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Chapter 1646: Rui Jin Emerges

Since the average lifespan of ordinary people on the Tian Yuan Continent was two hundred years, Shen Fang should not look so old, but Kendall's death took a very heavy toll on her mind. Time could not erode Shen Fang's love for Kendall, so even after several dozen years, she still failed to get over her sorrow. This was why she had become an old woman despite only being middle-aged before.

"Madam, you have to look after yourself. You can't forget that you have Sans. Even if you don't care about yourself anymore, you have to care about your son." Jian Chen ran up to support Shen Fang, who even struggled to walk. He felt rather pained inside. He could already sense that there was not much life force left in Shen Fang. She did not have much time left.

With his current strength, he could help her easily. He could effortlessly give her another thousand years of lifespan. However, she had already died inside, so if he gave her more life force selfishly, it would not help her. Instead, it would be a painful torture.

That was exactly why Jian Chen did not take the action he wished to take. He did not wish for Shen Fang to leave, but he did not wish for her to live in pain either.

"Thank you, young master. You've done plenty for my family already. It's Sans' father's fortune to be able to meet you. Young master, there are a lot of people here, so let's go up and talk," smiled Shen Fang. She spoke rather weakly, seemingly running out of vigor.

Shen Fang disappeared from the first floor under Jian Chen's support, leaving all the diners stunned. Disbelief flooded their faces.

"Oh my god, just who is the owner of the inn? Sovereign Jian Chen is actually supporting her personally…" A while later, an uproar erupted on the first floor. Everyone had become utterly shocked as if they had just seen the most unbelievable thing in the world.

Four hours later, Jian Chen left the inn. He felt rather depressed. He tried to persuade Shen Fang during their conversation; he hoped that she could get her to overcome her sorrow. Only like that could he assist her. Letting her live for several thousand more years would not pose a problem if she agreed. Unfortunately, Shen Fang never let go of Kendall and refused Jian Chen's assistance. In her words, Kendall was very lonely in heaven. He needed someone to accompany him, and she would be that person.

Shen Fang's words left Jian Chen helpless. It was still useless even when he mentioned Sans.

At this moment, Jian Chen's eyes narrowed. Suddenly, he raised his head towards the distant sky and shot off as a streak of violet light. He vanished into the horizon in a split second, having reached unbelievable speeds.

The space near the mountain range located in the depths of Dragon Island suddenly started to distort. A huge golden gate rapidly formed in the distortions of space.

There was an independent miniature world within the gate. Huge gravestones filled the entire world, and transparent dragon souls drifted around. They would roar from time to time, and their roars echoed across the entire island.

This was the dragon's necropolis. The remains of many dragons were buried here, including Class 9 dragons.

At this moment, a golden figure flew out from the depths of the necropolis. He radiated with a powerful draconic aura. All the weaker dragon souls collapsed as they trembled when they sensed the aura.

The golden figure did not stop as he flew, directly flying out of the necropolis. The Space Gate to the necropolis slowly closed after he exited, and Dragon Island recovered its previous peace.

The golden figure slowly dispersed his presence, and the golden light around him gradually vanished as well, revealing a handsome, middle-aged man in golden dragon robes.

"We've finally emerged. It has been several decades. I wonder how Jian Chen is right now." Suddenly, a female's voice rang out. A beauty who seemed to be in her twenties walked out from behind the middle-aged man. She wore fire-red feathers.

A black-robed old man emerged after the woman. The three of them stood together, and every single one of them radiated with powerful presences. The middle-aged man was the strongest among them, having already reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Emperor.

The woman was just slightly weaker, having reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Saint Emperor.

The old man was the weakest among the three of them, but he was also a Saint Emperor, except he was only at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

The three of them were Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu; they had remained in secluded cultivation on Dragon Island for many years.

Suddenly, there was a flash of violet light. Before they could even react, the streak of violet light had landed before them with unbelievable speed and a young man was revealed.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu narrowed their eyes, and they became shocked. The three of them had already become Saint Emperors, and one of them was even at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, only an inch away from the Origin realm. However, they had still failed to react before the streak of light, which completely astounded them.

But in the next moment, they became even more shocked when they saw the figure that emerged from the violet light. Disbelief was plastered across their faces.

"Jian Chen!" The three of them cried out. When they connected him with the streak of violet light earlier, they could no longer remain composed.

They had never thought that Jian Chen's strength would actually progress at such a terrifying rate after several decades of not seeing him. The streak of violet light was so fast that it had completely exceeded the Saint Emperor of the Peng clan, the person who was once known to be the fastest in the world.

Jian Chen obviously became overjoyed when he saw his three old acquaintances. He immediately clasped his hands and said, "Congratulations on emerging, seniors!"

"Jian Chen, you sure have come quickly. Oh right, what level of cultivation have you reached now? I can't tell at all. I can't even sense your presence," Hong Lian stared at Jian Chen in surprise.

"I can't tell your strength or sense any of your presence either. I wouldn't even know that you were standing before me if I closed my eyes. There are only two possibilities for that. First, you used a secret technique to hide yourself. The other possibility is that you've already surpassed the three of us in strength," Rui Jin said as he stared at Jian Chen. Shock gradually appeared on his face because he had already determined that the latter was extremely likely. Only that could explain why Jian Chen could move so quickly that they could not even react.

"We're all Saint Emperors, so if it's the second scenario, w- wouldn't that mean that you've already reached the Origin realm, Jian Chen? T- t- that's impossible. It has only been a few short decades," Hei Yu said in shock.

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