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Chapter 1516: A Grand Wedding (Two)

"Yes, father!" The woman called Rong'er mischievously stuck out her tongue before replying obediently. However, she still stared at the villagers from Longevity Valley in interest.

The new emperor from the Felicity Empire deeply gazed at the group of people from Longevity Valley. He said, "These people seem ordinary and don't have much strength, but they all dare to call sovereign Jian Chen by his name and show no awe for him. They're even comparing their own village to the city that's known as the greatest in the world. If I've guessed correctly, they definitely have close ties with sovereign Jian Chen."

"Oh!" The woman beside him opened her mouth in shock while disbelief flooded her face.

At the same time, there were many other people in the surroundings who had also guessed the extraordinary connection of the villagers from Longevity Valley. As a result, even when they brushed past a few Saint Kings or Saint Emperors, they did not underestimate them at all.

Even when the young men from the valley widened their eyes and drooled at the alluring beauties in the crowd, the woman with extraordinary origins could only frown. They covered their mouths before turning and leaving the villagers range of vision.

Even the lady called Rong'er attracted the attention of a few young men from Longevity Valley. There were several young men around the age of twenty who stared at Rong'er's alluring appearance. They could not shift their gazes at all, as if their souls had been sucked away by her.

"So beautiful. She's basically like a goddess. S- she's definitely my dream lover…"

"What a beautiful goddess, and she's roughly my age. If I can marry her, I'd be willing to shorten my lifespan by a few decades…"

"Look at her legs. What beautiful and white legs. Those are the prettiest legs I have ever seen. I never thought that the legs of women could be so beautiful. They must feel extremely nice…"

The young men from Longevity Valley all drooled as they stared at the woman called Rong'er. If they were not staring at her face dumbly, they would be staring at her slender jade-white legs. Even their gulps of saliva were audible.

The woman called Rong'er noticed their wolfish gazes and was immediately covered with goosebumps. She shivered in fear before quickly hiding behind the middle-aged man in dragon robes. Lingering fear covered her face.

Only now did she discover just how terrifying the bulky young men in coarse clothes were. They were tempted to eat her up just from their gazes alone.

"Rong'er, let's go," the man was displeased as well. He pulled the lady with her and left the sight of the villagers.

"How did she leave so fast? I didn't even get to see her," one of the young men said in dejection. He gaze remained fixated in the direction Rong'er had disappeared, filled with regret and deep infatuation.

"She definitely hasn't gone far. Why don't we go after her?" Another young man suggested, burning with desire.

"Let's not. Grandpa's told us to not run around randomly. Look at how many people are here and how big this place is. What if we get lost?"

The young men could only give up on catching another glance of the beauty while full of reluctance.

What they did not know was that every single movement they made and word they said was caught by many of the guests in the surroundings. The more powerful guests had reached Saint Emperor while the weakest ones were Saint Rulers. Even though they spoke in whispers, they were heard loud and clear by the surrounding people. They all shook their heads secretly and thought, "Just where did these annoying young men come from?"

"Hehehehe, young brothers, it's not very polite for you to stare at the legs of us women." An enchanting giggle rang out. When the young men heard the giggle, they immediately felt themselves become powerless. They lacked self control. Their hearts began to beat uncontrollably.

Tianmu Ling slowly strolled through the crowd with a smile. All her movements possessed an enchanting charm.

This charm was useless against the experts in the surroundings, but to the young men from Longevity Valley, it was fatal.

"So pretty!" At that moment, the eyes of the young men widened. They all drooled as they dumbly stared at the beautifully-dressed Tianmu Ling.

Tianmu Ling did not mind their gazes at all. She smiled seductively and giggled, "Little brothers, am I pretty?"

"You're pretty!" The young man all spoke at the same time. They were all stunned and their breathing became ragged. Their eyes were so wide that they almost popped out.

Tianmu Ling gently sighed. Some loneliness appeared on her face and she acted pitiful. She said, "But so what if I'm pretty? There's no one who wants to marry me. There's no one who wants me."

"Who said they don't want you. Beautiful girl, why don't you marry me? I want you…"

"Girl, be my five. I swear that I will treat you as only the best for the rest of my life. I will never let you down. There will be meat to eat everyday…"

"Girl, my father's the strongest in the village, and he's also an Earth Saint Master. Becoming a Heaven Saint Master for him isn't a problem. You know about Heaven Saint Masters, don't you? They can fly freely in the sky like birds. If you marry me, I'll definitely plead to have my dad take you flying once he becomes a Heaven Saint Master…"

When the young men heard what she had said, they all believed that they had caught Tianmu Ling's eye, except that she was too embarrassed to say so, which was why she had given them a hint. They all attempted to court Tianmu Ling as best they could. In order to capture Tiamu Ling's 'heart,' they even brought out everything their family had accumulated. They were even close to mentioning their lineages and their ancestors.

Even Tianmu Ling was stunned by what they said. What they told her had completely overwhelmed her understanding of the world.

Any person who courted a woman on the Tian Yuan Continent would show them what they could offer—through displaying their strength or bringing up their background. However, the young men before her only mentioned that they could cover the basic necessities of life.

Tianmu Ling rubbed her temples. It felt like she had a headache. She realized that she had underestimated them far too much. She needed to evaluate them once again.

When did she, a mighty Saint King who could rip open Space Gates on a whim, need to fly in the sky while being carried by a Heaven Saint Master?

"Little brothers, if you really want me to marry you, it's not impossible. Once you can beat Jian Chen fairly, I'll marry you," Tianmu Ling giggled. She thought that she could make the young men lose interest in her by saying that, but she darkened instead. She had never thought that she had 'underestimated' these burly young men again. They did not show any negative emotions at all. Instead, their eyes lit up and they seemed pleasantly surprised.

"Really? If I defeat Jian Chen, will you really marry me and become my wife?" One of them stared at Tianmu Ling full of excitement. Anyone could tell that the emotions he showed were genuine and could not be faked.

He did not know just how powerful Jian Chen was, nor did he know about Jian Chen's prestige on the continent. In his mind, Jian Chen was friendly and treated every elderly person in the valley full of politeness. He seemed no different than the other people his age. Meanwhile, not only was he the strongest in the village, he was larger than Jian Chen as well. As a result, defeating Jian Chen did not seem difficult at all.

Tianmu Ling was stunned once again, but she was not the only one this time. Even the guests who watched on in interest became stunned as well. This included Saint Emperors.

Soon afterward, they all became stern. They judged the young men seriously and thought, "Are these young men Origin realm sovereigns who never appear? Can they really defeat Jian Chen? Otherwise, how can they be so confident?"

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