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Chapter 1547: The Divine Hall Emerges

Whether it was Ouyang Yangwen or the other Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints, they were all monsters who had lived for several dozen millenia. They were knowledgeable, experienced, and possessed extraordinary insight. As soon as they saw what had happened to Jian Chen, they knew that Jian Chen's devastating attack had failed, perhaps due to a lack of strength.

All the Origin realm experts from the other world let out a sigh of relief. After all, the pressure was just far too great. It made them feel like an apocalypse was looming over their heads, frightening them all. They were very lucky that Jian Chen did not possess enough power to use this attack that they all feared. They were not certain that they could make it back to the foreign world if he had attacked.

Ouyang Yangwen was completely enraged. He was someone who dearly cared about his public image, yet he had been embarrassed time and time again after arriving in this world. First, he had been trapped and immobilized by the treasure from his own world, forcing him to be taken back to the World of Forsaken Saints so that the Spiritking could personally remove the disc from him.

And now, he had actually been scared into running away by the powerful presence of an ability that exceeded Jian Chen's strength, almost running all the way back to the World of Forsaken Saints. With his intelligence, he only needed to think about things calmly and would have discerned that it was impossible for Jian Chen to use such a powerful attack with his strength and injuries.

Ouyang Yangwen had already seen that Jian Chen's true strength was not in the Origin realm. He knew that it still remained at Saint Emperor. The reason why he possessed the power to fight late Returnance experts was all because of the Way of the Sword and his two powerful swords. In addition to his powerful body and unbelievable recovery rate, he was able to put up a fight with experts in higher realms.

The more powerful the technique, the greater the demand on the caster's strength. Thinking about it again, even if Jian Chen could use an extremely high-level technique with his strength, the power would definitely not be enough to threaten him, much less make him feel like he was facing death.

Ouyang Yangwen could not help but feel his face heat up. This was just far too shameful. He almost felt the impulse to just hide somewhere and no longer see anyone ever again. He no longer had the dignity to face the other elders and protectors. Although they had all fled as well, he was the grand elder, the most powerful beneath the Spiritking. In his eyes, how could the other elders compare to him? Yet, they had all clearly witnessed that the one who had fled first had been him.

"Jian Chen, I will skin you alive!" Ouyang Yangwen gnashed his teeth. His eyes burned with furious anger. A terrifying killing intent radiated from his body. It was extremely powerful.

He had suffered twice due to Jian Chen, embarrassing himself twice. If Jian Chen had been an expert who had completely exceeded him in strength, he would have never become so furious. Yet, Jian Chen had not even reached the Origin realm.

With a tremor, the sword in Ouyang Yangwen's hand thrummed as he charged toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was sheet-white and covered in blood. He was still in outer space. His flesh had cracked open and web-like cracks criss-crossed across his body. Even though the fusion of the twin swords had failed, both him and the Azulet swords suffered an extremely severe backlash.

The current Azulet swords were covered with cracks. They were dim as well, having lost their resplendent light from before. Jian Chen's Chaotic Body was heavily injured and covered in cracks. It was a vicious sight. Even his soul was heavily injured, making his head throb. He felt haggard and extremely weak.

Jian Chen had truly injured the very core of his body. Even the Chaotic Body was unable to withstand the wounds. His battle prowess had drastically decreased. He would struggle to deal with Receival experts, let alone a Returnance expert.

However, at this very moment, a region of space several hundred thousand meters long suddenly collapsed above Mercenary City. It shattered, just like a mirror, and descended into darkness. An extremely powerful energy pulsed within the darkness. It spread across the entire sky.

A huge shadow slowly emerged from the shattered space. It hovered above everyone like a huge blanket, blocking out the sun and causing the world to darken.

It was a gigantic divine hall. It seemed just like a palace, beautifully decorated. White jade was used for the stairs, making it luxurious yet not any less dignified. It passed through the destroyed space as a tremendous pressure spread to the surroundings.

When the divine hall completely emerged, it let out with a dazzling azure light, which enveloped the entire structure. It became obscured from view and seemed mysterious. Unknowingly, it seemed a little more otherworldly.

Countless rare, unique beasts appeared in the azure light. They danced around the divine hall and let out various cries. There were divine dragons and phoenixes, beasts that flew and beasts that ran. There were several hundred different types of beasts, and a lot of them did not even appear on the Tian Yuan Continent. In fact, even the protectors and elders from the World of Forsaken Saints did not recognize more than half of them.

With the addition of the unique beasts, the divine hall seemed even more extraordinary. It seemed like an immortal's palace from heaven.

At this moment, a huge formation hovered out of the divine hall. As it revolved, it immediately exploded with azure light. Like scattered flowers, countless streams of azure light swept across the world, rapidly extending toward the foreign expert. The streams trapped all the Saint Emperors and surrounded a few Origin realm experts.

The azure streams moved far too quickly, almost the speed of light. The Origin realm experts watched the streams approach them, but since they moved too fast, they were unable to react in time. All of them were tied up. Even Ouyang Yangwen failed to escape in the end. He too was tied up by several streams of light.

The entire world sank into an odd silence at that moment, falling quiet in a single moment. Everyone stared at the huge divine hall in the sky and felt dazed.

What divine hall was this? It possessed such power that it could tie up all the people from the foreign world in such a short moment!

Ouyang Yangwen's eyes suddenly narrowed. He stared at the divine hall that was enveloped in azure light and had beasts revolving around it. Shock filled his eyes as he thought, "How can this world possess such a powerful divine hall? Its attacks approach the speed of light, so how can anyone dodge it?" Shortly after he questioned the hall, Ouyang Yangwen sensed the power of the azure streams around him. A gleam of light immediately flashed through his eyes, and with a slight tremble, the streams around him turned to shreds.

Ouyang Yangwen stared at the azure light that gradually disappeared into the surroundings. He the involuntarily broke into laughter, "So it's just like this. It has incomparable speed, but it's far  weak. It can only keep Saint Emperors trapped."

Stunned by that, the other Origin realm experts used some of the origin energy within their bodies and escaped. To no one's surprise, the azure streams which trapped them possessed incredible speed, but they were very weak. They were useless against Origin realm experts.

"Everyone come here immediately! Pour your power into the divine hall! I am unable to make the divine hall exhibit its true power on my own!" A vigorous voice yelled from the huge divine hall. It was very stern.

"It's Tian Jian!"

"It's Tian Jian's voice! I- is this the supreme divine hall from Mercenary City…"

"Just how powerful is this divine hall? Even with Tian Jian's powers as a Saint Emperor, he is unable to exhibit the divine hall's full power…"

Everyone on the side of the Tian Yuan Continent was taken aback when they heard Tian Jian's voice. Some cries rang out and some people charged toward the divine hall despite their injuries.

With others in the lead, no one else hesitated. It did not matter if they were injured or not. No matter how heavily injured they were, they all charged toward the divine hall as fast as they could in that moment. They wanted to pour whatever power they had left into the divine hall so that the divine hall could become even more powerful.

Although the Receival and Returnance experts from the World of Forsaken Saints were still present, all the people from the Tian Yuan Continent were filled with confidence after witnessing its extraordinary appearance.

The divine hall was accompanied by hundreds of beasts. Throughout history, countless divine halls had appeared, but none of them had ever exhibit something like this. At the same time, more than half of the beasts had never appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent, clearly not organisms of this world.

The divine hall had been left behind by Mo Tianyun. Many people believed Mo Tianyun's strength belonged to the Origin realm, but this was only a guess. No one knew what Mo Tianyun's true strength was.

After all, there were only four experts in the ancient times. At the same time, Mo Tianyun had only ever fought against Aergyns, the war god of the Hundred Races and had emerged victorious in that battle. He had repelled the war god.

There was also the fact that only Saint Emperors could refine the supreme divine hall and that it took Tian Jian such a long amount of time. This demonstrated how extraordinary the divine hall was. Being a Saint Emperor had only fulfilled the minimum condition of refining the divine hall.

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