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Chapter 1559: A Shocking Sight

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen's eyes. He said with a deep voice, "No, even if the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo sap is useless to Kai Ya, she still absorbs it. It should leave a mark in her head at the very least, but why can't I find any differences after using the sap? Does the sap vanish by itself after it enters her head?"

Jian Chen gritted his teeth after hesitating for a while. He endured his heartache as he pulled out another Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo. He extracted the sap from it and had the sap drop onto Kai Ya's forehead. The bamboo was extremely valuable, and he had not obtained much of it in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He had already used up quite a few of them, and after using another three on Kai Ya, he only had a few left.

This time, Jian Chen paid close attention to any changes. Under his observations, he could clearly sense that the sap had no time to seep into Kai Ya's remaining soul fragment once it entered her sea of consciousness. It suddenly vanished, disappearing to somewhere unknown.

Jian Chen was stunned. Why had the droplet of sap suddenly vanished? Where did it go? He could not understand no matter how hard he tried. Even if the sap was useless to Kai Ya, unable to heal her soul, it would not just silently disappear.

He had used the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo many times, so he understood how it healed the soul. However, he had never seen something as strange as this.

"Where did this droplet of sap go?" Jian Chen thought about this question time and time again, but he was unable to reach a conclusion no matter how much he pondered. He could not think figure out why at all.

Jian Chen sighed to the sky. He felt rather dispirited. He knew that he had no other method to awaken Kai Ya. All that he had on him that was effective on soul wounds was the sap from the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo.

When Jian Chen unintentionally glanced over the flat land that spanned a thousand kilometers, his facial expression immediately froze. His soul had enveloped the entire Tian Yuan Continent several times in the past. Although he could not claim that he knew every inch of the Tian Yuan Continent as well as the back of his hand, he was still familiar with its rough structure and landscape. He happened to remember the landscape here. In his memories, there had been an endless chain of mountain ranges. They stretched far into the distance and towered above all, yet a large part of the mountain range had strangely disappeared, having turned into flat plains that reached over a thousand kilometers away. Only Kai Ya lay on the single mountain among the plains.

"What happened here?" Jian Chen frowned. He was filled with doubt. Even if an intense battle had happened here and destroyed everything in the radius of a thousand kilometers, there would have been pieces of rock at the very least. However, from his observations, it did not seem like a battle had occurred here at all. The plains in the surroundings were just far too flat. There were no signs of conflict at all.

Jian Chen slowly flew down the mountain with Kai Ya in his arms. He landed on the ground. When his feet touched the ground, they sank. The flat surface was covered by a thick layer of dust.

"Has all this dust come from the mountains in the surroundings?" Jian Chen immediately became extremely shocked when he reached such a conclusion. His heart churned.

He could easily destroy the mountain range with his powers, but he could not avoid leaving behind a bunch of broken rocks and signs of a fight. He definitely would not have been able to make disintegrate all the mountains.

"Just what has happened here? Who made all the mountains disintegrate?" Jian Chen became extremely stern. He understood just how powerful someone needed to be to destroy the region. He could only think of two people who possessed that power, first was protector Shui from the Ice Goddess Hall and second was the greatest Godking of the God race from the Saints' World, Audriana. This was because both of them were peak Godhood experts.

However, Audriana had been heavily injured by protector Shui. She was extremely weak and in a slumber. She probably no longer possessed this ability. On the other hand, according to Jian Chen's understanding of proteor Shui, she would never interfere with anything that was happening on the Tian Yuan Continent. She would not even glance at the continent if it was destroyed, so there was no reason for her to interfere.

"Is there a third expert that doesn't belong to this world apart from the two great Godkings? Otherwise, how can this happen?" Jian Chen wondered, but he did not feel like this line of thought was correct. There was nothing pointing to a third expert, like protector Shui or Audriana, existing.

This was because both the Elven Godtree and the Ice Goddess Hall had existed for countless years. They were known among the people, even though they were shrouded by a veil of mystery. However, there were no longer any organizations or supreme experts shrouded by mystery among the four races anymore.

Jian Chen wandered through the region and carefully examined every minute trace. He attempted to find something that would tell him something, but he found nothing in the end.

In the end, Jian Chen could only leave in doubt. However, he memorized the strange landscape.

Jian Chen returned to the supreme divine hall with the unconscious Kai Ya, temporarily placing her in a quiet room. He knew that Kai Ya was not truly dead, so he had not given up on the thought of reviving her.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast continued to remain by Kai Ya's side. Its intelligent eyes were filled with caution and alarm, clearly guarding Kai Ya.

After delivering Kai Ya, Jian Chen left for the sea realm. He did not take part in the various matters that needed to be completed after the war and instead left them to someone else to deal with

The sea realm had become much quieter after the war against the foreign world. However, the peaceful atmosphere was suffocating and filled with deep sorrow.

The sea realm had lost many of its Sainthood experts this time. This included many ancestors of a few large clans or organizations. Many of these ancestors possessed great statuses, so their deaths had shocked the various clans. In various locations across the sea realm, there were many organizations and clans who had hung up a white banner to send off their seniors.

The Serpent God Hall and Heaven's Spirit Hall became much quieter. Both hall masters had passed away during the battle, only leaving behind a few ordinary elders and hall elders. However, they too were heavily injured, so the organizations had sustained great losses.

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