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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 23, Sadista

The Yulan Plane. The Arctic Icecap. Deep within an iceberg that stretched into the clouds. This was the residence of the Planar Overseer, Hodan.

This iceberg peak had a total of eleven complicated hexa-star magic formations surrounding it.

As Beirut in the Forest of Darkness looked this way, Hodan was currently seated in front of a magic formation. The complex magic formation was glowing with light which rose into the skies, making the center of it seem illusory and dreamlike.

Hodan’s face held irrepressible excitement on it as well.

“Coming.” Hodan’s eyes lit up. From within the center of the magic formation, an indistinct group of human figures could be seen. Slowly, the glow of the magic formation faded away, revealing a few dozen people within the magic formation. The aura these few dozen people emanated were enough to make one’s heart shudder.

All of them were Deities!

The leader was dressed in a gaudy black robe with gold trim, looking like a gentleman heading to a banquet. The leader was the first to see Hodan, and he immediately smiled. “Hodan, it’s been thousands of years. You’ve been working hard.”

Hodan immediately bowed in respect. “Lord Sadista [Sa’di’si’ta], it is my honor to be able to work on behalf of the clan!”

Sadista folded his arms over his chest, gently rubbing a ring on his finger that occasionally glimmered with red light. With a calm laugh, he said, “Hodan, you gave only a very brief summary to the clan. Explain clearly the current situation in the Yulan continent.”

“Yes.” In front of this Sadista, Hodan was acting as if he were a meek servant.

“Lord Sadista, not long ago, there were some problems which occurred in the tunnels between the Yulan Plane and the Planar Prison, causing quite a few experts to flee out. Although Lord Beirut went to seal off the tunnel, many Deities still escaped.”

“Aside from a minority who left for the Higher Planes and the Divine Planes, most have remained in the Yulan continent. I fear that they are most likely intending to enter the Necropolis of the Gods!”

Sadista nodded slightly.

“Hodan, are there any Highgod level experts?” Sadista asked.

“There is, one! His name is ‘Adkins’. Lord Adkins is currently living in the O’Brien Empire. This Lord Adkins clearly wishes to go to the Necropolis of the Gods.” Hodan said respectfully.

“Adkins?” Sadista frowned.

He didn’t care about any of the other experts, but since Adkins was a Highgod, Sadista had to be careful about him. Although Sadista had engaged in many battles within the Infernal Realm of the Higher Planes, Sadista knew that someone who was able to survive in a Planar Prison and even train to the level of Highgod meant that Adkins definitely wasn’t someone who could be matched by those members of powerful alliances and clans in the Infernal Realm who were given Highgod sparks but were not experienced in using them.

One of Sadista’s followers immediately said, “Lord Sadista, don’t worry. That Adkins definitely isn’t a match for you, milord.”

“Shut your mouth.” Sadista frowned.

His follower instantly didn’t dare to make another sound.

Hodan said respectfully, “Lord Sadista, not long ago, four Gods under Adkins’ command and the forces of the Baruch Empire’s Dragonblood Castle engaged in a battle.”

“Oh?” Sadista looked at Hodan curiously.

He didn’t understand why Hodan would mention Gods. However, Sadista understood that Hodan wouldn’t raise this for no purpose.

“However, Adkins’ forces were defeated badly and retreated!” Hodan laughed. He could tell that Sadista was somewhat surprised, and he continued, “That Dragonblood Castle also has full Gods, and more importantly, it is a place under Lord Beirut’s protection!”

“This time, Adkins’ side suffered a huge loss, but Adkins didn’t dare to go make trouble for Lord Beirut.” Hodan said.

Sadista nodded slightly. “This Adkins can be considered to be intelligent, as he didn’t go irritate Beirut. Only, now that makes things a bit tricky for us. If Adkins truly had been so arrogant as to go irritate Beirut, it would have been excellent if Beirut had disposed of him for us. Only now, things are troublesome.”

“Uncle, is Beirut definitely capable of killing Adkins?” A youth behind Sadista said.

Sadista knew exactly how powerful Beirut was. Laughing calmly, he said, “Beirut’s power is far greater than you can imagine. Do you know that ten thousand years ago, during the Apocalypse Wars of the Yulan continent, even the likes of the Bloodviolet Fiend who dominated the entire Infernal Realm as well as Twelve-Winged Angels of the Divine Plane of Light had participated…those individuals could all be considered amongst the most powerful of Highgods in existence.”

“The Bloodviolet Fiend?” The youngster let out a shocked breath.

In the Higher Plane of the Infernal Realm, the Bloodviolet Fiend was already a figure of legend. In fact, many experts of the Infernal Realm all believed that the Bloodviolet Fiend was already powerful enough to be given the title of ‘Asura’.


This was a title of extremely great reverence within the Infernal Realm. Only the most powerful of Highgods would be awarded such a title.

“The results of those battles were, all of those powerful Highgods fell! Not a single one of them survived. The only one who survived out of all of them was Beirut!” Sadista let out an emotional breath. “Although I’m not too certain about the specifics of that battle, just based on that alone, it means that Beirut should be even more fearsome than the Bloodviolet Fiend! Tell me, do you think there is any chance that someone as powerful as him wouldn’t be able to kill this Adkins?”

Sadista’s words caused everyone behind him to let out shocked breaths.

They were all only Gods and Demigods. In the clan, they weren’t qualified to learn of the many secrets and hidden facts of the universe.

“Right. Hodan, this Yulan Plane should be one of the planes where the Four Divine Beast clans have a branch, right?” Sadista suddenly asked. “Are there any descendants of the Four Divine Beast clans in the Yulan Plane?”

“There are, and quite a few.” Hodan replied.

Sadista’s face changed.

“Hmph, so there still are some left!” Sadista’s face instantly turned fierce, and his face seemed to instantly be covered with a layer of frost. “However many they are, kill them all! Not one is to be left alive!”

Hodan shook his head. “Lord Sadista, just now, I spoke of Dragonblood Castle. This is currently the main headquarters of the Four Divine Beast clans. Many Undying Warriors and Dragonblood Warriors are gathered there. In particular, there is one known as Linley. He has an extraordinary relationship with Lord Beirut.”

“Linley?” Sadista frowned.

“Linley is a descendant of the Dragonblood Warrior clan, but he has a magical beast companion. The important thing is…that magical beast is a legendary ‘Godeater Rat’. Aside from Lord Beirut, the one and only Godeater Rat in the countless planes of the universe! Lord Beirut is filled with love and affection towards that Godeater Rat. If you were to act against Linley, milord, then you would be openly making enemies of Lord Beirut.” Hodan said hurriedly. “Milord, we need to consider the bigger picture here.”

Sadista’s face was cold and gloomy.

Hodan knew very well that Sadista deeply desired to kill the descendants of the Four Divine Beast clans.

“Milord, it is nothing more than a branch. It has no impact on the big picture. The most important thing is the Necropolis of the Gods.” Hodan said hurriedly.

Sadista knew, of course, what really mattered. Sadista also knew a little bit regarding Beirut’s background and history. If he were to make an enemy out of Beirut…that was something he didn’t wish to do. Sadista let out a long breath. “Then for now, we won’t act against those people. Linley actually managed to become friends with this Godeater Rat. What a stroke of luck for him.”

Sadista looked at Hodan, then said, “How long will it be before the next opening of the Necropolis of the Gods?”

“Roughly a thousand years.” Hodan replied.

“Fine.” Sadista nodded. “Hodan, stay here. Everyone else, come with me.” As he spoke, Sadista transformed into a blur, flying south and away from the iceberg. The dozens of experts behind him all closely followed Sadista.

Sadista led the group of experts out of the North Sea and to the Yulan Continent.

Although Sadista had brought a group of experts to the Yulan continent, he hadn’t caused any disruption at all. The Yulan continent remained as peaceful and tranquil as it ever had. In this sort of tranquility, time slowly flowed by like water, one year after another…

Dragonblood Castle.

It had been twenty full years since Barnas and the others had attacked. In the past twenty years, Linley’s original body had continued to train in the Throbbing Pulse of the World. After spending six full years, Linley had finally transformed the ‘Eight Fused Waves’ into the ‘Four Fused Waves’ of the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

After another twelve years, he had managed to transform the ‘Four Fused Waves’ into the ‘Two Fused Waves’.

But afterwards, Linley hadn’t been able to make any improvements at all. It must be understood that to reach the ‘all becomes one’ step, the previous insights, proofs, and visualization techniques which Linley had used had all become ineffective. This was the final barrier.

In other words, it was a bottleneck.

From the Two Fused Waves to the One Wave, one could either make the breakthrough in an instant, or take thousands or tens of thousands of years without making any progress. Linley was very confident in himself, and he was in no rush. Instead, he relaxed and began to spend more time with his wife, Delia.

Aside from advancing in the Throbbing Pulse of the World, Linley’s progress in the ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’ had been considerable as well.

What made Linley the happiest, however, wasn’t his improvement. Rather, it was the breakthroughs which his family and friends had made.

“Delia was the first to reach the Deity-level, and next was Barker, then Desri, then Zassler…Haeru was the slowest one.” Linley looked at the black-haired youngster in front of him, laughing, “Haeru, congratulations.”

Right. Haeru had finally become a Deity.

Several people in Dragonblood Castle had successively become Deities. In addition, the War God and the High Priest had finished fusing with the God-level divine sparks and become Gods. Everyone’s power had improved. Naturally, everyone was delighted.

“It was all thanks to your benevolence, Master.” In human form, Haeru remained as respectful as ever.

Linley laughed, “Haeru, no need to be so reserved around me. You can now go wherever you like.” Next to Linley, Delia laughed. “I think Haeru will definitely go show off to those three dragons. Haeru, am I right?”

Haeru could only laugh honestly.

Whenever Haeru thought about the future, he couldn’t help but feel delighted. Who would have imagined that he, a Blackcloud Panther, a magical beast of the ninth rank, would become a Deity.

After Haeru left, Linley paused for a moment, then said to Delia, “Delia, I’m planning to leave Dragonblood Castle for a time.”

“Hrm?” Delia was somewhat surprised.

Linley explained, “I’ve already reached a bottleneck in the Throbbing Pulse of the World. I want to go out for a while and experience the world for a bit. Perhaps that way, I will more easily reach a sudden insight and thus break through.” This Throbbing Pulse of the World was a fairly high level profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth.

To break through truly was very hard.

“Then I’ll go with you.” Delia didn’t want to part from him.

“Haha, I’m not going to other planes, just for a stroll around the Yulan continent. I can engage in communication via divine sense with you at any time.” Linley laughed. Delia laughed as well. Now that Delia was also a Deity, given that the Yulan continent was only so large, Delia’s divine sense was enough to search for and find Linley.

“Alright.” Delia nodded and laughed. “When are you planning to head out?”

“Tomorrow.” Linley said.

“What about Bebe?” Delia asked.

“He’ll come with me.” Linley laughed. “In the past, Bebe and I had spent three years together in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. That was the place where I first sensed the Throbbing Pulse of the World.”

The next morning, at dawn, just as the sun rose.

Linley didn’t tell anyone else about this trip. Only Delia knew about it. After bidding Delia farewell, Linley and Bebe secretly flew out of Dragonblood Castle, beginning a life of tourism and roving about in the Yulan continent.

“Boss, where shall we go?” Raising his head towards the wind, Bebe asked.

“I’ve never paid a visit to the great plains of the far east. Let’s go there first.” Linley said with a laugh.

Linley and Bebe both transformed into streaks of rainbow light, disappearing into the southeastern horizon.

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