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Chapter 3275: Promise

Without any hesitation, everyone immediately backed out of the range of the Dong’an province as quickly as they could. Even the Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime that attacked Xi Yu immediately backed away after a drastic change in expression.

Under the Anatta Grand Exalt’s devastating hand, how could they still care about the people from the Tian Yuan clan? They immediately chose self-preservation.

Outside the Dong’an province, the peak experts that had gathered from all over the Saints’ World stared at the destructive hand that extended out from the crack in space from afar. All of them were shaken up. Their eyes were filled with undisguised caution.

The hand of destruction was far too powerful and terrifying. It seemed to resemble the wrath of the heavenly ways, serving as the judgement of the heavens. The terrifying pressure and the destructive power that could destroy everything in the world immediately struck fear into the hearts of all the Grand Primes gathered here.

“This provincial city is completely done for. Under the Anatta Grand Exalt’s strike, the entire region will cease to exist.”

“The Tian Yuan clan was founded by a spy from the Immortals’ World after all. It’s a pair of eyes planted in our Saints’ World by the Immortals’ World. Of course, the Anatta Grand Exalt would eliminate it personally.”

“Sigh, why would the Anatta Grand Exalt have to destroy the Dong’an province personally? It’s just a mere provincial city. She could have left it to us.”

Some people muttered to themselves and sighed. They felt like the Anatta Grand Exalt was showing too much respect to the Dong’an province. There was no need for such overkill.

“I wonder if the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng will be expelled after this,” an ancestor who had participated in the construction of the Hundred Saint City said with quite a lot of delight. His eyes even shone eagerly.

Even without thinking, he knew exactly what awaited the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng once he lost his status and his identity as a Grand Exalt’s disciple.

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A deafening rumble erupted and the entire southern region shook violently, like the world was ending.

The hand condensed from the Laws of Destruction had already arrived above the Dong’an province, sealing off the entire place and sealing in the provincial city. The five pitch-black fingers plunged deeply into the earth. The presence of destruction permeated the surroundings. The entire Cloud Plane trembled violently in outer space.

When they saw that, all the Grand Primes there knew the Dong’an province was completely done for. It would be completely erased from the Cloud Plane.

No one could survive before such powerful laws of the world.

At this moment, the ground beneath shook violently as the crust upheaved rapidly. The five fingers penetrated deep underground suddenly closed together, actually picking up a thick layer of the foundation and leaving the air, flying back into the colossal crack in space.

Immediately, the Dong’an province vanished from the horizon. It was not just the Dong’an province. Even the ground several dozen kilometres thick under the Dong’an province had vanished as well, leaving a colossal chasm in its place.

“The Anatta Grand Exalt hasn’t destroyed the Dong’an province. She’s actually taken away the entire city. W-what is going on?”

The unexpected outcome stunned everyone. All of them were filled with great doubts. They were absolutely puzzled.

In an instant, the hand condensed from the Laws of Destruction returned to the spatial crack with the entire city, vanishing from the Cloud Plane.

In the central, northern, western, and eastern regions of the Cloud Plane, experts filled the air as they gazed in the direction of the southern region in a daze.

“The Anatta Grand Exalt-the Anatta Grand Exalt has taken away the entire Dong’an province. Yu’er-Yu’er is still in the Tian Yuan clan. Nothing is going to happen to her, right?” The empress also hovered above the Xi Empire, gazing at the Dong’an province that vanished into the spatial crack. She had turned pale-white a long time ago.

Beside her, the emperor of the Xi Empire was dressed in dragon robes and dignified in appearance. He also gazed in the direction of the southern region sternly.

“It probably isn’t like what we guessed it to be. If the Anatta Grand Exalt really wanted to destroy the Tian Yuan clan, why would she have to go to such great lengths? She’s gone to the effort of taking the entire Dong’an province away. There must be something going on that we don’t understand behind all this.”

The Xi Emperor sighed softly. “It’s a pity that we know very little. We only know that Jian Chen is a spy from the Immortals’ World and the Anatta Grand Exalt’s fruit of ways, and he’s already perished at the Anatta Grand Exalt’s hand. Apart from that, we know nothing else.”

In the southern region, the experts that had come to punish the Tian Yuan clan were all dumbfounded. They looked at one another blankly.

Given their cultivations, they obviously were not fools. The Anatta Grand Exalt had gone to such great lengths to move the Dong’an province away without damaging it. They all caught the scent of something peculiar from this.

If she was destroying the Dong’an province by her own hand, it was a little overkill, but at least it still made sense.

However, she had moved the entire Dong’an province away without damaging it, not even sparing the foundations. What was that about?

Did she want to trap the Dong’an province? Or even torture everyone from the Tian Yuan clan? With the Anatta Grand Exalt’s identity, why would she bother with something so meaningless?

They all realised that this probably was not as simple as it was rumoured to be.

It was just a pity that none of them had been there to witness everything that unfolded between Jian Chen and the Anatta Grand Exalt that day, or they would not have their current doubts.

Instead, not a single expert who had witnessed the entire incident had come.

The space above the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng on the Prosper Plane suddenly collapsed, turning into a colossal spatial crack. A huge city drifted out from the crack while wrapped in the great power of laws.

The huge city was the Dong’an province from the southern region of the Cloud Plane.

It had crossed a tremendous distance and directly arrived on the Prosper Plane!

At that moment, the entire Prosper Plane was shaken up. Within all of the ancient clans located on the Prosper Plane, the peak experts all roused from their cultivations and immediately appeared in the sky. They all stared at the huge city that drifted out from the spatial crack in shock.

“It’s the Anatta Grand Exalt. She’s actually moved an entire city over from another place.”

“Just what is so special about this city to earn such careful attention from the Anatta Grand Exalt?”

Many experts experienced the same doubts throughout the Prosper Plane.

In the end, under the control of the tremendous power, the provincial city drifted over countless mountains and rivers. It covered a great distance before landing in a valley.

The valley was very deep, several dozen kilometres deep. However, when the Dong’an province landed there, its foundations that were also several dozen kilometres deep filled in the entire valley, turning it into a flat plain.

At the same time, a banner flew out from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, directly over to the city gates and planting itself there, waving in the wind.

Countless senses of souls wove together above the Prosper Plane. Each owner was a peak expert that ruled over a region.

As one of the seven sacred planes, the Prosper Plane’s strength was obviously well beyond anything that the Cloud Plane could match.

But without any hesitation, when the owners of the senses of the souls saw the banner, they were all shocked. They became filled with envy.

The banner was a symbol of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. All organisations that possessed a banner like that received the direct protection of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, to be harassed by nobody.

At the same time, the Anatta Grand Exalt sat in the air on the highest floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, shrouded in the light of ways.

In front of her, a young man knelt politely on one knee. “Greetings, master!”

“Go and watch over the Cloud Plane in person. Prevent anyone or any organisation from harming any person that has to do with Jian Chen,” the Anatta Grand Exalt said coldly.

“As you wish, master!” The young master accepted the order without any hesitation, but his face was filled with doubt. After a moment of deliberation, he asked, “But master, I do have one question. W-why are you protecting the people around Jian Chen?”

“This is my promise to him!” the Anatta Grand Exalt said coldly. Her voice was extremely cold, devoid of any emotions and fluctuations in her tone.