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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 29, Abyssal Blade Demon

“Haha…” In the air above the island, the experts all began to laugh loudly.

Desri laughed and mocked, “Fain, that Thorium Devil, Louis, possessed a Pearl of Life. He thought you would only be able to injure him at most. Of course he didn’t mind you…but the power of your ultimate attack, a Saint level warrior, actually exceeded forbidden-level spells.”

“Thus, that poor fellow died, just like that.” Tulily began to laugh as well.

The experts were all extremely happy to have killed that Thorium Devil. That meant they could easily enter the tenth floor, which definitely wouldn’t be too dangerous. After dealing with the creatures of the tenth floor, they would be able to quietly prepare to enter the eleventh floor.

Once they succeeded…the divine spark would be theirs!

“With this Pearl of Life, our chances for success on the eleventh floor will have increased.” Fain looked at the Pearl of Life in his hands, delighted. He immediately bound it with blood, and the Pearl of Life absorbed that drop of blood like a sponge, then directly merged with Fain’s body.

Feeling the swirling life energy in his body, Fain felt extremely confident.

“Does everyone want to rest? Or shall we head directly to the tenth floor.” Desri glanced at everyone else.

“No need to rest. The only one injured in our battle with the Thorium Devil was Fain.” Tulily laughed.

Everyone looked at Fain, who laughed and said, “Just then, the injury I sustained was fairly heavy, but I’m already in good shape now. Let’s go. It is just the tenth floor. It won’t be too dangerous.”

In truth, right now, Fain wasn’t in perfect condition.

Although the ‘Pearl of Life’ had already returned his body to peak condition, after executing the ‘Lightning Dragons Descend’ technique, a great deal of spiritual energy had been consumed, which this Pearl of Life could not replenish.

However, Fain didn’t mind. They were only going to the tenth floor, after all.

Before entering the tenth floor, everyone carefully searched the area to see if any other divine artifacts were present. But the result of their search was that…success on the ninth floor’s only reward was this Pearl of Life. To Saint-level combatants, the importance of a Pearl of Life was indeed greater than an ordinary divine artifact’s.

The tenth floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. Eleven experts appeared in the middle of the air of the tenth floor.

“The environment’s not bad.” Linley laughed as he glanced at the surrounding area.

“After dealing with the creatures of the tenth floor, we can have a good rest and make some preparations. Whether or not we’ll be able to get a divine spark will depend on how we perform on the eleventh floor.” Desri chortled.

The group of experts all scanned their surroundings.

This was a beautiful grassland, covered with a boundless sea of green grass, with occasionally a few wild flowers growing in clusters. The clear, fresh air also was quite comfortable to everyone.

“Where are the creatures of the tenth floor?” Rosarie was searching intently.

“Don’t bother searching.” A Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion said. “Let’s go search for the exit to the eleventh floor. Perhaps the creature will be there. Let’s find the exit, then dispose of the creature. Everyone will be able to have a good rest then and prepare for the final battle. Success or failure…it all rides on this.”

The experts all nodded, and then began carefully searching this great grassland.

This grassland actually wasn’t completely flat, and actually had some rolling hills. Those depressions might be hiding a powerful creature, or perhaps the exit. If they didn’t fly close while inspecting, they wouldn’t be able to find it.

“Look.” Bebe cried out in surprise and joy. “There’s a stone pillar up front, and it seems there is an exit beneath the pillar.”

The experts immediately flew over.

The stone pillar was roughly three meters in diameter and twenty meters tall. It seemed very ancient and plain. No one could guess how long it had been there for. It was carved with many mystic runes. Beneath the pillar, there was an entrance to a tunnel, and from the outside, one could see a set of stairs that glowed with a dark aura.

“Right here.” The experts felt their hearts calm down.

Having found this tunnel, if they continued through it, they would arrive at the eleventh floor.


Suddenly, a brilliant light flashed across the grasslands, flying out at high speed. This flash of light charged towards the nearest person, Fain. The eleven experts had never relaxed their vigilance, and upon seeing that flash, everyone knew what it was: The creature on the tenth floor had finally arrived.

“Hrmph.” When this flash of light reached a few meters from Fain, Fain immediately flew backwards like a bolt of lightning.

Fain’s speed was the fastest amongst these eleven experts, with only Desri and Bebe a match for him.


“Clang.” Weapons intersected.

Fain was knocked flying backwards, doing a somersault in mid-air as he landed on the ground. His face was slightly pale, and there was a hint of blood at the corner of his mouth. Only, the ‘Pearl of Life’ in his body activated, almost instantly restoring his body to peak condition.

“What is that?” Linley and the other experts were next to Fain.

The eleven experts all stared at the creature which had suddenly appeared.

This creature’s entire body seemed to reflect its surroundings. Its body was entirely formed from metal, but this metal…seemed to be like steel that had been reforged a hundred times over. Like a sharp blade, it reflected its surroundings like a mirror, except it was slightly more blurry than a mirror.

It was human in shape, two meters tall, completely made out of metal.

On its forehead, there was a single horn that looked like a sharp knife. His shoulders also had sharp knives atop it, and his arms and legs were all sharp blades, and both the front and back sides of his arms had sharpened edges. Without question, a kick of this creature’s legs or a swipe of its arms would be like a broadsword striking down. Even its hands and its fingers were sharp, edged blades.

On its back, there was one blade after another running down its spine as well.

“Its entire body is made of blades. Leg, hand, arm, the top of his head…even his back has a blade.” Bebe sighed in amazement.

“Absolutely a war machine.” Tulily spoke as well.

Fain said in a low voice, “Everyone, be careful. This blade-covered monstrosity is extremely fast, a match for me. When that blade of his chopped down against me, the power of the blow was definitely enough to badly injure us. Linley, most likely even your defense would find it hard to take that blow.”

Everyone understood.

Fain was extremely powerful, but he was still knocked flying by that blade, with a hint of blood appearing in his mouth.

“Although the tenth floor is simple, that’s still only comparison to the sixth through ninth floors.” Linley understood. “Although this monster is powerful, compared to the Queen Mother, the Flame Tyrant, the Beholder King, and the Thorium Devil, it is much weaker.”

Although it seemed like the Thorium Devil had been killed easily, if it weren’t for the fact that Fain had been the perfect counter to it, the Thorium Devil, capable of fusing with the earth, with fire, with water, or with the wind and gain different powers, definitely wasn’t something the likes of Linley were able to destroy.

This monster in front of them seemed fairly powerful.

But in truth, any one of the eleven experts, if going all out, could dispose of it.

“Grrr….” The bladed monstrosity in front of them growled softly, staring death at Linley’s group, but perhaps he could sense that the power of these eleven experts combined was far beyond what he could overcome. Thus, he didn’t dare to attack rashly.

“This is an Abyssal Blade Demon.” One of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions said.

“Abyssal Blade Demon?” Linley and the others all looked at the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion in confusion.

The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion nodded. “In the countless planes, the Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Realms are the most powerful eleven planes. Aside from these eleven dimensions, there are some other unique planes as well, which aren’t weaker than them in power. For example…the Abyss!”

“The Abyssal Plane is reputed to be the most chaotic, anarchic plane in all of the universe, and the plane with the most warfare and slaughter.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion sighed.

Linley was secretly surprised as he heard this.

The most chaotic? With the most slaughter? He could completely imagine how terrifying this ‘Abyss’ was.

“Abyssal Blade Demons are one of the creatures which the Abyss has given birth to.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion said. “Abyssal Blade Demons, in the Abyss, are the lowest level of life form, much like ants in the Yulan continent. They are extremely weak and powerless.”

Linley and these other experts all maintained their silence.

This Abyssal Blade Demons was no weaker than them.

But in the legendary Abyss, it was the weakest type of creature.

“Generally speaking, only Deities dare to travel to the Abyss from other planes. Saint-level Abyssal Blade Demons naturally are the weakest creatures there.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion said. “Abyssal Blade Demons are mostly born for slaughter.”

Linley’s group secretly nodded.

They all saw how the body of this Abyssal Blade Demon in front of them was constructed. Wasn’t it indeed created for slaughter? Every single part of its body could transform into a murderous weapon.

“Abyssal Blade Demons are as fast as lightning, and possess incomparably powerful attacks. Their body, being made from special metals, have quite impressive defense as well. Naturally…if we fight at full strength, we can still kill this Abyssal Blade Demon.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion said.

The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion spoke in quite a casual manner, clearly not worried about this Abyssal Blade Demon in front of them at all.

The Abyssal Blade Demon looked cautiously at the group of experts in front of it, and then…


The Abyssal Blade Demon actually fled. But just as the Abyssal Blade Demon fled, Bebe moved. A flashing light was speeding across the grasslands, with Bebe behind in hot pursuit. The two actually had comparable speed, but then the Abyssal Blade Demon suddenly charged underground.


Bebe excitedly dug into the ground as well.

“It shouldn’t be hard for Bebe to dispose of this Abyssal Blade Demon, given his power.” Linley was still quite confident in Bebe’s abilities.

The Shadowshape Doppelganger Technique alone would guarantee his survival, and in addition, Bebe had definitely received some tutelage while at Beirut’s side.

“The Abyss…” Tulily said in a soft voice. “If in my lifetime, I were to have the chance to experience the Abyss, I would die happy.”

Desri and the others looked at Tulily, chuckling.

“No rush. If we are to leave immediately, we’d still only be able to go to the Four Higher Planes for now.” Desri said. “In addition, I expect that the passage from one plane to another is most likely extremely difficult. I imagine the battles in the Higher Planes would already be enough to satisfy you.”

Tulily nodded slightly.

Desri, Tulily, Linly, and all the others understood.

In their ordinary, material plane, as Saints, they were indeed the most powerful creatures in existence. But upon arriving in the Higher Planes, Saints would be the lowest rung in the ladder, and after them would be the Demigods….who most likely were nothing more than average.

Thus, they held back and were in no rush to go to the Higher Planes.

“Boom!” A massive earthquake erupted underground, causing the ground to split open, creating a massive crevice. The experts all stared down through the massive crevice.

Linley laughed. “The Abyssal Blade Demon died.”

Bebe flew out from within that crevice, dragging with him a metallic corpse that had been ripped in half. It was the Abyssal Blade Demon.

“This Abyssal Blade Demon’s attack truly is powerful.” Bebe sighed in amazement. “Most likely if I had been hit by him, even I would have been injured.”

The experts were all secretly amazed.

Bebe was a Godeater Rat. Although he was still in his growth period, his defense was already extremely, astonishingly high. If even Bebe said such a thing…then one could imagine how powerful the Abyssal Blade Demon’s attack truly was.

“The blades on the back of the Abyssal Blade Demon are fine weapons.” A Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion sighed in praise. “The Abyssal Blade Demon’s body naturally generates powerful blades from its essence, but the most powerful blade is the one on its back.”

“Right. That blade is extremely sharp.” Bebe pulled out and tossed that blade to everyone.

This rather beautiful, graceful killing weapon lay there on the ground, and the surrounding grass was actually torn apart, just by the sharp aura emanating from this killing weapon. The sharpness of the weapon was comparable to low level divine artifacts. It truly was incredible.

“Who wants this blade?” Bebe said. “I don’t need it. My claws are fiercer.” Bebe waved his little paws.

Linley and Olivier didn’t say anything. They already had their own weapons. Desri and Rosarie were Grand Magus Saints and didn’t need it either. Fain was a sword expert, not a blade expert. As for the magical beasts…their sharp claws were not suited for holding swords.

Although this blade was very precious and comparable to a weak divine artifact, and could be gifted to family or friends even if one didn’t use it for one’s self, Linley, Fain, Rosarie, and the others who already had acquired a divine artifact wouldn’t take it.

“Haha…” Desri laughed. “Nobody wants it? I don’t have any weapons on me, so I might as well take this blade. I’ve learned a few close combat skills before as well.”

Desri picked up the blade.

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