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Chapter 1503: Marriage

"Little Fatty, let's go. We probably can't find Ming Dong so soon. There still might be a chance of finding him in the future," Jian Chen said rather dejectedly. He had never thought that the Fortune Jade Seat in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng would teleport people away. If he had known this earlier, he would have never searched for a successor for the Anatta Grand Prime on the Tian Yuan Continent in such a hurry.

Although he had always wanted someone beside him to obtain the Anatta Grand Prime's legacy so that it would not end up with an outsider, he had not wanted Ming Dong to leave this world and be transported to the Saints' World all by himself.

This was because the Anatta Grand Prime was already dead. Even though Ming Dong had obtained the Grand Prime's legacy, he was unable to obtain the Grand Prime's protection. There were many people who desired the Anatta Grand Prime's legacy. If any news revealing that Ming Dong possessed the legacy was leaked, he would find no refuge in the Saints' World.

Ming Dong could have been protected if he had gained the legacy on the Tian Yuan Continent by Jian Chen, but Jian Chen was helpless if Ming Dong obtained the legacy in the Saints' World.

Jian Chen left the Anatta Tower with Xiu Tianyu and returned to Longevity Valley after storing the tower away.

The sadness from Xiu Mi's death had dulled. The villages who had lived there for generations gradually returned to their regular lifestyles. There were just a few people who were used to having Xiu Mi around, so they became rather quiet.

You Yue had stayed beside Xiu Tianyu's mother, comforting her. Her identity was gradually deciphered by the villagers while she was there. The villagers who had lived there for generations may not have known what the princess of a kingdom was, but they only needed to know that she was Jian Chen's fiancée. That was enough for her to be warmly welcomed.

Jian Chen did not stay in Longevity Valley for very long. After returning, he pulled You Yue with him to Xiu Mi's grave, paying his respects to him. Afterward, he bid farewell to all the villagers in the valley.

"Jian Chen, miss You Yue is so pretty. I've never seen such a pretty girl like You Yue in my entire life. You have to treat her well and not let her down."

"Jian Chen, you may not be a native of Longevity Valley, but all of us here have treated you as one of our own. When you get married to miss You Yue, you must invite us all."

"Uncle Han's right. Jian Chen, when you get married to miss You Yue, you have to invite all of us. Oh right, I've also heard from Little Fatty that you founded some city in the outside world and that it's extremely famous. I can't remember the name of it. That's probably where you'll get married to miss You Yue, right? When that happens, don't forget us. Invite us to come, and also show us just how big your city is. Let's see which one is bigger: your city or our Longevity Valley."

All the villagers of Longevity Valley came to chat with Jian Chen before he left, bidding him farewell. Quite a few of them mentioned Jian Chen and You Yue's marriage.

You Yue blushed because of what they said. She seemed slightly embarrassed, but she was also filled with sweet love. Jian Chen replied to every single one of them with a smile.

At this moment, one of the elderly members of the village walked over with a walking stick. He said to Jian Chen, "Little Chen, don't delay your marriage to the girl too much. I know you people who cultivate Saint Force can live a long time, so you have plenty of time, but there's quite a lot of us in Longevity Valley who don't cultivate. We can only live for two hundred years at most. Don't wait a few hundred years or even a few millennia before holding your wedding. You may have the time, but we don't. Sigh, I'm old and don't have many years left. I just hope that I can see you juniors get married during my final moments of life."

"Yeah. Don't wait till we've all disappeared to get married." A burly, middle-aged man chuckled beside the old man. He was joking.

However, jokes could be taken seriously. When Jian Chen heard them, a bolt of lightning seemed to strike his head, causing his heart to heave.

He knew that the next battle against the World of Forsaken Saints would definitely be the most intense yet. Not only would there be several dozen Receival experts, but there would be a few Returnance experts and possibly the Spiritking, who had reached Reciprocity and comprehended the Ways of the Sword.

No one could guess the outcome of such an intense battle. Even Jian Chen was not confident he would survive.

Jian Chen and You Yue left together after bidding farewell to all the people in Longevity Valley. Xiu Tianyu did not leave with them. Instead, he stayed behind to keep his heart-broken mother company.

The Zi Ying Sword flew as a resplendent streak of light above the clouds. However, many matters weighed on Jian Chen's heart as he stood on it.

"Jian Chen, what's wrong? Is there something on your mind?" You Yue sensed the abnormality within Jian Chen and immediately asked a question out of concern.

Jian Chen gently placed his arm around You Yue's waist. After a small moment of silence, he said, "Yue'er, let's get married as soon as possible."

You Yue had not expected Jian Chen make this decision so suddenly. She was stunned, but very soon, she understood Jian Chen's thoughts. She did not show any happiness at all and instead became rather sorrowful.

"Jian Chen, are you worried that we'll never be able to see each other again after the next battle against the foreign world?" You Yue gently inquired with a trembling voice.

Jian Chen nodded slightly and said nothing else. He knew that his time with You Yue, his family, and his friends, would likely come to an end during the next battle.

The Tian Yuan Continent might even cease to exist all together after the next battle.

"Yue'er, let's get married in three days. Is that fine with you?" Jian Chen asked.

"Okay. We'll get married in three days. Jian Chen, since time is so tight, I'll go back and make preparations right now. Go fetch Huang Luan from the Huang family as well as the woman who's given birth to your son. Let's all get married in three days." You Yue smiled, except her smile had lost its usual beauty. It seemed rather miserable.

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