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Chapter 1575: Brothers Meet

There was a group of young men, who seemed to be in their twenties, suspiciously huddled together near Shangguan Aojian. They all wore luxurious robes and were staring at Shangguan Aojian's group of three.

However, their gazes remained fixated on Xiao Qian or Xiao Yue most of the time. Surprise filled their faces while infatuation flooded their eyes.

"Huo Fanyun, Liu Qing, Zhou Shaohua, Ala Duogong, you see those two woman. They're rare beauties. I never thought that I'd see such good stuff today, coming to the Changyang clan with my great-grandfather," a young man whispered. He wore azure robes and appeared elegant and handsome. However, he also seemed slightly frivolous. The gaze he sent toward Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue was filled with infatuation.

"Of course I see them. Speaking of which, I've played with many beauties as I've grown up and many of them aren't any worse than the two women there. However, those treasured daughters of large clans seemed to lack something compared to those two women, and ever since I caught a glance of the two of them, I suddenly feel like all the women I played around with in the past are nothing special." Zhou Shaohua snapped open his fan. He stared at Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue, catching a glimpse of them from time to time through the crowd.

"You idiot, it's because those two women possess an otherworldly beauty. They look like goddesses and possess a sacred appearance. Even though the women you played around with were beauties, they did not have that bearing," Liu Qing said while standing beside Zhou Shaohua. The young men gathered together were all descendents from large clans or organizations. If they were not from the imperial family of the three great empires, then they were from ancient clans. They possessed extraordinary statuses.

"And who's that young man? What does he belong to? He really does make me envious, having two beauties following him around. If I could be served by two women like that, I'd be willing to give up my position as a candidate as the next emperor," said Huo Fanyun. The gaze he sent toward Shangguan Aojian was filled with envy as well as some uncontainable jealousy.

Ala Duogong's gaze was fixated on Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue as well. He was basically salivating over them. His drool was almost leaking out of his mouth. He had also played with many women in the past, but he had never seen anyone with bearing like them. The women he had played around were nothing special compared to the two woman before him.

"I have to find a way to take the two of them away with me!"Ala Duogong rubbed his hands. He liked Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue more and more as he stared at them for longer and longer. He wanted to take them for himself. Moreover, he was confident that he had the ability to take them away. He came from an ancient clan and his ancestor was one of the few Saint Emperors on the continent.

Huo Fanyun smacked Ala Duogong's head and told him off. "Duogong, why don't you have a look at where you are? This is the Changyang clan, not your Ala clan. They'll never belong to us. Let's go find our man Xu and tell him about them. His father's about to become the patriarch of the Changyang clan. He's the only son of the patriarch, so he'll become the young master of the clan. He'll become the patriarch sooner or later as well. Let's use this time to consolidate our relationship with him. He'll be able to assist us when we take power."

Huo Fanyun took out a piece of white jade from his Space Ring and immediately crushed it. Huo Fanyun had known Changyang Xu for many years now. As a member of an empire's imperial family, he was adept at forming groups so that he could consolidate his status and expand his influence. He had become acquainted with Changyang Xu, and it didn't matter how much it had cost him a few years ago, but it would help him become a viable candidate as the crown prince. After some purposefully orchestrated events, he finally established ties with Changyang Xu. Although Changyang Xu had never treated him with any importance despite being a part of the imperial family, Huo Fanyun did not mind. He maintained the appearance of a yes-man before Changyang Xu. To him, as long as he could cling onto Changyang Xu, he might even gain enough power to compete for the position of crown prince and emerge victorious.

Changyang Xu was currently beside Changyang Ba, constantly greeting the representatives from various large organizations. Changyang Xu appeared extremely obedient before the older people, constantly bowing to them and politely greeting them.

At this moment, Changyang Xu's face changed. He could sense that his piece of jade in his Space Ring had been shattered. He had given Huo Fanyun the other piece of jade that was entangled with it. Huo Fanyun had always followed him around the past few years, basically abiding by everything he said, gradually allowing the arrogant Changyang Xu to admit Huo Fanyun's existence. Changyang Xu had gifted him a piece of jade so that he could use to contact him when important matters arose.

Changyang Xu approved of Huo Fanyun following him, but he never treated him as a friend. Most of the time, Huo Fanyun was just a follower in his eyes.

"What does Huo Fanyun want at a time like this?" Changyang Xu was curious, but he clearly could not leave.

Finally, noon approached. The ceremony was about to start. Changyang Ba and Changyang Ke appeared on the platform while Changyang Xu finally had the time to go see Huo Fanyun and the others.

Huo Fanyun immediately dismissed his dignified appearance as a member of an imperial family when he saw Changyang Xu. He went up to greet him with a face full of smiles, telling Changyang Xu about the two beauties he had seen in great detail in an attempt to curry up to Changyang Xu.

Even the other young men around Huo Fanyun had erased their arrogance. They also surrounded Changyang Xu and added to the conversation, as if Changyang Xu had become their master at that moment.

Changyang Xu stood there emotionlessly. His sharp eyes would sweep across his surroundings from time to time, as if he could not be bothered. After listening to them describe the women, he asked with some suspicion, "Are the two women you speak of really that pretty?" Changyang Xu did not waver due to what they said. He had seen many alluring beauties, especially in recent years. Countless large organizations had come to propose marriages and all of the women were great beauties, but he always looked down on them because he believed none of them were worthy of him. Although they were all beautiful, he believed that it was only a matter of waving his hand if he wanted a woman like them and a great group of people would obediently arrive at his doorstep.

"I'm completely certain. If you don't believe us, we'll take you over to have a look. You definitely won't be disappointed. Only divine women like that are worthy of you." The young men immediately took Changyang Xu with them through the crowd, headed to Shangguan Aojian's location.

All the guests who were in the way would smile and nod when they saw Changyang Xu. They would then give way extremely obediently.

Very soon, Changyang Xu found Shangguan Aojian under the lead of the young men. However, when he saw Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue, he became deeply absorbed and could no longer shift his gaze away.

"How's it? They don't disappoint, do they?" Huo Fenyun smiled on one side. What he had just done would definitely give Changyang Xu a better impression of him. He knew that just from Changyang Xu's expression.

"Good! Good! Good! Huo Fanyun, you really haven't disappointed me this time." Changyang Xu agreed with them. The moment he saw Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue, he become infatuated by their otherworldly beauty. None of the women he had seen in the past possessed their charm.

Huo Fanyun immediately became overjoyed by Changyang Xu's praise. He could not contain his giggles.

Changyang Xu stepped toward Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue. He completely ignored Shangguan Aojian.

Shangguan Aojian seemed to sense something as he stood in the crowd. He turned toward Changyang Xu and could not help but smile slightly.

However, his smile gradually froze because he discovered that his younger brother's gaze remained fixated on his two sisters.

Changyang Xu arrived before Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue. He clasped his fists at the two of them and said, "My lovely ladies, I am Changyang Xu. Changyang Ke is my father, and I welcome you in my father's stead to the ceremony."

A strange expression filled Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue's face. They both turned to Shangguan Aojian and paid no attention to Changyang Xu.

On the other hand, Shangguan Aojian's face darkened. It became extremely ugly. The gaze he sent toward Changyang Xu gradually became filled with a vicious light.

Changyang Xu frowned when Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue paid no attention to him and instead looked at Shangguan Aojian, who he did not even consider. He became displeased. To him, the two of them should have immediately stated their identities and names since he had gone up to them out of his own accord as the young master of the Changyang clan.

"The young master's talking do you? Don't you have ears?" A young man who followed Changyang Xu spoke before Changyang Xu could say anything else. His gaze was not kind in the slightest.

However, he had angered Shangguan Aojian due to what he had said. Shangguan Aojian's eyes immediately became extremely sharp. He coldly said, "If you keep speaking like that, do you believe that I won't cut out your tongue? Even your great-grandfather won't be able to save you then."

The young man immediately became surprised and shut up. The experts in the Changyang clan were as common as clouds. People from all four races had come, so if he was careless, he could have offended an organization he could not afford to offend.

Although he had befriended Changyang Xu, he was still not willing to offend a powerful organization.

Since the mysterious young man before him could afford to say something like that, he was from a powerful organization without a single doubt.

The young men around Changyang Xu were frightened. They all obediently stood behind Changyang Xu. Before they learned the young man's identity, they were unwilling to offend him. Whatever happened next would obviously be up to Changyang Xu. After all, he was the young master of the Changyang clan. With the clan as his background, there was no need for him to fear any organization in the world.

"Sir, who are you?" Changyang Xu coldly asked. Although he had guessed that the young man before him possessed an extraordinary status, he did not take it to heart because he was the young master of the Changyang clan as well as the only and most beloved grandson of Changyang Ba.

"Hmph, I'm your elder brother," Shangguan Aojian coldly responded as disappointment filled his face. He had been eager to see the younger brother he had never met before, but he had now discovered that his brother was just far too disappointing.

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