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Book 12, The Descent of the Gods – Chapter 9, The Descent

Because of the appearance of the Godrealm, the ‘Great Six-Point Battle Formation’ had been disrupted in one part, causing the entire ‘Great Six-Point Battle Formation’ to collapse. As soon as the formation had collapsed, Bebe had immediately killed a Saint.

“Haha, let’s begin the slaughter.”

The practitioner of the Way of Destruction, Tulily, shouted loudly, and each time the blood colored scimitar in his hands lit up, a Saint was chopped to death.

“Kill!” Barker and his brothers, the five Undying Warrior Saints, had ferocious looks on their faces. They roared angrily, brandishing their greataxes as they chopped towards the Saints close to them.

As for the Grand Magus Necromancer, Zassler, he laughed insidiously, utilizing spiritual attacks while simultaneously ordering his eight Saint-level undead to attack those pitiable Saints on the side of the Radiant Church. “Die…die…don’t you fellows love to kill ‘heathens’? All of you, die.”

As for the fastest person amongst them…without question, that was Linley.

With a flicker of his body, Linley charged towards Lord Fallen Leaf. If they were to discuss who was the strongest person on the side of the Radiant Church, Linley’s opinion was that it would be this person, the spiritual leader of the Ascetics. The skinny Lord Fallen Leaf saw Linley fly over, and he couldn’t help but immediately fly backwards in shock and anger.

“Lord Fallen Leaf, no need to flee.” Linley’s voice rang out in Fallen Leaf’s mind.

“Swish! A devilish violet light flashed.

The edge of that violet light had a hint of faint blue light. Wherever the violet sword went, a small seam in space itself was immediately ripped open. Lord Fallen leaf’s body radiated countless lines of white light, wanting to entangle that Bloodviolet sword, but as soon as they touched those tiny seams in space, those white threads of light instantly collapsed.


Linley’s Bloodviolet sword chopped down directly towards Fallen Leaf’s head. It was like a tiny line had appeared in the middle of Fallen Leaf’s skull. The sword sliced through the skull, but the skull actually didn’t split apart. Only, a bloody line appeared straight through his head.

“Linl…Linley…” Lord Fallen Leaf looked at Linley. In the moment of his death, he thought back to that day when Guillermo had brought Linley to him to be trained as his apprentice.

At that time, Lord Fallen Leaf had refused Linley…

“I will only teach those with kind hearts and pure souls. But you…your heart is filled with an excessive desire to kill. I will not teach you.”

Thinking back to that scene, Fallen Leaf had a bitter feeling in his heart.

An excessive desire to kill?

Who would have thought that in the end, he would have died by Linley’s hands.

And then, Fallen Leaf’s consciousness vanished and dissipated!

As soon as Linley’s side had begun massacring the forces of the Radiant Emperor, Heidens, standing at the entrance to the Radiant Temple, began to tremble. His entire body shook, and then he turned towards the white-robed priestess behind him and mentally barked, “Hurry, hurry and ask Lord Chiquita to come, hurry!!!”

“Yes, Your Holiness.” The white-robed priestess within the Radiant Temple immediately ran at high speed towards the insides of the Radiant Temple.

Holy Emperor Heidens gripped the ‘Radiant Scriptures’, staring at the scene above, his heart trembling. “Died. They all died.” Heidens’ heart ached. These dead Saints had been the reason why the Radiant Church had been able to maintain its grip on power in the Yulan continent.

Some of these Saints might have had the potential to one day surpass him in power and become the next Holy Emperor.

“Too late. It’s all too late.” Heidens felt boundless grief and rage in his heart.

“But…there is still hope!” Heidens’ ground his teeth. “As long as we can kill that Linley, after a few more centuries of training and gathering new forces, our Radiant Church can definitely grow strong again.”

Heidens’ face suddenly changed. He cried out in shock, “Fallen Leaf!”

Right at that moment, Lord Fallen Leaf’s corpse fell down from mid-air.

As Lord Fallen Leaf died, twenty eight other Saints of the thirty-six the Radiant Church had started with had died as well.

Only eight were left!

The rate at which they had been killed caused the members of the Radiant Church who had witnessed this to feel shock and terror in their hearts.

“This Linley…” Heidens found out, to his amazement, that Linley next charged straight towards Lehman. Lehman had finally broken free of Delia’s ‘Godrealm’. After all, her Godrealm was an imperfect one, and was only capable of trapping him for a few seconds.

“Linley!” Lehman roared with fury, delivering a full-forced stick smash towards Linley.

Wherever the staff passed through, space itself rippled.

“Die.” Linley said calmly.

A devilish violet light passed through the staff, which instantly snapped into two parts. Wherever the devilish violet light passed, space itself was instantly torn apart. The spatial rip actually tore straight through Lehman’s body, and his tall, massive body was instantly split into two halves.

Dimensional Decapitator!

With a flash of the sword, Lehman’s skull exploded.

Linley turned and stared at the distant Heidens.

“Heidens. It is your turn, now.” Linley’s voice seemed to echo throughout the heavens.

With Lehman and Fallen Leaf dead, the Saints on the side of the Radiant Church primarily only consisted of early and middle stage Saints. In front of experts like Tulily, Desri, and Bebe, they didn’t have any ability to fight back at all.

In but a few seconds, all thirty-six Saints on the side of the Radiant Church had perished. Not a single one had managed to even escape.

“Heidens, what, are you planning to hide within the Radiant Temple, beneath the defensive formation of the ‘Glory of the Radiant Sovereign’?” Standing in midair, holding the bloodstained Bloodviolet in his hand, Linley stared down at the terrified Holy Emperor, Heidens.

Once upon a time…

In Fenlai City, the young Linley had wanted to slay the King of Fenlai Kingdom, Clayde, to avenge his parents. At that time, Holy Emperor Heidens had stood in midair as well, easily dominating and maintaining control of the situation and of Linley.

There were hundreds of members of the Radiant Church within the Radiant Temple, but they didn’t even have a place to flee!

The shattered remnants of the Sacred Isle were surrounded by the sea. If they wanted to flee, they would have to flee into the endless sea…but none of them were capable of flight. Even if one of them was a wind-style magus, Linley’s side, including the Saint-level undead, numbered over thirty Saints. How could they possibly be fast enough to escape?

All they could do was hide inside the Radiant Temple.

The Radiant Temple was the last thing they could rely on.

“What should I do? What should I do?” Heidens was extremely nervous. “The Radiant Temple definitely won’t be able to hold on for too long.”

The greatest, final source of support for the Radiant Church had been the Great Six-Point Battle Formation. The ‘Glory of the Radiant Sovereign’ only relied on the magicite gems stored within the Radiant Temple to power it, and definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of the repeated attacks of Linley’s group of thirty-plus Saints.

“Why hasn’t Lord Chiquita arrived yet?” Heidens was frantic.

“Quick, you go underground as well and ask Lord Chiquita to come.” Heidens mentally said to an Ascetic behind him.

“Yes, Your Holiness.” This Ascetic was very worried as well.

Holy Emperor Heidens stared at Linley’s group, hovering in mid-air. Instantly, his face changed, because he noticed that Linley and Delia had both fallen silent. No one else was speaking either; everyone’s attention seemed to be focused on the two of them.

“They are chanting a magical incantation!” Heidens instantly could tell.

“They have multiple Grand Magus Saints. If they were to all cast forbidden-level spells at the same time, and then have the others attack at the same time, the Radiant Temple definitely wouldn’t be able to hold on.” Heidens felt as though he were an ant atop a heated saucepan. He was utterly frantic now.

He turned his head yet again. “Why hasn’t Lord Chiquita come yet? What is going on?”

The ‘Lord Chiquita’ which Heidens had placed all his hope in had still yet to appear.


An enormous, faint blue ‘Dimensional Edge’, at least twenty meters long, suddenly flew out from Linley, carrying a destructive surge of energy towards the Radiant Temple. By Delia’s side, a second Dimensional Edge, five or six meters long, also flew out.

Two Dimensional Edge spells, one large, one small, attacking at the same time!

“How could this Dimensional Edge be so huge?” Everyone hiding within the Radiant Temple, Heidens included, felt utterly shocked upon seeing this scene.

Dimensional Edge spells were generally three or four meters long. If they reached five or six meters in length, it was a sign that the Grand Magus Saint casting it was going all out.

Twenty meters?

How could they have imagined that Linley possessed a monstrously powerful supportive divine artifact like the Coiling Dragon ring?

“Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.” The Dimensional Edges chopped down against the walls of the Radiant Temple, and the Radiant Temple instantly lit up. A holy, dazzling light emanated out, frantically striving to block the Dimensional Edge spells, but this Dimensional Edge which Linley had cast was simply too enormous.


The entire Radiant Temple shuddered. Many people within it, Heidens included, noticed that the walls of the Radiant Temple were beginning to crack.

“The Radiant Temple is no longer able to hold on. Everyone, all together, let’s destroy it!” Wharton roared with fury, and then, brandishing the warblade ‘Slaughterer’, charged forward. Instantly, the three Saint-level dragons, Bebe, the Barker brothers…the experts all charged forward.

But Delia noticed that Linley had suddenly changed.

“Linley, what is it?”

Linley, staring at the cracking, shattering Radiant Temple in front of him, had a very complicated mixture of feelings in his heart. How long had he waited for this day, the day of the destruction of the Radiant Church?

“I’m fine.” Linley chuckled. “Hrm, what is that Heidens doing?”

Heidens, seeing the many experts charging forward, ground his teeth, then immediately knelt down. The ‘Radiant Scriptures’ he had been holding in his hands suddenly flew into the air above Heidens, and Heidens immediately bowed down, pressing his head against the floor.

Heidens’ entire body began to glow with an eye-piercing brilliant light.

Faint lines of blood began to emerge from Heidens’ body, staining his white robe. Heidens raised his head, his eyes shooting forth two rays of piercing golden light, which struck directly upon that holy scripture.

“Lord, let your Glory descend and exterminate these Blasphemers!”

Heidens’ voice was incomparably ancient.

“Bang!” At this moment, the Radiant Temple came under the combined attack of the thirty-plus Saints, and the magical defensive formation instantly shattered. The nine-floor tall Radiant Temple collapsed, and the members of the Church within it let out cries of agony.

But at the same time, the holy scripture began to glow with an incomparably eye-piercing golden brilliance. The golden brilliance floated in the air above Heidens, forming into golden flower petals.

These ‘golden flower petals’ were slowly opening and unfurling.

Linley, Bebe, Tulily, Desri, Delia, and the other experts all watched this scene cautiously. They saw that from within the golden flower petals, a barefooted, muscular man with short silver hair and hemp clothes suddenly appeared, wielding a spear in his hands.

A terrifying aura was emanating from this barefooted, muscular man with short silver hair.

“It is you…who have summoned me?” The muscular spear-wielding man lowered his head, looking at Heidens. “Blasphemers? Where?”

Heidens’ eyes lit up, and he immediately pointed towards Linley’s group. “O Mighty One, that group of Saints before us are all Blasphemers.”

The spear-wielding muscular man stood in mid-air, and with two steps, he walked outside of the Radiant Temple, turning his gaze towards Linley’s group.

The aura which this muscular, spear wielding man was emanating was one which Linley and Desri were very familiar with.

This was the aura of a Deity!

“Linley, this is the apparition of a Deity from the Divine Realm of Light. The apparitions of Deity are only formed from energy and don’t possess divine sparks. Their energy is limited to that of Prime Saints, and can’t possibly reach the Demigod level.” Desri’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley immediately calmed down.

“However, we still need to be careful. Although the apparitions are constrained by the bounds of these material planes to have the power of Prime Saints, their understandings of the Laws are at their full level. If their true body is that of a Highgod, then the apparitions will have a Highgod level of understanding of the Laws!” Desri’s face was solemn.

Even if the apparition was limited to the power of Prime Saints, if the apparition had the insights of a Highgod, most likely even a Demigod would be easily killed by it.

The spear-wielding, muscular man swept Linley’s group with his gaze. “I am Belzie [Ba’er’sai’ze], the Third Guardian under the command of Lord Plaker [Pu’lei’ke’er]. Die, Blasphemers!” The muscular man’s spear suddenly pierced through the air, arriving in front of Linley in an instant.

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