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Chapter 1517: A Grand Wedding (Three)

However, after staring at the young men for quite some time, the people in the crowd failed to find any traces of them concealing their strength. In their eyes, there were even two young men who had not condensed their Saint Weapons yet. They could not even be counted as fighters, let alone could they defeat Jian Chen.

Tianmu returned to her senses and stared at the young men with an extremely strange gaze. She giggled. "Brothers, then I will wait for good news from you. I hope you defeat Jian Chen soon and take me away."

"Don't worry, girl. After Jian Chen's wedding, we'll challenge him immediately. I will definitely make you my wife." The same young man who had an Earth Saint Master as a father spoke confidently. Great determination flickered in his eyes.

The young men behind him were disappointed. Regret filled their faces. They also had no idea how powerful Jian Chen was, but they knew that they could not defeat the young man before them. Not only had he condensed his Saint Weapon, but he had even become a Saint Master.

Although what happened with the villagers attracted the attention of many, it did not affect Jian Chen's wedding in the slightest. In the blink of an eye, noon crept closer and closer. With a loud sound and an uproar across the entire city, Jian Chen, You Yue, and Huang Luan appeared on a platform that was six meters high, all wearing red clothes.

"Everyone look, the groom and the brides have all appeared…"

"The groom is sovereign Jian Chen. I've finally seen sovereign Jian Chen in the flesh. I never thought that he'd be even younger than the images…"

"Not only is sovereign Jian Chen powerful, but he's handsome as well. If I can get married to him or even just become a consort of his, I'd be willing to reduce my lifespan to just ten years…"

"You want to become sovereign Jian Chen's consort just like this? Why don't you check out the origins of sovereign Jian Chen's brides? One of them is the only direct disciple of fairy Hao Ye while the other is a Saint Emperor…"

The atmosphere immediately rushed to a new high with the appearance of the groom and brides. Many people stared at the three of them on the platform full of envy.

Currently, a woman in a white dress  who had her face veiled, stood in an inconspicuous corner among the great crowd. She silently stared at Jian Chen and his brides and felt mixed up. She appeared rather depressed.

She was the young lady from the Tianqin clan, Qin Qin. She had secretly come to Jian Chen's wedding, all by herself. She did not tell anyone she had come. She had even seen Qin Xiao conversing happily with Qin Ji in the crowd, but she did not go up to greet him. She just wanted to stand in a corner by herself and quietly watch Jian Chen's grand wedding come to an end.

At the same time, Kai Ya, A'Da, and his brothers had arrived in the city as well. They were several dozen meters away from each other.

Kai Ya had originally been standing in the crowd as she gazed in Jian Chen's direction with mixed emotions. Suddenly, she seemed to sense something. She retracted her gaze and turned her head.

Even with all the people blocking her vision, Kai Ya still managed to see the four brothers several dozen meters away with a single glance. She discovered that the four of them were currently staring back at her in great interest. They looked doubtful and confused.

Kai Ya frowned. She sensed a vague threat coming from the four old men. Their gazes made her uncomfortable as well. A single moment after that, she vanished from their vision.

The four brothers stared in the direction Kai Ya had disappeared in. After a moment of silence, A'Da communicated with his brothers through a technique, "Brothers, you also noticed that woman just then. Have you seen her before?"

"Big brother, we're always together, so we've seen everyone that you've seen as well. If even you haven't seen her, then we haven't seen her as well," replied A'San.

A'Da frowned and sank into his thought. He murmured, "This is strange. I've clearly never seen that woman before, so why do I feel an uncontrollable urge to kill as soon as I caught sight of her, as if we have some deep enmity with her. We don't even recognize her."

"Brother, so you felt the same. I thought that I was the only one who felt that…"

"I felt it too. As soon as I approached that woman, killing intent sprouted in my heart for some reason as well. I had almost lost control…"

"Me too. I felt the same feeling as you…"

The three other brothers spoke their thoughts. All of them furrowed their brows tightly. The four of them could not understand this no matter how much thought they put into it.

No matter how many people were in Flame City, there was no chaos at all. The wedding progressed smoothly. Every single person abided by the rules of the city.

After all, today was the wedding of the greatest human expert. No one could afford to cause trouble on such an important day.

The day was not going to have good weather. The sky had silently darkened and the vague sound of thunder could be heard rumbling in the distance. Great gusts of wind gradually appeared in the surroundings, as if a storm was brewing.

Jian Chen stood on the platform and clasped his hands at the guests who had come to take part in his wedding. As soon as he made a statement, it began to rain. Jian Chen suddenly raised his head and nonchalantly said, "It's my wedding today, so there must be wonderful weather. How can it rain?" As he said that, Jian Chen waved his hand at the air. Immediately, a resplendent sword Qi that several meters long shot into the sky, tearing the clouds that were brewing into a storm into shreds. Immediately, bright sunlight poured down, causing the surroundings to brighten up.

However, the temperature in the surroundings suddenly plummeted a few second later. Light snow began to suddenly fall from the clear blue sky. The snow had appeared extremely suddenly, without any signs of warning. It was as if the flames were appearing out of nowhere. They obscured the air and painted the sky white. Even the sun in the sky seemed to darken.

At the same time, the heat from the sun was unable to melt the snow that had suddenly appeared.

"Snow in July!"

A few people cried out around the city. The snow was just far too abnormal. It had actually fallen in the scorching summer heat.

Jian Chen noticed the sudden snow as well. He seemed to understand something, causing joy and eagerness to fill his face.

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