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Chapter 1606: Ceasefire

"There's an extremely evil power and it's grown to a terrifying state. You should be able to sense how powerful it is," Jian Chen said in a gruff voice.

The Spiritking was silent. He arrived on the shattered moon and sat down on half of a mountain with its top cleaved off. His gaze was sharp as he stared into the depths of space. He unintentionally let his powerful origin energy pulse and his pressure permeate the surroundings, causing space to twist and shake.

"I originally thought that the evil power would need a few years to break free at the very least, but I was wrong. I never thought it would break free so quickly. I have never seen something so evil. Once it appears, all the life in this world will definitely become extinct. No one will be able to survive. If we don't stop it, it will bring a calamity, and it might even destroy the entire world if it's powerful enough," said Jian Chen. He sat down on the other half of the moon as he stared at the Spiritking. He added, "Shen Jian, your world and mine are connected, so the evil power won't only threaten the Tian Yuan Continent. Even your World of Forsaken Saints won't be able to avoid this calamity, so I suggest that we call a ceasefire between our worlds and deal with the evil power first. What do you think?"

"This is your world's problem. It's got nothing to do with mine. You're not wrong about how the tunnel connects our worlds, but the evil presence is so powerful that it might not necessarily be able to pass through and threaten us. If push comes to pull, we'll just give up on any territory in this world and try to seal off the tunnel," the Spiritking emotionlessly replied.

"Shen Jian, it'll definitely have significant impact on your world. The presence of the evil power is so great that none of us will be able to defeat it individually, and regarding the tunnel, it only limits fighters. The evil power isn't a fighter. It's creation is beyond the scope of our understanding. It's such a special existence that the tunnel might not be able to keep it at bay. And even if you do seal up the tunnel, won't my people still be able to smash through your seal forcefully? What will you do then?" Jian Chen replied sternly.

A gleam of light flickered through the Spiritking's eyes when Jian Chen approached the end of what he was saying. The Spiritking responded, "Are you threatening me?"

"Originally, there was a powerful seal between our worlds, but you forcefully smashed through it. Why is it that only you are allowed to smash through our seals while we can't do the same to yours? The evil power doesn't just threaten us, it threatens your world as well. With our current strength, it'll be impossible for us to defeat the evil power individually. If I die first, do you think you can stop the evil power just by yourself? This is why working together is the only choice we have now. It's the only one that allows us to fight for our own people and survive this calamity. Otherwise, both our worlds will go extinct and we might cease to exist as well," said Jian Chen. He was filled with helplessness. His original plan had not been to work with the Spiritking but to devote himself to refining Profound Sword Qi after dealing with the threat of the foreign world. Once he refined a strand of Profound Sword Qi, he was confident he could make it through this calamity with the Primordial Godsilk. However, the evil power had not given him enough time.

When Jian Chen learned the method of refining Profound Sword Qi from the sword spirits, he had also learned that both artifacts and techniques were split between the Immortal Tier and the God Tier in the Immortals' World. All the sword techniques he had used in his fight against the Spiritking were of the Immortal Tier, because God Tier sword techniques and secret techniques could only be grasped by Immortal Monarchs and Immortal Monarchs would only be able to use a part of the techniques full power. Of course, there were a few special techniques that didn't follow the rules.

Profound Sword Qi was an extremely special sword technique. It belonged to the God Tier, a sword technique that was ranked at the apex of the God Tier. It used the vital energies of life as a medium to refine nine strands of Profound Sword Qi, which were then nurtured in the soul. Practicing the technique did not require the strength of an Immortal Monarch. All it required was for someone to have reached major achievement of Sword Origin. Reaching that point was enough to refine the first strand of Profound Sword Qi. Refining all nine strands would require the highest realm of the Way of the Sword, Sword God. However, since the Profound Sword Qi was a God Tier sword technique, even just the first strand was unimaginably powerful.

This was Jian Chen's trump card against the evil power and where his confidence came from. However, he no longer had the time to refine Profound Sword Qi, so he could only negotiate with the Spiritking and work together.

After a moment of deliberation, the Spiritking agreed to Jian Chen's suggestion in the end. The two of them called a ceasefire and decided to work together to deal with the evil power. They both could tell that the evil power did not just threaten the Tian Yuan Continent but the World of Forsaken Saints as well.

This peace would only be temporary.

A blood-red cloud rose up in the sky above the miniature world constructed by the rock. It dyed the hazy gray space a blood-red color. The surroundings dimmed, as if they had become a cavern of ice. The cloud gave off an evil presence.

The blood-red cloud tossed, turned, and blanketed the surroundings. It sent out a chilling, terrifying pulse of energy, causing the world to tremble as large swathes of space collapsed. At the same time, a tremendous formation vaguely appeared. It was shockingly powerful and enveloped the entire world.

The formation trembled with great instability due to the churning blood-red cloud. It seemed like it was about to shatter.

The blood-red cloud slowly gathered in the center of the miniature world. It transformed constantly, assuming a human form at times, alternating between different genders and ages before switching to a beastial form. It continued to change, turning into plants, rocks, and everything else in the world.

It did not have a form, so it could become anything.

Finally, the blood-red cloud solidified, assuming the body of a human. It was completely blood-red, as if the body had been condensed from blood. Its face was blurry and unclear. It radiated a terrifyingly cold presence, representing great evil and the will of destruction.

This will of destruction did not target any specific person or race. Instead, it targeted everything with life, including the entire world and universe.

It was as if it existed for the purpose of destruction.

It was the evil power hiding within the Yinyang Saint Rock.


The blood-red figure produced a strange laughter. The laughter possessed a terrifying power, which was able to penetrate anything. The moment it began to laugh, the surrounding space collapsed and descended into darkness.

At the same time, strands of essence that seemed to originate from the world condensed around the blood-red figure before being absorbed by the figure. After losing the essence, the surroundings died, like a lively young man who had all his vitality wrenched out of him.

Clearly, the blood-red figure possessed a special innate ability and could devour its surroundings to strengthen itself.


Suddenly, the blood-red figure shot into the sky with lightning-like speed as a streak of red light. It viciously smashed into the formation. With a rumble, the formation immediately collapsed. It had existed for far too long even though it possessed quite the power.

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