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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 12, Desri’s Decision

Of gentle temperament, with a smile ever-present on his face. This was the image of Desri which Linley had in his mind. But right now, Desri’s hair was disheveled, and his entire body emanated a brutal aura. Even when Desri noticed Linley’s arrival, he hadn’t changed his aura at all.

“You came.” Desri said calmly.

Linley secretly sighed.

The destruction of his divine clone had apparently truly been a major blow to Desri’s psyche.

“Desri, it’s useless to feel regret over the destruction of your divine clone. Right now, what you can do is work hard and think about your future path. The way you are right now, so frustrated that you aren’t even talking to family and friends, keeping everything bottled up inside, will make your family and friends feel worried about you.” Linley urged.

Desri was silent for a moment.

“When I came back, my mind was in a state of chaos. I didn’t want to speak with them.” Desri spoke.

Linley nodded slightly.

Desri and Linley were different. After all, Desri had worked hard for over five thousand years to become a Deity. The results of his five thousand years of effort had disappeared in one day. Nobody would at first be able to accept something like that with perfect calm.

“Desri, what’s your decision?” Linley sighed as he asked. “Are you going to train in other Elemental Laws to become a Deity on your own, or find a divine Demigod spark and fuse with it to become a Deity?” By this point, Desri had no other options.

Desri let out a self-mocking laugh.

“Train in other Elemental Laws?” Desri looked at Linley. “Linley, I was most skilled at the Elemental Laws of Light, but even so, it took me a very long period of time to become a Deity. If I were to change to other Elemental Laws, it would take me over ten thousand years. Tell me, how can I possibly become a Deity on my own again?”

Linley was silent for a moment.

Linley understood that every person had their own strong points and specialties. For example, if Linley were forced to train in the Elemental Laws of Darkness, which he knew nothing about, even if he spent ten times or a hundred times the amount of effort, his achievements in the Elemental Laws of Darkness still wouldn’t reach the level of his Elemental Laws of the Wind.

Half the effort for twice the results; double the effort for half the results. There was a huge difference between the two.

“Desri, I know that you have the most aptitude for the Elemental Laws of Light…” Linley said solemnly. “That divine spark of yours was seized by that silver-robed man serving Ojwin. Don’t worry. I will definitely come up with a way to seize that divine spark back for you.”

If Desri’s original body were to fuse with his own divine spark, then he would be able to succeed in a very short period of time.

But Linley also understood that it was hard to say as to whether or not that silver-robed man would show himself again.

“If I’m not able to find your divine spark, then I will come up with a way to find another light-style divine spark.” Linley said.

As Linley saw it…originally, when Ojwin had attacked, Desri had given him great face by not immediately retreating, which resulted in his divine clone being destroyed. Desri originally had a future in the light-style Laws, but now, his only choice was to choose fusing with a divine spark to become a Deity again.

He, Linley, had to help him.

“No need.” Desri said with unwavering determination.

Linley couldn’t help but feel startled.

What did this Desri want? Could it be that he himself, relying on his power as a Prime Saint, would go seize a divine spark?

“I don’t want to train in the Elemental Laws of Light any longer.” Desri looked at Linley and sighed. “Linley, after multiple battles, I’ve discovered that training in spiritual attacks is quite disadvantageous in battles. I want to train in mysterious truths that are of use in close combat.”

“Close combat?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

He hadn’t expected that Desri would actually decide to change his path of training.

But it made sense. After becoming a Deity, Desri had engaged in two major battles, the first time against Beaumont, the second time against the silver-robed man who Ojwin commanded. Desri had realized…that solely relying on spiritual attacks was greatly disadvantageous in battle.

Although the soul was extremely important, close quarters, physical attacks were more effective.

“If that’s the case?” Linley came to a decision. With the flip of his hand, Linley retrieved a black divine spark out of nowhere, which was currently emanating a deathly aura.

Desri couldn’t help but look at the divine spark. “Linley, what is this?” But Desri could tell what it was as well.

Linley nodded slightly. “Right. This is the divine spark which I got when we killed Beaumont. This divine spark’s nature is of the Edicts of Death. In training, aside from the Seven Elemental Laws, there are also the Four Edicts. The Edicts of Death include both strong spiritual attacks as well strong close combat abilities. Fuse with it, research it, and break through. You should be able to have some accomplishments.”

Desri hesitated slightly.

Actually, right now, Desri very much wanted this divine spark. Only, divine sparks were simply too precious.

Linley had been the one to kill Beaumont, and so the divine spark naturally went to him.

“Take it.” Linley was naturally able to tell what Desri was thinking. He tossed the divine spark directly to Desri, who unconsciously caught it. As his hand clasped around the divine spark, Desri’s eyes began to shine.

Now that he had a divine spark, becoming a Deity again was nothing more than a matter of time.

“Thank you.” Desri only said these two words to Linley.

Linley smiled. “Desri, as I see it, it’s best if you come to Dragonblood Castle to train. Currently, Tarosse and Dylin are both there. It is fairly safe there…as for this place, I’m worried that Deities might discover that you are fusing with a divine spark. They might come and steal it from you.”

Desri nodded in agreement.

In the current Yulan continent, there were many Deities present.

Even though he was training within the mountain, Desri wouldn’t be able to avoid the divine sense of a Deity. Most likely, the vast majority of Deities would be willing to kill Desri, a mere Prime Saint, for the sake of acquiring a divine spark.

When Desri came out, Pennslyn, Reynolds, and the others all let out a sigh of relief. This time, Desri clearly explained what happened to Pennslyn. Only now did Pennslyn know…that her husband had actually lost his divine spark.

No wonder he had been like that.

For the sake of safety, Pennslyn and the others all decided to go with Desri to Dragonblood Castle as well.

Dragonblood Castle’s interior was extremely spacious. It wouldn’t even be a problem if thousands of people came. Linley was very happy as well…because this meant that Reynolds would also be living at Dragonblood Castle. The two bros would once again be able to often drink and chat together.

Meanwhile, after Ojwin’s forces had been pushed out of the Baruch Empire, the other Deities who lay hidden in the Yulan continent, seeing that even the full God, Ojwin, had been sent fleeing, didn’t dare to dream of taking over the Baruch Empire for themselves.

The Baruch Empire slowly returned to normal.

Linley’s side remained in Dragonblood Castle, training contentedly, but Ojwin’s forces, who had been sent fleeing, couldn’t be so relaxed.

In a small town near the borders of the O’Brien Empire, the exalted God, Ojwin, was hiding here for now. Currently, the O’Brien Empire was Lord Adkins’ territory. No matter how daring Ojwin was, he wouldn’t dare try to take Adkins’ territory from him.

“Recently, his lordship has been in an unstable mood.”

“Kingsley died. No wonder his lordship is acting like this.”

A silver-robed man was chatting with a black-robed man. In recent days, almost no one dared to go disturb Ojwin. They would wait for Ojwin to give them orders, and then they would carry them out.

Ojwin was currently seated in front of his desk, drinking one cup of wine after another, his gaze unsettled. Clearly, he was thinking about something.


The more Ojwin thought about it, the more his body naturally emitted that baleful aura. He truly wanted to kill Olivier!

“If I don’t kill Olivier, I’ll never be at ease.” Ojwin’s fiery rage continued to smolder. “But that Tarosse’s strength is simply too astonishing. Even if I were to fight against him at full strength, I would probably still be at a disadvantage. With both him and Dylin both remaining in Dragonblood Castle, how will I kill Olivier?”

Ojwin was a man of great ambition.

He was able to endure, while at the same time, wasn’t willing to subordinate himself to others.

Through the countless years he had spent in the Gebados Planar Prison, Ojwin had only two goals he had pursued; to reach the greatest heights of power and authority, and to protect his son.

He didn’t casually decide to offend others. In the Planar Prison, he had known quite a few experts, most of whom he was on good terms with. He was able to gain quite a bit of fame in Bluefire City, while at the same time, Ojwin continually pursued the goal of becoming a Highgod!

A Highgod was simply far more powerful than a God could ever be.

Now that his son was dead, Ojwin wanted to seek revenge. At the same time, he still had the goal of becoming a Highgod.

“First, revenge.” Ojwin stared towards the southwest. “But by myself, it is impossible for me to go to Dragonblood Castle and kill Olivier when he is being protected by Tarosse and Dylin. It seems, I’ll have to make this choice…”

Ojwin didn’t like subordinating himself to others.

But now, he decided to do so.

“Oerph has something of a grudge against me. If I go serve Lord Adkins, at least that Hanbritt [Han’bu’li’te] who serves him is on good terms with me. In that place, I’ll be able to quickly establish myself. It shouldn’t be too hard for me to gain revenge by relying on Lord Adkins’ power.”

Ojwin’s gaze turned as cold and as sharp as a knife.

“Olivier. I will definitely kill him! I will destroy his soul and scatter his spirit!!!” Ojwin ground his teeth.

The imperial capital of the O’Brien Empire. The imperial palace.

The imperial clan who had been in the imperial palace had been exterminated long ago. This was now the place where Lord Adkins lived. Adkins had a few hobbies. He liked wearing extravagant clothes, he likes to sample some precious, rare foods, and he liked to watch beautiful women dance…

He held a wine cup in his right hand, as jade-white as that of a woman’s. He took a gentle sip of the wine, smiling calmly as he watched the many women dancing within the flowers in front of him.

Right now, in the rear flower gardens, the youth with short silver hair was currently leading the way for Ojwin.

“Don’t be hasty. Lord Adkins is currently enjoying himself. At a time like this, Lord Adkins hates it when others disturb him.” The youth with short silver hair explained.

Ojwin nodded and laughed, “I’ve heard as well that when Lord Adkins was in Bluefire City, he liked to enjoy himself. Only someone as exalted as Lord Adkins was capable of enjoying himself like that in a place like the Gebados Planar Prison.”

The silver-haired youth laughed as well.

Others had been tormented in the Planar Prison, but someone as mighty as Adkins enjoyed his time there.

“Come in.” A voice rang out in their minds.

The silver-haired youth immediately led Ojwin into the rear flower gardens. Upon arriving in front of Adkins, Ojwin immediately knelt on one knee with respect. “I pay my respects to the exalted, mighty Lord Adkins!” Ojwin lowered his head.

Adkins, seated on his chair, glanced sideways at him.

“Ojwin? Right, I heard that a while ago, you were in the Baruch Empire.” Adkins said with a smile.

“My strength was inferior to another’s, and so I had to depart the Baruch Empire.” Ojwin still didn’t dare to lift his head.

Although he was now joining Adkins’ side, Ojwin didn’t dare to ask Adkins for help. He knew…that to a Highgod, whether or not he accepted another God in his entourage didn’t make much of a difference at all.

“You can rise.” Adkins said calmly. “From today onwards, you can stay in this imperial palace as well. If there’s anything I need, I’ll send you orders.”

“Yes, Lord Adkins.”

Ojwin felt relieved.

He knew…that now that he was serving Adkins, at least Adkins would protect him.

“Ojwin, you can go for now.” Adkins said.

“Yes, Lord.” Ojwin left respectfully.

Adkins glanced at the nearby silver-haired youth. “Hanbritt, from what I know, when those people who had gone to the Necropolis of the Gods came back, that Beirut should have returned to the Forest of Darkness. How about this…you send a subordinate to make a trip to the Forest of Darkness. You don’t need me to tell you what the purpose is, right?”

“Yes, Lord.” The silver-haired youth, ‘Hanbritt’, said respectfully.

Adkins stared towards the northeast, and then he laughed. He drained the remaining wine in his cup in one gulp.

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