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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 24, The Mountain Range of Death

Linley and Bebe secretly left Dragonblood Castle. Nobody knew they were gone. At first, Wharton, Taylor, and the others didn’t feel strange upon discovering that Linley wasn’t in Dragonblood Castle. They thought that Linley was training within the pocket dimension.

Only after half a month did they discover from Delia that Linley and Bebe had already left.

As for the ordinary guards and maids of Dragonblood Castle, they only found out about this a long time afterwards.

Although after the ‘dead cities’ events, the population of the Rohault Empire had collapsed and it could no longer be termed an Empire, there were still quite a number of people living within its borders. Especially in the past twenty years, the population of the Rohault Empire had increased significantly again.

The Rohault Empire. Within a quiet little town. In the center of the town was an exceedingly large manor, which had guards within standing ramrod straight. Even the maids didn’t dare to giggle and joke around.

A gaudily dressed, cruel-looking, middle-aged man walked into the manor.

“Lord Anras [An’la’si]!” The guards called out with great respect.

Anras nodded slightly, continuing forward. Soon, he arrived in front of a quiet little courtyard. There was a man dressed in a gold-threaded robe there sitting on a chair, holding a five-centimeter thick book in his hands.

“Lord Sadista!” Anras bowed respectfully.

The man reading the book was Sadista. Sadista had spent the past twenty years in the Yulan Plane in this quiet little town. However, nothing which occurred within the Yulan continent could escape the notice of Sadista. As for Anras, he was one of the three Gods under Sadista’s control.

“Anras, what is it?” Sadista continued to read as he said calmly.

Anras said respectfully, “Lord Sadista, according to the news we received from Dragonblood Castle, Linley left Dragonblood Castle long ago.” Sadista hadn’t found it too hard to insert some people into Dragonblood Castle.

Sadista cared most about two locations; the imperial palace of the O’Brien Empire and Dragonblood Castle.

He inserted people into the O’Brien Empire’s imperial palace to monitor Adkins’ activities. After all, in the entire Yulan continent, Sadista was concerned about only two persons. One was Adkins, while the other was Beirut. But Beirut’s ‘metallic castle’ didn’t permit entry to others at all.

Thus, Sadista was unable to insert any spies. All he could do was take a step back and insert people into Dragonblood Castle instead.

Inserting people into Dragonblood Castle was partially because of Beirut, while partially because of the Dragonblood Warriors and the Undying Warriors.

“Whap!” He suddenly closed the book, raising his head to look at Anras. “Linley left Dragonblood Castle. Just by himself?”

“No. That Godeater Rat known as Bebe went with him.” Anras said respectfully.

“Hmph.” Sadista let out an unhappy snort. “This Linley is always with that Godeater Rat. Killing him will be rather difficult.” Sadista had never planned to truly give up on killing those descendants of the Four Divine Beast clans.

“This Linley is less than a century old, and yet he is already at such a level. Even in the Four Divine Beast clans, he would be considered a top tier talent. In addition, this is before he’s gone back to the ancestral halls of the Four Divine Beasts and undergone their baptism. If he undergoes the baptism within their ancestral hall, in a short period of time, a talent such as him will definitely become a major force for the Indigo Prefecture, and another major foe for our clan.” Sadista’s face was solemn.

Sadista knew about the legends of the Four Divine Beast clans.

“Linley is already so powerful despite not having returned to the ancestral hall of the Four Divine Beasts. When he does return, it will indeed be troublesome.” Anras nodded as well.

“If the Indigo Prefecture learns that the Four Divine Beast clans have a talent such as him in the Yulan Plane, they will definitely spare no expense to bring Linley back to them.” Sadista said coldly. “Those other people in the Dragonblood Castle, that Wharton and Barker and whatever, they are secondary. Even if they return to the Four Divine Beast clans, they will just increase the total population slightly. They won’t result in anything amazing. But that Linley…”

Anras secretly nodded.

Generally speaking, only after undergoing the ancestral baptism rites would the scions of the Four Divine Beast clans make rapid improvements. For Linley to be so powerful before undergoing the ancestral baptism rights meant that once he did undergo those rights, his future ability…would definitely be enough to cause Sadista worry.

After all, he had become a Deity within a hundred years on his own. This already spoke to Linley’s potential.

“However, our number one priority this time is still the Necropolis of the Gods.” Sadista said with a frown.

If they wanted to enter the Necropolis of the Gods, then they couldn’t offend Beirut.

If they killed Linley when he was with Bebe, Bebe would definitely memorize the aura of those who had killed Linley. When the time came…he would definitely be able to find out that it was Sadista’s group.

“No matter what, we can’t kill that Godeater Rat known as Bebe.” Sadista knew very well that this was the only one of Beirut’s progeny who had become a Godeater Rat. Beirut had even sent his two sons to Dragonblood Castle to protect Bebe.

From this, one could tell how much Beirut valued Bebe.

If they killed Bebe, then…

Beirut’s rage was something which he, Sadista, couldn’t withstand.

“In addition, Beirut’s backer is no ordinary person. If we truly were to wreck our relations with Beirut, then most likely even our entire clan would suffer a huge calamity.” Sadista was dimly aware of how terrifyingly powerful Beirut’s background was.

“To kill Linley, we have to find the moment when Linley and that Godeater Rat, Bebe, are separated and not together. At that time, we would change our appearances, then seize the opportunity to kill Linley!” Sadista’s eyes revealed a cold light. “Hmph. Even if that Linley and Bebe are spiritually connected, at most he’ll be able to send a mental message of the appearance of his attackers. There’s no way to send a person’s aura.”

Sadista wasn’t worried at all of being discovered by Beirut given that situation.


Even as someone as mighty as a Sovereign couldn’t find out what had happened in the past or what would happen in the future. As long as Beirut was unable to find the murderer, what would he, Sadista, have to be afraid of?

“I want to see where that Linley is!” Sadista spread out his divine sense, instantly covering the entire Yulan continent. But of course, he intentionally used his divine sense to avoid the Forest of Darkness and the O’Brien Empire’s imperial capital.

“The great plains of the far east!” Sadista let out a cold laugh, and then turned towards Anras. “Anras.”

Anras immediately bowed.

“Anras, immediately go to the great plains of the far east.” Sadista instructed.

“Yes, Lord Sadista.” Anras replied.

Sadista nodded calmly. “When going to the great plains of the far east, don’t intentionally go searching for Linley. I will occasionally search for Linley’s position. Once I notice that him and Bebe are separated, I will immediately tell you through my divine sense and instruct you to kill Linley. Remember, change your appearance first.”

“Yes.” Anras immediately changed his appearance slightly.

Someone as powerful as a Deity could use divine power to repair their body. Naturally, they could also use it to change their appearance.

“This Linley actually went running out of Dragonblood Castle for no reason. He’s asking to be killed. I was worried about him spending this entire time in Dragonblood Castle and not having a chance to deal with him.” Sadista sneered coldly to himself.

Linley and Bebe had already been in the great plains of the far east for three full months. During these three months, Linley and Bebe had only relied on their legs to travel, all the way from the Baruch Empire through the border with the great plains of the far east. They had travelled south the entire time, passing through mountains, rivers, and plains.

Three months later, Linley had already encountered many locals. Linley completely acted as though he was an ordinary person and lived an ordinary life.

In the southern parts of the great plains of the far east, they were quite close to the Burning Desert. There were some mountains nearby as well. Linley and Bebe were currently within the middle of one of those desolate mountain ranges.

“So this is the legendary ‘Mountain Range of Death’ which those locals spoke about.” Linley stared at his surroundings and let out a breath. “However, I haven’t discovered any reason for this place to be called the ‘Mountain Range of Death’.” Linley was dressed in a sleeveless shirt, and his powerful muscles made the shirt bulge out as well.

After three months of travel and tourism, Linley had once again found that sense of excitement he had in the past.

He liked this sort of interesting, unique experience.

Bebe was wearing his straw hat, chewing on a piece of a straw. Staring at his surroundings, he said, “Boss, this ordinary people call it the Mountain Range of Death, but to us, of course it has no danger whatsoever.”

“It isn’t any danger to us, but at least, it should have something special.” Linley began walking forward again. “Come, let’s go further into the mountain and take a closer look.” Leaping a few dozen meters with one stride, Bebe immediately caught up to Linley.

The two walked forward, side by side.

The Mountain Range of Death, according to local legend, was an exceedingly dangerous place. This Mountain Range of Death, especially in the southern region of the great plains of the far east, the ‘Casale’ [Ka’sha’er] region, was very famous. Many people didn’t dare to enter this mountain range at all.

“Child!” “Child!” …..

A faint, desolate cry could be heard deep within the mountains.

“Oh?” Linley and Bebe exchanged a glance. Not hesitating at all, they immediately moved forward quickly, like two gusts of smoke towards the distant source of sound. They easily passed through any gorges or boulders which would have blocked their way.

Soon, Linley and Bebe arrived in front of the person who had emitted those cries.

“Someone dares to enter the Mountain Range of Death?” Linley and Bebe were both very surprised.

The person who cried out was a plainsman. Right now, the man was currently crying out desolately. His clothes were torn apart, and he appeared in terrible straits. Linley and Bebe, hearing his desolate cries, could both sense the pain and franticness of this man.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Bebe hopped right in front of that plainsman.

The plainsman, upon seeing Bebe suddenly appear, was greatly startled. But then, he said frantically, “Child, what are you doing in the Mountain Range of Death? Quick, leave. This place is very dangerous.” The plainsman, seeing Bebe, clearly took him to be a youngster.

“Boom.” With a flick of Bebe’s slender arm, a nearby, enormous tree with a girth which would require two men to encircle it with their arms, instantly shattered. With another pat on the shattered tree trunk, Bebe transformed it into a straight line, sending it flying hundreds of meters away into another, unknown part of the mountain.

“And you are worried about me?”

The plainsman was scared silly. That enormous tree was incredibly heavy. Even the experts he knew, or even his clan’s leader, couldn’t possibly send such a heavy, enormous tree flying until it disappeared into the distance with a palm slap.

“Might I ask, what happened? Why are you in the Mountain Range of Death? Aren’t you afraid?” Linley walked over as well.

The plainsman looked at Linley, then looked at the youngster in front of him wearing a straw hat. He somewhat understood that he had met with true experts. The man, with a ‘thud’, sank to his knees. “Milords, I’m begging you, please save my child.”

“Speak, what happened?” Linley asked.

“My son disappeared in the mountain here.” The plainsman said hurriedly.

“If you knew it was dangerous, why did you bring your son in?” Bebe said unhappily.

The plainsman hurriedly explained, “Milords, you don’t understand. Although others believe the Mountain Range of Death to be deadly, in truth, it isn’t that scary. There’s only a single area within the Mountain Range of Death which is dangerous. The other areas are very safe. Those of us who live here all know about it, and so when we go into the mountains to cut trees for wood, we will all go into the mountains. As long as we don’t go near that dangerous area, it’s fine. In the past, when I went woodcutting, I would have my son by my side. But this time, when I turned to look, my son had disappeared. I don’t know where he ran off to.”

“I beg of you, milords, help me find my son.” The plainsman sobbed.

Linley nodded.

“Is your son a seven or eight year old child dressed in red cotton clothes?” Bebe asked.

“You…how do you know?” The plains man stared, shocked.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other, laughing. Their divine sense had spread across the entire mountain in an instant. Naturally, they were able to find that child.

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