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Chapter 1580: Departure

"The young island master sure is extravagant. Just the gift to the fourth madam was made from more than ten hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources and heavenly resources superior to that. Just its value is unimaginable. I wonder what the young island master is giving to the patriarch…"

"I think the second gift from the young island master must even exceed the value of the first. We can tell just from the looks of the young island master and the two women beside him. I wonder what it is…"

Many of the surrounding guests mumbled to themselves and began discussions with one another out of interest. They could say that just the first gift from Shangguan Aojian had exceeded what the various peak organizations could afford to give out, so the second gift obviously garnered much of their attention as well.

Finally, Changyang Ba opened the second box under everyone's curious gazes. They immediately saw a fist-sized violet peach. It was a Violet Cloud Peach.

That was not all that was in the box. Beside it lay a palm-sized leaf and three glistening, earthen-yellow crystals. Pure energy would surge within the crystals from time to time.

"It's a Violet Cloud Peach and Comprehension Tea Leaf…"

"No, this one is clearly different from the immortal peach that the young island master had taken out earlier. Not only is this peach larger, its color is deeper. It's clearly even better than the immortal peach he had taken out earlier…"

"The young island master actually has two Violet Cloud Peaches. Oh my god, everyone in the world will be envious of him. What kind of treasure is a Violet Cloud Peach? Come to think of it, I only ate a small piece of the peach back then. Being able to eat a whole peach is just a wild dream of mine, yet the young island master has taken out two today. The Heavenly Enchantress really does dote on the young island master…"

"Aside from sovereign Jian Chen, no one has Violet Cloud Peaches. The young island master must have obtained his from sovereign Jian Chen…"

At that moment, more than half of the Sainthood experts gathered there looked at Shangguan Aojian with a gaze of great envy. Violet Cloud Peaches were treasures that even Saint Emperors would drool over. Even Origin realm sovereigns would find them irresistible because a single peach was equivalent to several hundred or even thousands of years of cultivation. It was the only heavenly resources that could allow people to drastically power up in a short amount of time. Many people present had not been able to enjoy a full peach all to themselves, yet Shangguan Aojian had pulled out two. They immediately became green with envy.

Changyang Xu was affected in particular. When he saw Shangguan Aojian pull out two Violet Cloud Peaches and even a Comprehension Tea Leaf, he had become as envious as he could be. At the same time, he felt more and more displeased by his uncle.

"My uncle is so biased. The young island master's not even his family, yet why has he given so many to the young island master? He's even given him Comprehension Tea Leaves. Yet I haven't received anything at all." Changyang Xu glared at Shangguan Aojian, as if he was about to erupt into a rage. Only now did he suddenly realise that he was just a jester before the young island master. He had always taken pride in being able to use ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources as he wished and that he could access the various battle skills in the clan. His strength and talent indicated he was a prodigy as well, having become a Great Saint Master at the young age of twenty. Even with the entire world in perspective, the number of people who had achievements like him at his age could be counted on a single hand, or maybe, there was not a single person as prodigious as him.

Only when the young island master appeared before him did he suddenly realize that the things he took pride in were nothing special.

"It's all because of uncle. It's all uncle's fault." Changyang Xu blamed Jian Chen for everyone and did not admit that he was worse than the young island master. He blamed his uncle because he was the young master of the Changyang clan, so his status was great. He did not allow himself to be worse than anyone. He had adapted to the mindset that he was better than everyone else.

"I think everyone is familiar with the Violet Cloud Peach and Comprehension Tea Leaf, but I don't think you've seen the three crystals. Any single of the crystals are equivalent to Class 9 Monster Cores, but they're even better. These are my small gifts to the patriarch. If the patriarch uses the three crystals to cultivate, your strength will increase drastically in a very short amount of time. You can ingest the Violet Cloud Peach after several decades and you'll become a Saint Emperor for sure," Shangguan Aojian said loudly.

"Good! Good! Good! I'll accept the great gifts from the young island master then. Hahaha, these are the most valuable gifts I have ever received in my life." Changyang Ba laughed aloud and did not try to turn them down. He put the lid back on and passed it to uncle Chang.

At the same time, Changyang Xu's eyes lit up. He had already made up his mind while staring at the box with the Violet Cloud Peach. After the ceremony ended, he would go and find his grandfather and request the immortal peach. He refused to believe that he was unable to defeat the young island master after eating the peach.

Shangguan Aojian noticed Changyang Xu's gaze. He sniggered inside and walked over. He said, "Brother, you've lost. You still have to call me elder brother."

Changyang Xu's face sank. He coldly stared at Shangguan Aojian and frigidly said, "You've only won because you've eaten a Violet Cloud Peach. The fight between us was unfair, so I'm not going to admit defeat. I'll challenge you again in half a year's time"

"Alright, then I'll be waiting for your challenge." Shangguan Aojian did not take the matter to heart. He turned around and left after saying that, but he seemed to think of something after taking a few steps. He turned around and chuckled at Changyang Xu, "Brother, you're probably waiting for your uncle to return and give you Violet Cloud Peaches, right? I'd advise you to give up on that thought. If you don't change your mindset, your uncle will never support you because your uncle dislikes wastrels."

Changyang Ba glanced at Shangguan Aojian with deep meaning when he heard that. He clearly understood that Shangguan Aojian's words were for him despite the fact that Shangguan Aojian was speaking to Changyang Xu.

However, Changyang Ba said nothing. He had clearly noticed that his only grandson really did have a few places that needed improvement after seeing the behavior of the young island master of Three Saint Island.

Shangguan Aojian remained a few days longer at the Changyang clan. Because of his identity as the young island master of Three Saint Island and since he was accompanied by Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue, he possessed a very great status in the Changyang clan. Even the ancestors from the Zu branch personally came out to greet him.

Shangguan Aojian was very polite, even treating the servants of the clan with great courtesy. When he saw senior members of the clan, he would bow to them as a junior without putting on any airs, so all the people in the clan took a great liking to the young island master. Bi Yuntian, in particular, treated Shangguan Aojian like her own relative. She liked him very much.

Shangguan Aojian did not reveal that he was Jian Chen's son, so all of the people in the clan still had no clue. He only moved about as the young island master of Three Saint Island.

While he stayed at the Changyang clan, Shangguan Aojian learned many things about his father's past. Of course, no one else knew that Bi Yuntian was telling him all these things.

Several days later, Shangguan Aojian bid farewell to Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian. He left the Changyang clan with his two sisters while maintaining a low profile.

"Xiao Bao, where do you want to go next?" Xiao Qian asked Shangguan Aojian while walking down a busy street in Lore City.

"I want to go visit the Huayun sect and see their sect master, Cheng Mingxiang…"

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