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To put it simply, no one could use a weapon made from pure black iron. Generally speaking, one only needed to add a little bit of black iron to forge a masterwork weapon. To forge a weapon made from pure black iron, that was too extravagant.

This time, the profound iron that Soga had brought out wasn't only mined in the past month or so. In fact, most of the profound iron was originally hidden by the Cabran City Lord as storage, otherwise, forget about filling everyone's storage ring, even if it was filled with Space ring, it would still be an extravagant hope.

After some thought, Soga emptied out a Second generation of Empty rings that were ten cubic meters in size. Just from the black iron in the ring alone, Soga sold it for a high price of ten billion gold, this was the value of black iron! One must know, Soga and his partner still had more than fifty sets of black iron with the same volume!

Of course, it was not like Soga had not considered selling them all, but Soga knew that this super precious metal was not something that could be digested in a city. Even if Soga wanted to sell it, the other party would not be able to take out that much money.

And most importantly, if one sold too much in a city, then the price would definitely come down. The price of the goods was always determined by the quantity of the goods.

In fact, as a reserve, black iron was more stable than gold. No matter how the price changed, the reserve black iron was the most stable. The black iron from the fifty Second generation of Empty rings was stored in the storage of Cabran City for over a hundred years.

After selling the profound iron, Soga couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. In the past month, Soga's money had flooded out like floodwaters, an entire fifteen trillion yuan, with only about five trillion left. If he didn't put in some money, Soga would be in a financial crisis.

At noon, after Soga and the rest finished their lunch, they rushed to Business Road Office. There were a total of nine stages. Although Soga knew that there were still four Hiden Gate s, since they were hidden, it was natural that they have not been discovered.

According to the rules of the Business Road Office, after the third, sixth, and ninth trials, adventurers each have one chance to leave the Great trade road.

Although everyone here was an adventurer, first of all, they had to be alone. People had to have relatives, and some of them even had wives and children. This opportunity was to let everyone go home and visit them, take care of some matters, and then return and continue their adventure.

Moreover, each team would only send out one Airship. So this time, they could only let Soga go back first, and if Nico and the rest want to go back, they could only do it after the end of the sixth round.

Arriving at the Business Road Office, after completing the relevant procedures, Soga applied for the right to use the Airship. On the morning of the second day, a sleek looking Goblin airship rose up from the flying tower in the center of Seaside City, then soared into the sky.

Goblin airships were a product of ancient times, the ultimate technology of the Gnomes, an invention that was on par with Magic crystal cannon s. Their flying speed was extremely fast, and their ability to resist storms was also very strong.

From leaving the Holy Light Empire until now, Soga had actually already left home quite a distance. However, Soga knew that with the speed of the Goblin airship, half a month was more than enough time to rush back. There were a lot of things that could not be done by Soga as he wished. That Killing Maniac had trapped Soga and the others in the second stage for more than half a year!

As he sat on the Airship, Soga couldn't help but sink into his memories. He remembered that before Soga had promised Amy and Ara that he would come back and pick them up three years later to roam the great trading roads with them. However, due to various reasons, Soga had broken his promise.

"Sigh …" Sighing faintly, Soga looked at the clouds outside the boat in a daze. He wondered if Amy, Ara and his mother were still well. In retrospect, when they left, they seemed like thirteen or fourteen year old little girls. But now, they were a hundred and nineteen years old tall and slender little girl. It was just that they didn't know if they would have changed a lot.

"Bang, bang, bang!" Just as Soga was deep in thought, a clear knocking sound came from outside the door of the Airship warehouse. At the same time, the captain said softly: "We have reached the sky above Holy Light Empire, please indicate the specific route of advance!"

Hearing the captain's words, Nico said excitedly without waiting for Soga to speak: "I know, let me point the way for you!" As they spoke, Nico jumped out excitedly and rushed to the Airship's driver's cabin.

… ….

However, today, this small city that was located in the northern part of Holy Light Empire was no longer cold. A large number of soldiers dressed in a military uniform slowly entered this small city, surrounding a castle without a sound.

On the majestic and white tower, two slim girls were looking down at the soldiers that surrounded the castle with a cold expression.

It was indeed Amy and Ara who had made an agreement with Soga. It had been more than four and a half years since Soga had left, but Soga still hadn't returned, even though he was unwilling to believe it. However, in reality, the two of them already believed that Soga had already died.

However, even though Soga had died, they had never forgotten about the things that Soga had told them. Regardless of whether Soga was here or not, they would still protect their mistress.

Amy and Ara knew that since the other party had dispatched so many people, it must have come from the main mother. Only by controlling the main mother would the Emperor of the Holy Light Empire be able to calm his heart, otherwise, he wouldn't have the confidence to defeat Soga, who had just came out of the Great trade road.

Looking around, at this moment … Over thirty thousand soldiers had surrounded the independent castle. Although they had not launched an attack, Amy and Ara knew that it was only a matter of time.

Just as Amy and Ara were thinking, a middle-aged man dressed in a general's attire stepped out, facing Amy and Ara, he shouted loudly: "We already know who you are, so we immediately give up on meaningless resistance and go out to surrender. I can promise you that as long as you guys obediently cooperate, we will not make things difficult for you!"

Amy and Ara knew, today … They might not be able to protect their mistress, but … In order to give Soga a proper explanation, they would use their lives to protect their mistress. Unless they were killed, no one could take her away!

While thinking, Amy and Ara looked at each other, and then reached out their right hands in unison. In a flash of light, two azure colored elegant staff appeared in Amy's and Ara's right hands respectively. At the same time, two blue rays of light flashed at the tip of the staff.

Sensing the violent magic fluctuations, the middle-aged man who was disguised as a general frowned slightly. He turned around and retreated back into the array. At the same time, he shouted, "Since you do not know how to appreciate favors, don't blame me for being heartless!"

"Attack!" Following the general's angry roar, the twenty thousand strong Spear Militia suddenly extended his spear, and stepped towards the wall of the Zhou Castle, the killing intent that shot into the sky surged, at the same time, the ten thousand archers outside quickly drew their bows, their targets locking onto the two graceful figures on the tower.

"Fire!" Following the command of the general, the ten thousand Longbowmans all released arrows. Tens of thousands of arrows whizzed out, and quickly formed a curtain of arrows in the air, enveloping Amy and Ara who were on the tower in black.

Looking at the rain of arrows, Amy and Ara laughed miserably. Although they could take a breather if they hid inside the pagoda now, the two of them knew that once they did so, the Spear Militia would succeed in jumping over the wall and enter the castle under the suppression of the Longbow soldiers. At that time, even if they had three heads and six arms, they would still die without a doubt!

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