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Chapter 1587: The Seventh Layer of the Chaotic Body

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er arrived before the Yinyang Saint Rock once again and worked together to absorb its energy. Both their cultivations had arrived at the peak of the realm they were in and were about to progress to the next, so the energy they absorbed this time would assist them in getting through the bottleneck.

Several days later, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er reached the limit of what they could absorb so they left together. They underwent a final refinement, turning the energy they had just absorbed into their own.

Just like before, Jian Chen chose to cultivate a hundred kilometres away. He sat on the dreary ground, and as his eyes slowly closed, the Chaotic Force within him began to rapidly flow. While he used his cultivation method, the energy he had just absorbed rapidly melded into the Chaotic Force, causing the Chaotic Force in his dantian to become full.

When Jian Chen refined all the energy into Chaotic Force, his fist-sized chaotic neidan finally passed its limits and loudly burst open. The Chaotic Force hidden within immediately flowed out like a flood, surging forth and filling every inch of his body in a single moment. With just a short instance, Jian Chen's body filled as the solid chaotic neidan in his dantian turned into surging Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen violently trembled. His face became extremely pale. Beads of sweat covered his forehead while his face revealed his agony. His body also began to swell like a balloon, constantly enlarging. He turned into a nine-meter-tall giant in just a few seconds.

Every time a breakthrough was made with the Chaotic Body, the owner would have to endure torturous pain. This time was no exception. At the same time, Jian Chen was making a huge leap by going from the sixth layer to the seventh layer. The increase in strength could not compare to the breakthrough he made from the fifth layer because the seventh layer was equivalent to reaching partial achievement of the Chaotic Body. The seventh layer was unlike the first six layers, which all belonged to minor achievement.

As a result, the pain Jian Chen experienced this time was far more potent than any other past breakthrough.

Jian Chen trembled more and more severely. His teeth began to creak he was clenching them so hard. His hands had already been balled into fists. The pain had almost made him faint, even blurring his consciousness.

Jian Chen knew that this was an extremely important moment, so he viciously bit down on the tip of his tongue, biting off a third. He felt a heart-wrenching pain, but he did not continue to faint and instead slowly regained consciousness. He immediately devoted himself to using his cultivation method.

Tremendous Chaotic Force rampaged through Jian Chen's body like wild horses. They violently rammed into every part of him, destroying all his organs, cracking his meridians, and shattering his bones. Even his flesh suffered great wounds from the rampaging of the Chaotic Force. Blood poured from his pores, making it seem like his flesh was made from blood. It was a vicious sight.

Jian Chen practiced the cultivation method of the Chaotic Body, so he devoted himself to healing. He did not use the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. He only relied on the Chaotic Body's self-recovery ability.

Jian Chen's Chaotic Body recovered rapidly, but his body had to be destroyed before he could heal again. This process would repeat time and time again. His Chaotic Body desperately struggled between constant destruction and recovery, but his body would become much stronger each time he healed. It did not just modify his flesh but his organs, meridians and all of his bones as well.

As Jian Chen's body gradually strengthened, the pain he was withstanding slowly lessened. The Chaotic Force that was rampaging through his body slowly began to compress as well, becoming even more powerful. Every strand of Chaotic Force he managed to compress lessened the violence of the Chaotic Force in his body.

As the Chaotic Force within Jian Chen was compressed, his body slowly returned to its original size as well.

Jian Chen could clearly feel his Chaotic Force strengthen and his powers increase. He was getting closer and closer to the seventh layer of the Chaotic Body.

But it was also at this time that Jian Chen sensed an obstructive force suddenly appear. The moment it appeared, the Chaotic Force within him stopped growing. He came to a halt on his advance to the seventh layer.

"Progressing from the sixth to the seventh layer of the Chaotic Body requires the comprehension of ways. I've already comprehended a way and have made quite some progress with it. Today, I will use my Way of the Sword as my key and open a gate to the seventh layer," Jian Chen thought with determination. He fused his consciousness with the Way of the Sword and used his comprehension of it to charge through any obstructions in an unstoppable fashion.

"Master, we're going to purge your comprehensions of the mysteries of the world on the Tian Yuan Continent so that you can focus on the Way of the Sword and progress to the seventh layer of the Chaotic Body. If your comprehensions of the mysteries of the world from the Tian Yuan Continent remain, they will affect your future cultivation." At this moment the voices of the sword spirits rang through Jian Chen's head. Soon after they spoke, Zi Ying and Qing Suo appeared in his consciousness. They were stern.

"Master, since we haven't recovered, we aren't able to forcefully purge your comprehensions due to the current strength of your soul. We will require your cooperation and assistance. We can only succeed with your help," said Zi Ying.

Jian Chen did not hesitate to help them. He began to multitask, focusing on breaking through to the seventh layer while cooperating with the sword spirits. He was willing to purge his comprehensions of the mysteries of the world.

In the past, Jian Chen's comprehension of the mysteries of the world had been forcefully halted by the sword spirit when he was about to reach the level of a Saint King. From then on, Jian Chen knew that a day would come when he would have to give up his comprehensions. This was also why he allowed his comprehensions of the mysteries of the world to remain at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of a Saint Ruler even though his strength had increased throughout the years and why he had never gained the ability to rip open a Space Gate, making travel extremely difficult. He had to get help from others to travel far distances. Only when he forged the twin swords did he manage to solve his problem.

Jian Chen almost held blind faith for the sword spirits. He knew that Zi Ying and Qing Suo were not as simple as just sword spirits. They were also his saviors and his masters. There were many things that they had passed onto him along his path of cultivation, so he did not hesitate at all when the sword spirits wanted to purge his comprehension of the mysteries of the world.

With Jian Chen's full support and the sword spirits' guidance, it was obviously not difficult to remove his Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler comprehensions from his late Reciprocity soul. Very soon, Jian Chen felt like he had forgotten something. His comprehensions had been completely removed.

Jian Chen did not feel uncomfortable at all now that the mysteries of the world were gone. Instead, he felt like his soul had never been clearer. He seemed to feel that comprehending the Way of the Sword would become much easier than before.

At the same time, Jian Chen used his Way of the Sword as a key and carved out a path, finally reaching the seventh layer of the Chaotic Body. He had formally advanced to the partial achievement of the Chaotic Body.

The fist-sized chaotic neidan had already disappeared from his neidan. It had been replaced by one that was the size of a soybean.

Jian Chen's body returned to its original size as well. All the blood that had oozed out of his pores had been reabsorbed and returned to his body. His Chaotic Body had strengthened once again. Jian Chen felt like he could withstand against the full-powered attacks of a Receival expert without dodging or defending.

In fact, he felt like even the full powered attacks of Receival experts were unable to harm him at all.

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