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Book 10, Baruch – Chapter 27, A Heated Battle

Seeing Linley draw out Bloodviolet, the Tyrant Wyrm knew that Linley was going to go head on against him!

As a Saint-level dragon, the Tyrant Wyrm was naturally extremely arrogant.

“Bang!” It angrily stomped the ground, causing the earth to shake and crack. The nearby trees all snapped apart and fell, and the Tyrant Wyrm’s hill-sized body shot directly into the air, breathing hellfire as its fiery red eyes stared at Linley.

It didn’t dare to be overconfident.

“Plaket, you are so huge. I just want a little bit of draconic blood.” Linley shook his head and sighed.

“You are trying to insult me, insult a mighty Saint-level dragon!” The Tyrant Wyrm, Plaket, suddenly opened his mouth and blasted out a scorching cloud of black draconic fire, which suddenly enveloped ‘Linley’…but ‘Linley’ immediately dissipated.

Plaket suddenly stared upwards.

Linley was right above him. “Be careful. I’m going to start attacking you now.” Linley seemed to be quite polite.

“Hrmph.” The Tyrant Wyrm, Plaket, felt even more insulted, and his massive body immediately rose at a terrifying pace. “Boom!” A sonic boom could be heard as the Tyrant Wyrm sent its entire massive bulk against Linley.

But hadn’t he already noticed Linley’s astonishing speed?

“What a sly Tyrant Wyrm.” Linley’s body immediately transformed into a wind-shadow, appearing somewhere else. A black shadow sliced through the air, striking through ‘Linley’. It was the Tyrant Wyrm’s draconic tail.

“Boom!” The speed of the Tyrant Wyrm’s tail caused the air itself to form enormous wind blades which flew in the same direction. The nearby trees and boulders were chopped into small pieces like tofu, and the nearby trees all collapsed.

The speed of the draconic tail alone was enough to create such terrifyingly powerful wind blades. Then how powerful must the actual tail itself be?

“Must not take this draconic tail head on.” Linley’s face grew serious.

“Whoosh!” Linley’s speed suddenly reached its limit, turning into nothing more than a tiny gust of wind. Linley’s current level of control over the wind was now far more terrifying than it had been twelve years ago. The Tyrant Wyrm’s entire body was emitting a scorching, infernal heat, and the air around instantly began to rise to a terrifyingly high temperature.

If Linley was going to attack, he would have to enter this realm of infernal heat.

Linley’s body was covered with that azurish-black wave of energy. Using the Pulseguard Defense, Linley charged straight into the black flames.

“Swish!” Bloodviolet transformed into a streak of violet lightning. It seemed to have passed through reality itself as it reached a terrifying speed, causing space to grow distorted. The blurred space began to fold and distort, and the violet ray of light landed directly on the Tyrant Wyrm’s body.

Profound Truths of the Wind – Spatial Folding.


Bloodviolet chopped out a large wound that was one meter long and thirty centimeters deep. However, not a single drop of the Tyrant Wyrm’s blood came out. This was because its scales were more than thirty centimeters thick.

“What strong defense. It wasn’t broken through by my sword.” Linley was startled. The power of his Spatial Folding attack was so great that it was only one step lower than Higginson’s ‘Illusionary Void Sword’. After all, Linley’s understanding of the ‘Fast’ aspect was still lower than Higginson’s.

Higginson had trained for thousands of years, after all.

“If you have any balls, come fight me, Plaket, head on!” The Tyrant Wyrm roared angrily. He could clearly sense that Linley’s speed was simply too fast, but just as he roared out these words and Linley was about to respond, dozens of black tentacles of infernal fire suddenly appeared out of nowhere from the Tyrant Wyrm’s body and surrounded Linley.


Linley was startled, while at the same time, he felt the tentacles surrounding him were as cold as ice. Linley didn’t worry about his current situation at all. Instead, he began to wonder, “These things are like octopus tentacles. How is it that a Tyrant Wyrm…”

“Boss, these are the ‘Icy Tentacles’ of the darkness-style spells.” Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley now understood.

The Tyrant Wyrm turned and stared at Linley with its flaming eyes. “Linley, prepare to die.” But before it even had a chance to attack, the deep azure layer of energy around Linley began to roil about and expand…and as it did so, those Icy Tentacles began to shudder.

“Bang!” They exploded.

The Pulseguard Defense now had 256 layers to it. It was more than ten times as powerful as it had been in the past.

But just as Linley exploded those Icy Tentacles…“Swish!” That lightning-fast draconic tail slashed over once more. Linley’s body instantly retreated at high speed, but it nonetheless grazed the edges of the Pulseguard Defense. The terrifying power transmitted by that draconic tail caused Linley’s body to shake.

“There is nothing even remotely ‘ordinary’ about the strength of Tyrant Wyrms.” Linley was secretly surprised.

Experts on the level of Haydson probably couldn’t do anything against this Tyrant Wyrm, given its power.

“Growl!” The Tyrant Wyrm roared angrily, and its terrifying voice somehow seemed to be ‘locked’ into a specific region and blasted against Linley. The terrifying sound caused Linley’s ears to ring, and then, the Tyrant Wyrm wildly charged against Linley.

There was only a distance of a hundred meters between Linley and the Tyrant Wyrm, but as it charged at Linley, its size rapidly began to shrink.

However, its charging attack power seemed to have become even more powerful.

“Groowl!” In the blink of an eye, it seemed like an earthquake or a mountain was charging at Linley.

At the same time, a gray fog appeared out of nowhere, surrounding everything within several hundred meters, including Linley.

“Can’t get hit.” Linley didn’t pay any attention to the fog at all, and he quickly began to dodge as fast as he could while Bloodviolet began to dance in his hands as well. He just barely dodged the charging attack of the Tyrant Wyrm, and then Linley delivered yet another sword onto the Tyrant Wyrm’s body…

His sword was agile and mysterious. It fused both the ‘Spatial Freezing’ concept and the ‘Spatial Folding’ concept, two major yet opposite concepts, to form the ‘Tempos of the Wind’. The power of this attack was a level higher than even the ‘Illusionary Void Sword’.


That thick scale instantly split apart.

“Grooooowl!” The Tyrant Wyrm let out an agonized, furious growl. Instantly, fresh blood became to spurt out from that meter-long wound.

Seeing draconic blood spurt out, Cena, Sasha, and Taylor, watching from afar, all let out whoops of joy. A hint of a smile appeared on Delia’s face as well. Clearly, Linley had the advantage. And in truth…Linley hadn’t even gone into his Dragonform.

The Tyrant Wyrm was actually knocked flying towards the ground.

“Crash!” An earthquake occurred as the Tyrant Wyrm’s hill-sized body smashed into the ground. At the same time, it raised its head high and howled. “Hooooowl!” A terrifying burst of sound exploded forth from the Tyrant Wyrm, transforming all the nearby trees to splinters.

Bebe managed to react very quickly, instantly creating a black barrier around Delia and the children.

“What are you doing? Showing off your loud voice?” Linley flew down from mid-air. “I’ve already opened up a wound on your body. Just let me retrieve a little bit of fresh blood. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

“You are insulting me.”

The Tyrant Wyrm, Plaket, growled with the utmost anger.

But Linley’s face suddenly changed as he turned to stare into the horizon. Two enormous magical beasts were flying towards them at high speed. One of them had a perfectly sinuous body and a pair of enormous physical wings. It was one of the legendary Saint-level Gold Dragons.

As for the other dragon, its shape was roughly the same as the Tyrant Wyrm’s, except its scales were a deep blue, and lightning crackled on the surface of its body.

“Saint-level Gold Dragon. Saint-level Thunder Lizard!” Linley felt a bit numb.

The Tyrant Wyrm was already very formidable. Even Linley, if he didn’t Dragonform, wouldn’t dare to take the Tyrant Wyrm’s draconic tail head on just by using his enhanced Pulseguard Defense. The weakness of the Tyrant Wyrm was its speed.

But Saint-level Gold Dragons were extremely fast, and Thunder Lizards…were as fast as lightning.

“Plaket, what’s wrong?” A deep voice came forth from the Thunder Lizard. “Is it this detestable human?”

The Tyrant Wyrm growled, “It is, big brother. This detestable human is relying on his speed and reaction speed.” The Tyrant Wyrm was furious. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was slow, how would he be losing? Tyrant Wyrms were slow, but possessed terrifying defense and attack. They were similar to Undying Warriors.

The Thunder Lizard stared at Linley with its two golden eyes.

Saint-level Thunder Lizard. Saint-level Gold Dragon. Saint-level Tyrant Wyrm. These three dragons made up an extremely powerful force in the Mountain Range of the Setting Sun. Whenever they met a powerful foe, they would all help each other. When they combined forces…they were terrifying, especially when they compensated for each other’s deficiencies.

“Father!” The distant Taylor grow nervous. Cena and Sasha both watched the three Saint-level dragons with concern as well.

The Tyrant Wyrm flew into the air. Each of the enormous dragons were the size of a small mountain. The three Saint-level dragons flew in the air side by side, blocking out the sunlight. Their terrifying suppressive aura alone was enough to make one’s heart shudder.

“If he’s just fast, he’s not worth us using our combination attack.” A calm voice came out from the throat of the Saint-level Gold Dragon.

A hint of a smile was on Linley’s face. This battle was becoming more and more amusing.


“Swish!” An enormous flash of lightning split the skies. The Thunder Lizard’s enormous body suddenly appeared in front of Linley, and it reached out with its sharp claws at such speed that Linley couldn’t dodge at all. It clawed viciously against Linley’s body.

Linley’s Pulseguard Defense was actually reduced by more than half in power, and Linley’s body was sent flying.

“Bang!” The Thunder Lizard’s eyes simultaneously shot out two bolts of lightning, striking against Linley’s body.

Linley’s body slammed against the wall, then slid down. “Bang!” The ground shook from the collision and began to crack, while a huge gouge appeared in the ground.

“This speed is monstrously fast, almost as fast as Bebe.” Linley, in the ground, was secretly startled. “However, the Thunder Lizard’s attack power is a good deal lower than the Tyrant Wyrm’s. My Pulseguard Defense was almost broken through, but in the end, it still managed to take the hit.”

High speed, but somewhat weaker attack.

After all, if a creature moved as fast as lightning but had an attack as powerful as the Tyrant Wyrm’s, then it would be invincible.

“Is father fine?” Sasha was nervous.

“He’s fine.” Bebe could clearly sense Linley’s current condition. Laughing, he said, “I bet the Boss is actually really excited right now.”

Right now, the three Saint-level dragons were circling in the air above, staring at the ground.


Linley suddenly erupted from another spot in the ground, shooting out at high speed. But just as he shot out, a terrifying beam of light suddenly shot out towards Linley’s head, carrying a terrifying amount of light-style energy. Linley’s heart shuddered, and he immediately dodged, but as he did so…

Just as the light touched Linley’s body, Linley felt a terrifying wave of force attack his soul.

This was a very familiar sensation. When Linley had tested for magical aptitude, they had used this ‘Overawe’ spell to test his spiritual energy’s strength. But the ‘Overawe’ spell, when used, was like a thin, snake-like ribbon of light.

By contrast, the Overawe attack this Gold Dragon was using was a ten-meter thick beam of light.

“Light-style magic, ‘Overawe’? How can there be such a powerful ‘Overawe’ spell?”

“Haha, my turn!” The Tyrant Wyrm, Plaket, charged down, and its terrifying draconic tail slashed through the air like a whip against Linley. This sort of group attack was one which these three Saint-level dragons had perfected. The Gold Dragon would use the ‘Spiritual Intimidation’ spell to cause the enemy to feel woozy, and then the Tyrant Wyrm would deliver it a full-strength attack.


As the enormous draconic tail swung down, space itself began to tremble, and a terrifying howling sound wave blasted the nearby trees into splinters.

“Haaargh!” A furious roar emanated from the center of that gradually dissipating beam of light, and then the Tyrant Wyrm felt a terrifying force binding its draconic tail. The beam of light disappeared, and that Saint-level Thunder Lizard, Gold Dragon, and the distant Bebe, Delia, Taylor, and the other kids all saw a terrifying sight.

A human-shaped aberration, covered in deep azure scales, emerged. On top of its scales was a layer of azurish light that was constantly flowing around it.

This was the Dragonform of a Dragonblood Warrior who had reached the Saint-level!

A peak-stage Dragonblood Warrior!

His arms were wrapped around the Tyrant Wyrm’s tail. The mountain-sized Tyrant Wyrm roared madly, trying to struggle to pull free its draconic tail, but it couldn’t budge Linley at all. This was the terrifying strength of a Saint-level Dragonblood Warrior.


With a powerful, explosive roar, Linley actually swung the draconic tail and sent the mountain-sized Tyrant Wyrm flying in an arced line before slamming heavily against the ground.

“Bam!” The Tyrant Wyrm’s body smashed heavily into the ground, which immediately cracked and shuddered, blasting countless boulders and trees apart as though they were made of tofu.

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