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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 14, Two Powers Join Forces

The O’Brien Empire. Within a manor.

This was the place where Ojwin currently resided. Today, Ojwin had ordered for an exceedingly sumptuous banquet to be prepared, especially for the sake of his old friend, Hanbritt. Ojwin and Hanbritt sat down opposite of each other, eating while chatting.

“Ojwin, I have the feeling that today, there’s something on your mind. Speak plainly, what is it?” Hanbritt grinned as he spoke.

Ojwin chuckled as well.

“I can never fool you, old friend.” Ojwin let out a sigh as he spoke, a hint of grief in his eyes. “Hanbritt, you should know that my son is dead. I’ve never been able to forget about this.”

Ojwin let out a bitter laugh. “Honestly speaking, this sort of psychological torture, I…I’m going crazy.”

Hanbritt knew how deep the bonds were between Ojwin and his son.

“That’s right. I haven’t had a chance to ask you. How did your son, Kingsley, die?” Hanbritt asked curiously. “Did he die at the hands of that expert who forced you out of the Baruch Empire?”


Ojwin shook his head. “If he had died in the hands of that expert named Tarosse, I would be able to hold on to my temper. After all, I’m only slightly weaker than him. I’d still be able to make myself calm down and keep on training until the day comes when my power is greater than Tarosse’s, allowing me to get revenge.”

“But, the person who killed my son is a Demigod!”

“Demigod?” Hanbritt was very surprised.

Ojwin couldn’t refrain from cursing and nodding, “Right! Nothing but a Demigod. It really f*cking drives me insane. Just a Demigod who I could kill with the flip of my hand, but I don’t have a chance to kill him right now.”

“Ojwin, are you saying that you want me…” Hanbritt was able to guess what came next.

Ojwin looked sincerely at Hanbritt. “Hanbritt, we’ve been friends for a very long time now. I definitely have to avenge my son’s death. But the opponent is a bit too strong for me. I imagine…if you were to assist me, and if the two of us were to join forces, even though he is being protected by Tarosse, we will definitely be able to easily kill that Olivier.”

Hanbritt couldn’t help but hesitate.

“How many Gods does the enemy side have?” Hanbritt asked.

“Two. One of them is that Tarosse. The other…seems to be called Dylin or something. But it seems he is just an early God. His power is good deal lower than yours.” Ojwin explained.

Hanbritt nodded slightly.

But Hanbritt had the feeling that since Ojwin was weaker than Tarosse, while Dylin was weaker than himself, Hanbritt, the two sides…should roughly be on par with each other.

“Are you unable to go ask Barnas or Gatenby [Gai’teng’bi] to assist?” Hanbritt suggested. “If you can get one of them to come, with the three of us working together, victory will be assured, and very easy at that.”

Adkins originally had three Gods under his control; his most trusted Barnas, the silent, taciturn Gatenby, and Hanbritt. In terms of power, Hanbritt was actually the weakest, while Barnas and Gatenby possessed astonishing power.

“Barnas holds me in absolute contempt.” Ojwin said angrily. “As for Gatenby, who knows how long it would take in order to convince that block of wood.”

Hanbritt understood those two people very well. He nodded.

“Hanbritt, don’t worry. I’m not asking you to go and fight that Tarosse to the death. The purpose is to go to kill that Demigod, Olivier…how about this. When we get there, I’ll immediately use my two bodies to tie up Dylin and Tarosse, while your mission will be to, in that short period of time, kill Olivier. What do you say?” Ojwin suggested.

Hanbritt, listening to this suggestion, felt that this indeed didn’t pose much of a risk.

“Ojwin, although your proposal is easily made, in reality, carrying it out will still be quite difficult. Regarding this…I still have to consider whether or not it is worth it for me.” Hanbritt said intentionally.

Ojwin laughed coldly in his heart.

He understood that if he didn’t pay a price, Hanbritt definitely wouldn’t help.

And indeed…

Once he took out a good divine artifact, Hanbritt agreed to help out. Ojwin and Hanbritt came to an agreement. That night, they directly headed to Dragonblood Castle, preparing to immediately kill Olivier in the shortest time possible.

Dragonblood Castle.

Sundown. It was already growing dusk.

Linley, Dylin, and Tarosse were walking side by side towards the main hall, while at the same time, chatting about their training.

“Linley, I believe your training method is somewhat erroneous.” Dylin said with a frown.

“Erroneous?” Linley was somewhat puzzled.

This was how Linley had previously trained in order to develop the ‘Hymn of the Wind’.

“I can tell that you are pondering how to utilize the ‘Profound Mysteries of Sound’ of the Elemental Laws of the Wind along with your Bloodviolet sword, so as to generate a more powerful attack, right?” Dylin said, and Linley nodded.

Dylin continued, “By doing this, it is true that you can raise your attack power in a short amount of time. But from a training standpoint, you are wasting time.”

“But by doing so, you are just focusing on minor points. You are focusing on Bloodviolet, and the purpose of understanding the Profound Mysteries of Sound is to use it alongside Bloodviolet. Once you don’t have Bloodviolet, you won’t be able to use your insights with any other weapons. That’s no good. Also, by doing this, it will be very hard for you to truly master and perfect your understanding of the ‘Profound Mysteries of Sound’.” Dylin said seriously. “I urge you to start from the basics.”

“Training in the Elemental Laws, we must start from the basics, then slowly go deeper…go one step at a time. That way, no matter what weapon you use, you’ll be able to utilize a powerful attack based on the Profound Mysteries of the Sound.”

Linley was startled, then he laughed.

“Lord Dylin, I understand.” Linley sighed. “Only, not too long ago, with so many experts descending onto the Yulan continent, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure, which is why I began to train in this sort of short-term power-enhancing method. All of you are back now, but I didn’t take that into consideration and continued to train in that manner.”

“It seems that I really do need to change to start from the basics, and start to gain my insights one step at a time.”

Linley nodded.

“It is good that you understand.” Dylin laughed as well, and as they spoke, they entered the main hall.

“Hey?” Linley glanced into the main hall. “Olivier still isn’t here. Lord Dylin, Lord Tarosse, wait here. I’ll go call Olivier to come over. Tonight, let’s have a get together.”

As Linley spoke, he entered the east gardens, heading towards a secluded manor.

The sky was quite dark. Two human figures slashed through it, hurrying towards Dragonblood Castle. It was Ojwin and Hanbritt. Ojwin’s heart was filled with a murderous intent. He truly wanted to kill Olivier as soon as he got there. He couldn’t help but get excited.

“Hanbritt, I’ve already described that Olivier’s appearance to you. When the time comes, we’ll both use our divine sense to cover the entire Dragonblood Castle. As soon as we discover Olivier, you’ll immediately attack, while I’ll fly over alongside with you, in case that Tarosse blocks us.” Ojwin said with his divine sense.

Hanbritt nodded, a hidden hint of killing intent in his eyes. “Don’t worry. He’s just a Demigod. This time, I will definitely use a full force attack. I’ll definitely be able to instantly kill that person named Olivier.”

“We’re here. Dragonblood Castle is just up ahead.” Ojwin’s breathing grew ragged.

“Later, when I give the order, we’ll simultaneously spread out our divine sense and also simultaneously charge down. We have to make it fast.” Ojwin said.

Hanbritt didn’t argue.

He definitely wanted to kill Olivier in as short a time as possible. The shorter the timeframe, the less of a chance they would have to do battle with Tarosse.

Within the manor.

Olivier had just now stopped his training.

“Let’s go. Everyone’s waiting for you.” Linley said with a laugh.

The two were walking shoulder-to-shoulder as they spoke.

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, I’ve been in an unsettled mood today. Even when I was training, I had to spend a lot of time before I could calm down and absorb myself in training.” Olivier frowned while sighing. “I really don’t understand why I feel so nervous.”

Linley let out a laugh. “Stop thinking wild thoughts. If you really are nervous, then just come into my pocket training dimension.”

“It’s already crowded enough in there. I won’t add to it.” Olivier laughed.

The two were walking on the path within the east garden. Just at this moment, two divine senses suddenly encapsulated the entire Dragonblood Castle. This was the divine sense of full Gods. Linley and Olivier couldn’t sense it at all, and they continued to talk and laugh while walking.

In the same instant the divine senses swept out…

Two figures descended from the sky, charging at high speed towards their target, Olivier!

“Not good!!!” Tarosse and Dylin were both Gods. They sensed the opponent’s divine senses. Naturally, they spread out their own divine sense, and realized that from mid-air, there were two Gods charging straight towards Linley and Olivier.

Two Gods!

Tarosse and Dylin both felt great shock.

“Swish!” “Swish!”

Tarosse and Dylin both raised their speeds to their limit, hurrying towards Linley and Olivier while at the same time, using their divine sense to contact the two. “Quick, come to the main hall, quick!!! That Ojwin is coming for you!” Their voices rang out in Linley and Olivier’s minds.

Linley and Olivier both reacted very fast, simultaneously charging towards the main hall.


Ojwin and Hanbritt were just a thousand meters away in the air, and they were charging down at a very high speed. Dragonblood Castle was quite large as well; from the main hall to the east gardens, the distance was also nearly a thousand meters.

“They came to kill Olivier.” While flying at high speed, Linley could guess what was going on.

In terms of speed, Linley was quite a bit faster than Olivier.

“BOOM!” Suddenly, from behind Linley, an ear-splitting rumble could be heard. The strength of the rumbling vibrations alone caused the nearby earth to shatter, and even the nearby walls were instantly shaken into tiny pieces. Fortunately, there were no serving women or any other ordinary people on the pathways.

“Olivier!” Linley turned to look.

A terrifying roar rang out, and Linley felt as though the entire world had suddenly began to faintly tremble.

“Dylin…” Linley saw that Dylin had opened his mouth. Ojwin and that other expert were actually being drawn towards him by an extremely powerful devouring force.

“Ojwin, this is that so-called ‘weakling’ early-stage God you were talking about?” Hanbritt used his divine sense to angrily curse at Ojwin.

“I had no idea either!” Ojwin felt miserable in his heart as well.

He had never imagined that Dylin was this terrifying. Just then, when the two had charged down, Ojwin’s plan was…even if Tarosse and Dylin came to block them, he himself would split into his two divine clones and be able to tie them up for a short while.

But just as they were about to kill Olivier, that terrifying devouring force had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Even himself and Hanbritt combined were somewhat unable to resist that devouring force of Dylin’s.

Ojwin instantly transformed into two people; his divine light clone, and his divine fire clone. Ojwin’s two divine bodies, along with Hanbritt, made for three Deities. Their combined forces were able to just barely stalemate against that devouring force of Dylin’s.

“He really lives up to the name of Heaven Devouring Beast!” Linley mentally sighed in praise.

Divine beasts were extremely powerful. As soon as they reached adulthood, they would naturally become Demigods. One could imagine how strong their innate gifts were.

For him to dare to refer to himself as a ‘Heaven Devouring Beast’, Dylin’s devouring power was hundreds of times more powerful than those three sons of his. He was now a full God. Generally speaking, any Gods that were swallowed by him would die a certain death.

“I was saved by them yet again.” Olivier arrived by Linley’s side, still feeling some terror, while at the same time he looked at Dylin with an amazed sigh. “Linley, this Dylin’s power is perhaps a little too terrifying. What sort of ability is this? What Elemental Law does it belong to?”

Linley didn’t know what to say either.

What sort of Elemental Law did it belong to? Who knew?

“Bebe is a divine beast as well. For him to be named a ‘Godeater Rat’, then…what would his natural ability be?” Linley felt curious.

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