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Chapter 1600: A Battle At Godhood (Two)

Sword techniques required a sword to demonstrate their full power. Jian Chen's twin swords had been knocked away, far enough that he was unable to summon them back in time, so he was unable to use the full power of the Sky-severing Strike. Even with the amplification of the sword domain, the attack was still weaker than the Spiritking's attack.

The Spiritking's sword Qi clashed with Jian Chen's sword technique with a boom. It dispersed Jian Chen's attack before forcefully continuing toward him.

However, the attack had weakened drastically after being obstructed.


The sword Qi penetrated Jian Chen's protective glow and viciously struck his chest.

Jian Chen immediately trembled, but soon after that, the Chaotic Force within him wildly surged out. In just a single moment, his surging Chaotic Force had gathered in his chest, allowing his body to become shockingly tough.

Jian Chen had pushed his Chaotic Body to the limits of its toughness. His body was so strong that even Returnance experts would struggle to injure him.

The sword Qi from the Spiritking weakened some more after piercing Jian Chen's protective layer of light, so when it struck his chest, it did not punch through him. It only cut through his flesh and was stopped by his ribs.

Jian Chen was pushed into a constant retreat by the sword Qi. With every step he took, the world shook and he left behind huge cracks on the ground. It seemed like every step of his landed on the heart of the world.

The World Mountains did not collapse. Aside from the rain of shattered rock and a few cracks, they were not severely damaged, even after enduring the shockwaves from the battle between Jian Chen and the Spiritking.

At this moment, the twin swords flew over from afar. They shone with an azure and violet light as they shot toward the sword Qi that remained on his chest, dispersing it, which caused it to release a terrifying pulse of energy.

The Spiritking indifferently glanced at Ouyang Yangwen's corpse. He showed no particular emotion at all. He took a step, wielding the metal sword, and appeared before Jian Chen like he had teleported. The sword shone bright as he stabbed out.

The strike contained the Way of the Sword, powers of the laws of the world. The attack seemed to possess the might of the world, enough to dull the world, as if the attack became the only thing left in the world.

At the same time, the Zi Ying Sword returned to Jian Chen's hand. Jian Chen's presence suddenly erupted now that he possessed a sword. If he had been a slumbering beast before, the supreme presence from him right now made him seem like he had awoken. He possessed a devastating might.

Jian Chen's arm suddenly shook and turned into a blur. It moved extremely quickly. The Zi Ying Sword glowed brighter, dying the sky violet.

Jian Chen's attack also contained the Way of the Sword, powers of the laws of the world. At the same time, destructive Chaotic Force was hidden inside as well, making his attack much more powerful than the sword technique from earlier even though he was not using one now. The attack seemed to have exceeded the Origin realm and reached Godhood.


The Zi Ying Sword and the Spiritking's sword clashed with devastating power. The collision made space collapse and the World Mountains to shake and totter. The terrifying shockwaves expanded, impacting  the entire world. In just a short moment, the vast world turned into a mess. The seas churned as countless cities and mountains collapsed. There were countless people who were injured by the shockwaves.

The eruption of the two Godhood level attacks in the World Mountains was like the end of the world. It was just too powerful. Even though they were only attacks from the weakest of Godhood experts, the collision was enough to destroy the world.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking were both pushed back after the attack. The Spiritking only took three steps. His face remained the same while gleams of light flickered through his eyes. On the other hand, Jian Chen only stopped after retreating several dozen meters and his face was completely red.

Jian Chen had clearly lost the upper hand even though the two of them had not used any secret techniques or sword techniques. The Spiritking had possessed a battle prowess akin to Godhood experts several years ago and had elevated his strength to peak Reciprocity in the past twenty years as well, so he had surpassed his battle prowess from before.

Jian Chen's Chaotic Body at the eighth layer was only equivalent to early Returnance. He also managed to elevate his battle prowess to Godhood through various loopholes, but he still remained weaker than the Spiritking.

The Spiritking hovered in the air with his metal sword. He stared at Jian Chen in interest and calmly said, "I remember when I first met you. You only possessed the strength of a Receival expert. When you fought against Xiong Zhong, you managed to heavily injure him, a late Returnance expert, and drive him back. This time is the third time we have met, yet you possess strength almost equivalent to mine. Your rate of growth really does astound me."

"You're so bad yourself. You're the most outstanding genius of the World of Forsaken Saints. You're the strongest Spiritking. And it's all because of you that my strength has been able to increase so much in such a short amount of time. If you did not pressure me, my strength would not have been able to grow so much in so little time," Jian Chen replied with a deep voice. Although his strength was drastically different now, he still felt a very great pressure when facing the Spiritking.

"Jian Chen, if we keep fighting with our battle prowess that's equivalent to Godhood, the damage will be just too great. Countless lives will be lost in this world. Why don't we fight in the depths of space in the other world?" The Spiritking said. He did not want to fight with Jian Chen anymore in the World of Forsaken Saints, as it would sustain extremely severe losses. All the people below the Origin realm might even end up losing their lives.

After all, a fight between the two of them would be equivalent to a fight among Godhood experts. The damage would be so great that it would exceed a massive battle between Origin realm experts.

However, outer space in the other world clearly referred to the world of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen did not reply. He looked up at the sky and a gleam of light flickered through his eyes. He saw a blood-red sun and a crescent moon hanging in the east and west respectively. There was nothing else aside from that.

"You can see it as well. The World of Forsaken Saints is incomplete. It's not even a real world. We don't have outer space here," said the Spiritking.

Jian Chen replied emotionlessly, "Back when your world launched a large-scale invasion on our Tian Yuan Continent, you caused great damage to our world. The Tian Yuan Continent's has shattered into several pieces and countless people fell in battle. I've taken the initiative to come to your world just so the battlefield will be here. Now your world will suffer just like we did. How can I agree to go back?"

"Jian Chen, you should think my suggestion through. Once we begin fighting, the damage will be far greater than any battle between Origin realm experts. At that time, far more than tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands people will be dead. My world has a population of as much as a quadrillion. It's extremely likely that all of them to die from the shockwaves of our battle. The world will not bear slaughter like that. Celestial Decay will descend and will be more powerful than it has ever been. We may have attained battle prowess equivalent to Godhood experts, but we still haven't reached Godhood in terms of cultivation. We're unable to go against the might of the world, so when it comes, neither one of us will be able to avoid the punishment of Celestial Decay," the Spiritking said with a heavy voice. His eyes were sharp like swords as he stared at Jian Chen.

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