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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 28, Thorium Devil

Seeing this ray of silver light shoot towards him, Tulily’s face turned cold, and his right hand, grasping the hilt of his scimitar, moved.

A bloody scimitar flash split the air.

“Bang!” The bloody scimitar shadow collided with the silver light, and with an fierce, angry howl, the silver light retreated at high speed, smashing straight through the ‘wooden house’, which collapsed. The ray of silver light only came to a halt at the exit to the tenth floor.

“What is this?” Linley and the others could now clearly see what the silver light actually was.

The silver light was far from them, but it was formed into a glob of silver-colored liquid ball. And then, the silver liquid’s body suddenly transformed into the figure of a person. Only, his body naturally formed a set of silver battle armor atop of it.

“A Thorium Devil!” The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions felt shock in their hearts.

This transformed ‘Louis’ glanced coldly at Tulily. Snorting coldly, he said, “I didn’t expect that a human who was only at the Saint-level would be able to develop a ‘Destruction’ type attack.”

“Destruction-type attack…” Linley understood.

The reason why Tulily had been acknowledged as the Prime Saint with the most powerful attack was because…Tulily trained in ‘Destruction’-type attacks.

In the countless planes, the most exalted and most powerful existences were that of the four Overgods who had created the Four Higher Planes. The four Overgods included the Overgod of Life, the Overgod of Fate, and the Overgod of Death, each of which had passed down their own special techniques and training methods.

These were, respectively, Life Magic, Oracular Magic, and Necromantic Magic.

As for the fourth Overgod, the Overgod of Destruction?

The Overgod of Destruction hadn’t passed down any training methods. The way of Destruction…was one of constant slaughter and constantly attuning to the nature of Destruction. It inherently had to rely on one’s own ability to understand it, and there was no path which one could be guided towards. It wasn’t like understanding the other Laws, which were regulated into various systems.

Although Tulily had gained insights in the ‘Way of Destruction’, he had only understood the tiniest bit of it.

The voice of a Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion rang out in the minds of Linley and the others. “Everyone, be careful. This monster is an extremely dangerous creature from the Demonic Realm of Darkness known as the ‘Thorium Devil’.”

“Thorium Devil?” Linley’s heart shook as soon as he heard the name.

He had never heard of a ‘Thorium Devil’, but Linley knew that there was an extremely rare material that was used in blacksmithing; Thorium. Thorium was exceedingly precious, because it was highly elastic and capable of alloying and bonding together with a vast variety of different materials.

“Since this monster is known as the ‘Thorium Devil’, could it be that his body is formed out of thorium?” Linley stared carefully at the flowing silver liquid.

“The body of the Thorium Devil is made out of thorium. In addition, it should be thorium of a fairly high class. Thorium is highly elastic, allowing Thorium Devils to easily transform into all sorts of shapes, and they bond easily with other materials as well…earth, fire, water, and wind Law attacks, unless ridiculously strong, are completely incapable of harming him.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions transmitted this information to the others. “In the seven paths of earth, fire, wind, water, lightning, light, and darkness, these seven basic, common paths, only ‘lightning’ is capable of harming him. But of course…the techniques stemming from the four Overgods, being Oracular Magic, Necromantic Magic, Life Magic, and the Way of Destruction, are also able to harm him.”

The faces of Linley and the others changed.

They understood that nothing was absolute.

If one’s attack power in earth, fire, water, or wind-type Elemental Law attack was high enough, it would still be able to kill this Thorium Devil.


Would Linley’s attack cause the Thorium Devil to reach its endurance limit?

“His endurance limit?” Linley wasn’t confident. Just based on the liquid body of the opponent alone, Linley understood something. “Most likely, the purely physical ‘Myriad Swords Converge’ attack is completely useless against it, but the Profound Truths of the Earth might have some effect.”

Faced against this Thorium Devil he had never encountered before, Linley didn’t feel much confidence either.

“Fain, Tulily, this time, we’ll have to rely on you two.” Desri’s voice rang out in the minds of Fain and Tulily. Actually, this entire time, the others were exchanging glances with each other. Everyone knew what the other was thinking.

This battle rested on Fain and Tulily’s shoulders.

“No matter what, don’t let this Thorium Devil surround you with his body. Once he does, the situation would probably be even more dangerous than Queen Mother Lachapalle surrounding you with her tendrils.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions reminded mentally.

In terms of age, as the ancestors of Goldmane Mastiffs, Blue-eyed Tiger Mastiffs, and Guardian Ni-Lions, these three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions were comparable to the High Priest. In terms of experience…the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, having entered the Gebados Planar Prison, knew much more than even the War God or the High Priest about the various powerful, mystical creatures from the many planes of the universe.

“Leave it to us.” Fain and Tulily transformed into blurred bolts of lightning!

“All of you, die.” The Thorium Devil, ‘Louis’, smiled coldly. His body suddenly transformed into an extremely large cloth, which transformed to become over a hundred meters long and wrapped down towards Linley and the other experts.

The bolt of lightning that was Tulily struck out with his scimitar.

The bloody scimitar once more flashed into the sky, but the thorium cloth suddenly split open, and Tulily’s attack passed through the opening.

“Bang!” Fain’s sword struck out.

This sword attack of his actually gave birth to a large amount of coiling lightning serpents, which swirled around the sword as it pierced towards the thorium cloth. The thorium cloth once more used the same technique, tearing a hole into itself, wanting to dodge Fain’s sword in such a manner.

The sword missed, but the large amount of lightning serpents coiling around it, as though they were alive, shot out wildly in every direction at high speed.

The many suddenly attacking serpents were simply too fast. The Thorium Devil didn’t manage to dodge in time, and a large number of lightning serpents struck the cloth.


“Ah!” A pain-filled growl rang out, and many holes appeared where the lightning serpents had struck. But the Thorium Devil’s ‘cloth’ body quickly repaired itself, and the thorium cloth descended towards Linley and the others.

Linley was wielding his adamantine heavy sword.

“This is the right moment.” Linley’s dark golden eyes suddenly flashed with an explosive light, and the adamantine heavy sword in his hand, seemingly slow but actually fast, gracefully swung towards the Thorium Devil.

The Thorium Devil didn’t try to dodge. The Thorium Devil had no fear of earth-type attacks at all.

Linley’s adamantine heavy sword landed against the thorium cloth, and a powerful vibration directly transmitted into it from the adamantine heavy sword. In an instant, it charged towards the center of the thorium cloth. The attacks of the Profound Truth of the Earth were all straight line attacks.

In the past, when Linley had dueled Haydson at Mt. Tujiao, the strike of his sword had actually tunneled a hole directly through the mountain.

“Hrm?” Linley’s face suddenly changed.

Indeed…the Profound Truths of the Earth was not very effective against this sort of flexible ‘liquid’ which could transform freely.

“Haha, what an unusual attack. Even my body felt a bit of a tremor…aaah!” The ‘cloth’ Thorium Devil suddenly let out a pained scream, and the cloth suddenly retracted at high speed, instantly returning to the exit and transforming into human form.

The Thorium Devil stared with astonishment at the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions.

Just then, it hadn’t been just Linley who had attacked the ‘cloth’. Even Bebe and the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions had attacked as well.

“All of you train in the Way of Destruction as well?” The Thorium Devil found it very hard to believe this, because the Way of Destruction could not be taught, only learned on one’s own. Others would be able to at most provide some general guidance. Amongst Saints, one would rarely see even a single practitioner of the Way of Destruction out of a hundred Saints.

But in these eleven experts, it wasn’t just Tulily who trained in the Way of Destruction; even those three six-eyed creatures did so as well.

“What, are we not allowed?” The leader of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions stared at the Thorium Devil.

Linley and the others had never known what type of attack the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions utilized; from start to finish, the only technique they had seen the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions use was ‘Imprisonment’. Only now did they learn…that the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions were actually the same as Tulily, practitioners of the Way of Destruction.

The Thorium Devil raised its head and let out a wild howl.


The distant, boundless sea suddenly rose up, and countless amounts of sea water began to flow towards the little island. The sea water suddenly began to rise, covering and surrounding the entire island, and then…

Countless amounts of sea water came crashing down from the skies above.

“What in the world?!” Desri, Linley, Bebe, and the others couldn’t understand it at all.

“Not good. Tulily, attack together.” The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions simultaneously transformed into three blurs.

Tulily transformed into a blur as well, and the man and the three magical beasts, all four of them experts in the Way of Destruction, simultaneously launched their most powerful attacks towards the Thorium Devil. The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions had a set of black battle-armor on their bodies, and the sharp claws of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion emanated auras of destruction from their claws, with the auras alone creating rips in the air.

Tulily’s scimitar remained in its sheath, not yet coming out.

“Hrmph.” The Thorium Devil sneered coldly, then suddenly increased in size a hundredfold, becoming a thorium giant that was hundreds of meters tall.

The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions increased in size as well, tearing down at the Thorium Devil with claws the size of a house. The powerful destructive energy tore at the body of the Thorium Devil, causing several massive holes to appear on its gigantic form.

A bloody scimitar flash, over a hundred meters long, directly chopped the thorium giant into two halves.

“A pity. It’s useless.” The Thorium Devil’s body instantly reformed.

“That’s not right. How could the thorium making up his body not be reduced at all?” The three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions were greatly shocked. Destruction-type attacks were capable of badly injuring the essence of a Thorium Devil. With a few consecutive strikes, it was capable of causing a Thorium Devil to perish.


The combination attack by the three brothers and Tulily hadn’t resulted in the Thorium Devil weakening at all.

“Haha, in the past, I might have feared you. However, I now have a Pearl of Life.” The Thorium Devil, Louis, raised his head to the skies, laughing loudly. And then, he opened his mouth, swallowing the vast amount of seawater hanging in the air above them directly into his stomach.

The Thorium Devil itself was only the size of a normal human. His transformation into a giant that was hundreds of meters high was actually just a layer of thorium with a hollow inside.

The vast amount of seawater swallowed by the Thorium Devil actually began to fuse with it, becoming one with it.

“Beat it!” The Thorium Devil waved his arm.

His arm actually transformed into a bladed edge, attacking so quickly that not even the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion was able to dodge, and the Ni-Lion was sent flying. The layer of black armor on the body of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion was now shining, but it had successfully blocked this attack. Despite that, the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion still had a hint of blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Not good.” Another Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion called out. “Quick, run.”

Thorium Devils had extremely powerful bonding abilities. It could bond with water, with earth, with metals, all of which would produce different results. In the middle of this boundless ocean world, the Thorium Devil was extremely powerful in his current state.

But as everyone was fleeing, a single person charged towards the Thorium Devil instead.

It was Fain.

Fain transformed into a bolt of lightning, charging towards the Thorium Devil. How could the Thorium Devil, which like the Queen Mother had a Pearl of Life, care about the pesky little fellow?

“Fain.” The frantically fleeing group suddenly came to a halt, turning their heads to stare.

A shocking sight appeared before them. When Fain’s sword struck out, the entire world seemed to be filled with a boundless thundering noise, and hundreds on thousands of enormous dragons formed from lightning bolts suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Those countless thunderbolt dragons bellowed with anger, wrapping themselves around that Thorium Devil.

“F*ck off!” The Thorium Devil was livid.

“Bang!” The hundreds of thunderbolt dragons suddenly exploded at the same time.

“Crackle crackle.” Countless bolts of lightning flew directly into the body of the Thorium Devil, and the thorium which made up the Thorium Devil’s body, under the penetrating attack of the lightning, quickly began to deplete.

The Thorium Devil’s body began to shudder, while at the same time, he emitted an agonized screech. In but the blink of an eye, his entire body disintegrated, with only a nearly-translucent ball falling down from the air.

Fain, hovering in mid-air, suddenly collapsed as well, powerless.

“Fain.” Linley and the others immediately flew forward to catch Fain, while Desri immediately snatched the Pearl of Life. Desri then immediately flew towards Fain’s side. “Fain, are you alright? Quick, take this Pearl of Life into your body.”

Fain’s face was extremely pale, but he still managed to squeeze out a laugh. “Desri, do you remember in the past how you told me how powerful your forbidden-level spells were? This technique of mine, ‘Lightning Dragons Descend’, is even more powerful than the forbidden-level lightning-style spell, ‘Kiloton Thunderclap’, right?”

“Powerful. Powerful.” Desri nodded repeatedly.

Soon, the color of Fain’s face began to improve. He laughed as he insulted, “That Thorium Devil truly was an idiot. My lightning-style was his nemesis to begin with, and he actually chose to fuse with water? Water only heightens the power of lightning. Didn’t he know that? He was asking to die.”

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