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Book 12, The Descent of the Gods – Chapter 36, Olivier Has Arrived

“Who just became a Deity?” Linley suddenly thought of multiple possibilities.

“I hope it isn’t a Saint from the foreign planes.” Desri said softly. Hearing Desri’s words, Linley nodded as well. In the Yulan continent, the native Deities were already in the minority. If this person who just became a Deity was also one of the outsider Deities…

Then their situation would become even worse.

“Desri, come. Let’s go take a look and see who has become a Deity.” Linley said.

Desri hesitated, but then laughed as well. “Right. Let’s go take a look and see who was so lucky as to break through.” With regards to those Demigods who had reached that level thousands or tens of thousands of years ago, they were still a bit worried, but they weren’t too afraid of new Deities.

Linley and Desri instantly flew towards the north at high speed.

Desri was skilled at high speed movement as well. After having become a Deity, his speed reached an astonishing level. Although he wasn’t a match for Linley, as the two flew together, they only needed a short amount of time before arriving in the air above the Forest of Darkness. At this moment, they both could sense that the natural Laws and the ripples had vanished.

“The north, and very far away.” Linley frowned.

He had just spread out his divine sense, but it only was able to stretch to the edges of the North Sea. It was still quite a distance off from the source of the ripples.

“Could it be that it was at the Arctic Icecap?” Desri guessed.

Since it was to the far north of the Yulan continent, there were two possibilities. The first was the North Sea, while the second was the Arctic Icecap. Linley and Desri were both very curious. Who had become a Deity? Aside from curiosity, Linley also felt a hint of anticipation.

He hoped that the person who had become a Deity belonged to the Yulan continent’s side.

“Desri, I’ve never gone to the Arctic Icecap yet. Would you mind taking a trip with me there?” Linley turned his head and chuckled towards Desri.

“Of course not.” Desri was going to suggest the same thing.

Immediately, Linley and Desri transformed into blurs, streaking across the sky and flying at high speed towards the Arctic Icecap.

In the Yulan plane, the Yulan continent itself actually took up only a small portion of the space. From north to south, the size of the continent was roughly just twenty thousand kilometers. Even from east to west, which was much longer, the distance was only thirty thousand kilometers or so. Compared to the seas, there was a huge difference.

Forget about the South Sea; the South Sea could completely be described as endless.

Ten thousand Yulan continents would take up less than a tenth of the South Sea.

The North Sea, by contrast, was much smaller, but it was still much larger than the Yulan continent.

“Whooooosh.” A cold wind blew.

The further north they went, the colder it became. In addition, this was still January. It was the coldest season. Even at Linley’s speed, they had to fly for several hours before they were able to see that utterly white, distant Arctic Icecap.

Linley and Desri landed at the edge of the Arctic Icecap.

“The Arctic Icecap truly is an astonishing sight.” Linley sighed in praise.

This place was too cold. The cold wind felt like ‘wind blades’. Weaker warriors who arrived in this place would be ‘chopped’ to pieces by the wind. But of course, to Linley and Desri, the cold wind was nothing at all.

The Arctic Icecap was formed from one enormous iceberg after another.

In the Yulan continent, mountains that were over ten kilometers high were quite rare, but here, icebergs that were over ten kilometers high were commonplace. There was sunlight in the Arctic Icecap, but the sunlight here didn’t carry any warmth with it.

The wind which constantly blew pieces of ice about made the world seem so grey and indistinct.

“So the one who became a Deity really was Olivier.” Linley revealed a hint of a smile on his face.

“You’ve found him?” Desri’s face instantly revealed a look of wild joy. Desri , despite having trained for thousands of years, in terms of soul strength, was far inferior to Linley, who had absorbed twenty million soul essences.

This was the reason why Beaumont and the Grand Warlock wanted to refine soul essences so badly.

“Come with me.” Linley flew in a straight line towards the northeast, and Desri followed behind him.

After flying for roughly several thousand kilometers, Linley and Desri arrived at the base of an enormous iceberg, roughly a hundred thousand meters tall. By now, Desri had also discovered that Olivier was living deep within this enormous iceberg. At this moment, a man with long silvery white hair walked out from a tunnel within the enormous iceberg.

“Linley, Desri, please come in.” Olivier actually had a hint of a smile on his face.

Linley and Desri were both shocked.

Olivier’s hair had been a mix of black and white, but currently, Olivier’s hair was silvery white. In addition, the current Olivier’s aura was very close to ‘light’.

“Olivier, you reached the Demigod level through the Laws of Light?” Desri spoke out.

Olivier didn’t respond. He only nodded.

Linley and Desri immediately flew down and followed Olivier into the tunnel. This ice cave was extremely deep. Linley and Desri made many turns and curves within it, and occasionally flew downwards…after flying for a few dozen kilometers, they arrived at Olivier’s abode.

“It’s so cold here.” Desri sighed.

Olivier lived deep within the enormous iceberg. It truly was very cold here. It was dozens of times colder than in the outside areas of the Arctic Icecap.

“Drip drop.”

There was a pool of water nearby. The ice above it actually had green drops of water dripping down into it, which emanated an astonishing cold.

“This is the coldest place in the entire Arctic Icecap.” Olivier said with a laugh. “In the past, I continuously dug deeper. You don’t know how tough the ice in the deepest parts of this place is. It definitely is comparable to some extremely valuable ores. After digging for a long time, I finally dug to the core. Which is to say, this place…”

Olivier pointed towards that pool of water.

“My mystic icesword came from that freezing pool as well.” For there to be a pool of water in such an astonishingly cold place was already quite bizarre. But it actually had this mystic icesword within it? Linley and Desri were both guessing that this mystic icesword had to have had a major history behind it.

“Come, let’s sit inside.”

Olivier led Linley and Desri into a large hall which he had dug out.

“Ah?” Linley and Desri were both shocked.

Within this hall, there was another Olivier, with a head full of long black hair. The white-haired Olivier walked over, and then fused into one with the black-haired Olivier. The two Oliviers became one, and then his hair became gray.


“Olivier, I didn’t expect,” Linley and Desri both began to laugh, “That not only did you reach the Deity level in the Laws of Light, you also became a Deity in the Laws of Darkness. Amazing, amazing!”

“Right, where is your original body?” Desri immediately asked.

For Olivier to be able to create two divine clones meant that, with his original body added in, he should have three bodies.

“I made the decision to have one divine spark go into my body, while the other one went outside.” Olivier said calmly. “I don’t want to train in any other Laws. As long as I can train to the limit in both the Laws of Light and the Laws of Darkness, that will be enough for me.”

Linley and Desri both nodded secretly.

Since he had chosen to train in just those two Elemental Laws, there truly was no need for him to have three bodies. If he had done that, his soul would have been split into three pieces. By making his current decision, Olivier only had to split his soul in half.

Puzzled, Linley asked, “Olivier, what about your hair? When you became a Deity in two different aspects, you should have silvery white hair when you are using your divine light clone. When you are using your divine darkness clone, you should have black hair. Why is it that when you fuse the two, this is the result?”


Olivier laughed calmly. “After my two bodies fuse, I can fuse light divine power alongside darkness divine power and use them together. As for my hair, it’s just formed from divine power. I can make it look like whatever I like.

Linley and Desri didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. They hadn’t imagined that Olivier would have this side to him.

But they were very surprised. Linley knew very well that it was impossible combine two different types of energy. For Olivier to have accomplished it undoubtedly meant that his power had dramatically increased.

“Olivier, can you tell us how you accomplished this?” Desri hesitated for a long while before asking.

Olivier glanced at him, but still answered. “Linley, remember my duel against Haydson? You were watching back then.”

“I remember.” Linley nodded. Haydson had nearly killed Olivier, but ten years or so later, Olivier had went to challenge him again, and this time had killed Haydson with a single blow.

“That time, I was in a coma for several months. After waking up, I was able to fuse the two types of power and use them together.” Olivier said it very simply, but this answer caused Linley and Desri to both feel astonished. Even if others knew the way, they couldn’t possibly duplicate it.

Linley began to understand as well.

Many people had been puzzled as to why Olivier had been in a coma for so many months after being badly wounded by Haydson.

This was because no matter how badly damaged the body was, light-style healing magic could repair it. So why was Olivier still in a coma? It wasn’t strange for a Saint to die, but for a Saint to be in a coma for months was something one might not see in ten thousand years. Nobody had known, back then, why he was in a coma.

But now, they somewhat understood.

“That coma had something to do with his soul. Most likely, it is the reason for why Olivier’s soul is so special now.” Linley still remembered how the Beholder King had attempted to freeze Olivier’s soul, only to fail.

Linley glanced at Olivier. “I wager this Olivier has left out some of the details. This transformation of his souls definitely impacts the way in which he trains in the profound mysteries of these two opposite Laws.” Linley understood this, but naturally, he wouldn’t inquire into someone else’s training methods.

It was enough for one to train himself properly.

“Olivier, we have come on an important mission, this time.” Linley went straight to the point, describing what had happened in the Rohault Empire to Olivier, as well as the situation in the Yulan continent in general.

Olivier, listening to this, frowned. “I didn’t expect that in nine years, the Yulan continent would have so many things happen.”

“Olivier, what is your decision regarding these many outsider experts? Will you stay here in the Arctic Icecap, or will you…?” Linley looked expectantly towards Olivier. Olivier wielded that mysterious mystic icesword, and also had two divine clones that were fused together.

His power was such that even Linley wasn’t confident in his ability to defeat him.

Linley wasn’t jealous of Olivier. Quite the contrary, he was very happy. At this point in time, the more powerful the native forces of the Yulan continent were, then the easier it would be for them to protect the Yulan continent.

“Do you need to ask?” A hint of a cold smile was on Olivier’s lips. “This is our turf. Those bastards dare to come to our place and massacre people? If we don’t act, they’ll think we’re afraid of them.” Olivier had always been utterly fearless.

When he had just arrived in the Arctic Icecap, he had dared to immediately go challenge Rutherford.

“What’s more, now that I’m a Deity, it’s impossible for me to make any further breakthroughs in a short period of time. It’s time to go out and have a good fight.” Olivier’s eyes were flashing with a hint of fire. “So many outsider experts have come. How can I give up such a good chance to have a fight?”

Linley and Desri glanced at each other. It seemed they had worried for nothing.

Given Olivier’s temperament, he wouldn’t be willing to live in the Arctic Icecap like before, now that he was a Deity.

Olivier glanced at Linley. Actually, there was something he hadn’t said…in the Necropolis of the Gods, Linley had saved him several times. If nothing else, for the sake of Linley’s kindness towards him alone, Olivier definitely wouldn’t shirk his duties and hide.

“Haha, excellent. With you by our side, Olivier, how can the three of us be afraid of that Beaumont?” Linley laughed loudly.

“Beaumont. I want to see if he is capable of blocking this sword of mine.” Olivier’s eyes were filled with confidence.

Desri began to laugh as well.

“Let’s go. Let’s go to Linley’s Dragonblood Castle. He’s already arranged to let that outsider Saint inform Beaumont to come look for us at Dragonblood Castle.” Desri spoke. “We’ll wait for Beaumont there at Dragonblood Castle.”

Linley began to chuckle. “I wonder, if that Beaumont was to use his divine sense to search and discovered that we have three Deities present, will he be so frightened that he won’t even dare come?”

Olivier and Desri couldn’t help but laugh as well.

And then, Linley, Desri, and Olivier, the three Deities, left the Arctic Icecap, traversed the North Seas, and returned to Dragonblood Castle. Within Dragonblood Castle, they quietly awaited Beaumont’s arrival.

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