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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 17, Mental Message

The guard led Ojwin forward. After walking for a while, the guard suddenly halted.

“Why did you stop?” Ojwin immediately barked. Right now, Ojwin was using a small-scale Godrealm, causing no sound to transmit outside their bubble.

The guard replied woodenly, “I only know that those lords live in the rooms within. Normally, I am not permitted to enter. I don’t know which lord lives in which room.” The guard’s reply caused Ojwin to be surprised.

However, he understood why this was the case.

The rooms where the likes of Olivier lived was normally off limits to the guards.

“One of the rooms inside…” Ojwin could tell that there were six or seven little buildings within, each building having a courtyard. “That makes this complicated. I don’t know which one Olivier is in.” Ojwin frowned, considering.

War God, High Priest, Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, Olivier. They all lived there. Within the two-floor building where Cesar lived, Cesar was currently seated in the meditative position, his eyes shut.

The Elemental Laws of Darkness which Cesar trained in was a type of profound mystery having to do with stealth.

To Cesar, the darkness was as comfortable to him as a mother’s embrace. Cesar could completely and easily fuse with the darkness, causing others to be completely unable to detect him. At the same time…Cesar could sense anything which was not part of that darkness.

For example, Cesar could sense that in the building next to his, there was a blazing hot aura.

It was obvious to him as a blazing comet within the darkness.

“Hrm?” Cesar frowned. “Why has someone drawn near so late at night?”

As the ‘King of Killers’, Cesar, a master of subterfuge, was the first to sense that someone was nearing their residences. In addition, Cesar could sense that there was more than one person present. “Such a weak aura. But unfortunately for you, you can’t escape my detection.”

Cesar didn’t use his divine sense either.

To Cesar, using divine sense was an utterly foolish sort of behavior. When you used divine sense, you allowed others to be able to find you as well.

Cesar disappeared into thin air. If a Deity-level was carefully inspecting the area, he might be able to just barely notice that the darkness within the room had changed slightly. Hidden within the darkness, Cesar quickly left his room and headed outside.

Right at this moment…Ojwin and that guard were standing not too far away.

“Him!” From a distance of just a hundred or so meters, Cesar could instantly tell who this person was.

Cesar was shocked, but then he laughed coldly to himself. “This Ojwin really is bold. He actually dares to come here late at night.” It must be said that Cesar’s stealth abilities truly were astounding. He was hidden just a hundred meters away from Ojwin, but Ojwin was completely unable to locate Cesar’s presence.

Cesar instantly used his divine sense, casting it towards the direction of Tarosse’s residence.

Tarosse didn’t have any ability to hide his presence, and so Cesar easily located him. “Lord Tarosse, Ojwin came. He’s right outside.”

Tarosse was greatly shocked, but then his mind became filled with rage. “This Ojwin. Two times in a row, I stayed my hand and didn’t go all out against him. Does he really think I’m afraid to kill him?” Tarosse immediately flew outside his residence.

Tarosse’s hiding skills were clearly inferior to Cesar’s. Only, Tarosse was extremely fast! His residence was only a hundred meters or so away from Ojwin. At such a close distance, as soon as Tarosse flew out of his room, he immediately saw Ojwin and thus shot towards him at high speed.

“Right now, all I can do is find one of the servants who specially serves these Deities, then continue to investigate.” Ojwin was planning to go find another servant to interrogate.

“Huh?” Ojwin turned his head in shock.

A figure was shooting towards him at high speed. Ojwin’s face changed dramatically, and in his heart, he cursed angrily, “Bastard, him again!!!” Seeing Tarosse come, Ojwin knew that he had failed yet again. Although he was unwilling to admit defeat, he couldn’t do anything else now except immediately rocket into the air at high speed.

“Motherf*cker, you want to flee?!” Tarosse’s bellowing voice shook the entire Dragonblood Castle.

Instantly, many people in Dragonblood Castle were shocked into wakefulness.

“Hisss….” An ear-piercing hiss seemed to shake the entire world. This sound was louder than the sound of the world exploding, and was far more ear-piercing as well.

“What is that?!”

Wharton, Gates, and the others all came out of their rooms upon hearing the bellow. They were all stunned by what they saw. In the air above Dragonblood Castle, an astonishing, enormous coiled green snake that was ten thousand meters long had appeared. The girth of its body, at least several houses thick, truly caused the hearts of the viewers to turn cold.

The massive green serpent coiled there in mid-air. Raising its head, it emitted that ear-piercing cry.

“No!” A human figure had been completely locked in, in mid-air. The person cried out in desperation and hopelessness.

That enormous serpent’s maw was open, and the space of what felt like the entire world began to tremble. That human figure was only able to resist for a brief instant before he was no longer able to endure that devouring force. Instantly, he was drawn into that enormous serpentine mouth and swallowed into its belly.

The ten-thousand meter long enormous green serpent then transformed into a human figure. It was the green-haired Tarosse.

Tarosse flew down while cursing, “That Ojwin actually interpreted me being good-natured as being me being afraid to kill him. Hmph. Ever since I left the Necropolis of the Gods, I haven’t killed anyone. This fellow didn’t pay any attention to what I said.”

A group of people were gathered below. Even Linley and Delia had hurried over.

“Was that Ojwin just now?” Linley hadn’t seen it clearly just now. He only vaguely saw a human figure be swallowed into Tarosse’s stomach.

Linley had once seen Tarosse’s true form on the third floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.

“It was Ojwin.” Cesar laughed. “That Ojwin actually snuck into Dragonblood Castle. He thought we wouldn’t notice him. However…before he even drew near me, I noticed his presence.” How could Ojwin possibly hide himself from Cesar, so skilled in the arts of stealth?

What a silly dream.

Although one was a God and the other was a Demigod, this was Cesar’s specialty, after all.

“Haha, Tarosse, you’ve shown off your ‘Devour’ ability as well.” Dylin laughed.

Dylin’s true form was that of the Suanni Lion, also known as the ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’. He naturally had a vast amount of space in his stomach. As for Tarosse, as a Deity-class beast, the ‘Ba-Serpent’, he also had the innate ability of ‘Ocean Devouring’. The Ba-Serpent had a space in his stomach to begin with, and what’s more, the Ba-Serpent’s body was naturally enormous.

In fact, his devouring ability, compared to Dylin’s, was actually slightly more powerful.

Given that Tarosse’s spiritual energy, in terms of pureness and quantity, was superior to that of Dylin’s, his ‘Devour’ ability was naturally far stronger as well.

“This Ojwin actually came again.” Olivier laughed ruefully. He truly had been frightened just now.

Linley laughed, “Olivier, you can relax now. That Ojwin is now dead. In the future, he won’t be able to come make trouble for you.” Ojwin’s death caused Linley to feel relieved as well. Actually, many people within Dragonblood Castle would be celebrating tonight.

“Don’t be happy so soon.”

Tarosse snorted coldly as he spoke. Opening his mouth, a divine spark that faintly glowed with red light floated out. “Ojwin died inside my body. This is his divine God spark.”

“A fire-style one?” Linley was shocked. Ojwin didn’t have just one body. If the Ojwin that had been devoured was the ‘combined’ Ojwin, there should be two divine sparks present.

“Right. Only the fire-style one.” Tarosse said. “You all know that he has two bodies. And just now, the one which I devoured and killed was only his fire-element divine clone. His divine light clone never came to this place!”

Linley sighed in his heart.

It was much like how, during Ojwin’s first attack, Linley and Desri had kept their original bodies within the pocket dimension. They were guarding against the chance of their divine clones being destroyed, in which case they would be finished.

“It seems that Ojwin was also worried about being killed, so he had also made preparations.” Linley couldn’t help but look at Olivier. The look of concern once more appeared between Olivier’s forehead. If Ojwin didn’t die, then Olivier wouldn’t be able to be relaxed.

“Olivier.” Linley looked at Olivier.

Olivier couldn’t help but look at Linley with a rueful smile. Linley said, “Olivier, right now, none of us know what that Ojwin is capable of doing. How about this. Come to the pocket dimension for your training. In that place, even if Ojwin used his divine sense, he definitely wouldn’t be able to locate you.”

To be honest, there were quite a few people currently present in that pocket dimension now.

“Then, fine.” Olivier didn’t refuse this time.

The pocket dimension alone was the safest haven within Dragonblood Castle.

“Everyone, don’t worry.” Linley turned to look at Wharton and the others. “This time, Ojwin lost a divine spark, which means he lost one of his lives. He only has his divine light clone remaining. He dared to risk it this time, but in the future, he won’t dare. He has no other divine clones.”

Everyone began to laugh.

Only, the War God, O’Brien, stared at the divine spark in Tarosse’s hands, his eyes gleaming.

That was a full God’s divine fire spark. He, O’Brien, trained in the Elemental Laws of Fire. A God-level divine fire spark was something which he, O’Brien, desperately needed. Only, the divine God spark was simply too valuable. He didn’t dare to ask for it directly.


Deep in the night, standing above the vast ground, Ojwin furiously smashed his fists into the earth, releasing an unrelenting, furious howl from his lips.

“BANG!” “BANG!” ……

The earth split apart, but Ojwin still couldn’t vent the unrelenting anger in his heart.

“First time. Second time. All failures! My divine clone…the Elemental Laws of Fire?” Ojwin was filled with boundless rage. He knew that he would never again be able to train in the Elemental Laws of Fire. He only had one body left now; his divine light clone.

From now on, he could only train in the Elemental Laws of Light.

“That Tarosse and that Dylin, what ability was that?” Ojwin couldn’t help but feel his heart shake as he thought back to that terrifying scene.

When Tarosse had began to devour him, it had been a completely different sensation from when Dylin had used the ability. Tarosse had transformed into his true form, that of the Ba-Serpent. When he had used the ‘Devour’ ability, Ojwin had felt as though he had become completely separated from all other space, and that an irresistible force had surrounded him.

And then, he was immediately swallowed into the Ba-Serpent’s stomach.

At first, Ojwin had thought that upon entering the Ba-Serpent’s stomach, he could rip through the internal organs to flee. But who would have thought…that the stomach wasn’t an material dimension at all. And thus, entirely powerless, he had been killed.

This was the sort of innate ability only a divine beast possessed! Even most people who trained to the Highgod level couldn’t possibly create such an immaterial dimension within their stomach.

This was why the likes of the Heaven Devouring Beast and the Ba-Serpent were reputed to be able to swallow mountains and swallow oceans.

“There will, there will come a day!” Ojwin ground his teeth. “There will come a day when I definitely will kill Olivier, and there will come a day when I become a Highgod and will come kill that Tarosse!” Ojwin’s heart was filled with extreme hatred towards Tarosse.

But until reaching the Highgod level, Ojwin wouldn’t dare to irritate Tarosse again.

And then, Ojwin transformed into a ray of light, streaking into the western skies.

Ojwin’s divine fire clone had been destroyed. Indeed, he now no longer dared to cause trouble. Dragonblood Castle once more returned to its normal calm, and Linley began to train quietly as well. After many months had passed, when winter was starting, Linley received a bit of good news.

On this day, Linley was currently absorbed in attuning with the Elemental Laws of the Wind.

Suddenly, a sound rang out in his mind. “Linley, I need to entrust you with something.”

“Lord Beirut?” Linley immediately halted his training.

“Bebe has already reached the stage of transforming into a Deity. This final transformational stage is extremely critical. Remember, starting today, no matter what, don’t reach out mentally to Bebe. Don’t disturb him.” Beirut mentally transmitted to Linley.

Beirut was capable of preventing others from engaging in using their divine sense to speak, but even Beirut was incapable of blocking Linley and Bebe from communicating, due to their connected souls. Thus, he had to deliver a message.

“Transforming into a Deity? Alright, I understand. In this period of time, I definitely won’t send a mental message to Bebe and disturb him.” Linley felt delighted for Bebe as well.

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