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Chapter 3325: The Lord of the Peace Region (One)

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“If we keep fighting, all life in the Peace region will be wiped out. Blood Slaughter, do you really want to commit such a heinous deed?” the Heaven Fighting Ruler called out furiously as he clashed with the Blood Slaughter Ruler, rather reluctant to see that happen.

“Hahahaha, the one who wants all life in the Peace region wiped out is not me, but the two of you. If you’re really considering the billions of lives in the Peace region, you would immediately retreat.” The Blood Slaughter Ruler laughed loudly. His face was twisted, like he had gone insane. He completely disregarded the fates of the billions of lives in the Peace region.

The Jade Heaven Ruler stared straight into the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s eyes and said sternly, “You want to obtain the Peace region at all costs, so it definitely isn’t as simple as expanding your territory. Earlier, when we were out at sea, you even came up with excuses to keep us busy for two months.”

“Don’t tell me the Peace region is hiding some secrets that we don’t know about with how hard you’re scheming? And you’ve come for these secrets?” The Jade Heaven Ruler’s eyes shone with a strange light.

When he heard that, the Blood Slaughter Ruler shivered inside, but his expression remained the same. He laughed. “Jade Heaven, I have no idea what you’re saying. I’m stronger than the two of you now, so the Peace region is mine. Isn’t that how it should be?”

The Blood Slaughter Ruler continued, “Jade Heaven, Heaven Fighting, aren’t you concerned about the safety of the people in the Peace region? If you’re really concerned about them, then back away immediately, or the two of you will be at fault for the annihilation of all life in the Peace region too.”

“I also think the Peace region is hiding some kind of unspeakable secret, which is the reason why you want it. Otherwise, there’s no reason for you to go so far over some land,” the Heaven Fighting Ruler said sternly. His eyes flickered, also beginning to doubt the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s intentions.

“You can say whatever you want to say. I don’t care about it. In short, I want the Peace region. If you’re not going to let me have it, then let’s fight to the death.” The Blood Slaughter Ruler’s expression was determined. He became even more determined to claim the Peace region too.

At the same time, experts gathered in the Scarlet Blood Domain. Everyone under the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s command was here, all standing and waiting for an order. They would charge into the Peace region without any hesitation as soon as they received the signal.

It was not just the Scarlet Blood Domain. The Grand Heaven Domain and the Jade Centre Domain were the same. The Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler had both sent messages back, rallying their subordinates and gathering their experts, all waiting at the entrance to the Peace region for orders.

Very clearly, while the Blood Slaughter Ruler’s strength completely surpassed the Jade Heaven Ruler and Heaven Fighting Ruler’s individual strength as he possessed eight ancestral imprints, the Heaven Fighting Ruler and the Jade Heaven Ruler would not simply give up the Peace region like this.

The three rulers were all prepared to fight to the end. None of them backed down.

An all-out war was on the brink of erupting!

At this moment, Jian Chen sat back in a seat in the Xia Merchant Union’s courtyard, gazing at the green sun in the sky in a daze.

The beautiful Bai Yurou stood quietly to one side in white clothes. As the young miss of the White Emperor clan, she had now willingly become Jian Chen’s maidservant.

At this moment, the leader of the Xia Merchant Union, Xia Jianming, arrived before Jian Chen. He bowed politely before saying softly, “Master, the Sword Emperor has come. Will you be meeting with him?”

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Jian Chen looked away from the green sun and turned towards the entrance of the courtyard. He said, “Invite him in!”

“Yes, master!” Xia Jianming immediately went off.

Very soon, the scholarly Sword Emperor appeared before Jian Chen. His face was filled with concern.

“Fellow Jian Chen, the three rulers are currently fighting in the Peace region. The impact of their battle is far too intense. They’ve already destroyed countless cities of various sizes along the way, with innumerable clansmen dying from the collateral damage. Now, the battlefield of the three rulers is getting closer and closer to our Sword Emperor city. Once they arrived over our Sword Emperor city, the consequences would be terrible.”

The Sword Emperor was very worried. He bowed towards Jian Chen and said with great respect, “In the eyes of the three rulers, I am only someone insignificant as the so-called Sword Emperor. I have no authority to speak. Now, all I can rely on is you, fellow Jian Chen. I hope you can lend me a hand and settle this disaster that my Sword Emperor city is about to face and save all of our people.”

Jian Chen smiled when he heard that. “Sword Emperor, that’s a battle between rulers. Are you really just that certain that I’ll be able to help?”

“Fellow Jian Chen, you are the only hope of our Sword Emperor city!” said the Sword Emperor. In reality, he did not believe that Jian Chen could resolve the disaster this time. That was a battle between rulers after all, well beyond anything like the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King. Jian Chen could stop the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King, but he definitely could not stop rulers.

But right now, the strongest individual in Sword Emperor city was Jian Chen. The Sword Emperor had no other choice. He could only do what he could and hope for the best. 4887

Suddenly, Jian Chen looked into the distance. A beam of light flashed through his eyes as he murmured, “They’re actually heading this way.”

The Sword Emperor’s expression changed when he heard that. He immediately became serious.

A few seconds later, thunderous rumbling vaguely appeared from the distant horizon. The three rulers moved through the air at great speeds, fighting as they approached Sword Emperor city. Wherever they passed by, the space exploded and mountains crumbled. Just the impact from their clashes possessed devastating power, enough to destroy any imperial city in the Peace region.

Before they had even reached Sword Emperor city, the tremendous pressure had flooded out and left the Sword Emperor sheet-white.

“It’s over. My imperial city is done for.” The Sword Emperor became cold all over. He could avoid the impact of a battle between rulers from afar, but the imperial city would definitely be severely damaged. The weaker citizens in the city were probably doomed.

The battle between the three rulers had already escalated to a point where they no longer cared about weaker cultivators.

In the courtyard, Bai Yurou and Xia Jianming immediately became solemn as well. Xia Jianming immediately asked, “Master, should we avoid this?” He was aware that Jian Chen was a ruler, but in Xia Jianming’s belief, Jian Chen had only become a ruler recently. Compared to the renowned rulers who had reigned over the Wood Spirits World for many years, he was obviously lacking in many respects.

Jian Chen ignored Xia Jianming. He stared at the three approaching rulers and immediately felt pained. He murmured to himself, “How troublesome. If they fight their way over here, wouldn’t I lose my temporary residence?”

“Wait here. I’ll be right back!” With that, Jian Chen had already vanished.

Gazing at the empty wheelchair, the Sword Emperor visibly blanked out. He turned towards Xia Jianming. “Union leader Xia, do you think fellow Jian Chen will actually be able to convince the three rulers to stop?”

“I have no idea,” Xia Jianming responded. He stared straight into the horizon.

“Senior Sword Emperor, since senior Jian Chen told us to wait here, then all we have to do is wait here. I’m certain senior Jian Chen will be able to resolve the dangers involved.” Bai Yurou was extremely confident in him.

“Hopefully.” The Sword Emperor immediately found some relief from Bai Yurou’s words.