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Chapter 243 - ArrivalEdited by Ilesyt

Passing a plain, the team finally saw the endless green border in the distance.

On the border between the sky and the earth, there was a green strip.

Farther, there were some mountains.

The warriors hadn’t arrived at that place yet, but their eyes flashed. They felt familiar with it, and this feeling made them instantly become excited. They felt as if they came back to the other side of the river, where the mountains were dangerous. They recalled their fearful experiences, but they no longer feared. Now they were so excited that they wanted to jump up.

Of course, the reason they were very excited, part of it was because of the fire seed.

Getting closer and closer to the old land, the totem power in the warriors’ bodies surge and seemed to rush out.

“That, is that theFerocious Beast Mountain Forest?” The people looked at the green strip in the distance with a complicated feeling. The people of the Flaming Horns tribe were excited, but the wanderers were worried and dazed.


Ta, ta, ta, tata...

It began to rain, and soon it rained heavily. Large raindrops fell down and hit the ground.

Because of the rain, the dust lifted from the dry floor. The air was filled with the smell of soil.

The sky quickly became dark, and the dark clouds were like a giant hand that was coming down. The green strip in the distance, in the eyes of wanderers, was like a mouth full of fangs, waiting for its prey.

Raising their heads, they saw the thick clouds and felt too tense to breathe. In the front, it was the famous Ferocious Beast Mountain Forest. The pouring rain seemed to been pouring straight into the hearts of some wanderers. They were still standing here, they did not want to retreat or go back.

The tribe, don’t know when, suddenly became solemn.

They no longer talked or laughed.

The emotions of the wanderers were also affected by their solemnness. They no longer felt anxious, and they miraculously calmed down.

At this moment, anyone who could walk got off the carriage, including the sick, the disabled, and the old, with others’ help.

The Shaman waved his hand to reject Gui Ze and jumped down from the carriage. He wore his new leather boots which were made in the rainy season of this year. The gray and white boots were stained with mud when he stepped on the ground.

The Shaman looked at the forest with mixed feelings.

Over the past nearly thousand years, generations had never been here. They finally returned here, in place of their ancestors.

“Let’s go.” The Shaman said.

TheFerocious Beast Mountain Forest was big. The route of the Flaming Horns tribe team did not include the location of the Wan Shi tribe, and they were a little far from it. So they did not see anyone of the Wan Shi tribe.

Even without Shao Xuan’s guidance, everyone of the Flaming Horns tribe could find the right direction by intuition.

Walking into the forest, they heard the sound of the raindrops hitting the leaves and the sound was louder than the noise made by some of the creatures in the surrounding area. The various smells in the air became faint thanks to the rain.

It didn’t stop raining. In the rain, they couldn’t see clearly. Many people simply could not see the situation in the remote forest, but it did not matter. They just followed the people in front.

The fire seed was placed inside the carriage, and its barrier had been removed by the Shaman.

The fire seed suddenly became powerful in the forest.

Ta, ta, ta, ta...

On the soft ground covered by leaves, stones and soil, there were numerous dead insects. Warriors carrying animal skin bags and their weapons walked in the muddy forest and each step left a deep footprint on the ground.

The raindrops from the sky washed the dense leaves at the top, dripping to the ground, and soon filled these pits of the footprints with water.

The people of the tribe continued to walk, except the disabled, the injured, and those who failed to keep up. Whenever some children, led by their parents, took a step, all kinds of humus and soil on the ground stained their ankles. Fortunately, their boots were long, so the insects in the mud just bit their fur.

Cutting off thin worms with suction cups from their feet with a knife, they continued to move forward.

There were many beasts and ferocious beast in the forest in spite of the deterrent of fire seed. They could not completely avoid those beasts that dared to risk coming out from this thick forest to attack them suddenly.

Behind the lush trees, the caves on the mountainside, and in the swamps... there were some lurking. All of them were bloodthirsty and their eyes flashed  with ferocity. They were staring at the procession that suddenly entered the forest. In the past, when other people walked into the forest, they certainly killed them and ate them. But this group was too special.

This group had the fire seed that scared them, some fierce beasts as powerful as them, and a group of totem warriors that could not be underestimated. The clever ferocious beasts all hid and kept watching them. If they attacked this group, they would die.

Some beast tails swept out of the rain like bullets. But they were stopped by the warriors of the tribe who guarded around the procession. The members of the advance team fought against those ferocious beasts which dared to attack them.

During the battle in the forest, only the ferocious beasts roared, while the warriors were silent.

Silently cutting and killing, they were unprecedentedly fierce and ferocious. The splashing blood mixed with the rain and dripped on the ground. The path was red, and blood filled each pit of the footprints.

No one in the procession made a sound or stopped walking. When a ferocious beast rushed out, naturally some people resisted it. What they had to do was to continue to go in that direction.

The wanderers following them tried very hard to keep up with the team. If not, they probably fell to the ground, for their legs were weak. Maybe the solemness of the team stopped them from shouting when they saw those ferocious beasts rushing out. But it was just like they were being grabbed around their necks, when they just opened their mouths, they failed to make any sound.

The silent group walked in that direction steadfastly, it seemed that they were going on a pilgrimage.

Shao Xuan put away the sword and did not care about the ferocious beasts that were cut down. The other warriors didn’t collect it, all beasts were like a sacrificial offering for their return to the old land.

The heavy rain lasted for a long time. Shao Xuan, with the other warriors, killed no less than ten ferocious beasts.

Fortunately, they were notdeep in the Ferocious Beast Mountain Forest. There were few ferocious beasts and they were not very powerful.

Shao Xuan threw the animal skin coat on the carriage, exposed his upper body, and let the rain wash it.

Many did as Shao Xuan did, and each had the same totem pattern. Don’t know when, every warrior that had awakened was showing the totem patterns on their body, even the non-awakened and the tribe’s wanderers had a faint totem pattern.

At the same time, in the old land of the Flaming Horns tribe

A team of the Wan Shi tribe was having a rest. From time to time, a team of this tribe came here. This was the shaman’s order, the chief hadn’t agreed with this. But he had been persuaded and finally agreed, but he no longer led the team here in person.

The people of the Wan Shi tribe didn’t fear the ruins here, for they had been here many.

Failing to find a shelter, they simply stayed here and didn’t go back until it stopped raining.

They used the stones in the ruins as chairs, some were directly sitting on the collapsing pillars which were cut into several sections. They were chatting, laughing. When they felt bored, they poked those patterns and carved on the stone pillars.

“Hey, it isn’t raining so heavily anymore.” Someone said.

“Is it going to stop raining?”

The thick clouds in the sky were rapidly dissipating. The sunshine came through the clouds and was dazzling.

It hadn't stopped raining yet, but it seemd that the rain was about to stop.

They were smiling, but suddenly they heard cracks, like the sound of pieces of burning wood breaking.

At this time, who started a fire?

A man of the Wan Shi tribe was frightened, pointing to one direction.

“Fire, fire!”

The others looked to that direction. They only saw that in the center of the pit they had dug that there was a sparkling spot. Six fire lines, with that spot as the center, extended outward.

They panicked.

When the fire lines on the ground were about to spread to their feet, a warrior of the Wan Shi tribe turned around, ran away, and shouted, “Quickly go back to the tribe!”

Before the rain stopped, they ran away in a panic. They suddenly remember the first group that came here and was completely exterminated.

Leave, leave here!

Because of the panic, even the dripping raindrops felt like poisonous insects biting them.

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