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Chapter 1502: A Successor Found (Two)

The illusory Heavenly Palace of Bisheng let out a dazzling, golden light on the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower, illuminating quite a large portion of the floor. Even from extremely far away, the palace still appeared dazzling.

The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng had been the residence of the Anatta Grand Prime. It was a famed place even within the Saints' World. Not a single divine hall on the Tian Yuan Continent could compare to its grandeur. Any person who stood before it for the first time would be deeply stunned by how great it was.

Ming Dong and Xiu Tianyu stood before the illusory palace. They stared at it in shock.

The structure did not seem to be as simple as a palace in their eyes. Instead, it had become as great as the sky, the heavens that loomed over them.

"Jian Chen, is this divine hall real or fake? I actually feel like I'm an insignificant ant before this divine hall with my strength as a Saint Emperor. The pressure of the structure is just too powerful, almost to the point where it's suffocating." Ming Dong returned to his senses first after a long while, but he remained fixated on the structure while sighing in surprise.

Ming Dong's strength had been increased to Saint King by Jian Chen's Violet Cloud Peach before, and after over another decade, Ming Ding broke through once again by consuming the various heavenly resources from the Xuanhuang Microcosm left behind by Jian Chen. He had become a Saint Emperor now.

"It's real and fake. Let's go. Follow me, there's the legacy of a peerless senior inside. Let's see if you are fated to obtain it. Don't ask too much about this place." Jian Chen entered the illusionary structure first.

A strange light immediately appeared in Ming Dong and Xiu Tianyu's eyes when they saw Jian Chen standing on the illusory steps. They soon followed behind him with intense curiosity. They also began to climb the stairs.

Jian Chen brought the two of them to the familiar Fortune Jade Seat. After some warnings, he got the two of them to sit on the seat.

"I've already become a Saint Emperor now while you're still a Saint King. It's better for you to try obtain the legacy," Ming Dong said to Xiu Tianyu.

Xiu Tianyu hesitated, but he did not turn Ming Dong down in the end. He walked over and sat down on the Fortune Jade Seat.

Jian Chen stared fixedly at Xiu Tianyu. He knew that he himself was not fated to obtain the Anatta Grand Prime's legacy, so he obviously hoped that someone among his friends would be fated. He had always felt rather selfish since he was unwilling to let such a great legacy fall into the hands of others.

Several seconds later, Jian Chen sensed the familiar and powerful force surge from the seat, pushing Xiu Tianyu off.

Jian Chen gently sighed. Xiu Tianyu's talent could be considered exceptional. If he could not obtain the Anatta Grand Prime's legacy, then Jian Chen really had no idea what kind of requirements were needed to gain its recognition. Maybe only the Saints' World possessed people who could obtain it, but they would not appear in lower worlds.

It was Ming Dong's turn. He also sat down on the seat and closed his eyes like Xiu Tianyu, using his mind to sense the mysteries of the seat.

Jian Chen had already lost all hope now. He knew that probably no one in the lower world could obtain the Anatta Grand Prime's legacy. Only prodigies of the Saints' World could fulfil the conditions that had been set. He believed that he would end up failing to find someone by his side who could obtain it.

Just as he had expected, the extremely familiar power appeared from the Fortune Jade Seat again. Jian Chen had expected this outcome and did not feel surprised at all. He knew that Ming Dong would be pushed off the seat by the power.

However, Jian Chen's eyes suddenly narrowed. He stared at Ming Doang in surprise. His expression had changed too.

The powerful and gentle force from the seat did not behave like Jian Chen had imagined. It did not push Ming Dong off. Instead, it enveloped him, forming something akin to a cocoon.

At the same time, the entire palace began to gently tremble. The illusory structure blurred at that moment, but it also began to shine brighter. The light was as blinding as the sun, dyeing the entire ninth floor a golden color. Jian Chen could not help but close his eyes.

The golden light had appeared quickly and disappeared even quicker. When Jian Chen sensed the golden light vanishing, he also felt the ground fall from under him. Before he could react, he had become airborne. He was falling.

Jian Chen immediately stabilized himself in the air. When he opened his eyes, he was immediately stunned because not a single trace of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng remained. Only the stone tablet show how much he had refined remained.

The entire palace had just disappeared into thin air.

Jian Chen's face became extremely ugly because the structure was not the only thing that had vanished. Ming Dong had disappeared as well. Ming Dong had vanished from the ninth floor with the illusory projection of the palace.

"Where's Ming Dong? Jian Chen, how has Ming Dong disappeared?" Xiu Tianyu cried out while standing by Jian Chen's side. He looked around and became flustered and worried.

Jian Chen's face sank. His soul immediately fused with the Anatta Tower as he carefully inspected each inch of the ninth floor. He attempted to find any traces of Ming Dong, but disappointment was the only outcome. Ming Dong seemed to have left the Anatta Tower all together. He was not present at all.

Jian Chen slowly said after a moment of silence, "Looks like Ming Dong's fated with this senior. He's obtained the senior's recognition and left."

Xiu Tianyu let out a breath of relief. He said, "Jian Chen, do you know where Ming Dong went? I want to look for him."

Jian Chen sighed and gently shook his head. His face was filled with bitterness. He had already realized that it was extremely likely that Ming Dong had been taken away by the power within the Fortune Jade Seat. He was no longer in this world. He did not know whether to celebrate or grieve.

He would celebrate the high probability that Ming Dong had obtained the Anatta Grand Prime's legacy and was destined to become a powerful expert of the Saints' World. He would grieve over the fact that two of them were in two different worlds now. He had no idea whether they would meet again in his lifetime.

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