were both capable of flight. Most likely, they were Saints. The plainsman immediately tugged his child over, kneeling down with gratitude as he spoke.

“Thank you, big brothers.” The child immediately said.

Linley and Bebe both laughed. Actually, on this journey, they had helped quite a few people.

“In the future, just listen to your father and everything will be fine.” Linley laughed. “Alright, we should go as well.”

The child hurriedly said, “Two big brothers, my name is Walsh [Wo’er’shi]. In the future, I will definitely look for you guys. I’ll come flying and look for you guys.” Linley and Bebe both began to laugh, and then, after bidding the two farewell, Linley and Bebe left.

Linley and Bebe headed towards that Twin Horn Peak. Twin Horn Peak clearly had some sort of secret in it. Linley and Bebe naturally would go investigate.

“That child just now was so adorable.” Bebe said, and Linley sighed, “Seeing that father and son makes me think of Cena.”

“Cena?” Bebe was somewhat surprised.

Linley nodded and said, “When the Great Botha Levee was broken open, Ojwin had arrived in the Yulan continent and destroyed the imperial palace of our Baruch Empire. At that time, the only two survivors of the entire imperial palace were Cena and Ankh. Everyone else died. Cena’s child, little Kass, died as well. Despite so much time passing, Cena still feels great pain in his heart due to this.”

Dragonblood Warriors had very few descendants. Although twenty years ago, Cena had taken a new wife, he still had no children.

In his heart, Cena continued to harbor hatred towards Ojwin.

Originally, when Ojwin had attacked and the Violet-Gold Rat King brothers had countered, the two of them actually had the chance to kill Ojwin. However, at that time Linley and Cena were both shocked by the appearances of those mysterious experts.

How could they have dared to try and ask those experts to kill Ojwin?

After Ojwin’s group left, Ojwin had remained in hiding within the imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire, giving Linley’s side no chance for revenge.

“That enmity must be avenged.” Bebe nodded. “In the future, when we have the chance, we definitely cannot let that Ojwin off the hook.”

Linley nodded slightly.

Only, for now, he didn’t have enough power to kill Ojwin.

“Here we are. Twin Horn Peak.” Bebe said.

There was a gorge beneath Twin Horn Peak. The wild wind blew like the roaring of a wild beast, but upon entering the gorge, very bizarrely, no sound could be heard from the powerful mountain wind.

Linley and Bebe, being experts, feared nothing. They headed directly into the gorge, the wild wind not budging them in the slightest.

“There’s quite a few skeletons in this gorge.” Bebe said with a frown.

Linley nodded slightly. The gorge walls of this place weren’t very flat. They occasionally protruded out and occasionally had crevices…the entire gorge was extremely bizarre, and the sound of a wild howling wind could be heard at the entrance to it. However, when Linley and Bebe entered deeper into the gorge, they couldn’t hear any sound at all.

“Weird. Really weird.” Bebe pursed his lips.

Linley’s forehead was furrowed, and he was currently walking forward carefully and cautiously.

“So many corpses. Who knows how many people died here.” Linley stared at the corpses within ten meters of him. Clearly, they had been here for a long time.

“Huh?” Linley suddenly felt his heart viciously contract, and even his head went dizzy.

“Someone is ambushing us?” Linley instantly recovered. Greatly shocked, he immediately spread his divine power into his body.”

“Bebe, careful.” Linley immediately warned.

He was currently walking about with his original body. Ever since his original body had absorbed the golden blood drop, the power of his original body was actually greater than that of his divine body. Despite having such a powerful body, Linley just now had felt his heart clench and his head go dizzy. This was definitely an external attack.

Bebe looked around carefully as well. “Boss, nobody’s here.” Bebe transmitted mentally.

“I was attacked just now.” Linley was very certain. “It was an invisible attack.”

“How come I wasn’t attacked?” Bebe grew worried as well. This sort of invisible attack was extremely bizarre.

Linley and Bebe were on high alert for a long while, but didn’t discover anything.

“Hrm? That’s not right.” Linley experimentally retracted his divine power from his organs. Indeed, that feeling once more appeared, causing his heart to clench and his head grow slightly dizzy. However, Linley was able to maintain his clear-headedness. Linley spread out his spiritual energy, carefully searching.

Only now did Linley clearly sense…

After the wild, howling wind entered the gorge, because of the unique, bizarre shape of the gorge, the wind transformed. The wind elemental essences in this area were clashing against each other, creating a very strange sonic vibration. This sort of inaudible vibration was constantly broadcasting everywhere.

Linley could sense his heart clench and his body feel uncomfortable. Even his head had grown dizzy. All of this was due to this sound entering his body.

When Linley normally trained in the Profound Truths of Velocity, he would occasionally analyze the Profound Mysteries of Sound. After twenty years, although he hadn’t made any major gains, he at least had a general idea of these profound mysteries. Linley was certain…that sound was actually nothing more than sound waves which entered a person’s ears, which naturally allowed them to hear it.

But the strange sound waves of this valley were inaudible, yet could cause harm to the body.

Even a body as powerful as Linley’s had been impacted. If an ordinary person had entered this place, naturally they would have died.

“Hrm? This is…”

A light suddenly flashed in Linley’s mind.

“So sound waves actually have a profound mystery like this…” Linley felt great joy in his heart.

“Bebe, I’m about to immediately begin training for a time.” Linley mentally spoke to Bebe, and then ignoring all else, his divine clone flew directly out of his original body, sitting down within the gorge in the meditative position, beginning to attune with this strange ‘sound wave’.

Not just his divine clone; even Linley’s original body sat down at the same time, analyzing and sensing the profound mysteries contained within this sound wave.

Bebe was somewhat astonished. “What did the Boss just gain an insight into?”

“The more insights the Boss gains, the better.” Bebe was still rather happy. He then sat down as well. While Linley trained, Bebe decided to stay here and protect Linley.

Linley’s sudden flash of insight and decision to train was something that was out of Sadista’s expectations. Sadista had looked forward to Linley and Bebe separating, giving him the chance to order his subordinate to kill Linley. But at things turned out…he didn’t have any chance at all.

In his training, Linley lost all track of time.

His divine clone and his original body simultaneously attuned to the sound waves, both beginning to train and visualize. As for divine clone, it focused on the audible sounds, while the original body focused on the inaudible sounds, then the two cross-compared…Linley’s insights into sound rapidly began to rise at an astonishing rate.

Time flowed on within the gorge. Quickly, Linley’s two bodies became covered with a layer of dust and dirt.

Bebe quietly trained as well.

In the blink of an eye, two years passed.

Nobody dared to come to Twin Horn Peak. Linley’s two bodies as well as Bebe remained there in the meditative posture, and within Twin Horn Peak, those invisible sound waves continuously broadcasted out.

“Haha…” The dust covering his body flew away.

Linley’s two bodies merged into one. A smile was on his face. “Haha, I was wrong. I was wrong. In the Elemental Laws of the Wind, sound should be divided into two aspects; the first is the ‘Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves’, while the other is the ‘Profound Mysteries of Music’. Only when the Profound Mysteries of Music and the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves fuse into one can they be considered the Profound Truths of Sound!”

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